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Prologue and Tagline:




...My name...is Bruce Wayne...i am 26 years old, single...and i have no family...well, that's not entirely true, i do have family, in the form of my family's personal butler, Alfred Pennyworth, he's looked after me ever since i was just 10 years old...the age...when i lost both of my parents, my father and mother, Thomas and Martha Wayne...all due to petty crime itself...i swore to myself that ever since their deaths would i somehow, someway find a way to avenge their deaths, though so far, i...have had no luck, whatsoever at all...that is, until just recently, i saw it on the Gotham City channel news, by pure chance, it was the Green Arrow of Star City taking down the terrorist Damien Darhk in front of all of the entire world itself, it was then, that i realized...in order to seek my revenge on crime i had to become someone else, i had to be something else...so on the outside to the normal general public, i am a billionaire playboy bachelor, flaunting his late father's pharmaceutical company family inheritance money around, but, on the inside...with the help of my most trusted associates, i also use that money to become the something else i swore i would become to seek my vengeance on crime, so that no one, especially young children who are the age i was at the time would ever have to go through what i did, ever again...seeing your loved ones laying dead right in front of you whilst villainy gets away without justice being served...well now this city, all of Gotham, all of its thugs and lowlifes will know my justice, they will know...my despair, shrouded, in wings, as dark, as the night itself, for i am...The Bat.




Year One:


Chapter I: Jet Black, Stark White and Pitch Black:


(What does everyone think so far of my new Arrowverse connected Batman Fan-Fiction :]?).




Part I: The Past:


The year is 2017, October the 3rd, the season where Halloween takes place, it was around this time that me...my mom and my dad went to see a favorite kids' film of mine, it was called The Grey Ghost, it was an age 12 and up but because i had my parents there with me, plus my dad thought i was only just two years younger to see it, he thought that it was okay since i was just almost barely enough legal to watch it, although my mom disagreed at first, she eventually relented, seeing, as how my dad was almost, as giddy, as i was to see the film, it was a Western based Genre and my dad, boy, he sure liked watching his old Westerns, John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, you name it...he was even a swashbuckling fan and, as luck would have it, The Grey Ghost had swashbuckling in it, this made my dad, as pleased, as punch, i was so embarrassed at the time...after the movie ended, my dad thought it was a good idea to take a shortcut back to our manor, although at the time he didn't what exactly that alley was specifically called...Crime Alley, it was here, that my mom, my dad...anyways, i'm sure you have heard of this tale so many times now that you can guess the rest what happens next...the mugger got away, along with the pearls he stole from my mom's necklace that he was after, the police found me at the scene of the crime and i was escorted back to police headquarters whilst my dad and mom...they were carried away on stretches with their faces covered by white sheets over their whole bodies, at the time, i was...scared, scared and lonely...i was so utterly filled with both despair and misery that i just didn't know what to do with it, i wanted to scream, i wanted to hit something, someone, just let out all my frustration, rage and anger for all that i had lost, all that i have known in my life...within mere seconds...it was then that he appeared, someone that i will truly never forget, even until the day that i die, that man was named police officer James "Jim" Gordon, he was a rookie cop working in Gotham after recently transferring here and out of all of the cops working at the precinct, he was the only one who seemed genuinely concerned for me, about what i lost, at first, i punched him straight in the abdomen but he didn't seem fazed by it all, instead, he called my punch weak but that was because in his words that my hand didn't feel like punching, instead it felt like clinging onto something, he told me that i was a man and that men shed no tears, however, he also told me that i was a child and that i was only a young man at that point and because i was only a young man, i was allowed to cry, grown men do not allow themselves to show their tears in front of others, nor do they go looking for someone to consult them, however...he told me that because i was still young and had yet to grow up and live to my full potential that i was allowed to cry and cling onto someone for comfort, letting all of my sorrows and woes out and with those words...i started crying fully, he held me like i was his very own precious child and he tightly clutched me, saying to me that things would no longer be easy from this point onward but that it was now my sworn and solemn duty to overcome despair and rise above it, that was my job, as both the new head of the Wayne family but most importantly especially, not just, as a man but, as an individual overall...


Part II: The Mask:


After i finished recalling my memories from that time, i returned my consciousness back to the present, where i was performing a stakeout on one of a local Mafia crime boss' storage warehouse facilities, the crime boss in question was called the Black Mask and he dealt in everything, drugs, booze, women...you name it, he both did everything and does everything that is off the book, strictly illegal and solely in the black market, for the last few months i have been hightailing his goons, picking them off one by one until eventually, i would reach a base where private operations of his took place, i had hoped on finding the Black Mask here and take him out personally but little did i know that he was waiting for me in secret, since i was taking his men both down and out like a stealthy ninja, he decided to bring in one of his own, a mercenary, goes by the name of Kyodai Ken, said he used to work for some master assassin named Deathstroke or whoever that is, at any rate, i was severely outgunned and outmaneuvered, this guy was completely unlike all of the other thugs that worked under the Black Mask up to now, he was like a master at doing everything that i did, only better, just when it seemed that this Kyodai Ken was about to finish me off, suddenly...shockingly and surprisingly, i was saved...by an arrowhead, it belonged to none other then the Green Arrow of Star City himself, the one who brought down the terrorist live and in public, he shot Kyodai Ken right in the arm and had managed to ward him off for the time being, i on the other hand...wasn't going to get the lucky treatment...


The Green Arrow told me in his menacing and cold tone of voice that i had no right to stick my nose into the business of both the underworld and vigilantes like the Green Arrow himself, he told me that he was tracking down Kyodai Ken who worked for Deathstroke who i had now discovered was an enemy of the Green Arrow's and that by finding Kyodai Ken, would the Green Arrow find and learn more about Kyodai Ken's new employer, the Black Mask, the Green Arrow came to Gotham City in lead of that pursuit, only...to find me at the crossfire, he warned me not to interfere ever again otherwise he would take me down just like the rest of the criminals he's fought up to now, however, i told him very clearly that i was inspired by his victory over Damien Darhk and of how i wanted to be just like him, it was then that he shot an arrowhead right through my right leg, saying to me that he doesn't want me to become like him, saying that it leads down a very dark, treacherous and lonely path with no one, absolutely no one and all alone...either dead or in a coma, he told me that i had failed Gotham city but that i could still make it right by turning back off the path i am currently on now, he gave him a few days' head-start to think about my decision and if i hadn't made the right one by then, well...you know the consequences of exploring that building plan, as he left whilst i pulled out the arrowhead, it got me to thinking about the Green Arrow's words, as i suddenly started thinking about my past again...


Part III: Home is where the Heart is:


Officer Gordon was driving me home back to my manor, on the way, he made me listen to some very old cassette music, saying that it was very popular during when he was my age back then, although i appreciated him trying to cheer me up with the music, it only slightly worked and it couldn't take away all of the grief that i had felt in that one single night, although officer Gordon acknowledged that i could be allowed to feel like this, he was slightly despondent, hoping that it would at least cheer me up more slightly then i currently was, it was then that we arrived at Wayne Manor at the highest hilltop on the outskirts of Gotham overlooking the entire city, at the front entrance was Alfred, he suddenly hugged me by surprise which caused me to be shocked a little, as i saw him hugging me i also noticed something else, something running down his left cheek, it was a clear tear and, as i looked at Alfred's face, i saw that he was crying, fully and deeply...he told me master Wayne i am so very glad that your safe and sound...i am sorry...i am sorry that i wasn't there for you...for any of you! Alfred kept crying, as he held me tightly, not wanting to let me go, i felt Alfred's sadness, as his tear dropped on me and from feeling that tear, i then placed my hand on-top of Alfred's, saying to him that its alright, i am home...i am safe, thanks to both officer Gordon and you Alfred...you, are my home, Alfred shuffled away his tears and had acknowledged my words, he told me a saying that was passed down in his family from one generation to the next, that home is where the heart is and that home doesn't necessarily mean a huge house but rather, the people you live alongside by, that you love with all your heart, hence, home is where the heart is, the heart is the kindness, care, warmth, tender and especially love that you preside within yourself and have the ability to welcome that heart full of all those wonderful feelings to other people and vice versa, even though Alfred wasn't related by blood to me, i still felt like he was an irreplaceable part of my whole existence and that now, officer Gordon had become part of that cherished bond, as well, these people were my home...they are, my heart...i then returned my mind back towards the present once more.


Part IV: Duty and Obligation:


...It was daytime and i was sleeping on the couch, in front of the TV with nothing but my dressing gown on, Alfred appeared, waking me up and sarcastically reprimanding me for having another one of my "late night strolls", i said Alfred's name and told him to piss off, however, he stated that it was his sworn duty, as the Wayne family personal butler and assistant that he watch over and take care of me at all times, until i was ready to take action for myself and fly like a bird, leaving the coop or the nest or whatever it is you want to call it, look, i don't care, at any rate, Alfred was then telling me to turn on the TV and listen to the Gotham City channel news, although i didn't feel like it, i did it anyways, i yawned, as i turned it on, it said on the news that Wayne pharmaceutical's stock market was falling right through the roof and that GothCorp's was rising, if not done something about and very soon too quickly, GothCorp could take control of Wayne pharmaceutical and force a merger of the two companies into one, the reporter was Vicki Vale, who for a longtime, a very, VERY longtime i have had a sort of crush on, i like to hit on her in public at charity gatherings and/or parties, however, she throws nothing but scorn and fine wine on me, saying that i am not her type and that she thinks i am a lousy company owner and i deserve all what comes to me, although Alfred slightly disagrees with the harsh words i receive from Vale, he nevertheless agrees with her about the forced merger, what i am supposed to do about this current situation both me and my father's company are in? normally at times i let my father's old university friend and 2nd in command Lucius Fox handle the situation at the company for me since i am not very good with speaking with its board of directors, however, Alfred forces me to take action this time, as this time around i hear that the famed Oliver Queen is currently visiting Gotham and he doesn't know whether to contribute money to either Wayne pharmaceutical or GothCorp, as part of his scheme to being elected mayor, honestly, i couldn't care less at all about that pretty boy Queen but seeing, as how we are kind of similar more or less, i wasn't about to let him upstage me so i decided to make an appearance in public to appeal to the mass general society, in order to get voters to kindly lend money to my father's company, Alfred said he had prepared a wardrobe full of my best suits fully ready and to wear and with that, i headed off to make a scene...


At the central plaza in front of Gotham City's first national bank, Oliver Queen was making his speech, he said that with funding and contributions made from Central City's Star Labs, he was planning on handing out money to whichever company deserved it most, as an appeal to other cities of him being the new mayor of Star City, attending the speech was John Roland Daggett, the CEO of GothCorp and my father's former arch-nemesis in politics, when my parents died, Daggett said that he wanted to mend the old wounds with the Wayne family through me, as a token and, as a memorial to honor my father, he would have GothCorp do business with Wayne pharmaceutical, however, i didn't buy it for even a single second, not one bit, i knew Daggett's scheme, he was a snake in sheep's wool, he thought that by doing business with me who was young at the time and didn't even know how to run a company, he could squander off money from Wayne pharmaceutical and cash it right into GothCorp's greedy little fingers, knowing Daggett's scheme, Lucius at the company invoked its emergency company control leadership transfer powers or whatever way you want to put it into his hands and by doing so, he became the head of Wayne pharmaceutical before the board could finalize a deal with Daggett, trying to usurp the company behind my back back then just because i was only a young boy and they believed that my future was predestined to end in failure and so, they sought Daggett, thanks to Lucius' quick thinking and my keen observant mind, we were able to save my father's company from corrupt control and keep it away from GothCorp but now GothCorp is back and now has come the time for me to prove my worth and step up to the plate, i have to prove that i am, as every bit worthy to inherit Wayne pharmaceutical, just, as my father was before me, the man who founded the company.


Daggett stood up to the podium and said to Queen that by giving money to GothCorp could they continue industrializing Gotham City and make it, as futuristic looking, as Gotham's next door neighbor, Metropolis, where supposedly, a man in tights is off flying around, saving the city with heat vision, superhuman strength and not to mention a bulletproof body, anyways, digressing, back to the main topic at hand, however, it was then my time to shine and take Daggett's spotlight away from him, i told my proposal to Queen that Gotham needed to focus more on helping its citizens who are suffering from crime everyday daily, from dawn till dusk, at night, real monsters come out and hurt people most precious to us, it doesn't matter if they are strangers or not, the fact is Gotham is basically like one big family and like a real family itself, one should stand up and protect that family, that is when i proposed of Queen lending the money to Wayne pharmaceutical to build a children's hospital, the Thomas and Martha Wayne children's hospital, as i call it, name in honor of both his parents who fell to the very same crime of which he speaks of and of those who had fallen just like my parents, children are the heart of Gotham City, they are its home, the one true Gotham and to ignore them and their cries for help would be to prove that Gotham's citizens are inhumane and are incapable of feeling love, even if they seek to better their city like Daggett suggests, everyone goes silent...before suddenly, Queen starts clapping, followed by an encore of a cheering public, praising my proposal whilst Daggett remains silent although it is very certain that he is unhappy with my victory over him today, just when things finally start to seem looking up for both me and my father's company, suddenly, a gunshot was heard and everyone went silent, as they saw where the gunshot landed...it was me, i was hit by a bullet, right in the upper part of my body, i started spewing out blood before falling unconscious on the ground, as everyone started running around in panic, i could hear Alfred shout out my name before losing consciousness completely, it was then that a terrorist group revealed themselves, led by Kyodai Ken, they called themselves the Fearsome Hand of Four and they also revealed that their mission was to purge Gotham of its corrupt, filthy leaders' dirty hands, starting with me, Bruce Wayne, believing me to be one of them...


As Kyodai Ken and the Fearsome Hand of Four started rampaging, causing terror across everywhere in the central plaza, Queen disappeared into nowhere and then the police showed up, led by a detective Harvey Bullock and his partner Renee Montoya, they ordered Kyodai Ken and the Fearsome Hand of Four to stand down but, as obvious, they would not comply, instead, Kyodai Ken tried to slice off Bullock's face with a Katana but the Katana's trajectory and impact was knocked off course by none other then the Green Arrow again, of whom Bullock seriously disapproves of whilst Montoya fancies him slightly, digging the dark brooding man in a robin hood leotard kind of look, Bullock just shakes his head at this slight joke Montoya was making and told the Green Arrow to butt out, this was their city, their department and that they don't need some freaks in masks doing their jobs for them, the Green Arrow disapproves, saying that if they were doing their job properly, the Fearsome Hand of Four wouldn't have shown up like they did, as Bullock gets itchy with his trigger finger upon hearing that comment, it is then that comes whooshing by is another masked superhero, unlike the Green Arrow though, he is beloved by the people of his respective city more then less and that masked hero in question was The Flash of Central City, he disarmed all of the Fearsome Hand of Four's weaponry and other lethal tools they could use by using The Flash's super fast inhuman speed and then both he and the Green Arrow question both Kyodai Ken and the Fearsome Hand of Four, are they working for the Black Mask? why are they suddenly coming out into the open? what's their purpose? ...was it me? was it Bruce Wayne that they were after? Kyodai Ken refuses to answer and instead both he and his group manage to pull a fast one to escape, even for The Flash, no pun intended, as everyone is left to ponder for themselves just what the hell is going on, the Green Arrow notices Alfred taking me back to the limo and driving off, the Green Arrow places a tracker on the back of the limo and uses it to detect both me and Alfred of where we are going, The Flash wonders if everything is alright but the Green Arrow states that no, nothing is alright.


Part V: What Haunts me in the Night:


As Alfred was trying to bandage me up, i could feel myself drifting back into the past, it was there that i recalled something, i was trying to both eat and catch up on my studies at the very same time and Alfred told me that the Grey Ghost TV series was on and that i was missing it, i told him i didn't want to watch it but he insisted that it was my favorite and that when my parents were alive, i would never miss watching even a single episode with them, it was then that i grew angry, i tore through my studies, i threw my food on the floor and shouted out against Alfred that again i didn't want to watch it, i never wanted to watch it again, not...without mom and dad around...it was then that Alfred could understand my pain and told me that they are always watching over me, i said to him that no they weren't, they were dead, as dead, as dead can be...nothing, nothing in the whole wide world itself, could bring them back...it was then that i stormed out in anger out from the manor, running into the nearby forest, as Alfred's voice called out to me, i just wanted to keep running and running away until finally, i fell into a deep, dark, bottomless pit that seemed like it had no way out whatsoever, it turned out to be a huge and dank cave and inside the cave's catacombs were tall, huge bats, upon seeing me, i was frighten by them and they then flew off in unison, into the night sky, leaving me absolutely horrified and terrified, however, one small bat remained and it just looked calmly towards me, as i to it, we looked deep into each other's eyes and just when the small bat was about to fly off, i could see something, or rather...someone...it was a man, a tall man...wearing a bat costume, i didn't know what it meant at the time but i knew at least one thing back then, that it was the start of something i never expected would take form, my despair...full in and of revenge itself.


A day had gone by, i had fallen asleep within the cave by accident and it was then that both Alfred and officer Gordon found me, Alfred called officer Gordon to help look for me, as Alfred was worried something terrible had happened to me, when they found me, Alfred had slapped me across the cheek, the sting of which i still feel today but it was then that he embraced me once more, crying, tearfully worrying that he had lost me, just like he had lost both my dad and my mom, realizing Alfred's pain, i apologized more times then i ever did in my entire lifetime back then and it was at that time that officer Gordon told me that i should remember what Alfred told me the day i came home on the night my parents died, i realized without warning and told Alfred that he was my home and without him, i have nothing left, i have...no one, left...Alfred was happy that i remembered his words and with that we both proceeded to hug one another, i then awoke from my gunshot wound in the present to find that Alfred had put a blanket over me, only to very shockingly also find whilst he was asleep, laying at the edge of the operating table i was previously sleeping on with his arms crossed whilst he snored gently that there were two people standing in front of me, as i got up in reaction in surprise at their appearance...it was none other then the Green Arrow and The Flash both unmasked, the former revealed to be Oliver Queen of all people, saying to me, had enough sleep Mr Wayne, or should i say...mister rookie vigilante? i was so gobsmacked you wouldn't believe it.


Part VI: On Leather Wings:


It took me a few minutes to connect the dots but i realized that it was him, Oliver Queen, who i detest, as a fellow playboy and the Green Arrow, the vigilante who was my role-model were one in the same and that The Flash was some unknown guy i have never heard of and/or met before but seemed to be Queen's acquaintance, The Flash introduces himself, as Barry Allen of Central City CSI but before he could go more into his backstory, Queen stopped Allen, saying not to divulge too much of their secret identities, as i ask both Queen and Allen how did they find him here of all places and Queen reveals he placed a tracker on the back of Alfred's limo and that the limo itself went into a secret entrance built into the side of Wayne Manor below the Manor itself and using Allen's ability to phase through walls, it was pretty easy to find this hellhole that i, as Queen puts it calls a secret hideout, i tell Queen to take that back but he refuses, saying that he knows that i am the rookie vigilante from last night and that he has come to give me an offer, i ask him what is the offer and he replies that if i stop vigilante work here and now, Queen will offer to set up a personal bodyguard to protect me at all times and when he says at all times he means at all times, he says that Alfred can't protect me now that i have gotten myself mixed up in the world that i have and that if i want out of it, now is the only chance that i have, i refuse, however...Queen reveals that he knows about my backstory and that he knows what its like to lose family, its slightly different in his case but all the whilst the same, Queen is offering me the only and final chance to get out of this kind of world whilst i still can, since if i don't take it, then there's no going back and Queen will have to expose me for the fraud i am covering up to be, i say to him that he can't do that but he says that he can and that he most definitely will if i push him too far, Allen suggests that its for the best since getting into this kind of work, there's no coming back from it, he says to me that like Queen, he too has felt the pain of losing someone most precious to him and that he would do whatever it would take to get them back, however, the way that i am currently going is not the way and that not all superhero endings end happy, the Green Arrow gives me one final day to make my final choice otherwise he will report me and with that the two leave, forced into a corner i don't know what i feel like i should be doing, its then that Alfred wakes up and says to me after having listened to everything in secret whilst pretending to be asleep that if i truly want a normal life, its entirely my own choice and my very own choice to begin with, the two heroes from before just wanted me to realize that, as i ponder on what to do, its then that i receive a house call on my front doorstep by Vicki Vale, the girl of my supposed dreams...


As Alfred quickly does the final finishing touches on patching up my gunshot wound, i get dressed, looking like a slouch, hoping that Vicki won't notice the truth about me in anyway whatsoever and that i address her at the front door, Vicki reveals that she was worried for me and stopped by the Manor to check if everything was all right, i said nothing could be better despite feeling some slight pain from my gun wound, i welcome Vicki in and she agrees, inside we gather around a hot fire and whilst Vicki drinks ice cold cola, i drink a simple cold beverage of lemonade, hoping that it would help me...Vicki reports to me that she saw both the Green Arrow of Star City and The Flash of Central City today in Gotham whilst she was taking notes at Oliver Queen's press conference, something that doesn't really bother me, considering i just met the two moments ago, Vicki asks me how i am? am i alright? and what can she do for me? i ask that maybe a kiss or two might work like it did for prince charming of the toads and make all my wounds better, however, Vicki suddenly slaps me, saying that that's not funny and that i should care more about my body, its the only body that i have left, as a memento from both of my parents, she tells me to go die for all she and i care if i really don't care about my well-being, health and safety, however, she immediately takes it back saying that no, i shouldn't die, there has been enough deaths within the Wayne family and to lose another Wayne would only break the hearts of those closest to me, Vicki included, i say to Vicki why shouldn't i die? i get to be with my parents and it will be like never has ever happened up there in heaven, however, Vicki disagrees, saying that heaven may forget about pain but the living don't, the living have to go through everyday feeling and experiencing pain and wondering about it what it makes the human in particular question stronger about? is it the mind? the soul? the heart? the body? just what, just what makes facing death in real life more powerful for a human being? it is then that i recall the small bat i met within the cave so very long ago, looking into its eyes, it gave me a glimpse of the future and i tell Vicki...its despair, its the despair of the fear of dying that keeps a person going, even though a person eventually dies, they see to it that they lived their life to the fullest and that by facing the despair of the fear of death, a person could and most definitely can overcome all obstacles that lay bare within their path, its because of this that the will of mankind does not fade whatsoever, what happens is that they channel their fear into feeling the fear itself so that they can build immunity to that said fear of whatever it may very well be and in large numbers to boot, without fear, a person cannot press on, with fear, they cannot press on anyways, its always about finding the middle ground and i had believed that at that very moment i had figured what it was i want to do with my life, Vicki wonders what i meant but i told her i could not explain at the time and so without warning, i immediately shoved her out of the Manor but not before giving her a goodbye peck on the cheek, as a sign of hopefully meeting again on good times, although Vicki doesn't understand whatsoever the hell that just happened, she seems glad that i finally came up with an answer.


Alfred wonders what decision i had made, as i left secretly and had entered the cave without Vicki following or even able to trace my steps and i revealed that i had made my decision, as Alfred seemed a bit bothered by this, he notices that the Green Arrow and The Flash are locked in combat with both Kyodai Ken and his Fearsome Hand of Four at another warehouse of the Black Mask's, i answered how could Alfred tell and he said that Lucius set up a supercomputer within the cave, just for me and Alfred to use alone and that Lucius had always known about my other side and yet was still willing to help, with Lucius and Alfred both backing me up, i felt strength dwelling up inside me and i just knew...that i had to help both Queen and that Allen guy, even if i were exposed to the public by them and with that, i wore my vigilante costume and proceeded to head out.


Whilst climbing from building to building in Gotham City, Alfred spoke through the transmitter in my ear in my vigilante costume that Lucius added and Alfred told me that Lucius made new modifications to my vigilante suit and that was i could spread wings from underneath my arms to fly over to buildings that i can't normally reach by just jumping alone using parkour moves and such, i needed to be flexible and to do that, i needed wings that would fly me through the night itself, as i was reaching one such gap, i felt afraid but i remember telling myself what i told Vicki, to master fear is to feel fear, the fear of death itself first and then conquer it to move on living and move on living forwards...with those words repeated in my mind over and over, jumped from the ledge of the building, spread my winds and...they worked! they actually worked! never tell myself to doubt Lucius again in mind bending awesome breakdowns but anyways, back to business, i've got to head over to where the Green Arrow and The Flash currently are, no time to waste!


Part VII: The Bat.


The Green Arrow and The Flash's teamwork was absolutely superb, the dynamic duo surely knew how to put a show on! as they faced the terrorists that were both Kyodai Ken and his Fearsome Hand of Four, it was then that they brought out their secret ultimate weapon, it revealed itself, as the Phantasm and using its advanced abilities far beyond that of both Kyodai Ken and the Fearsome Hand of Four, it easily wiped the floor with both the Green Arrow and The Flash despite just appearing to be a normal human being behind a mask, as both Queen and Allen were cornered by all their enemies, suddenly, the lights went out and taking out the Fearsome Hand of Four members one by one was me, using night vision googles also apart of the upgrades that Lucius made to my costume, it was hard for everyone to tell just what the hell was going on but the Phantasm also had vision implants to see through the dark and it could spot me, the Phantasm and i engaged in a one on one fight which at first i was starting to lose and, as the Phantasm cornered me and started asking me why i am here and why do i fight, its because...i am vengeance, i am the night, i am...THE BAT! it is then that i used the outside windows to my advantage, the police helicopters were right on the other side and seeing, as how i was standing right in front of the outside windows, i used this to my advantage by pulling up my wings to cover the bright light to shield myself from going blind whilst the Phantasm was temporarily blinded the light, giving me the chance to slug him one, an upper right hook that connected deeply into his chin that gave a sort of pow feeling to it, in the light, i could see both everything...and nothing, for i...was blind, as a bat, after knocking the Phantasm back, he decided to retreat for now but vowed that this was not over between both him and "The Bat", as he started calling me that i firstly started calling myself, just, as Kyodai Ken and the Fearsome Hand of Four tried to make a retreat, the police appeared from outside and The Flash grabbed all their handcuffs to cuff the Fearsome Hand of Four whilst the Green Arrow threatened Kyodai Ken, as he tried, as so much, as make a single move, when he twitched a finger, the Green Arrow shoots him through the left leg, saying that he warned Kyodai Ken and with that, the police did their job and arrested all of the assailants, leaving The Bat to hide in secrecy and vanish without a trace but not before both he and the Green Arrow give one final glance at one another.


Bullock wants answers from the Green Arrow and The Flash but the police commissioner arrives and tells Bullock to stand down, despite informal protesting, it is then that the police commissioner is revealed to be none other then James Gordon himself and that he approves of the work that the superheroes provide, he says to both the Green Arrow and The Flash congratulations and a job well done, however...they both agree that they don't deserve all the credit and that they should also thank Gotham's newest vigilante, The Bat, Bullock mocks the name and also mocks where is the so called bat, as commissioner Gordon tells him to stand down and that if The Bat does not want to show himself, that's fine but Gordon hopes that they can one day meet face to face and hopefully see eye to eye with one another, the Green Arrow agrees and that knowing The Bat, they will be seeing plenty more full of him from this point onward, its then that Queen goes silent, thinking to himself...




The Phantasm reports back to his master, saying that Kyodai Ken and the Fearsome Hand of Four are in police custody and that this was not part of the plan, the plan was to eliminate both the Green Arrow and The Flash on the spot, however, the master of the Phantasm, lurking in shadow says that his fellow clients, Prometheus and Savitar will deal with those two heroes respectively, in the meantime, they have a new superhero to "play" with, one that calls himself The Bat, the master steps out of the shadows and reveals that his neck is bent, he tells the Phantasm to inform the Black Mask that they are moving up schedule, as things have taken a rather peculiar, unexpected and especially "fun" turn for them, the Phantasm complies, as he says to his master yes...master Ragdoll, it is then that this Ragdoll uses his neck alone to bend his neck back into place, a rather impossible feat made possible, as he should already be dead from having his neck bent in the first place, he says to himself lastly that having his body parts click back into parts is a rather exhilarating feeling and that he hopes to bend this bat's body parts, hoping he will feel the same kind of ecstasy that Ragdoll does...


Back at Wayne Manor, inside the cave, Alfred patches my wounds up, lamenting that i took a big risk tonight but also that he is proud of me for taking such a bold action to step up to the plate, he just hopes that master Wayne won't come back, as entirely bruised, as he did this time, i said that i got lucky and that i need to train my body, otherwise i won't be able to save this city, tonight, i bloated my mouth off to that grim reaper and now i've got to live up to the words that i said, otherwise i can't call myself a man of the Wayne family, Alfred remains silent until suddenly, barging in from out of nowhere is both Queen and Allen, Queen was far less then pleased by my performance, telling me to hang up my costume now whilst i still had the chance, however, i refused, even if he was my role model, even if he is the hero of Star City and even The Flash is the hero of Central City, i wouldn't back down to either of them and so...after hearing my words, Queen sighed before threatening me with another arrowhead, as he shot it, i dodged, like on instinct and using blindness, as my weapon, i could see through all of the arrow's movements heading straight towards me and i knew that i could both dodge and grab the arrow both at the very same time, everyone was shocked and surprised, especially Queen, after this...Queen acknowledged me, he decided to let me go about my business and do whatever it is the hell i wanted but that he didn't wanted me coming back, all the way to Star City just to say to the Green Arrow that he quits and gives up, if he does, Queen will absolutely at that point reveal my true identity to the world, The Flash being compliant with that and agreeing that it's fair, i agreed to those terms and i promised that i will absolutely not let the Green Arrow and The Flash down, no matter what, this was my decision, i had to stick to it, with that, Allen takes Queen and leaves the cave, Alfred wonders if master Wayne has made any new friends or not and i answered...we will see...


Part VIII: Dawn of Dusk:


I slept the night the whole way in, i found myself on the couch again with nothing but my dressing gown on and it was then that Alfred quickly appeared, woke me up and told me to turn on the news, as i did, i saw Vicki reporting, it turns out she was reporting the news that Wayne pharmaceutical had won the election in gaining money from Oliver Queen and that the Thomas and Martha Wayne children's hospital could now begin construction at any time, given Bruce Wayne's order, Queen reveals his reason for selecting Wayne, he says that he believes that Bruce Wayne has the peoples' best interests at heart and only fools would be blind enough to not see that, its true GothCorp could advance Gotham to rid the city of crime in one way but by not taking into account the people themselves' feelings do we forget what it truly means to be a city...what it means to be a family, Queen gives his regards to Wayne, as he makes his departure home to Star City, wishing Wayne the best of luck and with that, the stock market of Wayne pharmaceutical has risen slowly up again and GothCorp is now at a neutral point, Alfred congratulates master Wayne for pulling it off but he says no, he owes it...to his friends and family and that the real hard part, the real journey starts now...just then, we received a guest at the front door, it turned out to be none other then Vicki, she asks me if she wants to hit the city and go out for a early day's drink, as celebration for the victory, i merely smile right at the very end and i recall one last flashback.


I look at the picture of my parents but whilst i look, Alfred places a hand on me and, as i look towards him, i smile before smiling towards the picture of my parents, knowing that they will always be in my heart for that is where home is, home...is where the heart is.


(The Ending Credits Roll.).


(Following is the Post Credits Scene.).




"Are you kidding me? ...ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!? first Robin Hood, then Speedy Gonzales and now a bat freak shows up!? seriously, ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!? DO I HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING MYSELF!? gah! whatever! you better get tonight's shipment in okay? OKAY!? GODDAMMIT! ...sigh, its tough being the boss..." said the Black Mask after getting off the phone whilst talking to himself.


Again meanwhile...


I went down to the cave to check if everything was in working order and then i found a heavily designed piece of fabric laying next to Lucius' supercomputer, as i turned to open it, it turned out to be a new mask, its designed resembled that of the small bat i saw years ago when i was just a child, next to the mask there was a note, it was from Allen, saying, a blind bat still needs eyes, courtesy of Barry Allen and Cisco Ramon, as it says on the note, i merely laughed slightly at the note's message before deciding to try out the new mask, with it, i felt complete, with it...i finally, truly became...The Bat.


(To be Continued :].).



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Chapter II: Static Shocker:




Do you ever wonder why its so peaceful by day? and so vicious by night? well...a common popular theory is that the day belongs to those who wish to live in sunshine and happiness...whilst the night...the night belongs to the fierce predators who would dare abuse their power and authority and pick on the weak and harmless just for the sheer fun of it...well, i'm going to put a stop to it, its my job after all, as this city's guardian "angel" so to speak but believe you me, i am no angel, no, i walk the path of the night, yet follow the rules of the day, i am vengeance, i am the night, i am...The Bat!




Part I: Flash-Stop:


At police headquarters, Kyodai Ken was being questioned...interrogated for his connections to both Deathstroke and the Black Mask, especially the latter, whose operations are still at large, detective Bullock tries to play good cop with Kyodai Ken, only to fail and thus, Bullock brings out the big guns...the bad cop named Lyle Bolton, his methods may be extreme but according to Bullock, he produces results, even if he has to wring out the prisoner, Bolton proceeded starting off with the good cop routine, until deciding to suddenly go into a frenzied rage and brutally attack Kyodai Ken over and over, demanding to know what he knows about the Black Mask, commissioner Gordon has it in his right mind to call over the Green Arrow from Star City and shoot Bolton within the legs, seeing, as there is no other way of calming the rage induced officer down, Montoya, Bullock's partner, suggests that instead of using a vicious ape like Bolton, perhaps she herself could go in and have a few words with Kyodai Ken, Gordon is against it however and he bluntly reveals the reason why, its because Montoya is a woman, it was bad enough that Montoya was transferred over to Gordon's police section in Gotham but its even worse that the police forces accepted a woman into their ranks, Montoya cannot believe what she is hearing, she thought Gordon was the type of man that was beyond that kind of sexism, he replies that don't get me wrong, your work and ethics are greatly valued and appreciated but police work is a man's job and i...i don't want to see you get hurt...with that, Gordon walks away before Montoya can ask the reason why Gordon thinks this way of women.


Going back a few years ago, we see a young teenager get accidentally involved in a street thug gang turf war and whilst it is going on all around him, suddenly, he sees a huge light bright up within the sky, it is the particle accelerator explosion in Central City and this teenager gets affected by the explosion, after what happened in Central City, he decided to move back to his hometown of Dakota to live with his dad after previously visiting his older sister back in Central City, a bad decision on his part and now currently in the present year whilst living with his dad, he starts to undergo some...slight changes, every time he stands near something, he produces a Static Shock, a Static cling to everything he touches and/or is even in the vicinity of, he and his father notice this after a few moments of having to deal with it and the teenager asks himself in fear what is happening to him!? the teenager's name? Virgil-Virgil Hawkins.




The Bat with Alfred's help on communications is taking down some lowlife thugs connected to the Black Mask, transporting and selling vast amounts of the drug Vertigo delivered all the way from Star City to Gotham, The Bat asks himself why couldn't the Green Arrow give him an easy job? Alfred replies that he did, he sent backup, it was then arriving at the scene, helping out The Bat was John Diggle, A-K-A Spartan, who is the Green Arrow's contact for The Bat from Star City in Gotham, reporting back to the Green Arrow to check, measure and see the potential of The Bat becoming a hero, although The Bat sees it, as like getting a babysitter, Alfred then comically replies well if he's the babysitter then what am i? The Bat replies well, your my guiding conscious, a guiding conscious always helps out the one in need, right? said The Bat, as he knocked back a thug with a iron pole, Alfred sarcastically laughs whilst saying ha, ha, ha...i suppose you would be seeing me wear raggedy clothes and holding a small umbrella that can propel me into the air and let me land wherever i please using the wind, is that correct master Wayne? The Bat then lastly replies, as both he and Spartan finish off the remaining two thugs, knocking them unconscious, sigh, come on Alfred, you know its The Bat out on the field, said myself, The Bat, A-K-A Bruce Wayne, as both me and Spartan go into the clearings and reveal ourselves behind our masks...


(The Bat Logo Appears.).


Permit me to ask, as to why i let you go through such dangers, why? said Alfred, as i replied Alfred, you know why, the people of Gotham can't defend themselves at night, that's the job for the police at daytime, where the criminals don't act in numbers, they skulk about like the cowards they are...said myself, as Spartan with his arms crossed replied you know, i don't think it was a very good idea for Oliver to send me up here for judging, said Diggle, as i replied oh really? why's that then mister mighty Spartan? is it because Queen thinks i'll botch right at the very first hurdle? please, i proved myself against that ghostly guy from before and he hasn't ever been seen since now has he? said me, as John replied that's a matter of overconfidence right there, which makes Oliver believe your not quite ready to take on this gig solo said Diggle, i replied however look, Diggle, i appreciate you looking out for me, i really do but trust me, this is my city, i know it like the back of my hand, i've got it all covered, what with Alfred and Lucius backing me up said myself, however...Diggle then retorted with the words oh yeah? your butler and your company stand in who have been waiting on you hand and foot since when you were just a kid said Diggle, as i replied to that what's that supposed to mean? said i, Diggle replies you've been having servants waiting on you and doing your job for you when you should be doing them yourself, your a man now Bruce, not some 10 year old little boy anymore, now look, i get it, you and Oliver are alike...frighteningly so but still, you got to--just before Diggle could continue, i interrupted him saying no, no, no, no, no Diggle, you DON'T understand what its like for me! living everyday, day to day, daily life whilst picturing my dad and mom's faces...DEAD ON THE GROUND! whilst the bastard who shot them looks down below at them, smirking, holding my mother's pearls in his hands whilst he smiles, actually smiling at the murder that HE committed! ...look, i'm sorry John but i need to get away from all this for now, i'm sorry... said myself, as i left the cave whilst Diggle tried to call me back but to no avail, it was then that Alfred said to Diggle i am sorry master Diggle but, as you can see, master Wayne has surely had his fill of traumatic incidents happen within his life, wouldn't you agree? said Alfred, as Diggle lastly replies ...sigh, yeah, your right, seeing your parents, dead right in front of you at that young an age...its got to twist a few nerves inside the brain, i've just been comparing the poor kid to Oliver, you see, Oliver knows what he's doing, he's been doing this ever since he got off Lian Yu but Bruce, he's only just started, he's only just started to face the brutal and painful world we all live in, how he copes with that is up to him...said Diggle, offering sound advice whilst Alfred ponders on it, Bruce decides to leave the Manor on a motorbike of his, hoping to get some fresh air and steam off from inside his head.


As i rode on my motorbike, i recalled a memory that i had almost forgotten, i was 16 years old and i was preparing to venture out into the world, Alfred was against this idea, asking me where was i going? i was needed here at home, at Gotham, i told him that i had a few issues that i needed to sort out inside my head and i didn't know when i would come back, or rather, i put it bluntly to Alfred, i didn't know if i was coming back at all whatsoever, i told him that his guidance, although solid was able to work for me, as a kid, as a young man, i just...can't just seem to use that guidance properly anymore, i need to figure out for myself what exactly is home is where the heart is, for myself and for that to happen...i needed to leave Gotham, i entrusted everything both to Alfred and Lucius to handle whilst i was gone, i swore to promise them that i would be back, no matter what, it was then that i left through the front door.


Just before i could recall more of that memory, suddenly, someone was walking in my pathway, without them noticing that i was driving, i told them to get out of the way and, as they used their quick reflexes to get off the track, my motorbike fell down the side of a road hill, it crashed but fortunately i was able to grab onto a strong tree branch before i could get killed, as i got back up on the road trying to dust myself off it was then that the person who was almost killed appeared in front of me and apologized whilst begging, saying that she didn't see me there, i told her to look whilst crossing and, as i was taking my motorcycle helmet off we both got a good look at each other's faces and we were both shocked to see who each of the other was, she saw me, as Bruce Wayne and i saw her, as police officer Renee Montoya, detective Harvey Bullock's partner on the force, we just gazed at each other, as we were both pondering who we had just met respectively.




The Phantasm was plotting with Ragdoll in secret, asking the latter when shall i next move out master Ragdoll? and Ragdoll with his arm twisted like it was caught in a blender and became all messed up was slowly clicking it all back into place said to the Phantasm to give it a while, your show performance was outperformed by that so called hero, the one that calls himself, The Bat, in order to drive true fear into the hearts of Gotham's citizens, we need to bring in a group that can truly get the job done right whilst all at the very same time, eliminate The Bat and treat him like he was just simply an afterthought and keep it at that too, that's why i brought them in...it was then that a group of Metahumans appeared and they each all had different kinds of abilities, Ragdoll goes on to say that they call themselves the Meta-Breed and that Ebon here will be leading them to strike fear into the hearts of Gotham, Ebon then suddenly replied saying that mister Ragdoll found us straight after we had gained our abilities back in Central City a few years ago and if it wasn't for him, we still be looked at and treated like freaks, its time to show the world whose the real superior face, Homo-sapiens? or...it was then that one of the Meta-Breed turned his hands into what looked like a pair of knives with electricity running through them and he had used an empty cola can to slice and dice through it to show off his abilities, Ebon finished his sentence by saying...our kind? said Ebon, Ragdoll smiled through his mask whilst the Phantasm through his own mask merely pondered at what Ebon and his Metahumans were surely capable of, could they really bring down The Bat? and all of Gotham within a single day? only time would tell...


Back at the cave, suddenly whooshing by was The Flash with Alfred saying my word! it feels like i will never get used to that! Diggle replies a little dumbfounded tell me about it, Allen had appeared saying that he needed my help, Alfred wondered why and it was then revealed that Allen had brought a guest with him, it was Virgil Hawkins and Allen said well, its going to become a bit complicated Alfred said Allen, as Alfred wondered what he meant by that whilst Diggle just said oh god with a sigh expression upon his face, knowing that it was Metahuman related, as The Flash dealt with Metahumans...


Meanwhile, at a nearby Big Belly Burger restaurant me and Renee decided to get a coffee with one another, we sat silently throughout the whole conversation until Renee broke the mood, saying to me that again she was sorry for my bike and she pay how much she can to make up for it, i tell her don't and that she doesn't need to apologize, just treating me to a Big Belly Burger was enough atonement for one person, she slightly but nervously giggled at my words about that whilst i then proceeded to tell her that both me and my dad would always come for a Big Belly Burger during the time he would get after work and after i had finished school and we would spend it together, talking about the Grey Ghost which we both loved, Renee didn't know my whole backstory, as she just recently transferred to Gotham from Star City, she thought that since the Green Arrow had things covered back there that she would go to another city and take care of crime here but apparently Gotham has its very own new vigilante on the block, someone who calls himself The Bat, i nearly spilled my drink upon hearing that and had asked Renee where she got that information from, she said that she received it from commissioner Gordon who in turn received it from both the Green Arrow and The Flash but what she doesn't understand is that why doesn't he come out into the open like those two more or less do? surely this so called The Bat can work with the police like The Flash at least does, not sure about the Green Arrow, however, i replied that maybe The Bat is just shy and has only just started crime fighting, give him time and i am sure that he will come around eventually, Renee, although believing in my words is slightly disappointed by them, she thought that she could come to Gotham City and make a hard working, earnest and honest police reputation for herself, although that doesn't seem to be the case now, considering commissioner Gordon looks down on women, i was very shocked to hear that and couldn't believe it but before i could say anything to Renee, my watch started beeping, it was what i called The Bat Signal, where Alfred would contact me wherever i was, Renee wonders whats that kind of unusual beeping and i replied that its my unique curfew clock timer, the sound chirps whenever its time to head home, even bachelors have curfews, i asked Renee if she would like to see each other again and she replied ...hmm? oh! uh, yeah! sure! okay! i'll...see you later then, mister Wayne, it was then that i told Renee to simply call me Bruce and with that i left the restaurant, paying my share of the bill, as Renee looked back at me a little, showing some slight affection for me.


Part II: Debut:


I was at the cave and i had met everyone currently present, especially including Virgil, i was slightly angry with Allen telling him, what's the point of having a secret hideout if people just waltz in? especially you Allen, i bet you come here in secret and nick some of Alfred's secret recipe homemade cookies just for the fun of it without us noticing! Allen said well...shrugging that comment off and Diggle then stood up and replied all right, enough of the comedy, what we need to get down to business here is, who is this kid? where did you find him Barry? said Diggle, Allen replied that since Star Labs can detect Metahumans, Allen found Virgil when he was accidentally releasing an output of Static electrical energy at his home, it wouldn't have been long before the cops came along and took Virgil away, possibly believing him to be a threat so Allen did the first thing that he could and brought both Virgil and his dad to Star Labs, hoping that they would find a cure for Virgil, since he was hit by the particle accelerator explosion years back, which i comically more or less recall that a lot of money donated from Wayne pharmaceutical went into that gimmick project, as i called it created by Harrison Wells and we still haven't heard a word about getting the money back from Star Labs because of the explosion, Allen shrugged a little and didn't know what to say about that, only that a whole lot was going on back then but the point is is that right now, Allen and Star Labs came to both me and Alfred because Star Labs believes that Wayne pharmaceutical has the necessary medical operational tools and skills needed to work with Star Labs to create an antibody for Virgil that will get rid of his Metahuman powers, since he doesn't want them at all, although Allen strongly disagrees, believing that Virgil's powers are a gift, not a curse but that he is willing to cooperate with Virgil's decision on the matter, seeing how desperate he is becoming because of his powers affecting his normal life, Virgil reveals that back in Central City before The Flash became The Flash and crime had dropped exponentially due to all his efforts, Central City would have gang turf wars and that whilst Virgil was visiting his sister living in Central City living with her boyfriend soon to become fiance, he accidentally got caught up in one of the gangs and was used, as live target bait just so that the gang that was using him could get a clear shot to shoot the other gang, it was terrifying and that the only reason he got involved with that gang in the very first place was because his soon to be brother in law's wedding ring was stolen and that Virgil was just trying to get it back, instead, he ended up getting drafted into the gang and they were using the ring, as a way to keep him in check, if he wanted it back, he had to do what they say, without question, just before the rival gang could shoot Virgil, it was then that night the particle accelerator explosion went off and Virgil was affected by it, however, he managed to steal back the ring and make a quick run for it.


At the time Virgil believed he was unaffected until just recently when his Static abilities that were dormant had now begun manifesting themselves and he wants to know just why have they begun to manifest only now? Allen suggests that due to Virgil's adolescent age, his powers may have not manifested themselves until now since he was only young back then, now that he is older, the Meta-Gene within Virgil has begun to properly grow and take on the form of Static electricity manipulation, all Virgil wants to know is how to get rid of it, he believes he won't ever have a normal life again because of this, he won't be able to hang out at school, he won't be able to have fun, nothing, nothing at all whatsoever, Virgil and his dad are the only ones that know about his condition inside his family so all that Virgil asks is please show him how to get rid of his new powers, just wanting a normal life, having had enough turmoil, as it is, i then asked what was the source of that turmoil although Allen and Diggle found that completely out of line, however, Virgil proceeded to answer, he said that when he was only 8 years old, his mom was a emergency medical surgeon and when a turf war broke out in Dakota, causing massive mayhem and destruction upon the streets, he recalls the very last time he ever saw his mother tucking him into bed before she closed the door behind her and went off to do her duty...Virgil never saw his mother again and he believes that having these abilities will wind him right back in to a life of nothing but chaos all around, however, i then told Virgil that without pain and adversity, he cannot grow, as a man, he may have been younger when he lost his mother, more so then Allen was from what he told me about his own mother having been murdered but nevertheless, Allen became who he is now because of what happened and that what has happened to Virgil has made him the same, as Allen more or less, although Allen tries to deny this at first, he then tells Virgil the truth and that i am right, because of Allen's tragic backstory, he became The Flash and now for Virgil, its the same with him too more or less, he could get rid of these abilities, or...he could use them for a greater purpose, a greater calling, a chance to do good within the world, Virgil remains silent for a few moments before angrily declaring that no, he doesn't want these abilities and with that, he uses Static electricity to grab hold of a tray Alfred brought down to the cave and with it, Virgil used the tray, as a platform to stand on and then fly out of the cave, also using the Static to break open the cave entrance, everyone sighs and Allen says to me nice going before rushing off to find Virgil whilst Diggle merely just sighs and leaves the cave with Alfred for a moment pausing and then following in suite, leaving me to my own devices...


I recall remembering the time i left Alfred and went out to explore the world, i found myself travelling the Himalayas and it was there that i was saved from certain death by frostbite by a group of unusual Tibetan based monks that called themselves "The Order of Ram", they took me in, as one of their own and taught me about their culture and practices, they told me that they originally came from a place called Nanda Parbat and that they used to serve a man named Ra's Al Ghul, however, after a while of serving him, they had believed he went mad with power after using an ancient mythical wellspring of life known, as the Lazarus Pit to keep himself alive after centuries upon centuries of living, i didn't believe a single thing they said about all that, i mean, how could i at the time? it was all so confusing and it was just all mumbo jumbo to me, like a man can actually live centuries after centuries...anyways, they told me that they had left him after he had gone insane from the Pit but that upon leaving, they were confronted by Ra's' personal henchman that serve and answer only to him, the League of Assassins, however, just before they could be executed by the League, Ra's with his remaining humanity left allowed the Order to go free and spread their teachings elsewhere, having been devoted servants to the Al Ghul clan for, as long, as they have been, the Order humbly showed their leaving Nanda Parbat and had gone off alone to form their very similar but very own religion, thus came to be the Order of Ram, the Order serves the goddess Rama Kushna and it is said that she is one of the original creators of the Lazarus Pit and that she can bring back the dead without even having to use the powers of the Pit and avoid all of its side effects, i was hoping that maybe...just maybe...that by staying with the Order...they...could bring back my family...they could bring back my mom and dad...boy, was i ever truly wrong...they taught me that their goddess can only summon the spirits of the dead and that they would bring spiritual sense of peace to the individual in question wishing to see their lost loved ones, i was enraged, i thought that i came all the way to see my parents again, only all for naught, with that, i left the Order in a blinding fury, never once looking back on them and disagreeing with both all of them and all of their teachings...i felt truly, utterly alone at that point, no one...could help me...save me...from my despair...


It was the next day and in the commercial district of Gotham's precinct, the Meta-Breed started attacking, Ebon and his crew were wrecking havoc across the entire district, they consisted of himself, having the ability to manipulate shadows by becoming a shadowy substance and sticking to the shadows, as though, they were glue, Shiv, the one from before who sliced and diced the cola can with his arms shaped like knives producing electricity, Talon, basically a Harpy in human form that can scratch and claw her way through almost anything, Aquamaria, a woman who is water itself and can produce and manipulate water even when its not even close by and Carmen Dillo, a Armadillo man that could shape himself into a ball, bounce like a ball and hit like a ball, only with 5 times more the power, all together they were the Meta-Breed and they were not to be underestimated, at the scene of the crime, The Flash arrives saying that he wants to help them all but Shiv replies that they don't want to be helped and that unlike The Flash, they embrace their Meta-Gene powers fully, The Flash corrects them by saying what? by taking from others? stealing from others? hurting others, or worse? said The Flash, which got Talon of the Meta-Breed thinking, however, Ebon says that what else are "gods" suppose to do with their almighty gifts? seeing that they can't come to an understanding, The Flash with the arrival of Spartan at the scene decide to fight the Meta-Breed, Spartan starts off by firing at Carmen Dillo, who shapes into a ball and the bullets shot at him reflect right back at Spartan's mask, Talon uses a Harpy screech to knock both The Flash and Spartan's senses off their feet, as Ebon within the shadows grabs The Flash's legs and tells Aquamaria to act now, Aquamaria proceeds to enter through The Flash's mouth exactly like water and inside his mouth, she tells him she's not going to choke him but rather, Shiv will have the honor of slicing off his head, as Shiv manically laughs whilst preparing to move in and slit The Flash's throat with Spartan unable to do a thing, as Ebon is holding him tight in place, it is then both very shockingly and very surprisingly arriving onto the scene is a young hooded individual, he uses Static to take hold of Carmen Dillo, make him roll up into a ball and bounce right into Talon, who accidentally uses her Harpy screech to distract Ebon, as Spartan shoots the shadowy being, forcing him back into a nearby wall, distracted by all this, Shiv wonders just what the hell is going on!? just who in the hell is this kid!? before suddenly, he acts by instinct to block to defend himself from Spartan shooting at him whilst The Flash uses this chance to vibrate himself at a very fast speed and frequency, enough to shake Aquamaria outside of his mouth and then quickly run to a nearby glass container trapping Aquamaria inside it, as the young hooded individual and Shiv confront one another, Shiv wants to know just who in the hell are you, punk!? the hooded individual lifts up his hood to reveal that he is wearing a white mask and that his name is Static, Static Shock and he has come to put a shock to your system, Shiv, not caring either way tries to move in and attack Static but Static uses his electrical powers to keep Shiv at bay, Shiv says that Static can't beat him, since Shiv also uses electricity on his knife like arms, as he conducts electricity through the knives to send right back at Static, shocking him, The Flash tries to intervene but Spartan stops him, as they both look on whilst The Flash panics with Spartan remaining otherwise calm, Shiv mocks Static, calling him that he is simply just a homeboy and that he has no place amongst gods like Metahumans, Static however replies that he is right, he doesn't have a place amongst gods but he corrects Shiv by saying that he does have a place amongst Metahumans and so, conducting his own electrical energy into Shiv's attack that Shiv was sending to Static, Shiv is mind-blown by how Static is charging Shiv's own electricity against him and is even doubling it, something that not even Shiv is able to do with his own knives, finally, Static, overcharges Shiv and electrocutes him, knocking him out unconscious and with that, the Meta-Breed were defeated, The Flash congrats Static on his first real victory but, as Static looks around, he sees that two are uncounted for, Ebon and Talon, they must have separated, Static says he will go look for Ebon, using his electricity to detect abnormalities within the shadows of each and every single wall around the city whilst The Flash chases down Talon, leaving Spartan comically with the pickup work by tying up all of the Meta-Breed for the police to find before then vanishing, not wanting to be seen in public, Alfred informs me of what just happened on TV and i look on the screen to see Vicki reporting the news and i see Static flying off into the air using a sewer entrance platform to do so, i congrats Static, knowing that he could do it.


Earlier that day, in the morning, i was jogging in a track uniform and whom do i find above all else? even before the Scarlet Speedster himself? the missing Hawkins, at a local family tourist vacation spot, it was here i found Virgil slightly crying to himself and i went up to him and told him that a real man don't show their tears to others, they hide them, Virgil then looks away and quickly brushes away his tears, saying that he knows that...i rub my hair and then i sigh, i decided to sit next to Virgil and tell him something, i told him of my experiences at the Order of Ram temple and that looking back on it now, i feel that the real reason why i truly left was because although the Order told me that i could have the chance to spiritually contact my parents in the afterlife...i...i didn't want that, to be honest, i didn't want to speak with them, instead...i wanted to keep my anger, my frustration and my rage all bottled up inside me so that i would never forget the pain that i felt when my parents died and their murderer stood tall looking over me, laughing like the inhumane piece of filth trash that he is whilst he clutched my mom's pearl necklace, what i truly wanted...was revenge, revenge on scumbags like him that made both my life and the lives of others full of nothing but just woe and misery, had i talked with the spirits of my parents, my revenge, it would have left me and i wouldn't have been able to deliver justice on the very crimes that take lives away in all sorts of manners...so, i left the Order of Ram, carrying my vengeance deep within me, readying it to forge like a sword made from the steams and fires of the depths of hell itself, hellfire...i told Virgil all this and he wondered, just how can a person live like that with all of those things backing him, i said to Virgil that i don't live, not really...i'm like a ghost, a fully living, breathing nightmare and reminder to all those who would dare abuse their power and threaten the safety of all of Gotham citizens, although the reasons and reasoning may be very well different, i tell Virgil that we are alike, we've lost things and especially people very most important to us but besides all of the revenge that keeps me going, for both me and Virgil, what keeps us going is that we have light on our side, as well, the light...of cherishing bonds, by keeping those bonds close to our hearts, we realize that home is where the heart is and our heart, is our loved ones...i give Virgil a small test tube sample that says Foxteca on it, Foxteca is the science division that my father's company Wayne pharmaceutical runs under direct control of Lucius, he was able to synthesize the antidote that Virgil wanted thanks to the schematics of Virgil's Meta-Gene handed to him by Star Labs back in Central City in just one whole night, Allen was right to come to Wayne pharmaceutical when he did, however, i then asked Virgil the question is having your powers really such a big deal? true, they come with a whole lot of responsibilities but nevertheless, are they really worth having or not having? i tell Virgil that my strength comes from my vengeance but for Virgil, his strength comes from his love for other people, be they family or not, by having powers, he can serve, as an inspiration to them and by not having powers, just being there for them alone is enough to qualify, as a superpower, for it is the superpower...that produces genuine kindness, care and affection for others, proven by how and why Virgil went to retrieve his brother in law's stolen wedding ring, Virgil upon hearing all this decides that he would think it out first but that he thanks me for the more or less sound advice i gave and with that, i decided to leave Virgil in peace, hoping he would make the right decision, whichever way he wanted to tread down.


Back to the present, as i saw Virgil on TV, i was proud of the decision that he had made, he had decided to take a path that no one else chose for him and that he himself had chosen freely, true, the path he had chosen would be ridiculed with tremendous responsibilities and setbacks but nevertheless, there was victory to be found on that path and Virgil would claim them no matter what, he would rise up to the challenge, as Static Shock, i realized that both Queen and Alien, as well, as maybe everyone else may or may not will disapprove of the advice that i gave Virgil but nevertheless, i believed that Virgil would become a great asset to not only others but himself, as well, once he had realized the full potential he was possible of, i saw that he had realized that for himself during the words he said to Shiv and with that, i couldn't be anymore prouder of Hawkins, Alfred then proceeded to ask me why did i not go and help them? i revealed that it was because of two reasons, one was because i am not a superhero, i am a vigilante who operates in the night and two especially, this was Vergil's debut, as a superhero, i didn't want to appear to the public just yet and also share the spotlight with Vergil, instead i left that to both The Flash and Spartan, knowing that they were enough help for Static to get the job done, as for me however, the more important fact is now i believe that the Meta-Breed were working for someone, a random attack on Gotham's commercial distract just doesn't add up, they could very well be related to both Kyodai Ken and especially the Black Mask, if that is the case, i need to start checking facts and analyzing things whilst everyone else does all the heavy work, when i put it like that it doesn't sound right but anyways, i persist and continue on, for just like Virgil, my path...has been chosen by myself and is set, in stone...




Ebon escaped back to both the Phantasm and Ragdoll, he begged for another chance from them by assembling another Meta-Breed group and taking out this new hero Static along with all the others, however, just before he could say anything else both very shockingly and very surprisingly, he was shot in the head, despite being intangible, Ebon laid dead on the ground right in front of Ragdoll, as revealed to be Ebon's killer from behind the deceased was none other then the Black Mask himself! asking Ragdoll if things are coming along accordingly? Ragdoll twists his legs and rotates them like they were spin dryers in motion, saying to the Black Mask that everything was going according to plan and that having used the Meta-Breed to show-cast themselves in public, people will now start believing that the city is coming under siege from not just ordinary terrorists but Metahumans now also, making them paranoid and scared for their very lives, this was what the Black Mask wanted, he never intended for the Meta-Breed to succeed, only that they drive the whole public into fear and now that they have, the first part of the Black Mask's plan is now complete, they can start moving on to more serious matters, the Black Mask reveals that he was one an associate of Damien Darhk's and now he intends to carry on where Darhk failed, starting with Gotham City, the Black Mask's plans...currently unknown...


Back at the cave, Virgil reveals his excitement in what he just did in front of everyone at the commercial distract, taking on Shiv and the Meta-Breed but apologizes that he could not find Ebon with The Flash also apologizing that with his super speed he was unable to find Talon, me, Alfred and Diggle don't hold it against them and in fact are proud of what Virgil has accomplished for himself today, Virgil comically shrugs that his dad is so going to kill him once he finds out about his decision but Allen says he will put in a good word for Virgil, thinking that he will make a great contribution to the world with his powers, Diggle asks to talk with me in private whilst everyone else talks amongst themselves, in a corner of the cave he says to me that he is sure that Virgil didn't have a sudden change of heart about his powers just because a certain someone previously upset him now did he? i said to Diggle that if Virgil did have a change of heart because of that "certain someone", it would be because that person isn't sorry for what he said but rather, he believed that Virgil could do good for the world whereas that person believes he would not be able to, accepting this answer...Diggle places a hand on my shoulder and says that i have done some fine work here in Gotham and that he will give a positive feedback to Queen about my progress, i thank Diggle before then asking Virgil what did he do with the Foxteca antidote that i gave him? Virgil reveals that he has it kept safe right with him and that should he ever take it, only he will decide when the time is right, happy with Virgil's answer, i nod my head before Alfred asks if anyone would like beverages before heading out back to their respective homes, Virgil says he can't, his pops is waiting back at Star Labs in Central City for both him and Allen and that they better get going, having long overstayed their visit in Gotham, Allen says to Virgil that if he is going to take up the superhero gig, he's going to need more then a simple hoodie to make himself look legit in front of others, Virgil agrees and hopes to ask Cisco Ramon help him with the design for his superhero outfit, Virgil says he's got some ideas for it, like the logo design and with that both Virgil and Allen left but not before saying their goodbyes and Virgil thanking me for everything i did for him, Diggle says he's got to get back to Star City too, he has a wife and kid waiting on him, he shakes my hand and gives me solid advice, saying that its something that he tells Oliver all the time, its not about asking others for forgiveness, its about asking yourself for forgiveness and with that, Alfred escorts Diggle off the premises whilst i ponder on what Diggle just said to me, wondering if i can take that kind of advice...


I recall returning to the manor after my journey around the world and i find that Alfred has been waiting for me to return ever since i left, sleeping in an armchair, i smirk at Alfred sleeping before softly putting a blanket over his body to keep him warm and then lastly saying to myself, its...good to be home...


(The Ending Credits Roll.).


(Following is the Post Credits Scene.).




Renee decides to finish up her job at the police station for the night and says night to both Bullock and commissioner Gordon, although the latter more or less remains non-attentive to Renee, something that slightly but also greatly bothers her, as she leaves the police station and walks back home to her council flat, she hears something...something skulking about within one of the alleyways, as she readies her gun to fire, in case that something might be hostile, she suddenly looks upon that something and discovers it is a wounded Talon, trying to get her balance together, as the two face one another they very shockingly and very surprisingly find that they both recognize one another, Renee recognizes Talon...as her missing younger sister Teresa! Talon just reminds silent, as Renee looks upon her now discovered sister with both complete and utter shock at having found her...


(To be Continued :].).

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Chapter III: Gotham City Siren:


Part I: Sisterhood:




What do you think makes a family? is it blood? is it adoption? or is it simply just love? sometimes i wonder...at any rate, family is the very most precious thing a person could ever ask for, i should know that better then anyone else and now i also know that there are scum worst then scum that would simply take that most precious and valuable thing away from others, just for the sheer fun of it...i won't allow that, not now, not ever, i intend to protect the bonds of family for that is what i do, i am he, i am vengeance, i am the night, i am...The Bat!




Its been two and a half weeks since the Meta-Breed went rampant in Gotham's commercial district and no havoc has been made since then, unfortunately for me, that means no sign or any trace whatsoever of the Black Mask and his cronies, i have been staking out night after night, hoping to find at least some lead on them but no luck at all, i've only been busting normal drug traffickers that have no connection to the Black Mask and whilst i have been doing all this, i found myself both tired and fatigued, so much to the point that i once accidentally slipped literally up whilst on the job and found myself in confrontation with a certain detective, one who doesn't like me, having heard of the rumors about me and my reputation, detective Harvey Bullock, he's a pig on the force but hard working, honest detective, one who never gives up his leads no matter what the cause, anyways, he has his men all around me to keep me from escaping but just when he thinks that he has the element of surprise on me, i show him otherwise, i showed him that i actually had the element of surprise by keeping a smoke pellet on me, allowing me to escape but not without consequence, as i was escaping, a police officer didn't know where he was shooting and he accidentally shot me within the lower part of my torso, i managed to hide myself whilst they left but i was bleeding profusely, if it wasn't for me using communications with Alfred on the Bat Signal...i would have been a goner...


(The Bat Logo Appears.).


Alfred managed to find me where i was at and take me back to Wayne Manor, there he bandaged my wounds but was absolutely furious with me, wondering just how many times he would have to patch up gun wounds i would sustain, i told him its all part of the job but he then retorted saying that it wasn't part of his, he told me that it is his job to keep me, the last Wayne of the family safe but how can he do that when i keep putting on a Halloween costume, as he calls it and put myself in the front line of danger, he tells me that if i don't realize that my life could have very well ended tonight, if not by death then by other means then Alfred won't be able to help me, however, i tell him that its my decision and that i make it alone, Alfred then leaves, saying to me then in the meantime i might, as well find myself another butler...and soon, for Alfred doesn't have the heart to keep up with all this much longer, he turned the light off in the cave, leaving me thinking to myself...




Renee was in her apartment flat, sheltering Talon, who actually turns out to be her missing sister, Teresa Montoya, the backstory behind Teresa is that she was always a troubled person, when she was young, she found out the hard way that her parents didn't love her and that they favored Renee instead, however, that doesn't mean that the two didn't have a sisterly bond, rather Teresa tried to do everything that she could to impress her parents and gain their love, as well but to no avail, after trying time and time again, Teresa just couldn't take it anymore and so she decided to leave both everything and everyone, including her beloved elder sister behind, she left Star City for Central City, where there she took a walk on the dark side and got involved with all mean sorts of people, eventually teaming up with Ebon and his gang, back then simply known, as The Breed, however, it was around this time that the particle accelerator explosion occurred in Central City and both Talon and the rest of The Breed were hit by the explosion, Talon gained arms in the form of wings and a nasty Harpy screech to go with them, not long after that, she and The Breed were recruited by Ragdoll who renamed The Breed, as The Meta-Breed on behalf of the Black Mask since they weren't welcomed anywhere else, being Metahumans and with that, she told Renee everything that she knows, Teresa knows what Renee is going to say and no, she doesn't know anything about the Black Mask's true identity and/or what is connected to him, Talon and the others were simply the enforcers the Black Mask needed to terrorize the public, for who knows whatever reason, at any rate, Teresa is now on the run and she can't go back to living a normal life, even if Renee were to try and help her, knowing her sister all too well, Renee remained uncomfortably silent, as Teresa was guessing everything right at every turn, Renee holds Teresa's wing and tells her regardless, Renee has finally found and got her dear beloved sister back, this makes Teresa slightly happy but she knows that she now has to go on the run, since she can't stay with Renee, she will only endanger her, after thinking about it, Renee says to Teresa that she knows a man that they can trust, he's a bit of a pig but a trust worthy man nonetheless, Teresa is willing to trust this man Renee has in mind on account of Renee herself.


Lucius at my father's company was receiving work demands one after another, it was then however that he received an unexpected visit from a certain person, her name was Felicity Smoak and she revealed to Lucius that she knew about my secret identity, as The Bat, however, she came on behalf of the Green Arrow to help me with something, at Wayne Manor, Lucius and Felicity met with me alone and the latter told me about how she was a world class expert hacker and that by using the supercomputer down in the cave, could she help me pinpoint locations connected to the Black Mask by cross referencing information, she first looked up Kyodai Ken and we discovered that before he was a hired gun for Deathstroke, he was a member of the Chinese Triad and that Kyodai Ken left the Triad to join Deathstroke and his work of operations, the Triad didn't take too kindly to Kyodai Ken leaving so they sent a special hit-man, Floyd Lawton, A-K-A Deadshot to assassinate him, Felicity reveals that Deadshot was involved with Spartan, John Diggle but that's a story for another day and for Diggle himself personally to tell me, at any rate, Kyodai Ken was one of the very few to survive Deadshot's assassination attempts and because of that skill of his, he was recruited into the Black Mask's organization to work under him, seeing, as how Deathstroke was no longer in command of anything, thanks to the Green Arrow, Kyodai Ken was the head of an enforcement task force group, the Fearsome Hand of Four, one of several many that work for the Black Mask and that there are over 52 groups of them working for the Black Mask, the gang that the hooded superhero called Static took down a few weeks ago, The Meta-Breed, is another of these enforcement task force groups, one specifically involved in the specialty of Metahumans, meaning that it consisted entirely of Metahumans so if Felicity's hunch is right, which i finish off her sentence then that means that there are at least 52 groups of enforcers that each specialize in a different of expertise and/or killing, here i was thinking that they would all be just grunts and foot soldiers, at any rate, this does not stop me from doing what i have to do, i then ask Felicity on where could i find a latest lead to the Black Mask himself, Felicity reveals that the latest and only lead that can be found is through a certain veterinarian, a doctor who calls himself professor Achilles Milo, a perverse scientist skulking about in the slums of Gotham, experimenting on poor pet animals and strays in secret, hoping to create a animal bio weapon to sell to the highest bidder, it is believed that he is the Black Mask's top leading scientist and is trying to build an army of mutant animals, ready to wage war with, i ask Felicity why has this guy hasn't been caught yet if he is so well known for these absolutely atrocious acts against animal-kind and nature itself, why hasn't the Green Arrow himself done absolutely anything about it and Felicity reveals that because this man is most certainly protected by someone, if not the Black Mask then he is able to move from city to city, from post to post because of so, he always changes the name of his identity in each city and he is too quick for the police to catch him when they try to at the locations he has worked at all, as a public front so that he can steal peoples' pets and experiment on them, he has never been caught on facial ID so no one knows what he looks like, only from the Green Arrow's interrogations of connected criminals did they finally catch a name, professor Milo and that took at least 6 months of hard work to just be able to get that most valuable and very precious information, i say that it won't be for me, if he is in my city then i am going to find him...and i am going to beat the living shit out of him because after hearing about how he experimented on animals, it struck a nerve so bad that i wanted to kill this guy, i left the cave in a blinding fury, seeing what other information i could possibly dig up on the streets, even though Felicity believes that my chances are very slim at best, nevertheless...i was determined to find Milo, no matter what.


I recall a memory from when i was just 9 years old, me and my family had a pet Doberman named Ace and that we would always look after Ace no matter what, he was precious to us, he was part of the family, we found him when he was just a little puppy in a box on the streets of Gotham, i begged and pleaded to both my mom and dad could i keep the puppy, they agreed after giving in to my constant demands but only if i were to properly look after it, i was so happy when they said yes but when it came time to actually looking after Ace, i did nothing, nothing at all to be a proper pet owner, i got scolded by my mom one time because Ace accidentally wee'd up against a precious table made of wood that had been handed down in the Wayne family from generation to generation and that because Ace wee'd on it, the smell would never come out and the table eventually rotted away, we had to throw it out in the end and because of that, my dad threatened to throw Ace out, i was scared, thinking that i was going to lose Ace, so i begged for forgiveness on my part that Ace stay, i didn't know what my family's verdict was going to be but then came the next fateful day, i had discovered that the front entrance of the manor was opened and that Ace's paw prints could be seen leaving the manor, i called out Ace's name but to no avail, i had wondered if my mom and dad had actually gotten rid of Ace, it was because of my carelessness back in the past that i feel angry now with this Milo guy and now i want revenge on him for what he has done to poor animals who should never go through that kind of treatment, not ever, i got in a car in the garage and i drove out to town, hoping to find some clue, as to where this Milo guy can be found...




The Black Mask met with Ragdoll, reminding the latter of the constant failures they have suffered, namely Kyodai Ken, the Fearsome Hand of Four and The Meta-Breed, plus the Black Mask has now just found out that Talon is out there and unless if she is taken care of, she could well threaten their whole operation, Ragdoll reveals to the Black Mask not to worry, as he has already planned for that in mind, he introduces the Metahuman called Hotstreak to the Black Mask and reveals to him that both Hotstreak and Talon both have a rather...shared and intertwined relationship with one another, Hotstreak merely evilly smirks, as he awaits the order to go after Talon, leaving the Black Mask to wonder should he be impressed by this man's ferociousness?


Again meanwhile...


Renee meets with the man whose a bit of a pig that she mentioned to Teresa earlier, it was none other then detective Bullock himself, sleeping at his desk with a box of donuts half eaten laying on his fat belly, Renee is not amused by Bullock's posture but nevertheless tries to wake the big lug up, needing his help, just before she could wake Bullock up, suddenly, i then came onto the scene, saying hi to Renee, as she was nervous about what i was doing at the station and i told Renee that i needed help with something involving the police and was wondering if she was the right person to take the job maybe, Renee was hesitant to answer, trying to remain calm and composed around me, something that i noticed but she was willing to hear me out at the very least, wanting to quickly chat with me and get me out of the way, as soon, as possible, needing Bullock's help no matter what, we left to the front entrance of the station where there straight out into the open did i ask her about a vet named Achilles Milo, Renee didn't know that name but she then wondered if i was talking about a vet named Archibald Connors, if so, he could be found at a pet clinic just outside near the Gotham City national park, i thanked Renee for the Intel but she then quickly stops me dead in my tracks, wondering why did i want to know about that, i could have asked just about anyone that question if it involved a simple vet but instead, the first thing i did was come to the police station straight away and had asked Renee instead, she had a stern expression upon her face and she confronted me about why it was i wanted to know something like that right out of the blue, before i could come up with an excuse to make Renee think otherwise, suddenly, we were attacked by what looked like a fireball, using my keen instinct and reflexes, i got both me and Renee out of the way and the fireball had hit the station front entrance board saying G.C.P.D on it, inside detective Bullock was woken up by the shock of the impact and he fell off his chair on his butt down to the ground, as i held Renee, we both saw approaching us Hotstreak, demanding an answer out of officer Montoya on where Talon is hiding...


Part II: Hot, Hot, Hot:


Renee recognized Hotstreak, he was actually Teresa's abusive ex boyfriend named Francis Stone who is the one responsible for dragging Teresa into the world of gangs and such, she is very shocked to see that he had become a Metahuman and that he was looking for Teresa, the question is why? how did he know about her being in Gotham and how did he know about Renee herself being in Gotham, working, as a police officer and especially sheltering Teresa? Francis, calling himself Hotstreak now says that he doesn't have to answer to Renee and that even if she doesn't give up Talon's location, Hotstreak will find her, in the meantime, he will set all of Gotham ablaze, starting with Renee, as Hotstreak tries to hit Renee with a fireball he creates and manipulates within the palm of his left hand, suddenly, surprisingly grazing his left cheek with a bullet shot from a nearby gun was detective Bullock, having got up off from his feet and coming outside the station to see the havoc going on, he orders me to take Renee somewhere safe and even though we both don't want to leave Bullock to handle Hotstreak himself alone, Bullock assures us that he managed to get through to the commissioner and that all of the police should be heading to this destination right about now, knowing he can't take on that many numbers, Hotstreak decides to injure Bullock before leaving in a pillar shaped veil of fire that covers his escape, after he escaped, me and Renee were left to attend to Bullock who was seriously hit within his left side, commissioner Gordon and the police had arrived not too long after that and were assessing the entire situation, a few hours later, Renee sat by Bullock at his bedside in the Gotham City central hospital whilst me and the commissioner looked outside Bullock's hospital room, me and the commissioner remained silent for a good while until he speaks up, breaking the silence, he says to me that we have got to stop meeting like this and that why was i at the police station in the first place? i muttered in front of the commissioner, not being able to give him a clear answer since knowing him all too well after all, the commissioner has a stern and silent expression upon his face but decides to drop the matter since i helped out in the situation when i did, so, as thanks, he is letting me off just this one time but tells me that should i get involved again with police matters and specifically, if i get myself involved with a police woman then i best be prepared for the consequences, the commissioner walks off before i say to him after remembering what Renee said about Gordon not trusting women to be police officers that he doesn't give her much credit and that she is doing a very fine job, as a police woman, why can't the commissioner see that? Gordon then tells me that he knows full well that Renee is doing a very good job, as being a member on the force but that even so, he doesn't believe in the notion that women should be working in the police and that no matter how much i stand up for officer Montoya, that won't change the commissioner's mind, at that point he simply just left, leaving me to ponder to myself, as i saw an unconscious Bullock who nearly arrested me before being consoled by Renee who blames herself that she was right there at the scene but that she wasn't able to do anything, in fact, it was because of Renee herself that she believes it is all her fault that Bullock got injured in the very first place, hearing slightly what Renee was saying in the hospital room, even, if i wanted to console her, nothing would change a thing and that the only way to get this burden off from Renee, who i have developed an attraction for is to track down Hotstreak, as The Bat and make him pay for what he has done, Milo will have to wait for the moment, considering what is happening right now, it is up to me to help Renee and stop Hotstreak before he can go ahead and burn all of Gotham in a fiery blaze, just like he said that he would...


I went to find the only person who could help me solve this debacle and that was the one man that i could trust above all others with my very life itself, i went to find Alfred, who had temporarily left my side so that i could make a decision on what i would do next regarding my vigilantism, Alfred could be found at his favorite cafe in all of Gotham called "The Posh Gentleman", here, Alfred could be seen drinking his favorite tea, Gotham's very own special blend of Earl Grey and reading the newspaper, the news spread fast, as it featured an article about Hotstreak's attack on G.C.P.D's headquarters, as he was seen reading the newspaper and had noticed with a glum look upon his face, he asked me had i found my new butler yet? i told him no and that i wasn't going to find a new butler anyways, Alfred is the only one who can take that position, no more, no less, i wouldn't trade him for anyone else in the world, no matter how skilled they were, however, Alfred was still staunched on me stopping my vigilantism, as The Bat and i then told him that i can't stop, even if he wants me too and that i can't do it without Alfred by my side to back me up, Alfred already knew this beforehand and was hoping that he could at least dissuade me and move on to a normal life, one where Alfred wouldn't end up very sick most of the time, wondering if i would come back alive or not, i promised Alfred that i wouldn't die no matter what and that if i were to die, i would be breaking that promise and so if there is such a thing, as an afterlife then Alfred's ghost can be awaiting me there, haunting me forever, reminding me of the wrong decisions that i had made in life so either way, me and Alfred would always be together, at least i was making a joke out of it and looking on the bright side of that matter, Alfred wasn't really amused but nevertheless, he was convinced by my words and he said that he would hold me to that, knowing that he is serious, i nevertheless accepted his terms and told him that i needed his help.


Back at the cave, i introduced Alfred and Felicity to one another and i had asked the latter if she could scan for Metahumans within the city, she wondered if i was using this to track down Milo but i told her that it was a separate matter, although it might just be connected to Milo himself, Felicity says that she herself can't track down Metahumans with the tech that we have but she knows someone that can upgrade our tech so that it can scan signatures of Metahuman activity within Gotham, she calls Cisco Ramon at Star Labs in Central City and he visits Gotham per her request, me and Cisco finally meet at last and he comically suggested that i could use an upgrade of my The Bat suit, however, i was adamant and told him it was fine just the way it was though i did thank him for the bat shaped mask that he provided for me, at any rate, getting down to the crux of the matter, Cisco had managed to install a Metahuman tracker within Lucius's supercomputer and from the immediate readings that we got, we had discovered that there two Metahuman signatures, one was being housed at council flats and the other could be found under a bridge, because of the very strong readings the latter one was giving off, i assumed this reading to be belonging to Hotstreak and that he was exerting pressure to build up to destroy Gotham City with his Pyrokinesis based powers, i had decided that i would take care of Hotstreak before he could do anymore damage then he already had to the city and so, i suited up, preparing for battle, just before i headed out however, Cisco tells me that he brought with him something that might add a favor to me during the fight and, as i pondered what it was he was talking about, he revealed it to be called a Cold Gun and that it was built for The Flash for reasons Cisco decides to keep to himself, either way, i didn't care about the reasons and the fact that this device could very well help me stop Hotstreak was much appreciated and with that, i headed out...


Hotstreak was seen under the bridge on the phone with the Black Mask, the latter arguing about why hasn't he taken care of Talon yet, Hotstreak reveals that he will when the time is right but first he is going to send her a message, one that she won't soon forget, he shoots fire up into the sky and forms a sentence with it for the whole city to see, it says meet me at the Gotham statue of liberty in one hour or else your sister will get the very same treatment that witches did back in olden times, seeing this message at Renee's apartment was Teresa and she knew that it was Francis sending it and that it was meant for her, just, as Hotstreak asks the Black Mask if this is good enough for a calling out message, i then appear on the scene with the Cold Gun in hand, asking Hotstreak who is he talking to? Hotstreak immediately hangs up on his mobile and melts it so that it wouldn't be tracked before saying to me that he had rumors but that he didn't believe that there was actually a bat themed costume vigilante freak, as he called me and wondered what the odd shaped gun i was holding in both my hands was for, was it to freeze him? i said exactly, i shoot the Cold Gun right at Hotstreak and he repels with his fire manipulation, as we were equally matched, Hotstreak then decided to beef up the juice and had added more flare to his fire, pushing the Cold Gun back, melting it in the process and burning a piece of my upper right shoulder fabric of my suit, i now found myself at a disadvantage but nevertheless, i persisted to fight Hotstreak on my terms, Hotstreak sent fireballs one after another at me, as i hid in the shadows to plot my next move, he taunted me, saying when was i going to come out and fight and just when i started to waver a little, Alfred got on communications with me, saying that he knows what happened to Ace when i was just a boy, of why he left suddenly out of the blue, i ask him why is he telling me this now and Alfred just says to listen to him and hear what he has to say, the reason why Ace left was because it turns out he had already belonged to another family and that my father, despite knowing i would be upset about it secretly took Ace back to his family without ever giving me the reason, as to why, i was young at the time so of course i wouldn't have understand the reason why but i then ask Alfred why is he telling me this now of all times, especially during a life and death battle with a Metahuman that can produce fire and Alfred reveals that at times he knows what i am thinking and at other times, i know what Alfred is thinking, we somehow share a mental bond between us and that it was born from having known each other for so very long so Alfred asks me, what would i now do in this situation? where the odds are stacked against me? i took heed of the word stacked and i had realized something, i then decided to taunt Hotstreak into getting madder of which he fell for the bait, by getting madder his fire based powers were starting to grow out of control, Cisco asks Alfred was that really such a good idea giving me that kind of advice? Alfred just remained silent, as i kept taunting Hotstreak until eventually he went into a full on rage and his fire went to peak maximum, the strain was more then he could bare and eventually, the fire began to overwhelm him, there was water nearby and i tried one last time to taunt him into accidentally falling back into the water, where the water would overload Hotstreak's fire covering his entire body like when something electricity based connects with water, what is the result? at any rate, Hotstreak saw my plan after looking behind him and had then stopped himself dead in his tracks and had shot a huge fireball at me that sent me flying, just when it seemed that he was about to finish me off, suddenly, we were both caught off guard by what sounded like harpy screaming and appearing from out of nowhere was shockingly Teresa! she saved my life by screaming in Hotstreak's ear before then using her feet claws to attack Hotstreak with one after another, before finally using another more bigger harpy scream to send him flying back into the water, the water dampened Hotstreak and he overloaded his fire powers, setting himself on fire by accident, just before the fire could take hold of his entire body however, Teresa harpy screamed one last time to blow a huge gust of wind right at Hotstreak's body, blowing off all the fire on his body from head to toe whilst leaving him to fall unconscious within the water, where it did the trick and had steamed Hotstreak right off, everyone celebrated the victory with Felicity hugging Alfred back at the cave and Cisco pumping his arm back and forth, saying that Hotstreak just went into cool-down mode with a emphasis on cool-down.


I thanked Teresa for the save but before anything else, she just suddenly flew off, leaving me by myself with Hotstreak, i then communicated with Alfred, saying that it appears that Gotham has its very own city siren now, Alfred merely smirked at this before telling me to get on back to the cave, he has work in bandaging he needs doing, just before i could adhere to Alfred's request, i interrogated the slightly conscious Hotstreak, asking him if he knows a professor Milo, Hotstreak spits at me, saying that he doesn't know jack shit and even if he did, he wouldn't tell the likes of a bat costumed wearing freak, it was then that i decided to drag Hotstreak into the shadows under the bridge where i asked him the same question again, only this time, with more...persuasion...not too long after Hotstreak's defeat, Bullock woke up at the hospital with Renee sleeping by his bedside, he wakes her up and tells her to go home, its getting late and that shouldn't someone be waiting for Renee at home? Renee tries to fake what Bullock means by that but he reveals that he knows officer Montoya all too well and that she wouldn't have come to him, unless she seriously needed help with something regarding a certain something or rather particularly especially a certain someone, despite being slightly injured, Bullock tells Renee to spill the beans and she at first reluctantly does so, she reveals that she has a sister who is a Metahuman and that this Metahuman in question is one of the one that called themselves The Meta-Breed that attacked not too long ago, Renee says to Bullock on behalf on Teresa, known, as Talon to the public that Teresa would willingly hand herself in but would expect a both fair and honest trial at the jury, knowing that some of Gotham's ministers are corrupted and could willingly be paid off by someone of higher rank and/or with lots of money upon money, just to see the criminal in question given the life sentence or worse...Bullock sighs but agrees to help out Renee, saying that he owes her one and that she is like a little sister to him, Renee thanks Bullock and hugs him although comically slightly injures his back in the process before shockingly, a police officer comes waltzing into the room, giving both Renee and Bullock an update on the current situation, as Renee is puzzled, Bullock has a stern look upon his face.


At the cave both Felicity and Cisco say that whilst its been fun hanging out in the dark metropolis that is Gotham, Felicity needs to get back to her own dark metropolis and own dark vigilante before he shoots arrows into people to interrogate them, Cisco one last time tries to persuade me to make an upgrade to my suit but once again i refuse, however, just before leaving, Cisco and Felicity both agree that i be left with something to help whilst i am out in the field and that is they have developed a utility belt for me, one that has all kinds of gadgets, gizmos, you name it within it and that they had Lucius at the company to help them and supervise them, it was a good learning experience and Felicity hopes that one day her ex boyfriend Ray Palmer will have the chance of meeting Lucius. right now he's currently gallivanting off, as a member of The Legends, time travelers that correct and save history, not wanting to know about those details, i just simply shake hands with Cisco and kiss Felicity on the cheek, hoping that i will see them again and that i thank them for the belt, it is then that their ride arrives in the form of The Flash and he then whisks them off both back to their respective cities, leaving me all alone to look at the utility belt, hoping that by wearing it, it will help me out on the field just like my friends said it would, Alfred calls it being similar to having a new puppy adopted within the family, the question is, will i be responsible enough to take care of it, i say to Alfred that it all depends because first, i am going to use the belt to help me find a certain professor and when i do, i will see to it that he answers to justice...


The Black Mask breaks Ragdoll's neck with the latter without so much, as pain itself fixing it, as the Black Mask declares that no more Metahumans be involved in his workings, they are loose cannons, as he calls them and that if Ragdoll doesn't see to it that he gets rid of all loose ends that need to be tied up and quickly, he will be finding himself sleeping with the fishes and namely the ones that tear apart the body limb from bloody limb, Ragdoll gets up off from his feet and the Phantasm questions Ragdoll on what is he going to do about this matter? Ragdoll reveals that he has already found a promising candidate to fix things for them and that whilst he takes care of the loose ends aforementioned, Ragdoll believes that it is finally time to meet the so called The Bat vigilante of Gotham City, wanting to truly see what he is made up of and test his mettle, meanwhile, the Phantasm will have another job that he must attend to, wondering what it could very well possibly be?


As Renee was seen walking out of her apartment, i was seen standing in front of her, carrying her a bouquet of blue roses called Gotham Velvets, Renee wondered what i was doing here and i told her immediately out of the blue would she like to go on a date with me? she was shocked and didn't give me a direct answer immediately but after pondering about it for a few short seconds, she happily accepted my flowers and had answered my question, she said yes and we both agreed to head out together, as we left, Teresa looked outside the window, happily smirking at her elder sister's happiness before shockingly the lights went out and, as soon, as they came back on, she was being held at neck point by the Phantasm from behind, saying that the Phantasm is willing to let Talon go for now but if she interferes again, like saving The Bat's life from before then the Phantasm will have no choice but to kill Talon and with that, the lights flicker again and Teresa tries to catch her breath, as she knew that from the Phantasm's tone of voice alone that he wasn't just going to threaten to kill Teresa herself, that's the least scary part, what truly frightens her is that the Phantasm intends to kill both Teresa and especially Renee, as well, as everyone else that they know, love and care about, should Talon emerge again and try to stop both something and/or someone involving being directly connected to the Black Mask mainly, Teresa showed great fear of the Phantasm and his words of truth whilst trying to catch her breath.


(The Ending Credits Roll.).


(Following is the Post Credits Scene.).


In a laboratory full of animals in cages, most of them ferociously barking and such is seen professor Achilles Milo at last, holding a test tube with blue liquid in it, trying to mix it with another test tube full of green liquid in it into a glass chemical container full of blood inside, wanting to see what results will be produced from mixing the three all together into one, behind him speaks a husky voice wearing a Japanese styled mask, dressed in Japanese robes and wielding a Japanese Katana at his side, he wants to know what Milo is willing to pay him for his latest target, Milo says that someone, albeit he doesn't know who is trying to dig up information on the whereabouts of Milo himself, since Milo doesn't have the time nor the patience to just idly wait for himself to be found, he asks the man in Japanese clothing to kill the most likely suspect asking for clues and the fee for that will be 50,000 in Gotham City dollars, there is a picture of the suspect Milo believes is searching for him on the side of his work desk, it is none other then of me, as Bruce Wayne...


(To be Continued :].).

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The Cast:


So Far Announced:


Jensen Ackles, as Bruce Wayne/The Bat.


Jared Padalecki, as The Joker.


Tom Welling, as Clark Kent/Superman.


David Thewlis, as Alfred Pennyworth.


Forest Whitaker, as Lucius Fox.


Jaden Smith, as Virgil Hawkins/Static Shock.






Chapter IV: Yojimbo.




In servitude of the night, we sometimes forget what it is that we really do serve, the day, in bringing the laws of the day into the night, we sometimes forget who we are and should we ever forget that very most important fact, then we are doomed to failure, it is my job to set those serving the day back on the right path, to never lose sight of what it is they hope to achieve whilst within the dark of the night itself, i am vengeance, i am the night, i am...The Bat!




Part I: Payment in Blood:


A whole week had passed since the affair with Hotstreak went down, by day, i have been working my butt off, as Bruce Wayne, trying to compete my Wayne pharmaceutical against John Roland Daggett's GothCorp in the hopes of truly making Gotham the city i believe it should be, a vision full of crime free peace loving people, no longer in fear of having to walk the streets whilst worrying about being mugged and especially at gun point, either by day or by night, only themselves just continuing walking and truly enjoying their lives to the utmost best and fullest, Daggett however is only trying to further solidify his power within GothCorp, as its director and, as a member of city politics so that he can further his own career, full of vanity and self centered actions, in the past, i used to be like that too very shamefully enough, i used my father's money to be a real hard boiled playboy, before i then decided to dedicate myself to a greater good, a greater...calling.


As the week went by and all of this was happening, me and police officer Renee Montoya started dating one another, it started during the night i gave her Gotham Velvets, we went to see a movie together soon afterwards and have Big Belly Burger, as the meal afterwards, we sat, we talked and when it came down to it...we kissed, i invited her back to my manor for a night of passion, the next morning, i saw her leave performing the walk of shame whilst i slightly laughed about it before calling her out and telling her did she forget something, only for her to check her bag immediately, wondering if she truly did only to realize that i was joking and told me to piss off in broad daylight but in a light heart manner, i really, truly enjoyed spending time with Renee since then and together, i couldn't have asked for a better relationship, Alfred especially was all the more happier for us and that he hoped that maybe, just maybe, i could possibly see marriage within the future...


...Back at Renee's apartment however was her sister Teresa, although happy for her older sister's happiness, Teresa, hating the fact that she is a Metahuman with wings for arms and claws for feet laments greatly how much she misses the outside world and that she hates staying inside the apartment all the time, sometimes she flies off over the city just to see what is currently happening with some people saying that they had spotted a guardian angel, Renee, having learned of this argues with Teresa on the matter, saying that she doesn't want her younger sister going out in public, especially since she is a Metahuman fugitive who attacked the commercial district not too long ago, Teresa claims that she knows, she knows and that she won't make it hard on Renee anymore then she already has but still, she wants to see what the outside world is like, just like she used to when she was a normal human, Renee didn't know what to say to Teresa at that point only that Bullock was now out of hospital and that he was looking out for both Renee and Teresa.


At the police station, Bullock sneezed upon hearing his name being mentioned elsewhere, the commissioner says upon noticing this does Bullock have a special someone talking about him elsewhere, although the commissioner thinks to himself inside his head that seems unlikely, given Bullock's bull like personality, however, Bullock retorts that he is a divorced man and that Gordon knows that, Gordon recalls and decides to not go any further into that matter before handing Bullock a document, Bullock wonders what it contains and Gordon says that its the papers about Kyodai Ken of whom they still have in custody and has ever since been not talking and revealing anything to the police, even after using their abusive enforcer Lyle Bolton to try and get news out of Kyodai Ken, since they don't know what to do with him at this current moment in time, Gordon has decided that they will be transferring Kyodai Ken to Blackgate Penitentiary, where there they will be keeping him until he decides to crack, Bullock wonders why handing out the document to him personally though and Gordon then reveals to Bullock to look at the last page, its about a mercenary that calls himself Yojimbo, a hired gun both from and for the Japanese Yakuza, it is revealed that before joining up with the Chinese Triad, Kyodai Ken was originally from Japan and that he used to be a member of a Yakuza clan there, a high ranking one at that but for whatever reason when he left the clan to join the Triad, it turns out that a bounty has been placed on his head ever since then and now, finally, his past has come back up to haunt him, Gordon reveals that why now out of all times that this Yojimbo appears and in Gotham no less might just very well have a connection to the Black Mask who is a sensitive subject matter around the whole force department and is making sure everyone in the force is keeping quiet about him, the reason Gordon is telling only Bullock this is because Bullock is his partner, his 2nd in command and the only man Gordon feels that he can trust on the force, believing that there could very well be traitors amongst the police working for the Black Mask, Bullock decides to heed Gordon's words and ask him if they are going after this Yojimbo guy before he can possibly assassinate Kyodai Ken and the commissioner lastly replies that they are.




I was getting ready to head to a special gala being held in honor of GothCorp's latest achievement in progress towards the benefiting of Gotham City, although i didn't mind the company itself, i despised its CEO John Roland Daggett who is a crafty businessman and politician but Alfred advised me to go none the less, believing that a rival should make an appearance at the gala, taking Alfred's words to heart and having a little fun along the way, i invited Renee, as my date to the gala, there, we met with Daggett and exchanged words...Daggett secretly disclosed how he still thinks badly of me for managing to get money from Queen before but decides to let that past and move on forward, as Daggett says the motto of GothCorp is "The Future of Gotham is now", Bullock was going heavy drink upon drink, showing that he had a fine taste for wine and he then saw both me and Renee together, he never thought that Renee would hook up with a playboy like me and he doesn't think too highly of me for that matter, showing that he dislikes both The Bat AND Bruce Wayne...Bullock wanted to talk with Renee in private, as approaching us was the commissioner, me and him got down to talking while having a drink, the commissioner wanted to know was i keeping out of police affairs, considering last time and i said that i was, the commissioner seemed to accept that answer and said that he had hoped that simply dating Renee won't get me answers that i might look for, Renee is a tough cookie and she reveal any information regarding police matters, even to her boyfriend, i was surprised, surprised to hear that the commissioner was actually giving Renee, a woman, praise for being a police officer, the commissioner however retorts that he is only saying that Renee is doing a good job at being an officer and nothing more, however, i was satisfied with the commissioner's answer, knowing that he had Renee's best interests at heart, it was then that Daggett decided to give a speech about what the gala was representing, it turns out GothCorp's latest achievement was to herald the design of a new million dollar multiplex GothCorp company building being built right here in Gotham on-top of its slums called the GothCorp citizenship bank, where here, people of "higher class" could exchange different bank dollar currencies for those of Gotham dollars and that the representatives in helping GothCorp achieve this project are the citizens of the country kingdom of Kasnia, without their contributions in just about everything related to the project, GothCorp wouldn't have been able to succeed in this joint venture, however, i then spoke up upon hearing Daggett mention the "higher class" of Gotham's citizens and that the building would be built upon the slums of Gotham where people with no homes live there, i retort that GothCorp would be taking away those only homes that they have and that if that were to happen, what would they do next with their lives? Daggett replied that they would be well funded and paid for once they moved out but i replied saying that the only homes that they have ever had will be stripped away from them and that no amount of money can make up for that, as Daggett and i stared daggers at one another, suddenly, glass started to break and appearing from outside was Yojimbo, saying that he is here for my head...


Yojimbo without warning threw Shuriken to be aimed right at my head and just before they could connect, Renee got me down out of the way before proceeding to shoot at Yojimbo, telling me to get out of here and to not worry about her, its her job to defend me, as i decided to leave, i let Renee and the other cops who were disguised amongst the guests at the gala waiting in tow for Yojimbo, as per ordered by commissioner Gordon despite not revealing anything to them beforehand, not wanting to tip off Yojimbo, at any rate, they now know what his goal is, to assassinate me, as Bruce Wayne, Yojimbo reveals that he does not have the time nor the patience to deal with the cops and decides that he will just kill them all quickly so that he can go after me, little did everyone know that i brought my The Bat suit with me, preparing things just in case, as Yojimbo sliced through the cops standing in his way, he pinned Renee back and was preparing to finish her off, not before getting hit in the head from behind by Bullock, slightly drunk holding a broken glass bottle, as Yojimbo pushed Bullock aside and had aimed straight for Renee, knowing that she was my date at the gala, i then appeared, as The Bat, ready to take on Yojimbo, Yojimbo was wondering if he would get a worthy challenge out of me, so he dropped his sword and had decided to engage in martial arts with me, we both fought using dirty tricks but Yojimbo seemed to have the upper hand, he took his sword and sliced across my right arm, causing it to bleed, i then quickly kicked Yojimbo upwards in the face, knocking his mask off, to reveal that he was an identical match to Kyodai Ken! before any of this could make further sense, Yojimbo quickly took his sword and used a smoke pellet, saying that this was not over between both me and him, just after he left, all of the police had their guns pointed at me, especially Renee from behind, wanting me to turn myself in, as commissioner Gordon stepped up, finally meeting me, as The Bat, face, to face...


Gordon says that he doesn't know who i am or where i came from but that my vigilante days are now over and that i was to be cuffed by Renee and taken in for questioning, however, just before i could allow any of that to happen, i used strategy and took Renee, as a hostage, something i deeply regret to this very day and that i told Gordon and the rest of the police that if they don't back off, i would break Renee's neck, Renee then said that she would rather die, something that shocks me very greatly, just before the police could take action, i pushed Renee into commissioner Gordon and then escaped using a smoke pellet from my new utility belt, leaving everyone befuddled but not Gordon, as he began to wonder about me, as Daggett merely looked on before creeping back into shadow, as elsewhere, Milo calls Yojimbo a fool and that not only did he botch up the mission to assassinate me, as Bruce Wayne but even his face was revealed, Yojimbo said however that he does not care for a Kyodai of the Ken Clan of the Yakuza only use their real faces, as masks to conceal their real selves, he said that he could sense that from me, as The Bat, feeling a kindred spirit, however, Milo does not care and says that thanks to Yojimbo they will now have to dispose of his brother being held by the police before his transfer to Blackgate can be completed, or else Milo will suffer the consequences from his contact the Phantasm.


I got back to the manor where Alfred patched up my sword wound and he asked how i felt and i said that i felt horrible...no, it was, more then that...it was, fear...fear itself, i haven't felt fear like this since i lost my parents, i was scared...scared that i was going to lose Renee, especially because of what she said, about she would rather die, Alfred tried to explain to me that that is what comes with the job, as being a police officer and when a police officer dates someone, it becomes very tricky for them to be involved in romantic relationships, having to always keep promises that they would come back alive even though they may very well not and that considering me into the factor, as The Bat, we both wonder how would Renee take that, knowing i was the Gotham vigilante and, as her duty being a cop, would she arrest me and if i refused, would she...shoot me to the death in retaliation, just like that? Alfred could not make a reply, as i just folded my hands together, trying to find an answer...


Part II: Brothers:

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