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...The Beginning...The Decline of Hyrule...The Twilight Realm...A New World...and...The Unknown Timeline...together, these five timelines make up the history of the Kingdom of Hyrule, as well, as The Legend of Zelda...but, what if i were to tell you that there was a sixth timeline? one not recorded in the annals of history? take a step back, sit down and listen...for what i am about to tell you is the truth and nothing but but the truth, about the history of the royal family of Hyrule...and...its failed accursed bloodline history over the ages...for this is: The Legend of Zelda: Bloodline of the Failed.








The story of Bloodline of the Failed takes place in a parallel world/alternate dimension setting of Hyrule, where here, the world that would become the kingdom of Hyrule has just been created by the three Golden Goddesses: Din of Power, Nayru of Wisdom and Farore of Courage...after creating the kingdom, the three goddesses had decided to settle down among their creations that were the races of the Hylians, the Kokiris, the Gorons, the Zoras, the Sheikahs, the Gerudos, the Ritos and the Koroks, taking on Human forms and residing among all of the many different races that live across their entire newly created world...however, despite bestowing free will and choice among all the races, disputes started to grow between them and thus, this had led to war between the races, a giant conflict that would become known, as the "War of Species"...the war lasted for many, many years...claiming many lives...in order to finally halt this war both once and for all, Din, Nayru and Farore had agreed to all combine their powers one last time into one final singular creation that they had dubbed the Triforce with which had the power to stop the war and bring together all of the races of Hyrule under one banner, indeed, this had worked and all of the peoples of Hyrule became united, as one that would become known, as the "Republic Alliance", the government order that would ensure peace, harmony, stability, balance and above all else, equality would reign supreme for the next 3999 years, however...because of creating the Triforce in order to end the war, Din, Nayru and Farore had revealed themselves, as goddesses and thus, forced themselves into hiding under new guises, hoping and praying that they would never, ever be discovered...it had appeared, as though they had vanished from off the face of Hyrule itself, nevertheless...the goddesses were still an acting force and from behind the scenes of the Republic Alliance, they had whispered into each of the respective diplomatic leaders of all the races of Hyrule that a constitutional monarchy be formed, in order to safeguard the Triforce from the both eyes and hands of those that would seek to use it for evil...they chose from a mere peasant family to serve, as the royal family of Hyrule that would act, as the guardians to the Triforce and keep it safe, the head of the family back then was known, as Zelda and thus, in her honour, it would be decreed that all of the future daughters of Zelda's family would be named after her, to serve, as a reminder of the task that the family was given, to protect the Triforce...staying true to the wishes of the people who did not want to see war again, the royal family had kept their word and had served to govern over the Republic Alliance, keeping peace across the entire kingdom of Hyrule and hiding away the Triforce so that its power may never be used to bring about both chaos and despair the likes of which no one should ever bare witness to...in the current both present and time, the people of all over Hyrule are now celebrating the eve of the year 4000 since Hyrule was first established, to honour this momentous occasion, the king of Hyrule named "Finnius Alfsgard Rokin Hyrule the 3rd" has decreed that an event called "The Tournament of the Sword" be held and whoever should win the tournament would be dubbed, as all of Hyrule's greatest swordsman in all of the ages, past, present and future alike and also, be granted an audience with the king himself and his daughter, the current Princess Zelda...wanting to impress the Princess that he has loved since childhood and has only gazed at her from afar, a young blacksmith's apprentice who goes by the name of Link decides to enter the tournament without his both master and caretaker's permission, take up a fine crafted sword and enter the tournament, to compete among Hyrule's best of the best swordsmen, as he enters the tournament, he is gifted with tournament wear outfits that says like all other combatants, he must wear both a green tunic and a green cap to show that he is participating, although Link does not think much of the look, he nevertheless decides to wear it, determined to meet Princess Zelda no matter what despite appearances, for Link truly believed within his heart that it is what is inside that counts and not just the outside alone, now prepped and ready with sword in hand and wearing his green combat wear, Link enters the tournament, but, as he advances past the preliminaries and all the way to the 1st quarterfinals match, Link, alongside the princess, senses both something ominous and very dangerous lurking about the tournament grounds being held in front of Hyrule Castle at the very heart of all of the kingdom itself, they sense it in the form of a both very strange and very mysterious young man who calls himself "Ghys" and that Ghys is known by his epitaph throughout Hyrule, as the "Shade Swordsman", due to his apparent use of shadowy magic, combining it with his sword skills, hence the title...Link does not trust Ghys but nevertheless persists onward, as both he and Ghys eventually face each other off in the finals of the tournament and now, here is where our story begins...what will happen? pray tell? only time and answers will say, as we now divulge into the story of The Legend of Zelda: Bloodline of the Failed.




What does everybody think? should this Role-Play go ahead?

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