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[Spoilers] Theory: Riku Replica is a Seeker of Darkness? Why is that?

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Hey guys,


There are many theories about the Seekers of Darkness... Which character is a SoD? It's a question that kept us up at night, haha. And today I have a theory about a possible and very likely candidate for Xehanorts teaparty club... Riku Replica. I've read some topics on this forum about the possibility of Replica being a SoD... but not with some evidence that explains why he could be a SoD. This theory will try to use some evidence to explain why Riku Replica is a SoD.


Let's start with the cutscene from DDD where there were two Riku's inside Monstro. One Riku was the real Riku, but who was the other one? Riku sees his dubble self and he thinks that it's some version from his darkside. There are many fans who are saying that this version of Riku is just a projection of himself, made by the sleeping world he is in. But that's not making sense according to the rules of the sleeping worlds. It is known that sleeping worlds are worlds that fell  into darkness, but were not fully revived after the defeat of Ansem, the Seeker of Darkness. These worlds are sleeping and if you visit them you'll walk in a dream of that world. Those dreams consists of events that occurred in the worlds before they were consumed by the darkness. 


Although Riku was inside of Monstro during the events of KH1, he was not at Prankster's Paradise when that world was taken by the darkness. Monstro was swimming in space (because that makes sense, haha) when Riku was inside the belly of the whale, way after Prankster's Paradise was taken by the darkness. There cannot exist a dreamversion of Riku in the Sleeping World of Prankster's Paradise... So why is there a Riku in the sleeping world? Because it's Riku Replica who pays him a short visit. 


Of course, there is a possibility that the second Riku is a version of a past-Riku consumed by the darkness (like in KH1). But I think there's a greater chance of Riku Replica being the one during the DDD scene. There are a few reasons why I think that. For starters, after that scene you unlock the Re:Chain of Memories glossary, the game Riku Replica is in. Second, after the second Riku leaves in that same scene the real Riku mentions the replica. Third, no original KH-character ever dies. Nobodies turning into somebodies, Ansem the Wise blew himself up and suddenly remains in the realm of darkness, Xion dies but is in Sora, Eraqus is death but assumably is part of Terra... Why would Riku Replica be any different? 


Why would Xehanort be interested in Riku Replica? Well, Xehanort always had his sights on Riku to be a vessel (like in KH1 and RE:CoM). But during the KH-storyline Riku learned to control the darkness inside him and Xehanort had no use for him anymore (like young Xehanort in Symphony of Sorcery stated). Riku Replica would be a nice replacement for Xehanort because the replica is based of the Riku with ties to the darkness. The replica is also an easy guy to manipulate as is seen during the events of CoM and Re:CoM. First, Vexen used him to test him against the real Riku, Second after being brainwashed, Marluxia and the gang uses him easily to turn him against Sora. And after Riku Replica realised that he was a replica...Axel showed up and used him to kill Zexion for him. So... Riku Replica has the genes of the real Riku, has ties to the darkness and is an easy kid to manipulate... Especially with his wish to become his own person instead of an image of Riku... It all screams to be a victim of Xehanort, doesn't it? 


So that's why I think that Riku Replica is a member of Xehanorts teaparty club. He's already wearing a black coat during the DDD cutscene like every SoD-member does... So what do you think? Does this theory changed your mind about Riku Replica and his (maybe) membership as a SoD? 


Enjoy your day!




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I've thought about this for years now and i'm pretty sure this will end up happening. Riku Replica seems very vulnerable to be manipluated by Xehanort so i won't be surprised if Young Xehanort convinces him through Time Travel to become a Xehanort. 

And to add onto your points, i think there is 1 more you should have mentioned. In the Toy Story trailer, YX stated that "We are looking to retrieve a Darkness we have lost. The way hearts connect in this world may provide a clue." This makes me think that YX was hinting towards the Riku replica OR Xion to be a Seeker as both of these characters were puppets (which can be compared to toys). Though i find it obvoius it cant be Xion as she was erased from everyones memories so Riku Replica should be our next candidate and considering RR used darkness I find that to be more likely (Cuz Xion never even used any darkness from what I remember).

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Rikuplica is probably inside Riku.  Weird huh, since his memories are riku's.  It isn't exactly a xion situation where sora's are leaking to her through roxas, but copies from namine:

           "she can enter, rearrange, and even create new memories-- of anything, even things that never happened." - yours truly

Namine made copies of Riku's memories, not the ones that were his originally.  It is unknown for sure where Rikuplica is since he isn't like xion completely.  However, from a different cutscene in Recom, we have an idea


         Rikuplica:  "What happense when a fake dies-- one like me? Where will my heart go? Does it disappear?"

          Riku:  "It'll go somewhere. Maybe to the same place as mine."

So maybe that is where rikuplica is.  Not sure though.  But knowing Nomura...  :wink:

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After the second Riku goes away, Riku says "That was my... my dark side. I gave in to the darkness once. And ever since, it's chased me around in one form or another. The Seeker of Darkness who stole my body... a puppet replica of the shadows in my heart... and now, I'm facing me."
He lists the forms of his darkness that have chased him around in one form or another. He lists Ansem, Seeker of Darkness and RIku Replica. Then he says that now, he's facing himself. The way this is worded implies that the second Riku we saw is not Riku Replica.
You get the Chain of Memories glossary specifically right when Riku says "a puppet replica of the shadows in my heart." So, that's not really proof of anything. In his sentence, he mentioned Riku Replica, who appeared in Chain of Memories, so you get the Chain of Memories glossary then.
Like you said, another option that the second Riku could be is a projection of the dreaming world. But, that doesn't make any sense because Riku was never wearing a black coat when he was at Monstro in KH1. And the Monstro we're inside of in DDD takes place before KH1.
And also like you said, another option could be that the second Riku we see is a time travelling Riku from when he was a villain in KH1. But, Nomura said that "Young Xehanort functioned as a “portal”, summoning Xemnas and Ansem each time they appeared. That’s why Young Xehanort was there whenever they appeared." Young Xehanort was no where to be seen with the second Riku. This contradiction would also apply to the theory of the second Riku being a Riku Replica from the past.


So yeah, there are contradictions to every theory about this essentially. Nomura's got some explaining to do.

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