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My Detective Superhero Story. (That's the actual title.) by Iamkingdomhearts1000.

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Set in the same universe and current timeline, as Shinigami! The God of Death!


My Detective Superhero Story (That's the actual title) takes place in the fictional city known, as Yahweh, otherwise known, as YHWH, it is here that there lives a young, 23 year old private detective named Even Rogers, Rogers was originally once an ordinary man, doing ordinary things, having an ordinary job but having no friends and no girlfriend whatsoever, only living with his roommate named Peter "Piccolo" Harvey, a 24 year old musician in training for preparation to enter the big leagues on the big stage with other well known musicians, be they singers, dancers, etc, anyways, getting back to the main subject at hand after digressing, Rogers used to have an ordinary job, working, as a grocery store man at a small part time job called Chinki's, the owner of the store being named Shushu Chinki, a Chinese man in his mid 40's who works Rogers to the bone and cuts him no slack, however, Rogers respects Mr. Chinki, as he calls him since he is a hard working, honest and earnest manager who especially hands out the money to his employees when they deserve it, Rogers works at Chinki's so that he can earn at least 30,400 Dollars that he can then cash in and transfer to the currency of Yen, he intends to use said Yen to travel all the way across the world to the town known, as Wakaba so that Rogers can have a small part time vacation there, having heard of its spiritual tales and what not, being interested in both spirits and the overall culture of the people of the land of the rising red sun, not to mention their take on spirits themselves, so far Rogers has earned at least 10,000, if he keeps it up, he's sure to get himself his ticket to that vacation spot of his, however, going back, remembering the words of the past, Rogers USED to have a small part time job, it wasn't until the very bane of his life had interfered both in his life itself and his work and the name of that particular bane was: ...SUPERHEROES.


Superheroes or Gilgameshs, as they are otherwise referred to are known to be local around Yahweh City battling Supervillains also referred to, as Gilgameshs, the Gilgameshs first emerged over 10 years ago in the form of the very 1st Superhero to appear in YHWH City named Enkidu, Enkidu was said to be a monster of unbelievable strength and that it was not long after his sudden emergence that people just like him, be they good or evil started to appear, they had similar abilities to him but not entirely, some had superhuman strength whilst others possessed other unique powers of their very own, like breathing fire for example or causing earthquakes with just a mere tiny step of one foot moving merely in motion itself, the Gilgameshs ran like a wild fire at that point, causing people to refer to that beginning of their emergence, as Newborn, the name being called that in the vein that it was the rise of a newborn species of man, to which it was in the eyes of the ordinary.


However, Rogers had a certain disliking to the Gilgamesh, not because of some personal grudge or anything but because he thought of them, as a nuisance, like they were god's booger flicked upon the Human race or something, the reason Rogers namely hates the Gilgamesh is because...every-time he hopes to start a new job, the Gilgamesh arrive, battling one another, destroying the building and/or location of the place that Rogers was hoping to earn money and start his new job at, it happens all the time with Rogers, every-single-time, when he tries to apply work at a Cinema, it burns down, when he tries to apply work at a huge mall complex building, in the spot where it once stood there's a huge gaping hole in the ground itself, finally, even when he tries to just go out and have a nice simple beer with Piccolo, the Gilgamesh arrive and are seen fighting each other on the remains of the local pub that both Rogers and Piccolo used to attend, it was the spot where they first met, the pub was called Bilsheim, this is the most particular reason why Rogers hates the Gilgamesh, because they ruined a place of a good memory for him, it doesn't particularly bother Piccolo but it does Rogers, as Rogers cares about the places where he makes memories, as they were the places he had first experiences of, something he believes the Gilgamesh have no concept of making memories at places, as they just demolish everything in sight, leaving naught a trace behind, just leaving people behind in the dirt to clean up after them, something that Rogers despises with an utmost passion, thinking that all Gilgamesh are just them type of person and that there is not even a single one amongst them that has yet to prove Rogers wrong, Piccolo thinks that Yahweh needs the Gilgamesh because of the Superhero kind, in order to keep balance against the likes of evil of which not even ordinary police can handle, still, Rogers thinks otherwise and continues to keep on hating Gilgamesh, that is, until a sudden event occurs...


One night whilst working at Chinki's, a fight goes down outside of the store, causing Mr. Chinki himself to go on ahead and check what's going on, as soon, as he gets out the front entrance, Mr. Chinki is slammed away into a nearby lamppost, breaking every single bone inside of his body, as Rogers goes to try and check up on Mr. Chinki and help him, he finds himself opposed by a giant, grim reaper looking like man that calls himself Death and that he is seen with burning dark blue coloured hair underneath the hood he's wearing, something that Rogers takes notice of, as Death prepares to use a giant scythe to slice off both Rogers and Mr. Chinki's heads with, suddenly, Death is punched right back into a nearby building that thankfully no one was in, this punch belonged to a signature hero of YHWH that Rogers recognizes, he is the Gilgamesh that is Piccolo's favourite number one Superhero named Weak-Man, he is called so because of his scrawny appearance, Weak-Man tells Rogers to take Mr. Chinki and run, not wanting them to be here, as things were going to get dicey and all of the surroundings could very well be leveled, thinking back on all of the destruction that the Gilgamesh have occurred and may have very well destroyed various opportunities in peoples' lives to make livings, Rogers tells Weak-Man to shut up and that he doesn't get to decide what Rogers does, this shocks Weak-Man, as Rogers lays Mr. Chinki somewhere safe before returning back to where Weak-Man was and saying to him that real Superheroes should care about the damage that they level to buildings and stuff because if they don't even care about that then what is the point of protecting someone with their bare fists and calling themselves Superheroes? what gives them that very right!? Roger refuses! he says the likes of the Gilgamesh both good and/or evil should just go and piss off, leaving ordinary people like the police to handle their lives on their very own, they don't need super powered beings to do their jobs for them, if someone causes trouble in their neighborhood, people should just stand up and fight themselves and not let others, especially strangers with advanced skills and special superpowers protect them, in other-words, Rogers says that if it's anyone who's going to take down that Death freak and/or whatever it is he calls himself then it will be Roger himself, he won't rely on the very people, the Gilgamesh that he despises to deal with another particular Gilgamesh, Rogers only has one request however that Weak-Man uses his strength to protect Mr. Chinki since Rogers knows that Mr. Chinki holds no grudge whatsoever against the Superhero Gilgamesh and that Rogers will use all of his very strength itself alone to beat the living crap out of this Death guy and save Chinki's store, he will protect both everyone AND everything without sacrificing one or the other, unlike the Superhero Gilgamesh do to defeat their enemies, Weak-Man then senses something about Rogers, something...different, as he decides to let Rogers vent his frustration and attack Death head onwards, knowing that Rogers must have some deep seated hatred against all Gilgamesh for him to be like this, although Weak-Man was prepared to act just in case if something were to happen, nevertheless, he wanted to respect Rogers' wishes, he had seen someone just like Roger beforehand but unlike in Roger's case, Weak-Man didn't allow the person before Rogers to seek revenge against the Gilgamesh and now, not wanting to repeat what Weak-Man sees to be the very same mistake, despite better judgement, he is allowing Roger, a civilian to act the way he wants to, this is what Weak-Man believes to be the only way to quell the anger of people exactly like Roger, having seen them before Roger, as more or less previously just mentioned, Death scoffs at Roger, wondering what can he, a mere normal person can do against him, a mighty Gilgamesh? Roger says to Death to shut the hell up and just let Roger batter him, otherwise he won't be satisfied whatsoever, Weak-Man remains silent at Rogers' words, this annoys Death, as he then teleports behind Rogers and prepares to sickle his head right off, asking him what are his last words and Roger says to Death for all Gilgamesh to f*** off, extremely angered at this, Death starts to slowly stab the tip of his scythe's blade right into Roger's neck, causing him to bleed slightly, however, just then, both very shockingly and very surprisingly, Roger proceeds to move his neck right out from the scythe's blade where it was stabbing into his neck, grabbing the blade itself with one hand whilst causing it to bleed a little and then turn around and give Death a jolly right uppercut, right on Death's chin, this caused Death to be knocked back a little, shocking Weak-Man greatly, as Rogers says to Death see? it doesn't take a Gilgamesh to fight another Gilgamesh, all it takes...is a little guts and bam! you hit the target dead lock on!! said Roger, proving to everyone currently conscious and bearing witness to this that even Humans can stand amongst gods, in other-words, Humans that have guts and perseverance just like Rogers has can fight Gilgamesh without needing the protection of other Gilgamesh, Weak-Man cannot believe his very eyes, as he actually saw a normal Human not at all different to any other Human in both any and all ways whatsoever just slug a Gilgamesh just like Weak-Man himself and he starts to think to himself that maybe, just maybe...the Humans do not need the likes of the Gilgamesh to protect them from evil and in fact, the Gilgamesh may have very greatly underestimated Human potential due to the overuse of the Gilgamesh's mighty powers, Death, as his chin shakes from the simple punch cannot believe what just happened to him, as he in anger tries to strike Roger down, suddenly, he hears a voice inside of his head that only Death himself can hear, it tells Death to retreat, saying that the fight is just not worth it and that not to worry, Death will soon get his revenge on this Human that did damage to him soon enough, as soon, all Humans in Yahweh will suffer, despite the disagreement with the order given to him, Death nevertheless proceeds to fulfill the order and tells Roger that he managed to get a lucky one punch in right on the tip of his chin below on Death's face and that it seems to Death that Humans aren't just the scraggly beasts that Death made them out to be, however, nevertheless, both Humans and the good side of the Gilgamesh are soon destined to fall, at the hands of the mighty organization of evil Gilgamesh known, as Boga Czciciels, upon hearing this name, a sudden shock comes to Weak-Man's mind and he suddenly tries to punch Death with all his might, using a technique called Delinquent's Fist Times 100x 1%, upon noticing this Roger tells Weak-Man to butt out, saying that this was his fight, however, Weak-Man pushes Roger aside with one hand and proceeds to use the other hand to charge his technique and hit Death straight in the face with it, however, just before the fist could connect with the face at that precise exact moment, Death vanished into thin air, he disappeared into nowhere, leaving naught a trace, Weak-Man cannot stop his attack now and nearly levels the entire landscape all around Chinki's, fortunately no one was around and/or nearby but after seeing the huge amount of strength that was put in behind that fist attack of Weak-Man's, seeing what it had done to everything everywhere all around them, Rogers shows a angry expression upon his face, deep seated and seethed burning with rage, he shouts out towards Weak-Man to get out, get out of this area and never, EVER come back, otherwise Roger will personally execute Weak-Man himself, he is burning so much with anger, that he is trying to hold himself back but doesn't know just how long he can, Weak-Man can see the expression upon Rogers' face and recognizes it, he remembers a young woman the same age, as Roger who had that exact same expression, although Weak-Man wasn't intimidated by Roger's threat, knowing that the former was far more stronger then the latter, he nevertheless felt guilt for his actions and had remembered how Roger felt about the Gilgameshs' actions upon the landscape, not to mention especially Roger's manager having been seriously wounded from the fight and that considering all that has happened here and now, in the moments that the fight began and went on, Weak-Man believes that he has ruined yet another person's life in his role, as a good Gilgamesh and offers both a cleanup squad and money to pay for all the damages that has been done to the surrounding area, including paying for the medical bills and fees required to treat Mr. Chinki, however, Roger says screw the money, he can take care of everything by himself and that he never, ever wants to see Weak-Man around these parts ever again, NOT-EVER, Rogers mutters to himself that he cannot see what is so good about Superheroes when all they do is wreck buildings and ruin opportunities for people to change their lives, not to mention the lives themselves of the people, he cannot understand what is so special about Weak-Man that Roger's friend Piccolo sees in him, all Roger, starting to calm down a little but still burning with rage is for Weak-Man to politely leave and never bother this corner of Yahweh again, ...Weak-Man complies and using his superhuman strength, he jumps off elsewhere, leaving Roger to cry to himself, as he tries to wipe away the tears and attend to Mr. Chinki, as he lifts his manager up, Roger takes one final look at the destroyed surroundings and says to himself that Superheroes...are scumbags before lastly taking Mr. Chinki back into his shop, there Roger phones Piccolo on the work phone inside and the scene blurs out in shadow, making people wonder what will happen next? who are these people called the Boga Czciciels and what did that voice inside Death's head, as well, as Death himself mean when they said that all people, both Humans and good Gilgamesh living in YHWH will suffer? all will be revealed soon...in due time.


Prologue: A Human's starting point-Concluded.


Chapter I: The next move-Begins!



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Dang, this is a pretty interesting story so far! I don't know why, but when I was reading through this, I got a One Punch Man vibe from it for the oddest reason!  But you know, I don't blame Rogers for feeling the way he does about superheroes! I mean, it's awesome they protect humanity, but they do cause lots of destruction when battling supervillains, so his plight is understandable!


Overall, this story flows like an anime, and I like it! Can't wait for the first chapter! :D

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