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Name your top three picks for KINGDOM HEARTS III Worlds :].

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I think I mostly based my order on what I think is most likely to get in, but here we go.


1. Probably Treasure Planet It makes me happy how much support this movie has to be in the game. I have not seen the movie since it came out but I remember liking it quite a bit and I'm sure I would love it even more if I saw it now.

2. The Jungle Book Was planned on being in multiple KH games and even the TV show before it was scrapped. It's about time it finally showed up. We have not had a jungle level in quite a while and I think it would look lovely in KH3.

3. Probably a tie between Lilo and Stitch and The Princess and the Frog. Lilo and Stitch was in BBS but it was only based on the first few minutes of the movie so we did not get to meet Lilo, and she's one of the best Disney characters ever! The Princess and the Frog is a great movie that if it does not get into KH3, it better get into KH4. It just has so much potential with the characters and a boss fight with the main villain would be amazing.


Honorable Mention(s)- Moana very unlikely to happen in this installment due to when it came out which is why I put it in honorable mentions (wished it came out earlier) but it's my favorite of the Revival era so far and it just screams KH. It seemed like it was made for it, even more so than Frozen. I hope it somehow shows up, either as a summon or something. Also one of the TV shows would be pretty great, but that's more likely for one of the "side" games. 

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For returning worlds:

- Agrabah (Aladdin and the King of Theives)

- Castle of Dreams (Cinderella III A Change in Time)

- Enchanted Dominion (Square Enix storyline where you kill Maleficent for good)


For new worlds:

- Treasure Planet (come on we have been waiting for this world for ages, it’s about time)

- Sword in the Stone (I would love to see Merlin’s homeworld, even though this world would’ve been a great addition to Dream Drop Distance as Merlin’s past journey, but why not having it now? I can imagine how the word would look like I with the Unreal Engine 4)

- Atlantis (do I need to explain!? xD)


Honorable mentions:

- Lilio and Stitch (Deep Space wasn’t satisfying enough, bring Hawaii)

- Robin Hood (great classic movie for a great series)

- The Grid/Space Paranoid (we need to see the two worlds merging back together + we need to save Rinzler and make Tron return back :/ he had a sad ending)

- The Jungle Book (when did we ever have a canceled world to never return in futuristic titles? Pride Land was canceled and it came in KHII, Prankster’s Paradise was canceled and here it is in KH3D, and Jungle Book was canceled in BBS so we need it back!)

- Port Royal (come on it has so many movies and only using this world once? Should I even mention how many times Wonderland and Halloween Town appeared in the series when they only had ONE MOVIE each!? Logic much? Bring it back please)


Choosing between them all is going to be difficult though:

- Treasure Planet

- Castle of Dreams

- Enchanted Dominion


I feel bad now, but oh well, I hope all of those appear and not only three of them :P

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new worlds :


1 - moana : spreading darkness because the heart of te'fiti was stolen... seems perfect for KH


2 - Wreck it ralph : video games and all....


3 - the jungle book : either the animated or live. they planned it in BBS, it's time to make it real.



returning worlds : 


1 : haloween town : i just love this worl, sora's looks, the musics, the characters.... and they could expend it with easter town, valentine town etc...


2 : timeless river : love the retro feeling, and seeing of KH is now into time travel and all... it would fit.


3 : daybreak town : i have seen it so much with UX graphics... i want to see it in HD x)

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1. Treasure Planet: High Demand, finishes the Conli film collection.


2. Shibuya: Would make sense, considering Dream Drop Distance gives you a lead in for that world.


3. Lilo and Stitch: It would be nice to go back,but not to Deep Space. Rather we could pick up wherever they would like to with it in Honolulu.


If anything, a trip to Honolulu is the least likeliest of this list. But I left out worlds like Radiant Garden and Frozen because I think it's fairly evident we'll have those in KH3.

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worlds I want: Frozen, The Princess and The Frog, Alice In Wonderland


worlds which will be in it: Frozen, Wreck It Ralph, Chicken Little


I'd say Chicken Little is the wildcard because it's a relatively underrated Disney movie but CL was a summon in KH2.

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Okay, now we've named our top three picks, now let's talk about the scenarios that you think would play out in your top three picks:


For example Aladdin and the King of Thieves:


Sora, Donald and Goofy arrive in Agrabah just in time to celebrate Aladdin and Jasmine's wedding finally happening at last, they meet the Sultan for the 1st time and he is grateful for all that they have done for Agrabah concerning defeating Jafar and that he is granting them special VIP seats at the front of the wedding, however, Razoul also appears and merely thinks of Sora, Donald and Goofy, as mere street rats, due to their relationship and friendship with Aladdin, as the wedding is about to begin, the Heartless attack and Sora and the others aided by Aladdin battle them, they discover the Heartless are being led by both the King of Thieves and Sa'Luk, namely the latter, Aladdin battles the king one on one while Sora and friends are left to face with Sa'Luk, the king escapes along with Sa'Luk, riding on the Heartless, failing to steal the object of their desires, the Oracle, the Oracle answers a question that has been on Aladdin's mind...where is his father? Sora doesn't understand why Aladdin had asked that but Genie reveals the reason why, he and Aladdin were talking about it before the wedding, after revealing Aladdin's reason for his question, the Oracle points towards the direction of the escaped Heartless riding into the desert, revealing the King of Thieves IS Aladdin's father, Sora, Donald and Goofy decide to help Aladdin find the king and bring him back, however, Razoul is secretly under orders to follow Aladdin's company and bring back the king to be imprisoned for life by the Sultan, upon reaching the thieves' headquarters, Aladdin stops Sa'Luk from killing the king, his father Cassim and Sora, Donald and Goofy fight off Sa'Luk once more, accidentally forcing him to fall off a cliff, afterwards, Aladdin and Cassim catch up with one another but then Razoul and his men appear, trying to capture Cassim, Sora has to help Cassim escape as Aladdin, Donald and Goofy hold the Sultan's guards back, Cassim becomes the second party member for Agrabah and fights differently yet similar to Aladdin, here Sora and Cassim have to run whilst fighting the guards blocking their pathway, at the end, Sora discovers that Cassim had stolen the Oracle that was on Aladdin's possession and proceeds to head out to sea to where the Vanishing Isle is, he asks that Sora does Cassim one favour and say to Aladdin that Cassim is sorry for putting Aladdin through such a hard life-ship and that Cassim is also sorry for stealing from his son but this is what his Heart has decided upon, remembering Ansem the Wise's sacrifice at the near end of Kingdom Hearts II, Sora cannot help but agree to Cassim's request, it is then that Cassim leaves, as Aladdin and the others catch up whilst Cassim leaves, Aladdin by now has already noticed that the Oracle was stolen from him and asks angrily why did Sora let Cassim go, Sora visibly has difficultly explaining but then Donald cuts the argument short as Goofy points out a bright light emitting from nearby the sea, Sora and Aladdin decide to put their argument aside for now and head to where that light is, must probably where Cassim is, the light turns out to be the Vanishing Isle, Sora and the others explore the island in search of Cassim and find him at its heart, trying to obtain the Hand of Midas, Aladdin tries to reach out to Cassim, asking him what's more important, gold? or family? as water starts to flood everywhere with the Vanishing Isle sinking, Sora quickly jumps over to where the hand is, hoping to mend his relationship with Aladdin and also in return hoping that this might mend the relationship between both Aladdin and Cassim, just then, Sa'Luk appears and gains the upper hand on Sora but not before he tosses the hand towards Cassim, Sa'Luk threatens to kill Sora, however, just then, Cassim throws the hand back towards Sa'Luk, choosing instead to save Sora's life as way of repaying Sora for relaying his message towards Aladdin and that if Sora were killed, Aladdin would never forgive Cassim for letting his friend die in pursuit of gold, the hand transforms Sa'Luk into gold and he falls into the water down below, Sora jumps back to where Aladdin, Cassim, Donald and Goofy are with Sora and Aladdin mending their relationship, as Aladdin having known Sora for as long as he has knows that Sora must of had his reasons beforehand letting Cassim go but that none of that matters for they are true friends and no more, no less then that, Aladdin would be honoured to have Sora, Donald and Goofy at his wedding, also hoping Cassim would join, as well, however, just before he can ask Cassim to come to Aladdin's wedding, a wave of Darkness appears before the water below and takes over Sa'Luk's now golden body, transforming into a golden Heartless monster, Sora, Donald, Goofy, Aladdin and Cassim must fight the monster Heartless golden Sa'Luk whilst trying to escape the water quickly rising up above to their foot level, upon defeating the Heartless just before reaching the entrance, Sora and friends make it out safely and ride out on Carpet to escape the Vanishing Isle with Genie following, joking that they had forgotten about him, at the wedding, Aladdin and Jasmine are officially married and Cassim watches from the shadows, as Sora, Donald and Goofy ask what does he intend to do next, Cassim does not know and instead knowing that his son is now in good hands, Cassim will now travel the world, following the wind whilst accepting Iago as his travelling companion, Cassim leaves and Sora bids him farewell before going to bid both Aladdin and Jasmine farewell, Aladdin and everyone celebrate and that he hopes to see Sora again someday hopefully, Sora agrees and he, Donald and Goofy then set out, meanwhile, Pete and Maleficent are seen looking at the wedding not too far away and Pete explains that he failed to find the black box that him and Maleficent are looking for at the Vanishing Isle, Maleficent however remains confident that they will find it and when they do, all the Worlds will be theirs for the taking, Maleficent and Pete then cackle and laugh evilly respectively before disappearing into Darkness.

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