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Jesus Deytiquez

Gula, Ventus, and Castle Oblivion: The Chronicles of A Sleeper

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This is a very interesting topic! The reincarnation theory has always been discussed, and many think that the Foretellers are indeed the present characters we see nowadays in the Kingdom Hearts series, but I'd like to believe that they are their own, separate people. They may share similarities, yes, but I don't believe that they are linked to that extent to the current characters, ya know?


As for the pod in Twilight Town, it could be very possible that someone other than Sora and the gang did use it, since it was indicated to us when we examined it! So that gives the possibility of Ventus having slept in the pod, but there could also be the possibility of him having ended up in the Realm Of Darkness after the events of Union X, but we don't know if that's the case, so this could go any number of ways! It's intriguing, really!


Also, Castle Oblivion is only The Land Of Departure, and it was only transformed that way after Aqua did so with Eraqus's Keyblade, because prior to that, that land had been defended by generations of Keyblade Wielders. Traverse Town and the other worlds that are in the in between are separate from Castle Oblivion, the only links to those worlds being the world cards that one would receive upon entering the castle. It would be interesting if Daybreak Town appeared as a world card in Castle Oblivion at some point!


So much mystery, so much intrigue! I love it!

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