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Hello everyone! I'm Raccooned and I'm new around here, but I'd like to show you some of my art, which I hope you like!




This is a rough sketch, just wanted to draw Riku in the KHUX summer outfit lol.








This last one is a Tattoo AU where Terra just started working on a tattoo studio. Later on Aqua joins and Ventus is the apprentice. Also Terra loves plants.

I got lazy with the background. 
I'll probably take requests pretty soon. I'm also doing commissions! (Check the tumblrs below for more info)
If you want, you can check my tumblr

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Wow Raccooned, this is definitely some wicked art you have on display here! You play around with different styles, which is awesome! Riku looks pretty badass in summer wear! And those designs with Aqua and Kairi look majestic, and I really liked that last one as well! Terra and Aqua look just divine together! :3

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