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HarLea Quinn

KH13 is Currently Searching to Add to Our Translators Team!

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Hello Everyone!


We are currently looking for Japanese -> English translators to help contribute to the KH13 News Teams! Nothing beats being a part of the success of something you enjoy and love! We are looking for people who can give us translations of Japanese articles from popular gaming sources like Famitsu, Jump and Dengeki magazines, in addition to updates on the Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts Union x[cross]. We will provide the text for you. If you are able to translate proficiently enough to help us understand the main highlights and the essence of what is being said please apply and we can work together on helping keep our fellow Kingdom Hearts fans informed and up-to-date! 


•    Experience is not required as we're happy to try out new people, even those who have no formal experience translating things for others

•    We will be taking into account your proficiency level of course, but we encourage people to try out even if they're not super confident - because even if your proficiency is not 100%, we might still be able to use your help in translating short texts for us.

•    You will always be credited for your work whenever your translations are used


Joining the News Team as a translator has some wonderful perks, like working with fellow Kingdom Hearts enthusiasts who love giving back to the fandom with the latest news and updates, and being among the first to know any details we receive from said media outlets! This is a volunteer position. Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to hearing from you! Please reply to me here or private message me on site.:) 

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