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Who are your favorite garbage characters?

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A garbage character is any original character in the KH series that isn't Sora.


My favorites would be Roxas, Riku and Axel. I mean they just have so much character development and story that no one cares about.

lul I don't care about Sora but I care about almost all of the other original character.

But my favourites are MoM, Riku, all the Xehanort (the granpa, YX, Ansem, Xemnas), Brain, Braig, all the Foreteller except Invi, Luxu, Roxas, Lea/Axel, Xion, Vanitas and Terra... damn, I actually said  all the character I like lol (Kairi doesn't have enough screentime so I can't say that I actually like her... she is just a cute face by now for me) 



P.s. those that haven't been mentioned aren't characters that I don't like but simply that they are indifferent or just nice to me... except for Aqua and Eraqus. I hate the nazi and they kinda are against the darkness... and I hate also the people that are obsessed with something and Aqua is obsossed with her Master so... yeah. I like their design, I like their combat style, I like Aqua's temperament... but I can't like their character in the whole

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Ventus and Vanitas! Vanitas is just an awesome villain and I only really got into KH because of Ventus  :tongue:. Plus, he has so much room to grow and despite being a "garbage character" (lol) is so integrated into the series as a whole with importance we have yet to fully know. I love that!

I also relate to him and his cinnamon bun-ness.

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