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Hey everyone! How's it going? First I like to say that the new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer and Theme song was freaking amazing! I love every minute of it and I'm glad they're going all out. However, while I was watching the trailer I was wondering of how many worlds will be in Kingdom Hearts 3 in total? I know it's been confirmed that Kingdom Hearts 3 will have less Disney Worlds and more story content but how many worlds will have in Kingdom Hearts 3? So I write down a list of worlds that will appear in Kingdom Hearts 3 or I think they might appear. Please tell me if I miss anything okay guys?


1.) Twilight Town - It's been confirmed that Twilight town will be just a Tutorial world right?

2.) Olympus Coliseum

3.) A Tangled World

4.) A Big Hero 6 World

5.) The Mysterious Tower

6.) A Toy Story World/Galaxy Toys

7.) A Monster's Inc. World

8.) The Realm of Darkness? - I mean we have to rescue Aqua right?

9.) And some new unannounced world? 


These are like the only worlds I see in the trailers and read from the interviews. So do you think Kingdom Hearts 3 will a total of nines worlds? Or do you think Kingdom Hearts 3 will have more worlds? Let me know what you guys think okay?

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Not sure how many worlds there will be in the game. It was stated that there would be fewer than KH2 but that they'd be bigger and longer. I'm hoping for Destiny Islands, Radiant Garden, Frozen, Treasure Planet, and some returning worlds like perhaps Land of Dragons or Enchanted Dominion. Also, Castle Oblivion needs to be incorporated somehow and I don't know if Cable Town is still a thing.


I think we'll have 13 worlds. Frozen, Moana, Zootopia, Treasure Planet, and maybe Cars or the Jungle Book will be the final worlds revealed.

It was said that Big Hero 6 would be the most recent of movies included in KH3. So Moana and Zootopia ain't gonna happen this time around.

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I think we will get 13 worlds with each member of the organization being in one world, example Toy Story World with Young Xehanort, Tangled World with Marluxia, Realm of Darkness with Terra-Xehanort.

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How many Disney worlds in total do you think we will get?


So we have 5 Confirmed Disney/PIXAR worlds


1) Mount Olympus (Hercules)

2) Kingdom of Corona (Tangled)

3) Big Hero 6 world

4) Toy Story world

5) Monster's Inc world


So, after the reveal of the Monster's Inc world how many disney worlds in total will they put in KH3?

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I think 13 Worlds total i mean I can expect at Least 13 Worlds for the game


Remaining Worlds that i want for Kingdom Hearts III


1: Radiant Garden


2: Dark World


3: Keyblade Graveyard


4: Kingdom Hearts (I think that's what Nomura Mentioned as one of his Final Stages of the Game i think that's what he said)


5: Wild Jungle (The Jungle Book)


6: RLS Legacy (Treasure Planet) (I mean the Gummi Ship in this Game is improved in the game so it's highly likely we'll get a Treasure Planet World for this Game)


7: City of Atlantis (Atlantis the Lost Empire) (I think that explains Ariel being a Summon for this Game so maybe we'll get to explore the Lost City of Atlantis)


8: Game Central Station (Wreck it Ralph) (Maybe we can see an Arcade either at Twilight Town or at Disney Castle/Town)

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Twilight Town
Radiant Garden
Daybreak Town
Disney Castle
Final World (who knows what it will be)

Olympus Coliseum.(Hercules)
Kingdom of Corona (Tangled)
Arendelle (Frozen)
Andy's Room (Toy Story)
Monstropolis (Monsters Inc.)
San Fransokyo (Big Hero 6)
Game Central Station (Wreck it Ralph)
Jungle Book

Mysterious Tower (in Twilight Town)
100-Acre Wood (in Hallow Bastion)
Timeless River (in Disney Castle)


i think we will see the return of Worlds in Worlds like in Kingdom Hearts 2

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I thought I saw multiple times that there will be more worlds in KH3 then there was in KH2, just that there wouldn't be as many Disney worlds as there was in KH2. So everyone assumed 10 Disney worlds would be fitting for KH3, seeing KH2 had 12 Disney worlds.


(Assuming there is 10 Disney worlds)

That would mean that there would be at least 6 original worlds to return or be created.

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9 disney worlds split into three segments


and the rest


Radiant Garden and Twilight Town obviously. From there most likely Daybreak Town or the Keyblade Graveyard.

I could see worlds appearing in a minor capacity, like The World That Never Was, or the worlds where Princesses of Heart come from

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I say 10 Disney Worlds and 8 KH original Worlds


1: Treasure Planet (I want this to join Tangled and Big Hero 6 cause it's made by Roy Conli)


2: Wreck-it-Ralph


3: Jungle Book


4: Atlantis the Lost Empire (I'm not putting in Frozen cause everyone keeps talking about it Frozen in Kingdom Hearts III and talking about being the Next Atlantica Singing Minigame World) and blah blah blah i want to see Sora and his Friends to explore the Lost City of Atlantis and Learn about the heart of it) (And i think Sora goes and Finds Ariel's Summon Link cause of her Appearing in the D23 Japan Expo 2018 in Kingdom of Corona)


5: Pocahontas


Kingdom Hearts Original Worlds


1: Radiant Garden


2: Daybreak Town


3: Keyblade Graveyard


4: Kingdom Hearts (I think that's what Nomura mentioned for the Final Stage of the Game)


5: Destiny Island (Post Game content?)




6: Dark World (For Riku and Mickey's Part only)

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I'm hoping 11 disney worlds with 5 confirmed I'm hoping for these 6 to get into kh3


1 the emperor's new groove

Kuzco and pacha as party members sounds sweet and I want to beat up yzma and kronk


2 lilo and stitch

I love this movie you maybe have stitch and jumba as party members maybe just stitch but either way deep space is a great world in bbs I hope it comes back


3 Walle

it's a great movie and I love the idea of walle and eve as party members and fighting auto as a boss fight


4 finding nemo

this is one of my favorite its I want a good water world and much rather hear something from nemo instead of under the sea on loop marlin and dory sound like fun party members and I want a boss fight with sharks


5 Princess and the frog

Dr facilier as a boss that's about it I like the idea of the swamp a lot though


6 frozen

I know you either love or hate it I have mutual feeling about it but frozen fits to well not to be in be in kh3 not to mention how much money it made disney square won't mess this world up kristof and Anna and can be the party members and we get to beat Hans please square let me beat up Hans and Elsa or olaf can be a summon

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Since Kingdom Hearts 3 will have less Disney worlds but more worlds than Kingdom Hearts 2 in total I believe we will get 9 Disney worlds and 6 Original worlds.

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