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Loonatics Unleashed-Ace Unbound.

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An idea for a TV Special Movie for the old Animated, Anime inspired TV series, Loonatics Unleashed.


The story of Ace Unbound takes place exactly one month after the events of the season 2 finale, in which Deuce was defeated and banished from planet Blanc, of which became the new headquarters for the Loonatics, enabling them to help others by traveling throughout the entire cosmos using Blanc's warp-gates, however, although this has put more duties on the Loonatics, it also means that they are feeling the pressure from it, especially their leader Ace who is still recovering from his final showdown with Deuce, meanwhile, in another part of the galaxy, a scarred Deuce is seen reporting to a new master who calls himself "Omnigeddon" and that "Omni" for short has become intrigued by the Loonatics, namely Ace after hearing the stories about him saving Acmetropolis and of how he bested Deuce in combat using the Guardian Strike Sword very fluently, it turns out that Deuce's master plan for using Blanc before was one reason so that he could challenge both the power and might of Omni but after failing to acquire Blanc's power, Deuce found himself crawling before Omni's doorstep and he proceeded to brutally torture Deuce, leaving half of his body made entirely with cybernetic body part enhancements for replacements, to remind Deuce who is truly the one with the power and is in charge, wanting to know more about the Loonatics, Omni sends his elite guard called the "Dark Six" to attack Acmetropolis and provoke a reaction from the Loonatics, thus setting the stage for the story that is about to begin...


(Should i continue writing for any Loonatics fans here on KH13?).

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