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Lady Aleister

Of Monsters and Men [1x1 with Stardustblade358]

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"Shit." Allan cursed, Michael's body arching back as he held his head. 

Allan stepped to run from him, but as he lurched forwards, Michael was already in front of him. Michael's hands slammed Allan's head into the concrete wall, the radio sending feedback for a second. Concrete crumbled beside Allan as he cried out in pain, his ears ringing, eyes turning painfully to Michael. His fangs bared, eyes wild as his fangs just a little ways away from drinking Allan dry or ripping him apart. 

"A...Allan...!!!" Michael spoke, his voice raspy. 

Allan pulled up his arm with the stake before Michael hissed out his name again, slamming Allan to the floor, Michael even closer to his neck, ready for the kill.

Allan drew his hand back, "Allan...!!!". 

Allan's hand thrust forward, Michael catching it, and aiding him, the wooden stake driving into Michael's chest. Michael did not let go of Allan's hands. 

"Allan...r...run...!!!" Michael whispered, pushing the stake further. 

Blood spilled all over Allan's uniform and down his arms, Michael gently pressed his forehead to Allan's. Michael's eyes were worried for a second, while Allan's were full of horror. 

"...stop him...Allan..." 

Allan forced his hands away from Michael's, scrambling up, and towards the metal door that was ready to bend at any second. Allan used what he learned in training, and pushed that door hard enough to where the crashed to the ground. Michael trashed as Allan ran, he ran down the long hallway, the music fading away. The suspect heard the door crash down, sticking his head out of a doorway to see what it was, and was met with Allan running full speed down the hallway. The suspect duck his head back inside the doorway, locking the door behind him and retreat into whatever room he was in. Allan threw himself against the door as it closed. 

"OPEN THIS F***ING DOOR OR I'LL OPEN IT FOR YOU." Allan screamed at the suspect. 

Radio feedback came through the hallways. 

"Oh, what a sharp mouth. Are you sure you want to open that door? It will be a tragedy for you, or for your little detective friend." the suspect laughed manically. 

Allan let out a frustrated noise and began to kick the door down with the passion he had left in him. It took a couple of shoves, but it broke from its hinges, falling onto stairs leading up. 



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The scientist hurried back, closing doors along the way as he glanced back. Impossible. It was impossible! For one, one of the detectives was a damn human! Second, the vampire didn't kill him! It actually resisted the temptation of the drug! "(That's impossible! The drug enhances the levels beyond control! How can this thing just ignore its instinct like that?!)" The scientist thought, running up the stairs as he opened up the exit door, leading him to the outside. He crawled over, throwing his bag over as he glanced inside to see the multiple glasses of the drug still intact. "Well, I still have enough to cause enough havoc. Should be enough to drop it right into down town!" The man said, chuckling to himself as he caught his breath. He gasped as he heard Allan hurrying right after him. He quickly searched through his bag, taking a gun out as he backed away from the entrance, pointing the gun at Allan as he held a liquid in a bottle in his other hand, this one instead of purple, was white. "Stay back!" The man yelled, his hands shaking in anger. "I can't believe this, you're a human and you're working with them?! Are you insane?! Or have they just brainwashed you?!" The man asked, panting heavily. "Or...have you been forced to work with them?" The man didn't lower the gun, though his eyes seemed to soften. "If that's the case, you should come with me! We can get you somewhere safe! Once we prove their existence, they won't be able to harm you!"

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Allan and the suspect stood with guns point at each other. 

"Yes, I am working with them. It is my job. A job that I actually like." Allan smarted off at the man. 

"Proving their existence is the worst idea I have heard in a long time. Proving their existence not only threatens your life, but also the lives of every single person and monster breathing right now. This is not crazy talk, this is the truth." Allan did not lower his gun. 

"Yes, I have been hurt by monsters multiple times, hell, I was just hurt by my own partner. However, if they cause havoc, it is the job of M&M to set the monsters straight in means we see necessary. M&M has deemed you a monster, even though you are human. That's a pitifully low place to be." Allan kept himself from smirking at the irony. 

"So you have a couple of options. I eradicate you, or I take you into custody, or, once M&M get here, which they are on their way, they will deal with you. Trust me, our Warden isn't so sweet either." Allan cautiously stepped forwards, the suspect shaking. 

"Don't step any closer!!" the man threatened. 

"And you don't step any farther." Allan point the gun at the suspects feet, threatening to fire. 

"I will shoot your foot." he hissed. 

The suspect froze. 

"You will wait here with me, or you will get shot." Allan's glare met the suspect, moving his gun to the suspects head. 



(Allan is like so pissed, It's a miracle he didn't just blow this dudes brain out) 

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The man's hands shook as he glared at Allan, gripping the gun for dear life as he glared at Allan. How dare he? "Shut up shut up shut up! You're a traitor!" The man screamed. He glared at Allan, gritting his teeth. "It was these monsters who killed my sister! I saw them! I SAW THEM!" He yelled, for a moment memories flashing before his eyes. "It was a monster, I knew what I saw...yet no one believed me...I was traumatized they said! That it was all my imagination! I thought so too, and then I found them again...and I knew that it wasn't a false memory...it was all too real, and even now after everything I've done no one will believe me! You say that the truth will endanger lives, but how can you know?! How many unsolved murders have been caused by monsters?! How many disappearances have been related to monsters?! How many questions can be answered by them?!" He screamed. His eyes widened as tears fell down his cheeks once he was told he was deemed a monster. He scoffed at the irony, shaking his head. He had gotten so far, so close! "No...I won't allow it to end. Not like this! Not after everything I've worked for!" He said, glancing at the white liquid in his hand, holding it high. "You see this, detective?" He asked. "This," He shook the liquid's container. "Is the cure. The only known antidote to my sickness." He said, holding it high in the air. "The only vial I've created, and the only one that exists." He said, a smirk in his face as he saw Allan's eyes follow the liquid. "This isn't over yet, detective." The man said, suddenly throwing the glass vial into the air.





Whether Allan tried to catch it or not, the distraction gave the man enough time to reach into his pocket, taking out a syringe with a red liquid inside. With a tad bit of hesitation, he proceeded to stab the syringe into his own arm, injecting the liquid within him. Within moments he began to gasp as he collapse onto his knees, dropping the syringe as he began to scream in pain, the sound of bones cracking as they expanded within his body. "I won't let you stop me! Even...if I have to become what I hate the most!" The man screamed, snapping his eyes open as they became inhuman. His body expanded, fur covering him as his clothes ripped themselves. A tail extruded from the seams as his entire skeleton changed its shape. Before Allan, the man had intentionally infected himself with the blood of a Werehyena...and turned into one himself. The man threw his head back, a mix of a roar and the famous hyena 'laughter' escaping his lips as it echoed across the forest. Now a beast, the man proceeded to turn to Allan, bearing his fangs. "AND YOU'LL BE MY FIRST VICTIM!!!" He screamed as he charged straight at Allan.

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The suspect screamed at Allan to shut up, so Allan shut his mouth. He even went to calling him a traitor. That wasn't the first time Allan heard it and it surely wouldn't be the last.

Allan clicked his tongue, "Monsters themselves are a danger to every kind there is, but so are humans". 

This guy was crazy, laughing, holding a vial high.

"You see this, detective?" He asked.

"Yes. Yes I do see it." Allan grit his teeth.

"This," He shook the liquid's container. "Is the cure. The only known antidote to my sickness." He said, holding it high in the air.


"The only vial I've created, and the only one that exists." He said, a smirk on his face as he saw Allan's eyes follow the liquid. 

This man threw it into the air. Wow, that was really smart. Allan lept after it, sliding on the ground to catch it, holding it in his hands before stashing it away with him. However, while Allan was saving the vial, the man had a plan of his own. He reach into his pocket, taking out a syringe with a red liquid inside. With hesitation, he proceeded to stab the syringe into his own arm, injecting the liquid within him. 




Allan's eyes shot back, this man just turned himself into a monster. 

"Oh shit." Allan cursed, the man laughing inhumanely. 

A werehyena. The man bared his fangs at Allan, Allan scrambling up. The suspect charged straight at Allan, Allan swiftly heading for the stairs, turning back to look at the suspect, letting off a shot and rushing down the stairs, the man right on his back, his claws taking a swipe at Allan, and as Allan attempt to dodge, he tumbled down the stairs. Allan groan in pain at the bottom of the stairs. That hurt like hell. Allan scrambled up through, the suspect right behind him. Allan took off, headed right towards the metal door Michael destroyed earlier, leaping through, running past Michael (who was still on the ground), and stopping. Shit! He went the wrong freaking way! There was no exit to the round room, he should have just lept out the window. Allan pressed himself against the wall, shooting rounds of silver bullets at the werehyena, praying M&M would be on the way soon. 

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The Werehyena chased after Allan, blinded by rage and the thirst for revenge. He chased him all the way back inside, where the Vampire still lay in a pool of his own blood. He had Allan trapped like predator against prey. He growled loudly as he clawed at the bullets. Some of them he managed to deflect, as others pierced his skin, drawing blood. The Werehyena didn't mind his wounds, crawling closer to Allan. "You're going to pay...like the rest of them..." The Werehyena hissed, growling as he stepped closer. From behind him, there was slight movement from the Vampire, gently lifting his gaze. His eyes had no glint left in them. The Werehyena roared, jumping right onto Allan, going for the kill. Seconds before he could reach Allan, however, Michael had pounced. Even with blood escaping his chest, he tackled the Werehyena down, slamming him against the nearest wall. The Werehyena roared, clawing back against Michael's skin, blood covering the floor as simple wounds simply healed moments after. Michael picked up the Werehyena by the neck, slamming him against the wall and floor over and over again, before actually dragging him across as blood followed its wake. The sounds of bones spanning echoed, the Werehyena screaming in pain. Even in his state, the man could still speak, desperation in his voice. "It hurts...it hurts...!!!" The Werehyena screamed as Michael continued his torture, suddenly pulling at one of its arms, ripping it from the body with ease, muscle ripping apart as the Werehyena cried. "IT HURTS IT HURTS IT HURTS!!! KILL ME KILL ME KILL ME!!" The Werehyena screamed, begging for mercy he would not receive. Finally, Michael had played enough with his prey, slamming the Werehyena down against the floor before digging his fangs right into his neck. All one could hear was the Werehyena struggling, its limbs shaking wildly as the life was sucked out of him. Next to Allan, quickly slapping a hand over his mouth to prevent him from making any noise, was Tabitha, quickly shushing him as she pointed at the exit. She helped Allan up, guiding him all the way back as silent as possible, Michael distracted with his meal in his wild state. Once they reached the door, Tabitha quickly pulled Allan through, M&M members quickly slamming the metal door back on as one of them used fire to seal it before Michael figured anything was going on. "Allan." The Warden spoke, staring down at him. "Are you alright?" She asked, quickly glancing at him in search of any wounds. "Michael didn't hurt you, did he?"

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(Was that the goriest post I've ever seen??? Probably not.)


Allan kept firing, trying to get away from the werehyena, but every time he would get away, the suspect would only come back to attack. The werehyena roared, suddenly pouncing at Allan, but Michael had gotten up, and tackled the werehyena down. What stemmed from that was a bloody, gory mess, all in front of Allan's eyes. His hands shook, bile in his throat, his gun falling to the ground, pupils shrunk, face pale. A hand came over his mouth, Allan bursting back to life, putting his hands up and pushing back, only to realize it was Tabitha. Allan pushed her hand off his mouth, before she took his hand, leading him out of the place. M&M members quickly closing the metal door, sealing it.

"Allan." The Warden stare down at him.

"Are you alright?" She asked, glancing at him in search of any wounds.

"Michael didn't hurt you, did he?"

Tabitha placed her arm around Allan as he just began sobbing uncontrollably. The Warden took a deep breath, remembering what Jacabo told her about the fact that humans are fragile people. 

"Tabitha, take him back to M&M please, quickly." The Warden instruct.

"Yes ma'am." Tabitha nod, gently leading Tabitha along. 

Tabitha and Allan rode back together.

"He hurt you, didn't he?" Tabitha asked her eyes on the road.

Allan nod. Bruises from Michael's hands on his arms, a gash on his head from Michael slamming his head into the concrete, he probably had a concussion. 

"I'm not forgiving him for doing that to you Allan. I don't care is he was drugged. He knows better." Tabitha hissed, stepping on the gas.

"Tabitha." Allan rasped. 

Tabitha looked over at Allan for a second, who held up the vial of white liquid. 

"I have the cure." Allan whispered.

"How did you even?? Allan, you are amazing!" Tabitha smiled bright, pulling into M&M. 

She took Allan straight to Ryder, and alert The Warden and Evington that Allan had the cure. 

Back with Ryder, Allan sat upon a bed as Ryder wrapped a bandage around the gash on Allan's head.

"Michael did this to you?" Ryder was a little shocked himself. 

"And a werehyena...and I fell down some stairs." Allan was grim in his words.

Ryder nodded in understanding. 

"Ryder, I can't...I can't face him." Allan shook his head, his eyes still watery. 

Ryder looked down, his eyes meeting Allan's. 

"And that is okay."

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Ryder fixed Allan right up. "You'll need some rest, you definitely deserve it. Forget about filling reports or any of that sort, alright? You have to rest up and recover first and foremost." Ryder insisted. He paused for a moment. Whatever Allan had seen was worse than before. Worse than being tortured by that cult, or even being forced to fight for his life. He had seen the true, raw nature of what they all were now, and once long ago; monsters. "It's ok to be afraid, Allan." Ryder said, frowning at him. "I'm sorry that you've had to suffer all of this. You're one of the strongest humans I've ever met, you know?" Ryder said, gently rubbing Allan's head. "You should head back to your dorm and rest, if you feel comfortable enough to do so. If you want to remain here, you're more than welcome." Ryder said, stepping away as he finished bandaging Allan up. "Nothing too serious. You'll be healed up in no time." Ryder said with a soft smile. Meanwhile the Warden had closed off the scene, quickly having her teams to gather the evidence and information from the lab. They managed to tame Michael with a special cocktail of tranquilizers long enough to transfer him into the deepest part of the base, with the toughest security possible until they could replicate the antidote for all of the infected monsters. Soon, there was a knock on the door, the Warden stepping into the infirmary. "Is Allan still here? I wish to take him back to the office for some questioning about the events." The Warden said. Almost defensively, Ryder quickly got in between the Warden and the doorway that led to the back room where Allan sat. His front hoof tapped on the floor unhappily as he crossed his arms. "He is not well, Warden. He was just dragged from medical leave and thrown right back in like a rat to a snake." Ryder insisted, tapping his hoof even harder. "He should be left to recover at the very least 24 hours." He insisted. The Warden glared. "That is too long of a time, and you know that. This is our job, Ryder." "This is a job that is meant for monsters, not humans! You can't treat him like another one of your men and beat him like a dog, especially after what he has gone through. He should've had more time to recover." "He is the only human we have in this department, he had to do his work, and he did." "And you wonder why we don't have humans in this department when you treat them like mules!" "Step down before I make you, Ryder."

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"I'm staying here, Ryder." Allan insist, looking at him straight in the eyes.

"I know that Michael and the other people affected were drugged...but knowing that anybody in this building could turn into that at a moments notice leaves a pit in my chest. I've seen monsters act out before, but what my partner did back there was something I had never seen from a monster." Allan was dead serious, trying to explain to Ryder his concern. 

Ryder looked down at Allan. 

"I understand, Allan. There is not much I can say to the Warden nor Evington...but I promise if you need someone to talk to, I am here." Ryder reassured him, letting him rest. 

It was about two hours later when the Warden knocked at the door, stepping into the infirmary. 

"Is Allan still here? I wish to take him back to the office for some questioning about the events."

Allan heard The Warden, sluggishly getting out of the bed he lay in, walking over and standing in front of the door long enough to hear Ryder defending him. Once The Warden threatened him, Allan threw open the door. 

"I'll go with her, Ryder." he stepped out from behind Ryder. 

"However...Warden I don't know exactly what rules you are entitled to follow when it comes to the health of your workers, but I am going to go out of my way to let you know that I do not appreciate the way that you have pulled me out of medical leave and threw me right back into a dangerous situation that hurt me once again. If I didn't know better, it almost looks like you're putting me into situations that could kill me so you could get rid of me. Did I know that I was going to be attacked by a werehyena? No. But you want to know what I did know? That either me or Michael was going to die today. Before I left, I was approached by a reaper who warned me of the death of me or Michael. I could have died today and you wouldn't have thought twice about loosing your only human. You could have lost your best detectives Warden without even thinking twice about that. You need to pay better attention to the missions you are sending people out on. Do you want to know why so many of your detectives are ending up dead? Because you are not properly assessing the danger of the situations you are sending your workers out on." Allan took a breathe. 

"Now you will listen to me. Take me down to see Michael and administer some of the cure to him. I need to have a word with him, and then I will allow you to question me. However, after that, you will leave both me and Michael alone, and once he is stable, you will take him out of confinement." Allan point a finger at The Warden.

"Excuse me now." he stepped out of the way of Ryder and Warden, stepping outside.  

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The Warden glared at Allan, but remained quiet as she allowed him to speak his mind. Once he was done and stepped out of the room, the Warden slammed a fist into the nearest wall, creating a large hole that penetrated into the earth beyond it. "You have to fix that now, you know." Ryder hummed. "I'll send the clean up crew." The Warden hissed. Ryder hummed, walking back to his desk. "You have to admit, he's one of the bravest humans we've ever had." Ryder said. The Warden glanced up, glaring at Ryder. "That child has no idea what our members go through. He speaks tough for someone who's dealt with minimal cases-!" "Not minimal for a human." Ryder reminded her, shaking his head. "Whatever." The Warden huffed. "We needed a human for this case, he was there, he did his job. He needs to step up to his plate and suck it up." The Warden said, turning away as she stepped out of the office. She met up with Allan, quickly taking him to the elevator. While on the elevator, she pressed a button, which opened up a small panel with a scanner. She leaned in, opening her eye as the scanner scanned her eye. "Identification Verified: Welcome back, Warden." The robotic voice spoke, a new panel opening up next to the row of buttons to show a hidden section of buttons. The Warden pressed one of them and the elevator took them down. "We have managed to create duplicates of the cure. However, we have to make sure that they are 100% effective, and thus everyone is going to be held in quarantine until we can be sure that they won't be turning back." The Warden explained. The doors opened as they stepped into one of the secret levels of the base. Staff members saluted as the Warden passed by, leading Allan along. This place seemed to be a research facility, much bigger and for more serious cases than what Ryder took upstairs. Above their heads were water tubes where aquatic workers swam from one place to another. They walked past rooms, some with windows that let view of the inside to see members decked with protection as they worked on different stuff. The Warden led Allan to a guarded room, walking inside as Michael sat on a chair with different staff members checking for different facts on him. He had been bathed and cleaned up, now wearing a white t-shirt, white shorts, and no shoes. "Chemical levels low. Brian activity normal." One of them said, noting it down on an electric pad. Michael glanced up, his eyes gleaming once he saw Allan. "Allan!" He said, hurrying over to hug him.

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As Allan wait outside for the Warden, he heard her slam her fists into the wall. He couldn't help but snicker. Allan was right, and that drove Warden up the wall. 

"That is understandable. Under quarantine shouldn't be too long though." Allan warned. 

The Warden let out a frustrated growl. It was a miracle she didn't rip him apart herself. Allan was lead to a secret level of the headquarters, something only a few regular employees got to see. He kept his wonder in and was only focused on seeing Michael. The Warden lead him into a guarded room, and there Michael was. He was cleaned up, wearing something unusual for him to be wearing, and his brain activity was normal. Normal enough to were Michael thought it was a good idea to come up and hug Allan. Allan only shortly returned the hug. 

"Michael! You are alright...thank goodness." Allan looked up at him, quickly getting on his toes and pecking Michael on the lips shortly. 

"That was because I was worried and an apology for having to hurt you..." Allan then backed off Michael, his worried eyes turning sharp.

He then swung his hand back, and bitch slapped the shit out of him. A couple of the guards made audible gasp, The Warden's eyebrows raising. 

"And that, was because you made me hurt you, because you worried me, and because you f**king hurt me, Michael. Didn't you promise never to hurt me again? Listen I do not care if you were out of control, you held back enough to not rip my head off, but you didn't hold back when you were slamming me against concrete and leaving bruises on my arms." Allan lowered his voice significantly, "This can't keep happening between us love, and trust me, if we were in private right now I don't know if I'd push you on the ground out of rage or out of passion". 

"Your actions have consequences, Michael. I'll give you the rest of your quarantine time to think about them too." Allan whispered, turning on his heel back to the Warden. 

"Thank you, Warden." he nod his head slightly to her. 

"Are you done then...?" The Warden asked slowly. 

"Yes ma'am." 

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When Allan pecked him on the lips, Michael felt like he could be floating. If he had a working heart, it would be speeding. However all of that slammed to a halt after he was slapped across the face by him. Michael listened, frowning as he glanced at Allan's bandages. His stomach sunk, almost shirnking at Allan's understandable anger. "...you're right." Michael whispered. "I'm...sorry." Michael said, looking at Allan as he backed away, taking his seat on the chair again. The staff looked at each other with wide eyes as they glanced from Allan to Michael and then at the Warden. The Warden cleared her throat. "Right, let us get going then. You'll give a formal statement and be left to rest until you're better enough to return to the field." The Warden said, leading Allan out as they stepped out of the room. Michael stared down. Allan was right. Actions have consequences. Maybe he had been a vampire for too long to forget the importance of it. Being part of the M&M meant that everyone was strong. That the limits were almost non-existent as long as it meant to get the job done. Where partners were partnered up to balance each other out and keep each other in check. Human thought and opinion wasn't exactly put into thought when considering the restrictions, despite its name. The M&M's job was to be a force between the existence of humanity and monsters. To keep monsters from being a danger to the world, and humans from ever finding out. Allan...was the first human in a long time, and one who had begun to open the eyes for him about the operations of the M&M. "(I'm so sorry...Allan...)" Michael thought, gritting his teeth. He had much to learn. "Ready to sleep? We will be monitoring you. We just need to make sure that it doesn't surge back up." One of the scientists asked. Michael nodded. "...yeah."




"Well, that was a waste." "Honestly." "It's fine. This has given us a nice opening for us. The M&M will be busy fixing their members. We shall take this chance to plant our cards." "Think we can actually do it?" "Of course. The city shall fall to monsters."




Rumors spread fast in this department. One in particular, had members divided. Many spoke of the relationship between Allan and Michael, the unusual pair and partners of the M&M. One version of the rumor spoke how the two were in an apparent romantic relationship. Another version, however, also spoke of the human's temper and control over the vampire. Some simply waved it off as rumors and went on with their day, while others began to form darker thoughts over the situation, the prejudice against humans beginning to stir within some members. "What does he think he is?" "So anyone paired up with the human now has to play the bodyguard card?" "Just because he's human he thinks he can do whatever he wants?" They were only rumors, of course, but every rumor always had its side effects. Maybe Allan noticed a few odd looks from other members. Maybe even a few actions...like tripping him while walking down a hallway. Little, but annoying, things. Whatever he was doing currently would have been paused due to an incoming message.


To: Allan


Allan, come by my office when you can. We have a case for you.


- Warden

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Was Allan satisfied with how Michael reacted to his harsh words and punishment he bestow among him? Somewhat. He was also questioning his decisions. For sure he was questioning things when a couple of nights later, Theodosia came to Allan boasting about rumors that had been spread along other monsters...about him. Though Allan had not pay much heed to monsters avoiding him, he was not quite sure why. Tabitha would still sit with him, but other monsters began to even leave Tabitha. The morning he got a message from the Warden to go see him was a bit of an off morning. First of all, a monster deliberately tried tripping him with a flick of their tail, and if Allan was not quick on his feet like he is, he would have dropped his breakfast everywhere. He sat down where he usually sits with Tabitha, and saw her come in, and even waved slightly at her, smiling, but she did not wave back. Allan's face dropped when Tabitha turned away and sat down with other people instead of him. Allan sat alone for the first time during his employment in M&M. Draven and Michael were still in confinement. Other monsters were shunning him. It is quite sad when the only person who wants to associate with you is a damn ghost. 

Allan picked at his eggs before him, in absolute silence. 

"You're not going to get bigger if you don't eat and drink your milk~" 

Theodosia popped her ghostly head up from in front of Allan's plate, floating to the chair in front of him. 

"Now you really see it, dont ya?" she asked, looking around. 

Allan nodded, his eyes burning a hole in the back of Tabitha's head. 

"At least you have me~!" Theodosia got in Allan's line of vision. 

Allan's phone went off as soon as Theodosia was done getting all in Allan's face.


To: Allan


Allan, come by my office when you can. We have a case for you.


- Warden


Allan stood up. 

"I have to go to the Warden." he sighed. 

"I'll be around~" Theodosia vanished back into the floor of the mess hall. 

Allan threw away his food and began heading over to the Wardens office, knocking on her door softly.

"It's Othello." he introduced. 

"Come on in." she instructed, turning around in her chair to face Allan. 

"Load it on me, Warden. What are we dealing with now?" 

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The Warden glanced at Allan, wasting no time. "Something we want to stop before it gets out of hand." The Warden says as she pushed a couple of envelopes towards him. "For months, there has been suspicious activity of what is suspected to be gang related. A couple of people showing up at different places, talking to different people, most of them young high school students, asking them to join some kind of group, not giving any details unless they accepted. At first it was responsibility of the local police to investigate this through. However, after further inquiry, we have discovered a crucial link in between them all; every single one of the individuals encountered were of Supernatural origin. After the events with the illness, the sightings have only increased, as well as their apparent sign painted all around downtown." The Warden said, showing photos of graffiti that spelled TCO in different colors with an X around the O. The Warden leaned in. "They are aware of the M&M, and have seen to been able to avoid us. So, as a human, you should be able to tail them without any trouble." The Warden said as she opened up a file. "You will be tailing our best lead; a 16 year old demon by the name of Ryu Santos. He was approached by one of them and actually accepted their offer. Though he has been interviewed, we haven't been able to get him to say anything. So instead, we hope that if he thinks that we're off his back, he will continue on to meet with this group and lead us to someone we can actually get information out of." The Warden said, staring down at the photo of the child. "You are to follow his every move for the next 24 hours. You must not be compromised before we get what we need out of him. Am I understood?"

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Following a demon in a human environment without being caught. Allan looked down at the file, picking it up and a smile creeping onto his face. This is what he needed. Time out and away from M&M and doing something fun like tailing behind some kid all day. He wasn't just going to follow this kid everywhere, he was going to have some fun with following this kid everywhere, even if it involved spending money to change his looks every three hours or so, coming up with a ridiculous name, and hoping like hell he isn't caught. 

"You are fully understood." He took the files, dismissing himself from the Warden's office. He scurried up to his room the grab the suitcase M&M gave him, storing the files in there after looking at them a bit longer. 

The schools weren't out yet. He had about thirty minutes to get downtown and to the school the boy attended, and hopefully, he should be there in time for them to let out, so Allan could tail him. This mission would be so much easier if he had someone supernatural who could differ humans from supernaturals but somebody was too busy sulking than helping. This was fine. Allan left M&M as soon as he could, driving into downtown, parking in another parking deck, though the stakes were high, this might be the most normal mission he has ever been on. He stopped in front of the gates to Mr. Santos's school, closing his eyes for a second, and just listening. He opened them to check his clock. A part of him missed just being a semi-normal kid, but that was something that couldn't come back. His head turned to the school as the final bell rang, and just seconds later, students came filing out, Allan's eyes scanning and scanning for Ryu Santos, and the boy literally and figuratively slipped past him. Allan caught the side of his face fly past him, several other students following him. If he had blinked, Allan probably would have missed him. A smile crept onto his face. Time to follow this poor little demon until something interesting happens. 




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