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"...There are many stories that are engraved in the "Tomes of Hyrule", the story of Time, the story of Twilight, the story of the Sky, so on, so forth...but not one such, as this story, the story...of Stories themselves..."






A brave and heroic soul, only 19 years of young age, on a destined mission to save his Princess Zelda from the fiendish hands of an evil jester planning to use her for dastardly and nefarious schemes, wielding trusty sword and shield in his hands and with his noble steed Epona by his side, Link travels the land of Hyrule, in search of answers...


2-Princess Zelda:


The beautiful princess that governs over all of the fair kingdom of Hyrule, her beauty is unbound, also is her charisma and her love for the people living in Hyrule, doing everything in her power daily to make the lives of everyone all the more better, even taking on their hardships by herself alone, not asking for the help of others, as she believes it would ill befit her status, as a royal ruler of Hyrule that must be responsible for keeping everything in check, she and Link were raised, as childhood friends and when the Princess is snatched away by a fiendish jester, it is up to Link in order to save her but where can she possibly be? has she disappeared? possibly from the face of the entire kingdom of Hyrule? for good? only the future will tell...


3-Demon Jester: Ghys the Wizzard:


A former carpenter's apprentice turned renegade of Hyrule, he previously fled the kingdom only to now return and seek dark powers that would help him seize control over all the land, he poses, as a normal jester in order to appeal to Princess Zelda, only to ultimately kidnap her and use her to fuel the flames of the conflict that was about to begin, why is he doing these evil things? what are his motives? none can tell for now, only that a blazing fire of hatred burns deep within the very pupils of his two eyes...


Prologue: A Jester, a Princess and a Hero respectively-Start:


"...In the fair land of Hyrule, the governess of its kingdom, the equally fair and just Princess Zelda rules over all with a compassionate hand, but...those that lead with compassion, are often blind by it...a both strange and mysterious jester who goes by the name of "Wizzard" appears before the princess and her court, offering amusing parlor tricks of magic, at first, the princess is amused by this Wizzard's talents, however...the Wizzard soon pulls a dark hand, as he pulls out a robe coloured in the deepest shade of black, as black, as night itself and with it, he places the robe over the princess and after taking the robe off her head just, as quickly, as he placed it upon her...she vanished, by doing this, the Wizzard let out an evil cackle that echoed throughout all of the castle town of Hyrule, his both wicked and cruel laughter frightening all who heard it, the princess' council of aids and guards that just stood by and had watched the Wizzard snatch their beloved princess away from them quickly grew angry and took up arms against the Wizzard, however, using his dark arts, the Wizzard managed to escape their grasp but not before declaring that soon...very soon...all of the kingdom of Hyrule would be his and nothing would be able to stop him, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING...just before the Wizzard had made his getaway, he was left a scar across his right cheek by one of the young guardsmen, this guardsmen was named Link and he was a childhood friend of the princess Zelda's, after having scarred his both "pure" and "beautiful" skin, the Wizzard declared angry vengeance upon Link, saying that he would not rest until he saw the young lad dead at the jester's point boots and with that being lastly said, Wizzard had escaped, leaving naught a trace and everyone, in pure and utter silence, having failed, to protect their beloved ruler from having been snatched away by the hands of pure evil itself...


Not long after a timely and huge debate among the princess' council, the personal adviser to the princess herself named Impa had decreed to all those within Hyrule Castle's boundaries that no one outside it would learn of Zelda's abduction and that if the truth were to ever get out, there would be sheer chaos among the masses of all the citizens and species living within the kingdom, unable to accept this decision made by the council, the young Link storms off and dons his family's sacred garments, a green tunic and cap that have been said to have been passed down to Link's family by the royal family of Hyrule since the dawning of the kingdom's foundation, it is said that Link's family are the direct descendants of the royal hero, guardian and protector of all of Hyrule who has long since guarded the land at the side of the goddess Hylia herself, taking up the mantles of his heroic family's ancient past, Link intends to set forth out across Hyrule's borders, find the Wizzard and rescue the kidnapped Zelda who he had made a promise long ago that he swore that he would protect her, no matter what, however...Impa quickly caught wind of Link's plot and had forbade him from leaving the castle grounds, upon seeing the fire within the youth's eyes that he would set out no matter who stood in his way, trying to convince him otherwise...Impa sighed and had decided to bequeath Link the royal family's Hylian Shield and a sword crafted by the finest blacksmith in all of Hyrule itself, she entrusted Link with the task to save Zelda and bring her back to the kingdom, in the meantime, the council will use a very convincing double of Zelda to convince the people that all is well and that Link must find Zelda before the people start to figure out the true identity of the double and with that, Link sets out on his new adventure upon his trusty horse steed Epona who both Link and Zelda raised together when they were kids.


To point Link in the 1st direction of his quest, Impa advises Link to go and find a both strange and mysterious hermit who goes by the name of "Muto" that lives in the Lost Woods of Hyrule just north of castle town, Impa reveals to Link that Muto was once a carpenter for the royal family of Hyrule but for both strange and mysterious reasons, he left behind everything and had decided that he would take up refuge within the Lost Woods, if Link was to know more about Muto personally, he would have to ask the man himself upon meeting him, just before setting off, Impa pleads with Link to rescue Zelda, as Zelda has been like a daughter to Impa ever since she was just a child when she lost both her mother and later her father, Impa has been Zelda's caretaker since those early days and has watched her grow up to become a beautiful, dignified and respectable woman that has become capable of leading an entire kingdom, not only that, Impa has watched Link grow, as well and has seen him becoming the rising young star among all of the cadets in the Hyrule royal army, now he has become more then just that, he is a young man and he will do all within his power, wisdom and courage respectively, to do what it takes to save the Princess Zelda, after hearing Impa's words of insperation, Link finally begins his journey, heading out onward towards the Lost Woods, where lives Muto the hermit, just who exactly is this hermit and what is history with the royal family? find out, in The Legend of Zelda: Story of the World.".


Prologue: A Jester, a Princess and a Hero respectively-Concluded.


Chapter I: Muto: The Hermit of the Lost Woods-Start:


"Link journeys across Hyrule upon Epona, his noble steed until finally, he reaches the upper northern borders of Hyrule, here are the grounds of the Lost Woods, said to be the home to an ancient earth spirit, as Link enters the woods, he and Epona are separated from one another through the workings of a bleak, misty fog, approaching from inside the fog itself are monsters, the likes of which Link has never encountered before, at first he is frightened, unable to move in their presence, as suddenly, they swing their weapons down upon him, knocking him unconscious, just when it seems that they were about to eat him, appearing from out of nowhere was a cloaked warrior wielding a Bo staff, he used his staff and his superior skill with it to defeat two of the monsters, causing the rest of them to flee in fear, just before Link fully passes out, he sees the cloaked warrior use his staff to draw both mystical and magical energy from the defeated monsters, afterwards, Link's consciousness blurs...


Upon awaking, Link finds Epona resting by his side and that a fire is burning in front of him, he and Epona and resting back up on the side of an old tree that has Autumn coloured leaves compared to the rest of the trees Link sees out in front of him, spreading far and wide, as the eyes that can see, making his entrance then was the cloaked warrior, asking Link how is he currently feeling now? Link merely shrugs his shoulder a bit before patting Epona and then asking the cloaked warrior who is he? he has never seen the kind of weapon that he wields before in Link's entire lifetime, it is then that the cloaked warrior reveals himself under the hood of his cloak and his name to be Kilik, other then that, nothing matters, he came to the kingdom of Hyrule in search of something and believes that he can find it here in the Lost Woods, for some reason, Link seems vaguely familiar to Kilik but he cannot ascertain the reason, as to why, nevertheless, Link nearly got himself killed back in the situation that he was, Kilik asks Link why is he all the way out here in the woods? Link reveals his intentions and that he is searching for the hermit named Muto, Kilik understands Link's situation and that he knows of Muto, Kilik will lead Link to Muto but only on one condition: Link must learn how to balance the terror of his soul within him, Link doesn't understand but Kilik picks up his staff and tells Link that he will through a sparring match with the former, Kilik asks Link to take up his sword and shield and fight Kilik, Link is hesitant at first but then agrees to Kilik's odd request, deciding to fight him without holding back, as Kilik also asks of Link, during the spar, Link uses all of the moves he had learned at the Hyrule royal knights academy for cadets against Kilik, however, the latter proves superior to Link and knocks him both down and backwards each and every single time, Kilik reveals to Link that the reason he was unable to defend himself against the monsters from previously and because Link is losing to Kilik now is because Link's soul is unbalanced, it has become wrought with terror inside and unless Link can master that terror and in turn his soul, he should never be allowed to wield a weapon, he must learn to think outside of the box when confronted with new things of the unknown kind, Link is shocked to hear these words from Kilik, causing Link himself to ponder on these words, just before Kilik decides Link and Epona alone with the fire nearly dying out, Kilik gives Link one last piece of advice before leaving and that is to seek courage within his heart, courage will determined whether or not Link is a true warrior at the core of his soul, suddenly, the fire dies out, Kilik disappears into the fog and, as if nothing had ever happened beforehand, Link and Epona find themselves right outside the entrance to the Lost Woods, Link clutching his fist, taking note that what had transpired did actually transpire and was not an illusion of the mind, deciding to restart his journey into the woods from scratch, this time, Link leaves Epona outside the woods for her protection, not wanting to put her in danger again or get separated from her and Link then slowly enters the woods, he finds himself in the bleak, misty fog again and approaching him are the very same monsters that had attacked him from before, as Link finds himself cowering again, his left hand suddenly grows bright, as bright, as the very sun itself and then Link is transported to a realm of the mind, here he sees a symbol of three glowing golden triangles on-top of one another and, as they shine bright right in front of him, engulfing Link in their sacred light, he suddenly wakes up back in the real world to see that he is about to be attacked by one of the monsters, he quickly draws his sword and with it, stabs the monster at its beating heart, the monster dies and falls to the ground, causing the other monsters to be in shock and grow defensive around Link, preparing to fight them, the glow from Link's left hand had disappeared, leaving Link to fight the monsters in the glow's wake, after defeating them all, they all fade away into shadow before finally disappearing into bright light, Kilik then reappears and congratulates Link, revealing to him that he has now started to awaken to the bloodline of a true hero but in order to be fully tested, Kilik will await Link at the temple buried deep within the heart of the Lost Woods, there Link will find a key to find what, especially who he is looking for and with that, Kilik disappears but not before lifting the veil upon the Lost Woods, releasing all of the mist that was surrounding the entire woods into particles of the sun, the woods were now unclouded and in their true form, they resembled a giant jungle full of giant plants and beautiful flora, the true name of the Lost Woods is Faron Woods and it is here that Link must face the first of many trials, this was only the 1st step in his adventure, the real trials...were now about to begin...


Epona reappears and riding upon her throughout the jungle like setting, Link comes across a giant treetop house surrounded by a small lake, here, he meets an old man fishing, telling Link to go away and that he was busy fishing for a rare kind of fish, Link believing that the only way to get the old man's attention was to return back to Hyrule castle town and by himself a Fishing Rod for 50 Rupees, after buying the Fishing Rod, Link proceeded to return to Faron Woods and fish where the old man was, there Link caught himself the rare fish the old man was looking for, the old man had decided to reward Link by allowing him into his home, here, Link met with the old man and had discovered that he was the one Impa mentioned that Link should look for, he was Muto, the legendary carpenter of Hyrule's royal family, Muto reveals that he has abandoned that name and has instead taken up a new identity, he now calls himself "Saharahl" and that he likes to refer to himself, as the old hermit forgotten by time, Link wishes to know on what connections that Saharahl has to the royal family, namely Zelda so that Link can find both her and her kidnapper Wizzard, upon hearing Wizzard's name being mentioned, Saharahl decides to test Link by having him prove his worth in the nearby temple located not too far away from Saharahl's house, it is known, as the Temple of Time and if Link can defeat all of the monsters infesting the temple grounds, maybe then Saharahl will reveal to Link what he wants to know, agreeing to Saharahl's terms albeit begrudgingly, Link heads for the Temple of Time but not before Saharahl hands Link a miniature Gossip Stone, through the powers of the mystical stone can Link communicate with Saharahl and vice versa, to enter the temple grounds, Link must first swim under the giant huge bolder blocking the main passage, lucky for Link, Saharahl has on him a pair of Zora fins he can use which he is willing to exchange...for at least 100 Rupees, spending the last of his money on the fins, Link heads to the temple and enters it, inside he discovers both ancient and sacred carvings of old Hyrule's past, it describes how there was once a legendary hero draped in the greenest of green cloths and that by wielding a mighty sword of evil's bane was he able to cast down a legendary pure evil of the highest dark powers imaginable to man, as Link journeys further through the temple, he finds at its center Kilik waiting for him, Kilik reveals to Link that ever since he cleared the trial of the fog has he been waiting for him, to test him and to see his true might, as both a swordsman and a hero, to see how far he has come in the very short amount of time that he has had since then, Link then engages Kilik in battle, as the titled "Soul of Valor-Kilik", after beating Kilik in a serious battle of weapons, Kilik is impressed by the courage Link has obtained since their last meeting and congratulates him on evolving further, as a warrior in his own right but his story will not end simply by just saving the one most precious to him and with that, Kilik starts to fade away into particles of light, regrettably saying that he could not find what he was looking for but that he is glad...glad to have passed on knowledge to Link that will help him in his future and should they ever meet again, Kilik hopes that they will have a battle, one where Link has earned the title of true hero, Kilik lastly reveals that the last monster infesting the temple should be located down beneath below the center in which he and Link are currently standing and if Link truly wants to fight and defeat that monster, he should obtain the item that is within this room, it should appear once Kilik has disappeared, as apparently his existence is what is causing it to not appear, by disappearing and returning back to his own dimension, the item should reappear from out of the pockets of time and give Link an added strength in order to fully fight the last monster head on, Kilik makes his final entrance, praising Link and wishing him good fortune on his quest hence forth.


Link sees Kilik disappear and thanks him silently for the knowledge he has passed on to Link, giving him the courage to learn and move forward with said courage in hand, Link obtains the item that appears in Kilik's disappearance and it is revealed to be the Bow of the Legendary Hero, using the Bow, Link is able to cut down vines all around the temple that were blocking paths to further routes and eventually he obtains an odd shaped key, shaped like a flower, using the flower key, Link enters a huge dungeon and it is here that he finds the leader of all the monsters haunting the Temple of Time, it is the "Liquid Plant Parasite-ChuBaba", a combination between both a ChuChu and a Deku Baba with a one demonic eye circling around its entire body, Link must use the Bow to hit the eye inside the ChuBaba, as it circles around inside at fast moving paces, difficult for Link to keep track of, after hitting the eyeball, it sinks into poisoned water below and the ChuBaba explodes into multiple ChuChus of different colours, Link must destroy all of the ChuChus before the ChuBaba can regenerate, after all of the ChuChus are defeated, the demonic eyeball is then seen swirling around the poisonous pool of water, shooting forth streams of poisonous water at Link that create more ChuChus, Link must next use the Fishing Rod to fish up the eyeball and finally deal the killing blow, after killing the eyeball, it bounces back and forth until finally it dissolves away into water, leaving both its remains and the remaining ChuChus to transform into shadow that then become particles of light, all of the light particles turn into bits of paper that then combine themselves all into one to form a page of some sort, called the "Page of Farore", Saharahl contacts Link via Gossip Stone and says he will create a portal for Link in which to use to leave the dungeon, a glyph appears beneath Link and sends him straight outside the Temple of Time covered in vines, here awaiting him...is Saharahl, revealing to Link just what exactly he has obtained upon killing the boss of all the monsters inside the temple, they return back to Saharahl's house and reveals everything to Link, of why he abandoned the name Muto and of why he became a hermit living out in Faron Woods...


Muto was once an ordinary carpenter working for the king of Hyrule when he was still alive years ago and during that time, Muto had an apprentice by the name of "Ghys", Ghys was raised by Muto after being found, as an orphan and was to be trained, as a carpenter's apprentice, however...Ghys was not satisfied with being an apprentice and instead, he wanted something else, something more, something...dark and sinister, for after realizing this when Ghys became a young man, Muto could see something within Ghys' eyes, a flame...a flame, of darkness...full of hatred, of malice and of power...Muto argued with Ghys and his dark desires at the time and he thought that he had foolishly expelled them, only to be fooled later on when Ghys had revealed he was only play acting, just to get on Muto's good side until the time was right to strike back, just like a snake, wanting to know more about the royal family of Hyrule and their history, using the carpenter skills he learned from Muto, Ghys was able to finally and secretly unlock a hidden door buried deep within the walls of Hyrule Castle and it was within these walls that Ghys found ancient Sheikah texts that were known, as the Tomes of Hyrule, said to detail every single recorded legend throughout Hyrule's history since its formation, he discovered in one of the tomes called the "Story of Darkness" that there was once a usurper of Hyrule's royal family, his name was "Gaienheim", who would nowadays be better known, as the "Demon Master-Gaienheim", Gaienheim was born into a nobles family branch of the Hyrule royal family and he believed himself that he would be destined to become the next king of Hyrule, however...one born with fairer blood then he was appeared in a separate branch family and after much consideration, that one would become the next ruler of Hyrule with Gaienheim meant to serve, as that one's 2nd in command, not happy with the final outcome, Gaienheim grew mad with power and thus he had prayed to the Triforce of Power, one of the three sacred treasures of the kingdom of Hyrule that were blessed by the three Golden Goddesses: Din, Nayru and Farore and were past on by them to the lesser Goddess Hylia who was the first in the royal bloodline of Hyrule's very long line of rulers, in other-words, Gaienheim's ancestor linked directly by blood more or less, at any rate, Gaienheim had prayed with all his might to the sacred golden triangle of power, hoping that he would be blessed with the very same kind of malevolent and despicable powers that the previous owner of the Triforce of Power once had, allowing him to become a master of demons, by the time the royal family found out what Gaienheim was planning, it was too late, he launched a massive assault full of demonic forces and dark powers upon Hyrule Castle that would become the event recorded in history, as "The Tragedy of Downfall", for a period of time, Gaienheim ruled unchallenged and unmatched until Ten Sages had awoken and with their mighty elemental powers, they sealed Gaienheim in a deep tunnel right just outside the borders of Hyrule on its outskirts, the tunnel connecting Hyrule all across the entire kingdom itself under the whole land's earthen soils, to ensure the seal on Gaienheim remained intact and locked away both safely and securely, five of the sages scattered across Hyrule itself, disguising themselves, as mere peasants living among the rabbles whilst the other five sages decided to take up residence within five temples located around on the kingdom's borders, each of all the ten sages contained a piece of Gaienheim's seal in the forms of three pages, the Page of Farore, the "Page of Nayru" and the "Page of Din", three pieces were torn among the Page of Farore, another three pieces among the Page of Nayru and lastly four pieces among the Page of Din and with this, the seal for Gaienheim was effectively put in place, eternally to last...however, this was not to be, for a naive young scholar had recorded the events of the Tragedy of Downfall within the Tomes of Hyrule and had placed the entry on Gaienheim's existence somewhere within the castle, the secret room which Ghys had now found, however, he was caught in the attempt, forcing him to flee Hyrule for many years...only to return now, under a new guise, yes, it was just, as Link had surmised in that single moment, the Wizzard that had kidnapped Princess Zelda was none other then Ghys himself, having taken on a new form to disguise his appearance from those that would have recognized him and using parlour tricks from dark magic he had learned during his time away from Hyrule to snatch the Princess Zelda away and for whatever reason he is planning to use her for, it is most likely an attempt to revive the Demon Master and be granted almighty power from him, as a loyal servant, Muto felt responsible for Ghys' descent into darkness and thus had requested the king of Hyrule to banish him to the Lost Woods, where he would live out the rest of his entire old life, as the hermit Saharahl, however, the king had given one final task to Muto and that was to take the Story of Darkness that the scholar from years ago had written that Ghys had discovered so that no one just like him would be able to pry their hands on ultimate magic power of the darkest kind and now Link had finally learned what he must do, he must find the ten manuscripts of the ten sages that all together make up the "Tome of the Golden Goddesses" and by keeping that tome by his side at all times would Ghys not be able to claim it and Link would surely find himself being led straight to Zelda, Saharahl will continue to help Link in any and all ways that he can, believing it to be his sworn duty and his final repentance to the late king of Hyrule and to guide Link on the next part of his journey, Link should start off covering all parts of Hyrule and finding the descendants of the ten sages, recalling his words, Saharahl said that five sages disguised themselves among the populaces whilst the other five trained themselves, as monks at five temples, the Temple of Time had one of the ten missing pieces of the three pages of Din, Nayru and Farore, meaning that was the 1st of the five temples, as for the other four, Saharahl knows their locations: the Temple of Fire in Death Mountain, the Temple of Water in Lake Hylia, the Temple of Shadow in Kakariko Village and the Temple of Spirit in Gerudo Desert, these temples hold one piece of the Page of Farore, two pieces of the Page of Nayru and one piece of the Page of Din, Link already has the 1st piece of the Page of Farore, meaning he has two more left to find for that page, Saharahl reveals to Link that deciding on where to go next will be tricky but that he must find all ten pieces of the three pages if he is to stop Ghys, stop Wizzard...Saharahl recommends heading to the Temple of Fire in Death Mountain and the Temple of Water in Lake Hylia first, where pieces of the pages of both Din and Nayru lay buried respectively, so, as to not complicate things by collecting the pages in a random order, seeing it already being very complicated to say in the very least but nevertheless, Link follows the old man's advice and begins setting out forth, the next chapter in his story having already been decided for him, what will await him on his journey across Hyrule? none can say...the future is ever changing and it is up to Link to decide which path he will carve out for himself, in order to save Zelda from the clutches of the evil Wizzard..."


Chapter I: Muto: The Hermit of the Lost Woods-Concluded.


Chapter II: Hard Headed Gorons and Deathly Death Mountain-Start:


"...Three manuscripts...ten pieces...ten sages...five temples...Link surely had his work cut out for him if he was to succeed in his journey to save the beloved Princess Zelda from the wicked hands of the evil Wizzard: Ghys, of whom was trying to somehow resurrect the master of demons: Gaienheim, in order to obtain ultimate power...to stop Ghys' ultimate ambitions from taking place and prevent the return of the Demon Master, Link has to find the ten pieces of the three sacred pages of Din, Nayru and Farore, one piece of which he has already obtained: a piece of the page of Farore, the sacred pages are divided, as the following: three pieces of the page of Farore, another three pieces of the page of Nayru and lastly four pieces of the page of Din, five of these pages are said to be hidden away within five sacred temples within the borders of Hyrule, the Temple of Time, the Temple of Fire, the Temple of Water, the Temple of Shadow and the Temple of Spirit, Link has already traversed the dangers of the Temple of Time and has obtained a piece of the page of Farore, where Link is currently headed is the Death Mountain passed Kakariko Village, the proud mountain is the home to the equally proud but also equally stubborn Goron face that can withstand living within temperatures with very hot degrees, sometimes enough to even kill a normal Human being but not the Gorons, instead, they enjoy lava baths within the fires of the mountain and prefer to immerse themselves in steam saunas, providing the steams are the very best type of fire rocks called "Gorocks", upon interaction with some kind of heat, they can light up even a wood fire within one's home depending on how much heat interacts with the Gorocks, the stone rocks are not to be tampered with so easily and must be handled with great care, otherwise they can literally burn a person holding the rocks in their hands, Link recalls what Saharahl told him before leaving for Death Mountain and that was to find the descendants of the ten sages that kept the ten pieces of the three pages with five of the sages taking their pages deep inside great temples of the elements themselves, Link journeyed into the heart of the Goron civilization, known, as "Gor City", here, he would find the eldest of the Goron and its current tribe leader named "Gogo", Gogo was wise beyond his years and was even friends with the late king of Hyrule, Link pleaded his case with him and Gogo had agreed to hand him the script of Din that the Gorons had within their possession so easily, however, this greatly enraged his son named "Goko" who was non-trustful of outsiders, especially both Hylians and Zoras for that matter, he retells an old war story of the Gorons called the "Mining War of the Goron Mines" and through this story, he reveals that over centuries ago, the Hylians and the Zoras both united, as one and had tried to steal sacred minerals from the Gorons who back then they had labelled, as a barbaric race in order to fuel their own petty forms of greed, Goko and Gogo's great ancestor, said to be the greatest leader and warrior in all of Goron history was named "Goro" and it was by Goro's hands alone that he was able to withstand the might of the Hylian and Zora invaders and keep them away from the Goron Mines after a long period of both strife and hardship, it was because of Goro's heroic actions in defending the treasures of his race that in paying tribute to him, they had honoured him by abandoning their species' previous name and had started calling themselves the Gorons, since then, no one, not even Gogo himself can remember the old name that the Gorons once had, at any rate, after finishing his story, he asks Gogo if he still intends to hand Link the script of Din, Gogo intends to and thus, Goko storms off in a rage and without anyone knowing any better, he stole the script of Din Link was after and headed deep into the Goron Mines where the Temple of Fire was located at its heart, Gogo decides to follow after his son and requests that Link catch up to him when all the proper arrangements have been made to enter into the boiling fires of the temple, Link's quest had just become a lot more tougher...


Link bought with 200 Rupees a metal armour suit called the "Goron Vest", using it, he would be able to withstand the rising heat emitting from the mines, as he entered into the temple, he fought tons of new monsters, some of them fire based, Link had to quickly think and act if he were to survive the fiery onslaught of hell-fire itself, due to the Goron Vest's unique metal material, Link was able to for a few short seconds travel through fire in order to reach other sides that didn't have platforms, as Link made his way through the dungeon, it started to become hotter and hotter, it seemed, as though the Goron Vest would eventually lose its edge if Link didn't hurry and pick up the pace, eventually, Link finally reached the heart of the dungeon to discover Gogo, however...he was acting, peculiar, for some reason, Gogo took up what appeared to be a unique type of Goron martial arts fighting style called "Gorpo" and it was then that he threw away his walking stick and suddenly tried to air kick Link into the wall, catching him off guard, Link now had to face the master of the Gorons himself, "Sage of Fire-Gogo", Gogo was not to be underestimated for despite his heavy physique, it is said that he once fought by the king's side and also, during a sparring match against him, he almost accidentally killed the king, leaving him wounded and bedridden for up to a whole year itself, Saharahl says this to Link via telecommunication, as he was there to witness the whole fight scene, returning his concentration back to the fight, Link had fought with Gogo but was having trouble, Gogo was using hot steam to cover the parts of his body that Link could strike with his sword to defend himself with, using a bottle of spring water he had obtained along the way journeying to Death Mountain, Link had poured the spring water on Gogo's back from behind, causing the heat surrounding him to die down and giving Link the chance for him to hit Gogo with his sword, after regaining his balance, Link was out of spring water but saw that spring water was leaking around the area where both he and Gogo were fighting due to the heat of the volcano causing water buried deep beneath the soil to rise up, using this chance, Link dodge rolled and swooped up more water, poured it on Gogo's spikes on his back and had caused the steam surrounding him to evaporate, finally, as Link was about to hit Gogo one final time, the elderly Goron had knocked Link back, preparing to unleash a final killing move upon him that would utterly knock Link out in one stroke, this move was called "Go-Mokusatsu" which translated, as "Goron-Silence Killing", moving swiftly and gracefully like a swallow, Gogo puts his palms together and had directly attacked Link head on, Link only had one chance, he had to put all of his energy into the Hylian Shield and use to block the Go-Mokusatsu, after struggling to keep in both place and balance, Link eventually halted the Go-Mokusatsu and had used his final sword strike to knock Gogo out of the arena they are currently fighting in into the water that was surrounding the area, as Gogo felt his body hit the water ground, suddenly, he could hear and feel a huge eruption, the spring water created a up-flow from beneath his body and had launched him upwards, knocking him back on his literal back in the center of the stage and causing a small rock from above to hit Gogo on his head, temporarily knocking him out for a few seconds but it was through that rock that Link realized he had claimed victory over the elderly warrior of old, a feat not to be taken lightly whatsoever.


Link had bested the Sage of Fire himself in battle and whilst helping him up, it was then that Gogo had fully regained his senses, he reveals to Link that he was hunting down after his son Goko who stole the script of Din and just, as Gogo had entered the temple halfway, he started hearing a voice, one full of both anger and rage, unlike any he had ever encountered in his entire lifetime, he believes that it was a spirit of hatred lurking within the Temple of Fire and that if a person should continue deeper into its catacombs, that spirit would be able to fully possess the visitors of the mines, worrying for his son's safety, Gogo asks Link to find Goko whilst taking along a sacred pair of tools that just so happened to have been locked up in this room when Gogo had arrived, they are the "Magnet Claw-shots", the Claw-shots were used by Gorons of long ago to bury deep within the temple's mines to find and gather up minerals that would help better the Gorons' lives, the Claw-shots can latch onto anything, as long, as it either has metal and/or magnetism, hence the name, Link agreeing to Gogo's request without question takes the Claw-shots and heads upwards within the temple whilst Gogo waits behind in the room that they just fought in, Link has to use the Claw-shots at precise accurate moments in order to latch onto walls emitting magnetism from them for a brief short period of time and then latch onto the next thing, as quickly, as he can before the magnetism wears off on the wall his Claw-shot is embedded to and he will fall into the spiky chasms below, by using the Claw-shots, Link was able to find a unique key, shaped like a real life Buddha being mimicked by a Goron and upon arriving at a certain door, he placed the Goron Buddha key inside the walls, causing a chain reaction to occur, the key itself was moving its arms about and when it did, the arms connected to the earth on the two sides of the door, flowing lava into the hands of the Goron Buddha and the lava being transferred inside the room which Link has now just unlocked, Link ventures forth, inside, Link is momentarily blinded by something which is revealed to be the bright shining sun of Hyrule and he discovers that he has now just entered a huge coliseum buried deep within the very crater of Death Mountain, the lava entering the room from behind Link surrounds the inner circle of the coliseum stage, providing light to where there is shadow, it is here that Link finds himself confronted with Goko whose back is turned, wielding a very large heavy axe, bigger then Goko himself, he is seen wielding it with one hand alone and reveals to Link that he has been waiting for him, he is surprised to find out that Link had confronted his father in combat and now lives to tell the tale, but...this is, as far, as Link goes, Goko will NOT hand over the script of Din, not now, not ever...no one will ever be stealing from the Gorons ever again! it is then that Goko turns his back and reveals very shockingly and surprisingly that he has a 3rd demonic eye on his forehead, similar to the one that the ChuBaba had back at the Temple of Time, overhead of Goko, Link sees the spirit of which Gogo mentioned, the spirit of hatred and malice, it is of a Goron who very much resembles both Gogo and Goko themselves, Link must now fight the "Haunting Goron Poe-Biggoron", a Poe spirit of a long since dead Goron inhabiting a live Goron, Goko starts off using his giant axe to swing around the entire coliseum stage, causing Link to crawl on the ground until the axe has stopped spinning, after it stops, Goko will become tired, leaving Link the chance to strike, after striking him once, Goko snaps himself back together and jumps out of the area up to where the head spectator's seat is where he then readily throws the axe forward towards the stage, upon hitting it, it causes the lava surrounding the stage to rise up and try to splatter across the stage in both small and huge tear like drops from the sky, Link nearly has trouble evading all of these, after Goko finishes laughing towards Link, believing he was going to get burned alive, he starts to get angry and jumps back in the ring below, he picks up the axe and starts swinging again, Link employs the same maneuver, as before and waits before he strikes at Goko once more, after attacking Goko a 2nd time, he jumps back up into the spectator's seat and reveals that his axe actually has another blade inside of it, he swings both blades up and down, up and down, up and down, causing Link to avoid being hit by the blades and the lava drops from above their smacks were producing, Goko becomes plum-tuckered out and proceeds to jump in the ring one last time, this time he swings both axes at once, causing Link trouble to simple crawl on the ground and avoid it, eventually Goko drops both axes and Link sends a forward thrust towards his chest, the impact knocking him backwards, the spirit that was floating up above Goko a minute ago was left behind in the ring, writhing in agony, as suddenly, an insect like ghost peels itself like it was a facial massage off from the Goron's spirit face, suddenly dying on the ground, as it dies, its remains turn into shadow that then turn into light particles that finally transforms into the piece of the page of Din that Link was searching for, the 3rd eye on Goko's face in the background disappears into darkness and suddenly, Link hears an eerie laughter echoing throughout the coliseum...


Laughing its head off was the voice belonging to a figure hiding a top in the shadows, the figure revealed itself in the sun to be none other...then the jester of demons himself, the Wizzard! Ghys! finally...after so long, finally...Link had finally caught up with the very man he had been searching for, the man who kidnapped the princess, Ghys, the former apprentice of Muto, now known, as Saharahl, Ghys claps his hands at the "entertainment" that Link and the "Goron man-child" had provided for him, as he watched from within the shadows what was going on all the time, even revealing that he has known about Link's venture into the Temple of Fire since way back when at the Temple of Time when he collected the piece of the page of Farore from its "guardian" called the "Sacred Beast", Ghys reveals to Link the truth behind the monsters that he has been fighting that have had pieces of the pages of Din, Nayru and Farore on them, the Sacred Beasts are the sworn protectors of the pieces created by the ten sages that although appear and act, as true monsters to true form itself, they are actually pseudo-lifeforms created from the light of the sword of evil's bane that hold back evil forces from obtaining the page pieces should they ever try to do so, in other-words, even if the evil forces were to confront the monsters and even best them in battle, they would not be able to kill them, for again, they are made from the light of the sword of evil's bane itself and thus, evil and darkness themselves cannot truly kill the Sacred Beasts, the beasts would simply regenerate from their deaths and be reborn anew, thus fully keeping the page pieces out of dark forces' claws, Ghys was infuriated upon learning this, especially after learning it from the Princess Zelda that he personally kidnapped and at that very same time, suffered his humiliating scar at the hands of Link after lowering his guard from boasting, gloating and monologuing, as Ghys puts it himself...however...he does NOT intend to repeat the mistakes of the past and instead, he will simply kill Link and take the page pieces that he already has, he kidnapped Zelda because he believes that he can find a way to kill the other remaining Sacred Beasts with her sacred powers born into her bloodline, thus...Ghys floats down towards Link, lands on his feet and draws his choice of weapon: a Falchion that he calls "Prim Blood-rose", its steel blade was coloured the deepest shade of crimson and its overall design was imbued with a theme of red roses, Ghys reveals that aside from being a jester, this sword of his is what truly makes him appear flamboyant when actually, the blade is meant to represent another meaning, one entirely different from what people may think of its outward design, Link didn't care either way, he charged head on in against Ghys and faced the Wizzard in battle, "Demon Jester: Ghys the Wizzard", that was his title and those he truly knew him feared him because of that title, it represented all of his cruelty, malice and other negative traits about the man, however, Ghys was a truly talented swordsmen, during his time under Saharahl, there was once an event held in Hyrule called the "Tournament of the Sword" and it was said that whoever won that tournament would be dubbed the strongest warrior in all of the kingdom of Hyrule itself and its very greatest swordsman, not only that, but the prizing winner would receive a personal audience with the royal family that governs Hyrule in the flesh, it was during this time that Ghys had won the tournament despite his young age back then and it was then that he first met the young princess Zelda and her father the king, although Ghys and Saharahl were royal carpenters to the royal family personally, because Ghys was of lower rank, he was never allowed to meet with the royal family nor its council, only Saharahl, back then known, as Muto was allowed to be given an audience with the rulers of Hyrule, it was through Muto's suggestion that Ghys enter the tournament to win it and then he could finally meet the royal rulers face to face, his impressions from meeting them back then...unknown and basically at this point, what do they currently matter? Ghys is a changed man, literally, he is Hyrule's most wanted fugitive and has become Link's archenemy, for kidnapping Princess Zelda, during the fight between Link and Ghys, the former finds that the latter's strength is just too strong, he's not even taking Link seriously and instead is just swinging his sword about, it is then that suddenly, shockingly and surprisingly, a virtual projection of Saharahl plays in between both Link and Ghys, the latter unfazed, as it appears Saharahl has something up his sleeve...

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