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Kingdom Hearts 2 is a fantastic game and it does not receive much criticism from many. There is one very notable moment in the game where people do often criticize Kingdom Hearts 2 at, that moment is the Prologue ft. Roxas. (I'm not just talking about IGN also, many people bash on this games opening segment) In this video I try my best to analyze the Opening segment of this game, talking about its good points, its bad points, and how it could have been better.

I spent hours in Sony Vegas working on this video and I would really appreciate any sort of support you can throw my way whether that be a Sub, a like, a comment, just whatever would mean a lot. 

Anyways I hope you all enjoy :D Edited by xTheOnlyProdigyx

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Really? I Loved the Roxas part in Kingdom Hearts 2. It was so mysterious and interesting. The flashbacks made me even more curious about his character. (Why does he dream about Sora? Why are Axel and Roxas in that different world, and how do they know each other?) 
The seven wonders part was a really cool thing. It showed that in worlds where you fight Nobodies and Twilight thorns, there still is a Normal life where you need to make homework. The most normal things felt abnormal, which was pretty cool. He really became one of my favorite characters in the game! :)
I hope they'll do the same thing with Kingdom Hearts 3. 

For me it felt like a great tutorial and I even wanted it to be longer. However I really enjoyed your video! Great quality and loved the sounds you used! Keep it up!

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