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Spencer Ellis Norman

San Fransokyo/Shibuya

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Considering the fact that the team has mentioned that there won’t be a world for Final Fantasy, then I would highly doubt for Shibuya to make its appearance, however, for an idea, I think it would be a great idea and I truly believe that such idea could bring new perspective since it would be for the first time for a Disney world based on a Disney movie to have a Square Enix world within it. I can see it fitting so well in the game.

As for the reason why Big Hero 6 didn’t appear, I truly believe it’s because of the fact that was chosen as the last world that’s one

The second reason is that it might have the hardest world creation since most of the events occur in the middle of the city unlike the other worlds, so it would require for them to create a huge amount of places within the city of San Fransokyo not to mention that it requires so many animations to ride Beemax and fight different enemies on air.

In other summarizes words, I find the reason of Big Hero 6’a delay is due to the advantages and efforts they are putting on that world from events to action and gameplay

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