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A tribute to all the die hard loving Poke fans here on KH13 :], ahem:


The story of Pokemon Partners: Epic Version takes place within the Epi Region of the Pokemon world, where here, Pokemon Trainers battle with one Pokemon only and with the "Pokemon Partner", as they call them that they have chosen, they go on both together, hand in hand, battling fellow Trainers and Pokemon alike until finally, they reach the "Big K Plateau", where here, they battle both the Elite Four of the Epi Region and very lastly but not in the very least, the Pokemon Champion of the Epi Region.


All Trainers receive two choices once they reach the age of 13, the age that Epi Region Pokemon Trainers begin their journey alongside their Pokemon Partner if they so wish to and that is 1, they can choose a Pokemon from one of three from the local Region Pokemon Professor named "Professor Awesung" who lives in the small town known, as "Begin Town", located on the very outskirts of the Epi Region and right next to the Big K Plateau, the latter's primary building where they face off against the Elite Four there shaped like a giant letter K itself or 2, they can ask the Professor for a Poke Ball to go off and catch their very own Partner to fight alongside them in battle instead of choosing the choice of picking three starter Pokemon from all of the other Pokemon Regions introduced up to now.


The rules are the same, as in the other Regions, Pokemon Trainers and their Pokemon Partners must battle Eight Gym Leaders of each location that they find within Epi and then, after having collected all Eight Gym Badges, present them to the "Pokemon Council", the organization that runs everything within the Epi Region from clothes and food for examples to manufacturing Poke Balls at the Big K Plateau and then they may truly, finally take on both the Elite Four and the Champion ruling over them.


However, things are proving rather quite troublesome lately in the Epi Region, as the Pokemon Council have their hands tied with a rogue group of Pokemon Trainers, calling themselves "Team Blood" and their motto is "Only the strongest of the strong deserve to stand above everything and especially everyone else at the top", meaning in other-words, they believe only pure blood Pokemon Trainers and pure blood Pokemon should only exist within the entire Pokemon world and that there is no room whatsoever for weak people and weak Pokemon.


Team Blood is known to appear all throughout the Epi Region and is run by a wealthy prince fellow at the shockingly and surprisingly simple young age of 17 named "Dustin Blood the III", Dustin reigns, as the 25th current prince of all of the Epi Region and because legal action can't be taken against him to dethrone him and disband Team Blood, due to not having any and all real solid evidence against Dustin being connected to the criminal syndicate despite sharing the very same name, as one another, thanks to Dustin managing to carefully cover his connections to Team Blood and wiping out every single trace that connects him to them, Dustin remains in power and with his crime organization backing him up, Dustin is plotting out hate crimes against those born with lesser blood then himself, in other-words, those not born with nobility and with the ever loyal services and worships of the Team Blood members that serve under him, Dustin intends to steal back every single Pokemon within the world and purify them of the bonds that Pokemon Trainers and Pokemon themselves share alike, by brainwashing the Pokemon into doing Dustin's bidding, doing what he believes in his vain vision to be the purest act a Pokemon could ever do in their entire lifetime...


...To stop the actions of Team Blood, the Pokemon Council has formed its own Team to help the people of Epi and this Team is known throughout all of the Region, as "Team Return", Team Return is the organization that serves directly under the current director of the Pokemon Council named "Cecil Goodchester" and Cecil named the Team the way he did so that Pokemon could return to both their Pokemon Trainers and their normal habitats, Cecil has placed his 2nd in command, his eldest son named "Rohnan Goodchester" to lead Team Return and stop both Dustin and his secret leadership of Team Blood before their actions become permanent and it is too late to stop them.


Meanwhile, our protagonist of the story of whom turns out to be Cecil's youngest son and Rohnan's younger brother has just reached the age of 13 and is now ready to receive his very first Pokemon, determined to win the Epi Region Pokemon League and prove himself his brother Rohnan's equal who is four years older then him at the age of 17, our hero named "Rowain Goodchester", nicknamed "Hope" by all his friends and those who know him intends to become the rising star, the hope of "Chesterfield City", the 3rd largest City in all of Epi and where the Goodchester family all live, located right next to Begin Town just nearby on the outskirts, determined to make all of the Goodchester family ancestors proud, especially both his father and his older brother, not wanting to lose to the latter and thus, Hope sets out from his home and Begins his journey, ready to face all that awaits him.


This is the Theme Song for the 1st Story Arc of the RP-https://youtu.be/YhGQA80wp8w.


(The Rules and Character Sheets will be filled out later on, first, i want to see peoples' reactions if they would like to join the RP, what does everyone think :]?).


Here are the Character Sheets :], ahem:












Pokemon Partner: (Can only be 1 Pokemon and an existing one throughout the VII Generations of the Pokemon video games.).


Pokemon Summoning: (Check the Rules about Pokemon Summoning, you can summon your Pokemon Partner through the normal old fashioned way or through a new unique way of your choice :].).


Theme Song: (Doesn't need to be filled in.).


Japanese Voice Actor: (Doesn't need to be filled in.).


English Voice Actor: (Doesn't need to be filled in.).


Here are the Rules :], ahem:


No Godmodding.


No Swearing.


No Romance above U/PG.


Please stay true to Pokemon mechanics, mythology and lore.


The basic Rules of the RP are the very same, as the handheld main series video games more or less.


You can only have one Pokemon to fight alongside you throughout the whole RP so choose wisely from either the Starters that Professor Awesung will offer you or he will give you a Poke Ball so you can go and catch your own Pokemon.


The RP takes place 10 years after the events of the Anime, also, all the Characters featured within the Anime will be portrayed by me unless if anyone wishes to make a request to portray, as Characters from the Anime that they have in mind, if so, please message me about that and we will go over the details.


You can have up to 3 Characters per person to RP as, however, the 1 Pokemon only rule still applies to each Character.


The story will start in Begin Town so all Characters will gather there.


You can't portray, as members of both Team Blood and Team Return, they, the Gym Leaders, the Frontier Brains and the Champion will be portrayed by me.


Pokemon Trainers in the Epi Region have unique ways of calling forth their Pokemon Partners from their Poke Balls, for example, a small Poke Ball is attached, as a keychain to a mobile phone and by opening up and dialing said phone, will the Poke Ball grow to its normal large size instead of its compact smaller size and then the Pokemon Trainer's Pokemon that is their Partner will be summoned forth, other means of unique summoning the Trainer's Partner is like for examples playing a guitar with a Poke Ball attached to the top of it or kicking a Poke Ball the size of a small ball exactly like a Football, know what i mean? you can choose whatever preferred method to summon your Pokemon Partner.


Please write "Poke" at the end of your Character Sheets to show that you have read the Rules.


Have fun! :].

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