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Jesus Deytiquez

Gula, Ventus, and Castle Oblivion: The Chronicles of A Sleeper

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We all know that Ventus is currently sleeping in the Castle Oblivion right? which is really The Land of Departure, Traverse Town, Daybreak Town, and Twilight Town in reality, or even possibly, a shared area of the overlapping parts of the aforementioned worlds (those worlds being in-between worlds). I mean his body is there, but his heart is still residing inside Sora’s heart.


Someday, I know that, he will wake… but maybe, just maybe, it is not his first time sleeping there… It may even be his third time. And that is the main subject of this article.


Reincarnation Theory


We all know how Ventus closely resemble Gula–how he is rumored to be the reincarnation of Gula. But we also know how Ventus, as a Dandelion, appeared also in the age of the Master of Masters and Foretellers. Now how can this be? The clue may have been already present all along.


The Old Mansion and Castle Oblivion


In KHII, we have seen how the Old Mansion in Twilight Town is really connected to the Castle Oblivion. And here are the curious parts: there are symbols of unicorns/pegasus in that place, a very big fight seemed to have happened there a long time ago, and there is a sleeping pod in that place that shows a sign that it was used before by/for a person other than Sora, Donald, and Goofy.


Gula & Ventus (Dandelion)


In the KChi Back Cover, we are informed that when Ira, the unicorn Foreteller, discovered that Gula is the holder of the lost page, he searched for him. (Keep in mind that there is also this theory that the holder of the lost page is the traitor.) Now Gula might be the traitor or not, but if he really is Ventus, then maybe, Ira or some other character(s) got a hold of him, and, by some mysterious reason, erased his memories and turn him into Ventus (Dandelion).




We all know that Dandelions are the only ones chosen to survive. Maybe, by some mysterious reason/importance of Gula/Ventus’ survival, that/those person(s) did such thing. Maybe it is really about the X-blade. In any case, Gula might really be Ventus (Dandelion) who slept in C.O. for a while; he slept and lost his memories and woke up to be a new boy as a Dandelion.


Ventus (Aqua and Terra’s Friend)


Now, we also know that the Dandelions must have their memories erased. Maybe for X-blade again. Again the C.O. entered into action (probably). And thus we have Ventus as a boy, who again, lost his memories to be Aqua and Terra’s friend.


The Fight


Now there’s clearly a very destructive fight that transpired in the Old Mansion/C.O./Land of Departure. What happened or for what reason? A fight for Gula/Ventus? Who are the participants of such fight? These questions are pivotal yet still a mystery to us. Maybe my prior article is the answer or maybe not.


Birth by Sleep: Nomura as a Reader of George MacDonald


Like my first article, I will warn the reader that if he or she does not like things concerning religion especially Christianity, he or she is free to refrain at this point to read further. Now, Nomura might be a reader of George MacDonald. Here’s a thing: MacDonald is a master story/fairytale/Christian allegory writer who inspired other legendary writers (e.g. C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, G.K. Chesterton etc.). He is famous for his emphasis on waking by sleep.1 It is his way to emphasize Christ’s words about living by dying.2 Aside from this, MacDonald also emphasized the existence of other worlds and doors that lead to them. (See how MacDonald really influenced Lewis’ Narnia by his Faeryland.) Now, I believe that if Ventus did not fallen into sleep and resided in Sora’s heart, the world of KH might be in worse state now–the birth of a new keyblade wielder by his sleep crushed the prior attempts of Xehanort. Come to think of it, Ventus’ sleep and Sora’s awakening as a keyblade wielder is kind of similar to Sora’s death (being a heartless) that gave a new life to a Nobody (Roxas). Without Roxas, the world might be in a worse state during the time Sora was still asleep. Now, think about this: why does the room where Ventus is currently sleeping called as the “Chamber of Waking”? Because sleep will later on give way to waking. The hurting will be healed. As true as the evening will give way to a new dawn.


Disclaimer: Again I apologize for spelling mistake(s) or grammatical error(s) if there is/are.


1. Lilith


2. Philippians 1:21; John 12:24

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This is a very interesting topic! The reincarnation theory has always been discussed, and many think that the Foretellers are indeed the present characters we see nowadays in the Kingdom Hearts series, but I'd like to believe that they are their own, separate people. They may share similarities, yes, but I don't believe that they are linked to that extent to the current characters, ya know?


As for the pod in Twilight Town, it could be very possible that someone other than Sora and the gang did use it, since it was indicated to us when we examined it! So that gives the possibility of Ventus having slept in the pod, but there could also be the possibility of him having ended up in the Realm Of Darkness after the events of Union X, but we don't know if that's the case, so this could go any number of ways! It's intriguing, really!


Also, Castle Oblivion is only The Land Of Departure, and it was only transformed that way after Aqua did so with Eraqus's Keyblade, because prior to that, that land had been defended by generations of Keyblade Wielders. Traverse Town and the other worlds that are in the in between are separate from Castle Oblivion, the only links to those worlds being the world cards that one would receive upon entering the castle. It would be interesting if Daybreak Town appeared as a world card in Castle Oblivion at some point!


So much mystery, so much intrigue! I love it!

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