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Is the KHX story necessary to understand the story?

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I have seen the KHX movie in 2.8 but I haven't actually played any of the games. Is it necessary to play them(or watch a walkthrough) to understand the story of KH? Also I am aware that there is more than one of these games, do they tell the same story? And in which order should I play(watch) them?

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Yes they are very important!


Kingdom hearts Unchained chi and union cross are the same. They are the direct sequel to the original chi


Kingdom heart chi is the original version but it's évents are shown on unchained chi/union cross so the best is to watch the story relevant cinematics of unchained chi

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The story of Chi and its other extensions will have an effect/impact on Kingdom Hearts 3's story.


Here's what I recommend watching (or playing if you're interested):


  1. First, watch the cutscenes of the original Chi. You can watch a playthrough of it here: 

    I suggest just watching the parts that take place in Daybreak Town as the story in the Disney worlds aren't really worth it.
  2. Watch Back Cover (which you've already done.)
  3. Watch the cutscenes for Unchained Chi/Union Cross here:

    Once again, I suggest skipping the parts taking place in Disney worlds.

Chi and Unchained Chi/Union Cross technically aren't telling the same story, even though they show the same scenes. To explain, click the spoiler tag below. This is a minor spoiler compared with other story elements. While not major, it is still a spoiler nonetheless:




The events that the Player experiences in Chi and Unchained Chi/Union Cross are nearly identical. This is because in UX, the Player is re-experiencing the same events from Chi in the form of dreams.



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It would make everything going on now make a lot more sense but i'm certain the events of X will have to be explained to the player at some point anyway, if you really wanna know just watch a playthrough on youtube but if you like the suspense and mystery wait it out

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