Dissidia Quia (For) Final Fantasy Idea. (NT Major Spoilers.).

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The story of Dissidia IV takes place long after the events of NT, in which the champions of both Light and Darkness, of both Good and Evil, of both White and Black, of both Yang and Yin, so on, so forth, defeated the almighty dragon god deity Shinryu and the version of the world B was properly restored to its natural state, however...a new conflict has arisen, in an entirely new version of the world, this version is known, as "World C" and it is here that two new god deities rule over this new world, they are named both "Athena", the Goddess of both Wisdom and Love and "Ares", the God of both War and Hate...they are said to be the new reincarnations of Cosmos, Materia, Chaos and Spiritus all together and each have all of their powers...among them, the power to summon warriors of the past to their beck and call and fight for them, especially even more so for over 100 years have passed since the formation of World C and now, to "celebrate" its creation, as it were...Athena and Ares have both decided that they would hold a contest of sorts, a conflict that they call the "War of Champions" and whoever wins this ultimate clash both of and in balance itself, the winner will be bestowed a prize, one unlike any other...the prize would be given in any shape and/or form that they so desired and thus, the warriors from previous conflicts, having been summoned once more to fight, now decide to fight for the prize of the god deities, having become "intrigued" by its prospect...to further this tournament of ultimate power, Athena and Ares have looked into the minds of the warriors, taken parts of their memories and have reshaped locations from their past to allow the warriors proper grounds on which to fight on, these warriors are not only joined by their allies of old conflicts but also new ones, granting more chances to a single victor in which to dominate against the opposing competition and thus, the battle of gods begins anew, however...lurking in the shadows is a dangerous enemy, one that not even both Athena and Ares are aware of, what could this new danger possibly be? will it threaten our champions and try to destroy them? or...could it perhaps be an ally? trying to secretly warn the champions of possible deceit among the gods? to learn more, join us, for this is the tale of the gods, the fourth chapter in the everlasting war of the Final Fantasy, the Dissidia conflict, reborn, anew...


Prologue: A Warrior of Light, standing tall...:


(To be continued.).


(What does everyone think of the premise :]?).

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