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Xehanort Story (Pending a better Title)


Hey guys. Well since the story I shared here a few days ago seemed to be well received, I have decided to stick around and will be using KH as a platform for creative writing practices and for fun while I do so. 


Anyway onto the plot:


This story revolves mostly around Young Xehanort, covering the time from when he was on Destiny Islands, he trains with the only other teenager on the Island he is friends with, a young Lightning. Leading on to his meeting with the Xehanort Heartless who tells him of his destiny. Arming him with the No Name Keyblade and the black hood that will aid him in his journey through the darkness. He tells Xehanort about his future self, the plan to fill 13 vessels to clash with he seven pure hearts of light and create the X-Blade to unlock Kingdom Hearts. The story will then become more action focused as Xehanort moves through the Worlds searching for the 11 (Himself and Master Xehanort being the other two) splintered versions of Xehanort's heart and has them meet at their fated destination (The World That Never Was). 




Young Xehanort

Young Lightning

Xehanort Heartless



There will be more characters needed to be introduced as the story progresses and Xehanort travels from World to World of course.

So who is down to clown and wants to help me get the ball rolling with this? Reply or PM and we can discuss character selections. I'm open to ideas and suggestions too. I want this to be a story we develop together. 

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