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KINGDOM HEARTS 2.9: The First Volume. (Short KINGDOM HEARTS RP Interest Check.).


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  1. 1. Which Final Fantasy Character do you wish to see appear in this RP, as an ally fighting alongside Sora?

    • Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII.
    • Auron from Final Fantasy X.
    • Zack Fair from Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII.
    • Noctis Lucis Caelum from Final Fantasy XV.
    • Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII.

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"...A new journey is about to begin, what will happen? we wonder...this is the first volume of that journey in Jiminy's Journal, let us read and discover, the story...of how Sora becomes a true Keyblade Master.".




"The story of 2.9: The First Volume is meant to be a Role-Play retelling of the prologue of KINGDOM HEARTS III, in which we see Sora, Donald and Goofy arrive at Olympus Coliseum in search of Hercules, in order to seek his advice on how to regain lost powers, particularly the ones in question regarding Sora of whom lost said powers during the events of Dream Drop Distance, the story of 2.9 is meant to be about, as long, as 0.2 was and the story is solely focused in the world of Olympus, here, we will see the 1st step Sora takes into regaining the lost powers Xehanort had stolen from him whilst gaining new powers in the process and finally, the test of regaining his lost powers whence complete will finally prove his mettle to be a worthy true Keyblade Master, one that is needed for the upcoming final battle against both Master Xehanort and his 13 Seekers of Darkness, the real Organization XIII, come, take thy hand into the story world of our beloved KINGDOM HEARTS and see the magic unfold, a representation of what our minds is hyped up for in the oncoming future that will most certainly and definitely become that which is KINGDOM HEARTS III, the final chapter in the Xehanort/Dark Seeker Saga, see what is the imagined beginning of that epic story that is to be and let your Hearts mold its both shape and form, for this is 2.9, the first volume...the beginning, of the end...".


Theme Song:




(So, anyone interested in the idea :]?).


(This Role-Play is meant to be different to all of my previous RPs from beforehand and instead of portraying all of the main KH Characters, this time around, the RP will have Character auditions, to see who can best portray who within the RP and live up to the hype and expectations of KINGDOM HEARTS III by creating their very own combined experience with others on how they can imagine a near to perfect beginning of KHIII itself, know what i mean? anyways, here are the Characters available for the Role-Play and who will appear in the world of Olympus Coliseum, the hub world of the RP and its only main setting, anyways, here is the cast in the following, i will put the Role-Players' names next to the Characters they have chosen for themselves after performing near identical portrayals of our beloved favorites of KINGDOM HEARTS :]:
























Young Xehanort:


"Ansem", Seeker of Darkness:






King Mickey:






Yen Sid:






These are the Characters that will be available for KH 2.9, please message me to show your portrayals of the Character that you wish to be in question, i will compare them and see who will get which role.).


(Also, i will include a poll for a selection of Final Fantasy Characters that you wish to see appear in Olympus Coliseum, there will only be one FF Character to appear in the world and you will have a choice of Characters ranging from FFVII, FFX, FFXIII and FFXV, after unanimously deciding on the Character that you wish to see in Olympus, i will put the Character's name down with the rest of the cast and then a person can audition for that FF Character's role.).

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The story of KINGDOM HEARTS 2.9: The First Volume starts off with a opening cinematic, continuing from the secret ending of 0.2 Birth by Sleep, in which Sora, Donald and Goofy on-board the Gummi Ship begin to head out for Olympus Coliseum but find that the Lanes Between have once again closed and there is no way around them to get to their destination, heeding Goofy's words about master Yen Sid's advice of "May your Heart be your guiding Key", Sora listens to what his Heart is telling him and with its power combined with that of the Keyblade's, Sora opens up a gate to Olympus, here is where the story truly begins.


The story will start off with the Gummi Ship entering the gate and into an asteroid belt, where Sora tries to lead the Gummi through all of the asteroids by blowing up the small ones and dodging the bigger ones in a Star Fox like manner, they reach Olympus but before they can land on the world, they fight a giant Heartless blocking passage, the Heartless is called the "Chariot of Doom" and resembles a gladiator riding a horse chariot through space, after defeating the Chariot of Doom, Sora and others proceed to make their way and land on the world right in front of them.


They land at the front gates of the coliseum and it is here that their adventure truly begins, they begin asking around for clues on Hercules' whereabouts and decide to pay his trainer and their good old friend Phil a visit, he reveals that Hercules has gone to visit his father Zeus on-top of Mount Olympus and that because Sora and co are now true heroes, they have the rite of passage to climb up the mountain peaks and reach Olympus' sacred grounds, along the way, Sora must remember how to use certain abilities and magic techniques if he is to continue adventuring onward, by remembering lessons of the past will he learn secrets for the future, how to run while climbing up huge walls and/or hop skipping across treacherous foothills for examples, by relearning everything and also learning new things in the process, Sora will finally begin his 1st step into becoming a true Keyblade Master and gain his new KHIII clothing from the gods of Olympus, ready to take on the worlds themselves and finally face that which is his greatest and most fearsome challenge yet, Master Xehanort and his new Organization XIII full of Xehanort copies.


The Role-Play will begin the moment after Sora and the others enter the gate and begin travelling through the asteroids to reach Olympus Coliseum, the Gummi Ship is meant to serve, as a mini-game based prologue for 2.9 until the real action begins on the world of Olympus which is vast and full of wonders, Sora will slowly but surely level up and, as he goes along, learn both old and new techniques that will help him reach his destination on his journey with both Donald and Goofy by his side.


The music for Olympus is taken directly from the Orchestra World Tour of KINGDOM HEARTS and the battles will play out similar to how Sora first fought the Nobodies in Twilight Town after Roxas had merged with him upon the completion of KINGDOM HEARTS II's prologue, Sora will only have access to his basic normal fighting abilities and will learn new ones, as he goes along Mount Olympus, trying to reach the home of the gods and Hercules' birthplace, Donald and Goofy will fight closely by Sora's side at all times and will provide their opinions on what must be done next to achieve their goals, the only enemies appearing in Olympus will be both Heartless and Pureblood Heartless, Young Xehanort however will serve, as the final boss of 2.9, wanting to test Sora's current abilities after he has completed most of the story-line within 2.9's main plot, Olympus is the only setting within 2.9 and the length of the RP is meant to be about, as long, as 0.2 was, by completing certain side missions that will appear within 2.9, Sora will be offered a wardrobe option, the first outfits that he can start out with are his default KINGDOM HEARTS II outfit, KINGDOM HEARTS outfit, KINGDOM HEARTS 3D outfit and lastly, a grown up version of the appearance he had in Birth by Sleep, other outfits like his Halloween Town outfit for example will be unlocked upon, as already said beforehand completing certain side missions, by the end of the RP, Sora will receive his KINGDOM HEARTS III outfit, as a testament to being both a true hero among heroes and having been personally recognized by the gods themselves, the ending of the RP will show what Sora, Donald and Goofy intend to do next whilst meanwhile, other important Characters related to KHIII's story-line are seen doing other things elsewhere.


That's the basic premise for 2.9, is it okay or does it need reworking?

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Alright...I think I could try my hand at playing any of the cast mentioned above, but I am iffy on most of the Hercules cast.


Do you mean you don't like them or should there be more Hercules Characters? i was going to add more but the list was getting rather long so yeah, still, if people do mind portraying the Hercules cast, i'll portray all of them if you want and everyone else can be the main Characters, Sora, Donald, Goofy and Young Xehanort for examples.

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Do you mean you don't like them or should there be more Hercules Characters? i was going to add more but the list was getting rather long so yeah, still, if people do mind portraying the Hercules cast, i'll portray all of them if you want and everyone else can be the main Characters, Sora, Donald, Goofy and Young Xehanort for examples.

I was referring to being able to portray them. It's been a while since I've seen Hercules.

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