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Meta: The Beginning of The End

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Whoa, this is some pretty amazing stuff! Did not expect to read something so dark and so in depth! I'm definitely gonna keep my eye on this story, so make sure to bring in the updates, because I'll want to see how this story turns out! It takes the concept of humans with special abilities and how they affect the world to a whole new level! I can also see that you took inspiration from Captain America: Civil War when it came to the Sokovia Accords, as the meta-resignation act reminded me of this! :3


Anyways, great start to what's hopefully a great story! Can't wait for more! :D

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-Chapter 1: Seth-


It is the year 2020. The world has seen much peace and prosperity. The human life span has increased more than it has in the past 10 years. The United States is the head figure of the world in developed countries for examples. It has become a free world due to it's recent president. Now, switch to Chicago. The city is one of the most populated cities in the country now. In the outskirts of the city laid a factory in the middle of the woods.


The building was a three story. It read on top of the building,'' Human Research CDC''. This was a cover up. In the depths below was a secret organization led by a man name Dr.Sebastian Hux. He is seen walking through a white bright hallway. He has brown hair tied in a ponytail, medium size glasses, brown skin, blue eyes, black button up shirt, brown khakis, and lastly, lab work shoes. He held a clipboard and approached a container. He soon took out a tape recorder. 


'' Subject number 50. He has yet to manifest abilities. Also is the first one not to die after the 3rd day of exposure. Subject is name Seth Shaw. He was a former college professor until scouts were able to see abnormality in his gene pool. I believe after all my months of research that he is the one to finally awaken the Meta-gene. My work in the Meta-theory can finally please the higher ups,'' said Sebastian as he turned off his recorder. He smiled and took some notes. He looked up and looked at Seth. He had long blonde hair that went passed his shoulders, white skin, was skinny after being tested on, and was recorded to have blue eyes. Soon a phone rang and Sebastian picked up.'' Hello? Ah yes! Thank you for informing me, I'll be there shortly,'' Sebastian said as he hung up. He chuckled.'' I can not wait to show you. The world will change because of you,'' Sebastian whispered as he walked off and out of a door.


As soon as Sebastian left, Seth's eyes shot opened. He waited for his eyes to adjust. He saw the water that he was in and tubes that were hooked to him. Many thoughts have entered his mind. How did he get here? Where is he? What's happening? He couldn't ponder the thoughts quickly even. He unlocked his tubes and realized something. After taking out the breathing tube, he somehow was able to still breathe and not drown. He pounded on the glass and saw no effect. He closed his eyes to think of something. As soon as he opened his eyes, the water around him soon sent itself to the glass container and broke it on impact as Seth washed out with it. He started breating heavily. He could barely move.


'' What's wrong with me?,'' Seth asked himself as he could barely make a sentence, let alone stand up. All he wore was a black speed-o that covered his private area. As soon as he mustered the strength to stand up, alarms started blaring.'' Uh no,'' Seth said to himself as he soon saw the door open and guards covered in black held up weapons and pointed at Seth.


'' Get on the ground now! We will not ask you again!'' one soldier exclaimed as they had their safety off. Seth saw a window next to him. He soon heard some noise behind the soldiers as Sebastian was seen.


'' Don't let him get away! Shoot him now! That's an order!'' Sebastian yelled as the soldiers started firing. Seth attempted to cover his himself as the bullets starting to hit him. He slowly opened his eyes and saw nothing hit him. The soldiers stayed there wondering the same. Seth felt his skin. He was hard as a rock. Soon, the leftover water sent itself towards the soldiers knocking them down. Seth quickly stood up again and starting running towards them. He soon made his way pass them and Sebastian as they were distracted by the water. He attempted to open the door, but could not. The soldiers soon approached him again.


'' Leave me alone!"' Seth yelled as a bright flash occurred. The building soon exploded. Out of the rubble, Seth came out unharmed. He couldn't comprehend what just happened. He soon started running inside the forest and towards to downtown Chicago. Sebastian laid in the rubble. He was trapped. He coughed and got his phone out.


'' Test subject has escaped. He has shown that he has the Meta-gene. He is the first Meta-human and he has the powers of the elements!'' 

-To be continued-

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-Chapter 2: Alex-


The sun blazed the sky as it was 12 in the afternoon. Alex Smith sat in the passenger seat as he drank from a bottle water. He had brown skin, brown eyes, shaved head, a United States military uniform, a AR-16 a new weapon developed by Monroe industries, and a cigarette in his mouth. He was inside a military issued Humvee vechile as he was part of a military transport in South Korea. He is a known special ops soldier with years under his belt. He was next to his partner, Roy Trevor. He had black hair tied into a pony tail, black skin, blue eyes, the same military uniform, a pistol on the side of his leg, and a scar that ran from his forehead to the top of his lip.


'' So, this thing we're transporting, what is it exactly?'' Roy asked as he drove through the private road.


'' Well, it's something Overload told us we needed to escort. I've heard its weapon. Something that can help us with the current situation with the North.'' Alex calmly said as he put the smoke out of the car.'' But I can be wrong. Seems fishy that we need three Humvee's in order to escort one truck. Here we are, we are approaching Seoul now.'' Roy nodded to his response as they drove. They were the first one as the other three were on the other sides on the truck. As they approached the city border. Roy started getting his papers out.'' Wait a minute. Something's not right. We were told a checkpoint was not going to be here. Shit!"' Alex yelled as a rocket came out of no where exploding the Humvee behind the truck. 


The South Korean soldiers that were at the checkpoint quickly opened fire. Roy and Alex quickly got out and exchanged fire with them. The other US soldiers quickly returned fire as well. The fake Korean soldiers started to outnumber them.


'' Shit! Alex, we need to protect the truck!'' Roy yelled through the noise as he tossed a grenade. Alex quickly ran towards the back of the truck and gunned down approaching fakes as his comrades started falling. He soon opened the back of the truck and discovered something. It was empty except for one box.


'' What the hell? Its just one box?'' Alex said as he was shot in the back by a soldier. He quickly turned and opened fire on the fake that shot him.'' Son of a.'' Alex quickly got out a remote.'' This is Smith! Requesting air support! Seoul command, we are being ambushed! Need reinforcements right now!'' Alex quickly gunned down more as he protected the box until a stick grenade landed next to him.'' Crap!'' The truck then exploded. Roy was sent towards the grass plains. Alex opened his eyes and saw the box smoking.'' What..'' It was all he could say when the box exploded into a red mist and soon spread throughout the region. Alex was point black from the mist as everything went red.


'' News report say a biological weapon was denoted outside of Seoul. The whole Korean peninsula has been affected by what experts are calling the black death. Death count continue to rise as outside support has quickly gone to help out any survivors. Reports that both the north and south governments are no more and the United Nations has stepped in to keep civil law in check. More updates to come.'' A news report was said on a radio. The radio was on a little desk as the hospital room was bright. A pair of eyes opened up and looked around. The person lifted his arms and saw them bandaged. Soon, the door opened and stepped in a man in a high ranking United States uniform.


'' Hello. You were at ground zero correct? You were the only survivor. I need you to tell me everything that happened to you.'' the man said as the man quickly took off his bandages. It was Alex. His skin was now white, red eyes, and had burned marks on his head.


'' What happened to me..?'' Alex asked as those were the only words he could muster. He saw the man.'' Overload..Roy..the squad..?'''


'' They are all dead son. Now, tell me what happened so we could get to the bottom of this?'' Overload asked Alex. Alex laid back and started explaining everything that happened.'' I see. Allow me to report this story and I'll get back to you.'' he said as he walked out and left Alex alone in the room. Alex looked around and saw just a plain normal hospital room. He soon started unwrapping his bandages and became shock at what he saw. Whatever happened, he had now dark red arms!


'' What is going on?!'' Alex yelled as he started tossing violently.'' What's wrong with my arms?! Why is my skin different?!'' he yelled as the nurses and doctors quickly came in and started putting him down. They gave him a few shots which made him pass out. Whatever the red mist was, it had affected Alex to the point where he a totally different body.


Authors Note: I decided to make this a multiply point of view story. Later, the different characters will meet but right now, instead of making different threads. I decided to put the main five characters here first. Their origins made be different and take place in different time but as it stands, I want to introduce all the other characters first before moving onto the main conflicts of each character.

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-Chapter 3: Ivan-


'' The world has never been a better place! Ivan Monroe has successfully changed the world with his rising company. At the age of 13, Ivan Monroe started up his company as a small weapon inventor until his new weapon design, which was bought by the military, that he rose through the stocks. He is being called the greatest man in the world!''. The radio replayed the same story as it was Monroe industries 10 year anniversary.Ivan laid in his bed as he was awake after a long night. He had just received another award from the military. He sat up. His brown hair was a mess. It was usually pulled back with gel but since last night, it was over the place. His white skin was young and soft. Only crows feet at his eyes for not sleeping right. His green eyes blinked as he stood up and started putting a robe on. He lived in the penthouse in his company building at the very top floor. He yawned and touched his window which displayed news.


'' Sir, you were scheduled to meet the President earlier.'' said a voice. Ivan waved it off. It was the voice of his assistant Nancy.


'' I know. Why did you think I slept in? I don't need to see him right.'' Ivan stretched and walked towards his closet. The doors slide open as he took a look at his clothes. He couldn't decide what to wear. That's where we saw it. On the wall at the very back was his memory wall. When he was young, since his father was a special ops member, he was trained hard. Ivan knew how to take care of himself. On the wall were two guns. His fathers' guns. They were passed down through the Monroe generations. Ivan has yet to use them.'' Oh well. Another day of luxury pops.'' Ivan said as he put on a black business suit. He walked out and took the elevator to the board of directors floor. 


As the doors opened, you could hear Ivan's steps. He opened the doors and he was greeted with the ten men that help Ivan run the company.


'' Good afternoon gentlemen. How are the stocks looking?'' Ivan asked as he took his seat. The directors quickly took turns and explained that the company is doing good as ever. Ivan smiled. He enjoyed everything that was going on. In the next couple of hours, he would be going to the UN to explain his plans for world peace. After his meeting, he walked through the hallways. He heard something about the Black Death but did not care for it as it didn't concern him. As he stepped outside of his building, he called for his call. Of course with him being rich, he drives the fancy cars. As he opened the car doors, an explosion occurred. Everything went black.


Ivan slowly opened his eyes as he strapped to a chair. He couldn't see much as his vision was blurry, but he could tell a man was in front of him. He wore a grey hoodie, blue jeans, a AR-16 around him, and a Japanese demon mask to cover his face.


'' Good evening Ivan!'' greeted the man as he got a taser out and shocked Ivan as he grunted in pain.'' Tell me the plans of the next weapon your making!'' he quickly shocked him again. Ivan panted. His vision came back. He looked up and saw two other members wearing the same masks.


'' I'm only going to say this once. Let me go.'' Ivan said in a serious tone. The men laughed. He shocked him again.


'' Your funny. Why would we let you go? Your strapped to that chair! Now, tell me what Tempest is or you again a beating instead of shock!'' 


'' Let me go or I will kill you'' Ivan repeated himself. The man laughed again.


'' Like you can kill the three of us!"' the man laughed and shocked him again. Ivan panted a little more. He looked up and quickly revealed not to be tied up. The men jumped and quickly grabbed their guns, but Ivan was too quick. He throat punched the first man and got his rifle and gunned down the other two with master marksmanship. The one he punched quickly started running. Ivan turned and gave chase. The man got a pistol out and started shooting. He couldn't see Ivan.'' Where are you?!''


'' Here.'' Ivan was behind him and he punched his back and put him in a neck hold.


'' Please don't. You don't have to do this!"' yelled the man. Ivan gripped hard.


'' Yes I do. Nobody can know my secret.'' Ivan said in a cold tone as he broke the man's neck. He examine the three bodies. They were equipped with the latest technology made by his company. He got out and called the police. He had reported someone rescued him and killed all three men. He was now in his office as he was looking through the files. He got on his phone.'' Nancy, has there been any shipments reported missing or stolen?'' Ivan asked.


'' No Mr.Monroe.'' Nancy reported as Ivan hung up. Someone from inside his company has been dealing his technology to private citizens. He got up and went to his penthouse and back to his closet. He looked at the his family guns. He grabbed them and took them to his lab. After a long night, he had customized them completely. They were now the first ever dual energy pistols. He held them and tested them out.


'' Now, let's find out who betrayed my company.'' Ivan stated as he walked away from the target range. He had hit all the targets dead in the center.

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-Chapter 4: Seth-


Seth sat in an ally-way downtown in Chicago. It has been two days since he escaped from the lab. He had no memory of who he was and why he was there. He wore a oversize brown coat that covered him and has kept him warm. It was raining hard as a storm was predicted for today. Everything was wet besides him. He had acknowledged the gift he now had. The power over the elements. Why was he like this? Who was he? These were the questions he had to find out. He sat there hugging his knees.


'' Where did I think I could go? What a joke.'' Seth to himself as he put his head down. Elsewhere, Hux was talking with men in security uniforms. He had bandages on him as they investigated the ruined building in the forest. Soon, a helicopter landed near the rubble. A military officer exited the copter.


'' Good afternoon general. Hope you don't mind the rain.'' Hux explained as he shook the general's hand.


'' What happened to the subject? Is he still alive?'' the general asked. Hux nodded.


'' I believe he is still alive. The test was a success with him. After many months of testing and research, my theory on the Meta-gene was a success. It is now believe we all have this gene.'' Hux explained.'' I can go public with this information and be well known in the science community!''


'' No. I already have enough stuff on my plates. Especially after the Black Death incident, the country is trying its best with the rest of the world to fix Korea.'' the general explained and started walking away from Hux and back to the copter.'' I do hope everything is still going according to plan. For your sake at least Hux. Failure to capture the subject will result in never being seen again!'' the general made clear as Hux nodded.


'' You heard him! We must find the subject no matter the cost! He must have escaped to the city as that is more likely where he will be!"' Hux stated as he looked around and saw a needle sticking out. He grabbed it and saw it labelled with something. He smirked and hid it in his pocket.


Seth was walking down the ally-way now as he grew tired of sitting and was finding himself hungry again. He waved his hand and some money blow through to wind to him. He has gained some control over his new found abilities. He used the money to buy himself some eat. He walked down the sidewalks of the city. It was mid-day so it was busy. He couldn't tell where he was. Soon, he saw a poster on a pillar. It was a picture of him. Seth quickly grabbed it and saw his name.


'' Seth..Shaw..? That's who I am?'' Seth asked to himself. He started growing a blonde beard a bit. He saw someone putting up posters down the sidewalk. He quickly ran towards the man.'' Hey!'' Seth yelled as the man turned. The man had short black hair, black skin, brown eyes, a blue T-shirt, a black belt along some brown jeans, and a umbrella over him.'' Who are you and how do you know who am I?'' Seth asked. The man eyes went wide.


'' Seth?!'' the man yelled and hugged Seth.'' Oh my god! We've been looking everywhere for you!'' the man exclaimed.'' You disappeared months ago! We almost gave up hope!"' the man yelled.


'' Who are you?'' Seth asked as that was all the words he could muster. The man laughed.


'' How could you forget your best friend Johnny?'' the man asked. Seth looked confused.


'' I'm sorry, but I don't remember anything right now. Even my own name until now apparently. You seemed to know more then I do. Can you help me remember who I am?'' Seth asked as Johnny nodded.


'' Of course! I will help-how Seth, why are shady people walking over here?'' Johnny asked as Seth's eyes widen.


'' Oh no!" Seth quickly grabbed Johnny's arm and led him to another ally-way.'' Johnny please listen. I believe what your telling me but you won't believe me.'' Seth told him as people surrounded them.


'' Give it up. Just come with us quietly and no harm will be done.'' the men said as they all drew their pistols. Johnny looked scared. He had no idea what was going on. Seth then suddenly used his lightning abilities to shock the men who were wet due to the rain. He quickly grabbed Johnny's hand again as they started running. 


'' We need to get out of here! Do you have any idea where we can go?'' Seth asked as Johnny directed him towards an old building and they quickly hid there.


'' Seth tell me what's going on!'' Johnny demanded as they seem to the be in the clear for now. Seth sighed.


'' I have no idea. Like I said, I don't even remember myself. I only know my name and apparently your my best friend. I woke up with these powers a couple of days ago and it seems I'm getting better control over them.'' Seth explained as he looked at his hands. Johnny rubbed his head.


'' Then I guess I gotta trigger your memory. Seth, do you remember that night?'' Johnny asked as Seth shook his head.'' This is what can help. Long ago, remember, that night when you came home at the age of 10. The night your father disappeared.'' Johnny stated as Seth held his head. It started hurting. He then started remembering something. 


At the age of 10, Seth arrived home late from school and saw his house in ruins. His father was missing. His mother died in childbirth. Young Seth walked in the ruin house and saw nothing but destroyed objects. This night changed Seth forever.


Seth's eyes shot open as he remembered everything about himself. He started laughing a little bit.


'' Oh wow. I finally remember! Johnny, I remember how I got here now!'' Seth exclaimed but suddenly, the doors to the building blew opened. Seth and Johnny remained hidden. A couple of military soldiers walked in. They didn't have a flag or anything. This meant they were private owned.'' Wait here Johnny.'' Seth walked out in front of the soldiers.'' Hello gentlemen. I believe your looking for me?'' Seth formed fists as lightning formed around him.


'' Open fire!'' one soldier yelled as they started shooting. Seth quickly ran to them. Taking the bullets head on as the Earth gave him rock hard skin. He grabbed one soldier and slammed him on the ground causing a carter. He then lifted a big box that was impossible to lift and threw at another soldier. He formed fireballs in his hands and threw them like genrades which exploded. He soon had water appear and used the force of the wave to hit the soldiers. He quickly grabbed the last one.


'' I want you to tell your boss that if you send more, I'll just keep sending them back!'' Seth yelled as he tossed the soldier outside, who quickly ran away. Seth breathed and calm down. Johnny walked out surpised on what Seth just did.'' Sorry. Still trying to control these. Now, I'm going to need your help in order to find the one who did this to me Johnny. Will you help me?'' 

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Chapter 5: Alex

Alex slowly woke up once again. He noticed something different. He was strapped to the bed. He soon stopped and noticed something else. His arms were still the dark red color. He had honestly believed that this whole mess was a dream he could wake up from. He couldn’t tell where he was as the hospital room he was in had no windows. He struggled with his bed straps. He couldn’t break free. Soon, the door opened once again. It was Overload again. Overload was Alex’s head of command for his squad. Well, use to since his squad is now dead.


‘’ Good. You’re awake. Maybe now we can actually debrief you?’’ Overload asked as he pulled a chair and sat down.


‘’ How did you know?’’


'’ Easy. The cameras. We are monitoring you 24/7 right now. You’ve been here for a couple of days. Honestly, when the incident happened. I believed you to be dead too but we noticed you were still breathing. You were point blank at the bomb. How did you live?’’


‘’ I’m not sure sir. I guess I’m luckly. Luckier than Roy.’’


‘’ Yes. His death was sad, but his next of kin has been informed. Now, we examined your blood from tests and have discovered something.’’


‘’ What?’’ Alex asked as he started sounding concerned. He struggled a little more.


‘’ The Black Death is inside you at a cellular level. Also we discovered something else, but that is top secret. Now, as the situation continues, you will be held here until my higher ups can decide what to do with you.’’


‘’ What?! What do you mean?!’’ Alex yelled as Overload stood up and coughed.


‘’ Simple, we need to put the blame on someone. You so much happen to survive so. Your involvement with the explosion will be released soon.’’ Overload stated as he walked out of the room and shut the door as the machine locked the door. Alex couldn’t believe this. He was going to be frame for an incident he was even responsible for. He struggled some more and yelled. He needed to get out of here! But how?

A couple of minutes passed as Alex laid in his bed. He gave up escaping. He knew his life was over. Not only did he lose his squad. He also has a deformed physical appearance and is also going to be framed. He couldn’t let this happen. He felt something stir inside him. He had to escape. Soon, a rip was heard. He opened his eyes and they widen. His arms were transformed into sword claws. They were still dark red, but he had no idea how he did this. He quickly used this advantage to cut his straps off as he stood up. He noticed his legs were also pale white. His claws soon deformed back into his arms.


‘’ What is happening to me? Wait. My body reacted due to my emotions. That must mean, holy shit, I can transform my arms!’’ Alex smiled. He soon concerted as his right hand grew into a large fist. He then slammed the door opened. Alarms started going off. He soon saw soldiers running towards him. He was in a white hallway. No windows either. They pointed their rifles at him.


‘’ Get on the ground now! I will not repeat myself! If you don’t get down, we will open fire!’’ the soldier demanded. Alex look at them with hatred in his eyes. These were not U.S. military. He knew that for a fact. He focused again and as soon as the soldiers opened fire, Alex’s arms soon transformed into the claw swords once more. The bullets struck Alex as he fell on the ground.’’ Target is down. I repeat, target is down. Moving to relocate subject.’’ The head soldier said in a com as he walked up. Soon, Alex’s eyes shot opened as he quickly slashed the soldier. Alex’s wounds were healing. He smirked and ran towards the other soldiers who began open firing on him. Alex quickly slashed through the soldiers. He started running down the hallways as he attempted to find a way out.

Elsewhere, Overload was watching the cameras. He slammed his fist on the desk.


‘’ Where the hell did he get that from?! Capture him at all costs! He must not allowed to leave!”’ Overload commanded the soldiers as the sirens echoed through the hallways. Alex continued slicing his way through the soldiers.  He soon encounter several more with riot shields.


‘’ Do not advance further! We are ordered to use deadly force!’’ The soldiers yelled and stood their ground. They were protecting a white metal door. Alex knew that was the way out, but how would he get through them. His claws deformed into his normal arms.


‘’ If you soldiers let me through, I promise to spare you.’’ Alex said in a cold statement. No soldier moved. He closed his eyes. Soon, his right hand turned into the giant fist and his left turned into the claw. He quickly ran towards the soldiers and slammed his fist on the row of shields. It was a powerful wave that knocked some away. Alex jumped and raised his left arm and launched himself towards the soldiers.

Soon, the metal door exploded. Alex walked out as bodies laid behind him. His eyes widened. He knew he wasn’t in the United States. He was still in Seoul or what was left of it. He stood outside of a mountain that overlooked the city. It was now in ruins after the explosion. He was struck by the scenery and did not notice Overload behind him with a rocket launcher and shot Alex. It exploded on contact as he was sent to the bottom of the mountain.


After hours of darkness, Alex’s eyes opened to the sunlight. He laid on the grass as he was still healing from the rocket. His half of his body was blown away. He sat up. Whatever this Black Death did to him, he would need to figure it out and who was behind this set up. He soon stood up and started walking towards the city. First, he would need to find out what he is dealing with and how to get off Seoul no matter what.

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Sorry about the no updates. I've had writers block on the current chapter and still in the process of figuring out Alex's and Seth's stories. Should be done with the next upcoming chapters soon. I'm also going to come out with a new story soon as well. 

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Ah, I see! Well, thanks for letting us know! I'll be eagerly looking forward to the next chapter of your story, since it's so interesting! Ooh, and you're developing a new story, too? That's awesome! Just make sure not to overflow yourself, cuz after all, you gotta have a clear mind for when you're writing a story, ya know? :)

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