Rating Riku and King Mickey's new outfits!


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  1. 1. How would you rate Riku and King Mickey's new outfits in KH3?

    • Their new outfits are so awesome!
    • It's pretty much okay.
    • I prefer their original outfits than the new ones.

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I'm glad. For me, I 'd like to have thumbs up. Riku looks like a little different whe it comes to hairstyle.

It reminds me of Noctis from Final Fantsy XV. Tbh his hair looks a lot better than it did in DDD/0.2 :D

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Riku and Mickey are definitely sporting some amazing new outfits, and considering that this is the third numbered entry, I am really glad they got a new look! Riku definitely resembles Noctis, and I like how Mickey's new outfit has a hood that even covers his mouse ears, like his black coat!

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