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.W.H.O.-A DOCTOR WHO Role-Play. (Sign-Ups and Discussions.).

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.W.H.O. is a all brand new DOCTOR WHO RP concept about the series of Doctor Who itself taking place in a parallel setting, it is not the current version of The Doctor that we all know about and love but instead a alternate dimension one, as the original series deals with the theme of Time, this RP deals with the theme of Space, meaning the barrier between dimensions called "The Chronobarrier", the Chronobarrier is the Space between all of the separate Times and dimensions that exist within the universe, as we know it and the ones who govern over the Chronobarrier are the cousins of the Time Lords, known, as "The Space Lords", the Space Lords watch over the Chronobarrier at all Times and make sure that it is never, ever tampered with, as the effects of doing that could end up being very catastrophic, the Space Lords are not just the cousins of the Time Lords but also their Doppelgangers, for every Time Lord that exists, so too does a Space Lord to mirror that specific respective Time Lord, the story of .W.H.O. revolves around the Space Lord version of The Doctor, travelling across both Time and Space on the Space side of the mirror of both Time and Space, whereas the TV series Doctor, the Time Lord Doctor travels the Time side of the mirror, the story of this RP is meant to be cinematic in theme and is all about the Space Lord Doctor discovering who he truly is, as The Doctor, so to speak whilst battling the forces of the Daleks, the Cybermen, the Sontarans, the Weeping Angels and especially above all others, his archenemy, the Space Lord version of The Master, as The Doctor faces off against all these many different foes, he must also learn to accept help from others and learn compassion and kindness among all other kinds of emotions, to help him better understand an individual's "Human" Heart, be they "Human" or not, at the beginning of the story, The Doctor is not called The Doctor but instead he is nicknamed "WHO" by those that have been keeping track of his movements throughout both Time and Space, such, as the planet Earth based organizations UNIT and Torchwood for examples, he will earn the name The Doctor later on in the story, by the beginning of the story, we see that he is Regenerating, in accordance with the Time Lord Doctor going from being the 12th Doctor to becoming the 13th Doctor, the Space Lord versions of the Time Lords will sometimes often mimic and/or react to their respective counterparts on the other side and vice versa, in according to the principle laws of the universe that for when one action is made, another is made also in response, the beginning of the story will see the Doctor on planet Earth, in the city of London in the year 2018, the month being January the 13th, here, he has picked up a disturbance signal of some kind and wonders what it could very well be, now in his new younger body, the Doctor heads off on a all brand new adventure, where it will lead him...UNKNOWN...


Character Sheets:




Species: (If a Time Lord/Space Lord, please put what current numbered Regeneration you are on.).










Actor/Actress Portrayal:




(Please put down the name of your favourite Doctor Who episode to show that you have read the Rules.).




No Swearing.


No Romance above the age 12 rating.


This Role-Play is set in the mirror image universe of the Doctor Who TV series so everything that has transpired on the TV show runs co-currently with the events of the RP, the two universes will eventually cross over with one another at a certain point but until then, please may everyone keep their Characters and other content within the RP universe, also please stay true to the Doctor Who mythos, as shown in the TV show, the minimum of Time Lord/Space Lord lives being 13 for example.


The Actor/Actress Portrayal must be filled in, due to if a person wants to be a Time Lord/Space Lord and if their Time Lord/Space Lord Character undergoes Regeneration then they must replace the current Actor/Actress that they have chosen for their Time Lord/Space Lord Character with another Actor/Actress.


The starting point for the RP is on Earth, in London in 2018 in January, on the 13th, all of our Characters will converge at points across London.


Have fun! :].

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