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Chapter VI: Train Heartnet-Good or Bad Luck:


Opening Theme Song-https://youtu.be/ykmTfjHfdNM.


Taking place a short while after Jotaro had defeated Dio and had obtained the very 1st relic out of all of the 19 heroes summoned by Athena, he was then joined by Train, Yoh and Toriko on their mission to obtain the rest of the relics, they had stopped on the journey for a bit of respite, as Jotaro thought to himself.




Train-"Trouble sleeping? or trouble thinking? or maybe even trouble sleep-thinking?"


Jotaro-"...Was that meant to be a joke?"


Train-"Awkward laugh...heh, guess my charm only works around certain people, man, would both Sven and Eve pay to see all this."


Jotaro-"...I take it those are your friends?"


Train-"Yeah, you could say there the closest thing that i have to a family but don't go telling Sven that, he'd just mock me about it all the time, Eve, i don't know what her expression would be, she normally keeps to herself from time to time..."


Jotaro-"Look, if you're thinking of being buddy buddy with me then don't, we've already got enough on our plates."




Jotaro-"Yare Yare Daze...what a pain, do i need to spell it out for you? look, i'm grateful for you guys helping me earlier and telling me about this relic but, as far, as i'm concerned, these relics are our only way back to our home-worlds so i'm not going with you guys just because i'm worried about you or anything, cause i'm not, i only care about going home and finishing that b****** Dio off once and for all, i still don't buy into this whole goddess thing about Athena unlike some certain others back there...and i'm guessing that you don't too, correct?"


Train-"Ha ha, got me figured out huh? yeah, to be honest, i'm having my doubts about Athena and wondering whether or not she will actually take us back home once we collect all these relics but its better then not trying at all, don't you agree? hence why you're journeying with us in the first place."




Train-"Look, i don't know what's going on between you and that gold wearing guy and to be quite honest, i don't really care but i have people waiting back for me in my world and that's good enough for me to help Athena with whatever it is she wants until our contract is fulfilled, sort of like taking on a job that a Sweeper normally does, know what i mean? anyways, i'm off to bed, see you later till morning kay? yawn..."


Jotaro-"...Sweeper? guess that must be his world's term for bounty hunter..."


it was the next day and Train's group were about ready to head out but not before discussing their plans on what to do next.


Toriko-"...So, any leads on who our enemies are?"


Yoh-"...Hmm...nope, can't think of anybody."


Toriko-"Come on, you must have an enemy that hates you right? otherwise we wouldn't be stuck in this world...for me, i think i have a pretty good idea of who my enemy is..."


Yoh-"...Well when you say it like that, yeah, i feel the same..."


Train-"Great! so everyone knows who their enemies are, right then! all we gotta do is find them, kick their butts, retrieve our relics and done! contract completed! right? Jotaro? ...uh...Jotaro? hello? earth to Jojo!?"


Jotaro-"Shush, shut up, i sense something through Star Platinum, or...rather...someONE."


Upon hearing Jotaro's words, Train readied his gun, Yoh his Katana and Toriko his arms, all back to back against one another, wondering if there is an enemy surrounding them, just then, behind a group of crystal made bushes appeared a crystal made cat.


Toriko-"A...cat? what is that thing?"


Yoh-"Heh! cute little critter!"


Train-"Here puss puss! here puss puss!"




Train-"Aww see? he likes me."


Jotaro-"...Don't get too friendly with it, we don't know where it came from, anything is possible in this world, remember?"


Train-"Aw quit complaining Jojo! all you ever do is complain and throw a frown upon your face! come on! lighten up a little! i'm sure that's what everyone else here wants, don't you agree guys?"


Hisoka-"Oh my, what a tasty looking group of men..."


Hisoka suddenly appears, causing the crystal cat's eyes to suddenly lit up and bite Train before running away.


Train-"OWW! hey, what the!?"


Toriko-"!? Who are you!?"


Hisoka-"...Why, i am just a simple traveler going your way and i must say that for the two of you within your group, you certainly have fine mighty pecks, shall i...indulge in them perhaps?"


Yoh-"..."Shivers"...Ugh, this guy is giving me the creeps!"


Hisoka-"Fuu fuu, "small evil laugh"."


Jotaro-"Judging from his tone and personality, he must be with the enemy, apparently we are his targets, better make quick work of him and fast, i don't know what kind of tricks this guy has up his sleeves but one thing's for certain...HE'S DANGEROUS."


Jotaro summons Star Platinum by his side, preparing to fight Hisoka who draws playing cards to fight with.


Hisoka-"Oh my, what ever shall i do? hmm...let's see...i think, i'll take you two, as my opponents and leave you two with "him"..."


Yoh-"Him? him who? ...!"


suddenly, Yoh was grabbed by the skull from behind by Toguro, Yusuke Urameshi's enemy.


Toguro-"...He means me."


Yoh-"Gulp! HELP! Jojo! Toriko! Train!"


Train-"Yoh! tch! damn it!"


Hisoka-"Ah, ah, ah, i wouldn't move if i were you, unless you would prefer dear Toguro to crush your dear friend's skull into itty bitty tiny little pieces scattered everywhere methinks?"


Train-"...You b*******...i'm going to make you pay for this..."


Toguro-"Relax, we're not going to hurt your friend, we're just going to make sure that you don't collect all your relics, unless...you WANT the worlds to end?"


Toriko-"...Huh? what are you talking about!?"


Hisoka-"Oh enough talk Toguro! let me have some fun with them!"


Toguro-"Hisoka! NO!"


Train-"Come on, bring it! i'll take you both down one at a time! Jotaro! Toriko! you save Yoh! i'll deal with the clown freak here!"


Hisoka-"Hmph, your going to regret those words, just like some other snot nosed punk i know."


Train-"Whatever, just bring it!"


Train and Hisoka proceed to battle one another, as Jotaro and Toriko go to Yoh's aid, currently being held hostage by Toguro, Train and Hisoka are evenly matched, though despite Train using his Orichalcum gun named Hades against Hisoka, Hisoka proves too crafty an opponent for Train to deal with, ultimately leading to Train's short defeat at the hands of the jester like foe.




Toriko-"Ah, Train!"


Jotaro-"Toriko focus!"


Toriko-"Tch, damn!"


Hisoka-"Fuu fuu, what's wrong? giving up already? oh my oh my...and i was so looking forward to having fun with you, such a pity, yes, such a pity indeed...i guess i'll go play with your friends instead."






Train-"Stay...AWAY FROM THEM!"






Hisoka-"Heh, heh heh, heh heh heh! yes, that's the spirit! more! i want to see more! the agonizing pain on your face! as you lose...both everything and everyone around you."


Train-"! STOP!"


Just then, Hisoka was planning to throw a playing card straight through Jotaro's head whilst he was preoccupied by Toguro, remembering that someone precious to him from his own world had died, Train had refused to let another of his friends suffer a similar fate, he manages to use Hades to shoot a Orichalcum bullet straight through Hisoka's playing card, thereby foiling his planned attack.


Hisoka-"...I see you are the type that does not take kindly to losing those most precious to him..."




Hisoka-"Hmph, you know, i think i will have you deliver a message for me."




Hisoka-"Find Gon Freecss and tell him that Hisoka Morow is here in this world and that he wants to settle things, can you do at least just that, oh stray kitten lost in this huge world?"


Train-"! WHY YOU-!"


Train tries to shoot Hisoka down, only for him to vanish into thin air, leaving behind a flurry of playing cards, as Toguro not too far away also disappears, freeing Yoh but tiring both Jotaro and Toriko from their fight with Toguro.


Train-"Tch, damn that clown! ...! guys!"


Yoh-"...Aw man! i was absolutely pitiful back there! i couldn't do a thing to help at all! Jojo! Toriko! you guys okay!?"




Jotaro-"...That b******, he knew that he wasn't going to hurt you yet still used you, as a shield all the same to deprive us of our energy, i've never met anyone that physically strong other then Dio and this guy didn't even have a Stand! what...was with him!?"


Train-"Jojo! everyone!"




Train-"...Sigh...you guys okay?"


Toriko-"No, not really but thanks for asking, how did you go with the clown?"


Train-"Ahhh, sneaky rat got away from me, told me i had to deliver a message for him."


Jotaro-"...A message? what message?"


Train-"Something about a Gon Freecss, i don't know, do you think, he was talking about one of the other heroes summoned alongside us?"


Jotaro-"...In any case, Train, i think its best you should go and alert Gon."


Train-"H-huh!? why!? what about you guys!?"


Toriko-"We'll be fine...as soon, as we chug down on some food that is, anyways, that's not the point, if our friends are in danger, its up to you to help save them Train, that's your job!"


Train-"Yeah but-!"


Yoh-"Look, don't look down on us Train, trust me, we've got things covered here, i won't, i won't let anyone use me, as a hostage like that ever again, trust me on that one, so do this, as a favor for us Train."




Jotaro-"...People are waiting back home for you aren't they?"




Jotaro-"...Get going, i'll help both Yoh and Toriko find their relics, in the meantime, you join up with Gon's group and find your own relic, you got that? Train?"


Train-"...I, ugh, fine! but no dying on me! not any single one of you! i'll be back to find you all, count on it!"


Toriko-"Yeah, we'll be waiting."


Yoh-"Until then Train!"


Jotaro-"...Get going, the more time you waste, the more time Gon and his friends are in danger."


Train-"Right, got it, remember! no dying on me!"


Train had abruptly left the group in order to seek out Gon's group, as Train's group then continued onward by themselves without Train himself.




Frieza-"Why not dispose of the boy then and there? why have him deliver a message instead? Hisoka Morow?"


Hisoka-"Ah, like you, my dear lord emperor of evil Frieza, i too have someone i wish to face in battle."


Frieza-"...That is where you are wrong, jester, i do not simply want to face him in battle, i want to CRUSH THAT MONKEY WITH ALL OF THE POWER THAT IS AT MY DISPOSAL! you on the other-hand merely wish to seek entertainment, am i correct in assuming so?"


Hisoka-"Fuu fuu, yes, you see right through me, meanwhile, i wonder what HE plans to do about that "Train" boy that i sent on his way?"


Frieza-"Who? HIM? who knows, i tend to rather not bother myself with such riffraff, you be included among them."


Hisoka-"Oh, how you hurt my dear feelings, my lord Frieza, fuu fuu."


Train battled multiple lookalikes before taking a breather along the way...


Train-"..."Sigh"...man, these copies don't know when to quit! sheesh! when am i going to get to the other side of this world!?"


???-"Maybe if you hurried up a bit, you'd be there by now."


Train-"! ..."


Train slowly pulls Hades from his holster, knowing that someone was standing right behind him.


Train-"...So, its come to this, has it? that clown sent me this way just so i could meet up with you? huh? CREED-? !? !?!?"


???-"...Hello, boy."


Train-"Y-YOU!!!! ZAGINE!!!!"


Zagine-"Its been a long time, kid, tell me, how's your aim with that gun?"


Train tries to shoot Zagine multiple times, only to no avail.




Zagine-"What? you thought it was that silver haired pretty boy? please, we know who really caused pain to your heart, don't we? Train Heartnet."




Train again tries to shoot Zagine, again to no avail, as Zagine then reveals that he is carrying a white colored version of Train's gun Hades, of which he uses to knock out of Train's hand his black colored version of Hades, causing Train to hold his hands up in the air in a hostage situation, as Zagine says to his former protegee the words:


Zagine-"...Hmph, you've lost your touch with the gun, boy, just, as you have now lost sight of your true goal..."


Train-"True goal? what are you talking about Zagine? you're supposed to dead!"


Zagine-"Perhaps, back in our world, back in the true timeline..."


Train-"What? what does that mean!?"


Zagine-"If you want to know the truth, regain your former skills and face me in battle once more, we'll settle things at the destined place, where it all begins and where it all ends."




Zagine disappears in a veil of darkness, leaving Train to go and pick up his gun, as he says to himself:


Train-"...Zagine, he's...alive!? that doesn't make any sense! i thought for sure that my enemy here would be Creed! that way, i would have known how to defeat him! damn it, DAMN IT ALL! ..."Sigh"...there's no use thinking about it, eventually, i'll confront Zagine and when i do, it will be payback time, first, i've got to find Gon."


said Train, having made his decision on the current situation before continuing onward but his encounter with Zagine has certainly left him rattled enough that it is affecting his emotions in battle, he fights multiple lookalikes along the way, struggling to keep up with them, at a certain moment, one of them surprise attacks him from behind, causing him to be injured, just when the lookalike was about to finish Train off, he was then shockingly saved by an ally he thought he wouldn't find so soon.




It was Gon using his Nen technique Janken to destroy the lookalike, saving Train in the process whilst Tsuna, Gon's partner in Hyper Dying Will Mode proceeded to finish off the rest of the lookalikes using his X Burner technique.


Gon-"Sigh...you alright?"


Train-"...Ugh...oww...yeah, i'll live, thanks, kid."


Gon-"Hey! don't call me kid! the name's Gon! Gon Freecss!"


Train-"...Huh? wait, you're Gon!?"


Gon-"Y-Yeah, that's right, what about it?"


Tsuna-"Wait, are you-"


said Tsuna, wondering if Train is an enemy or not until Train reveals the truth.


Train-"Whoa hold up! hold up! i'm a friend! don't you remember me!? at the gathering! at Athena's respite!"


Gon and Tsuna-"...OOOHHH!!!!"


Tsuna-"Sorry about that, we thought you were an enemy."


Gon-"Yeah, sorry, bad judgement on my part."


Train-"Hey, no need for sorry, you guys were wise to put up your guards around strangers, especially just in case if they were on the enemy's side, actually, that's why i'm here, to warn you specifically, Gon..."


Gon-"Huh? what about?"


Train explained the situation to both Gon and Tsuna, namely the former about the threat he has received from his enemy Hisoka.




Train-"I'm guessing there's bad blood between you two?"


Gon-"...Yeah, sort of, anyways, sorry for what he did to your group, please forgive me!"


Train-"Hey, what did i say about sorry? look, this Hisoka guy means business, i'm concerned about my own group considering our last encounter with the guy and his partner but until he backs off, i'm sticking with you guys, sound good?"


Tsuna-"Yeah, we'll take any help that we can, right Gon? ...Gon?"


Gon-"...Yeah, okay, thanks for joining us Train, we appreciate it."


Train-"Yeah, no problems..."


Gon and Tsuna-"?"


Train, Gon and Tsuna were now travelling together with one another and, as they traveled, Gon sensed that there was unease stirring within Train.


Gon-"...Hey Train, are you, alright?"


Train-"Huh? what? oh...sorry...just caught in my own thoughts..."


Tsuna-"...I'm guessing your thinking about your enemy and your relic, right?"


Train-"! ...Yeah, you'd guess right, only...i feel like getting my relic from my enemy feels like its going to be a lot tougher then it was previously going to be before..."


Tsuna-"...You don't have to tell us if it bothers you-"


Train-"Nah, i'm cool with it, it's just...originally i thought my enemy was going to be a man named Creed Diskenth but unfortunately, it turned out to be the worst case scenario...it was my old mentor, Zagine, Zagine Axeloake..."


Tsuna-"Zagine...have we encountered anyone like that on our travels Gon?"


Gon-"No, not that i have heard of."


Train-"Zagine...when i was young, he...murdered my parents, he was an assassin...but, for some reason, he took me in, raised me, as his own, until eventually, he taught me how to wield a gun and use it...to kill him."




Gon-"Whoa...that's deep..."


Train-"Yeah, PRETTY deep if you ask me...Zagine...i hated the guy so much, i even hated it that he died on me just before i had the chance to kill him, turns out he was already dying...i...i didn't know what to do back then after he died, after he died, i joined a secret organization of mercenaries that were basically taught to become soulless killing machines, in turn, i became one of them, as expected but then, someone from out of the light found me, a stray cat lurking behind the dark corridors of alleyways and took me in, she treated me, as a friend with no hostility towards me whatsoever, even when seeing that i was carrying a gun on me...she was...one of a kind, that girl..."


Gon-"What was her name?"




Tsuna-"That's a nice name."


Train-"...! A-anyways, we'd better get a move on, don't know when Ares' pawns might attack us at anytime, you up for it you two!?"


Tsuna-"Oh, right, got it!"


Gon-"Yeah, same! let's go!"


Train-"Okay then!"


Train and the others continued onward, as they journeyed, Gon said something rather peculiar to Train whilst Tsuna traveled on ahead in front of them to scout out the areas ahead.


Gon-"...You know."




Gon-"One of these days, i'm gonna make you tell me more about this Saya person, it seems the bond you two share seems pretty interesting to me, hehe."


Gon continued onward, leaving Train behind.


Train-"H-Huh!? h-hey! wait! ...cheeky brat, who does he think he-"




Train-"GON!?!? damn it! let them out of my sight for a few seconds!"


Train heard Gon's yelp and prepared his Hades gun with ammo just in case a battle was about to begin, up ahead was Tsuna and Gon being attacked by both Zagine and Doflamingo.


Doflamingo-"Evil snigger, what's wrong, are you brats not strong enough to take on me? a god among the gods themselves? evil snigger, hey, Axeloake, aren't you going to take part in the slaughter? isn't that why you're here?"


Zagine-"...They are not the ones i'm after, birdbrain, the one i'm after is-"




Zagine-"...Right on cue."


Doflamingo-"Oh, so this is the one you mentioned is it? Train Heartnet? curious, i wonder how his strength would test against my might!"


Train-"Why you! leave my friends alone!"


Train proceeds to battle Doflamingo, Doflamingo uses multiple of his trademark techniques to cause a disadvantage for Train in their battle, however, Train using his eagle, or rather, cat like eyes is able to pinpoint Doflamingo's exact locations, dodging from one part of the battlefield to the next, as Train finally hits Doflamingo in his vital points, seemingly killing the flamingo themed tall man with shades, however, Doflamingo proves more craftier then meets the eye.


Train-"H-Huh!? what the!? how!? i shot him! i shot him in all his vitals! so how is it he's still alive!?"


Doflamingo-"Evil laugh, fool, what you merely fought was my Black Knight, the real me has been dealing with your friends whilst you were off playing target practice!"






Tsuna-"Help-help us..."


Doflamingo-"Heh heh heh, so? what will you do? will you chase after me? or...will you seek vengeance? the choice, is entirely yours...evil snigger."


Doflamingo disappears with both Gon and Tsuna trapped inside his strings, as Train tries to stop him but to no avail.


Zagine-"...So, that just leaves both you and me, Train..."


Train-"Uh! Zagine! tell me! WHERE DID HE GO!?!?"


Zagine-"What does it matter to you? i mean, you only see them, as pawns, don't you?"




Zagine-"They are only tools to help you reach you the goal, isn't that ever the truth with us type of people Train? we assassins? even the guns that we carry are nothing more but instruments that help us fulfill our overall ultimate objectives, you fell for their trap, hook, line and sinker..."


Train-"What are you talking about!?"


Zagine-"Sigh...do i have to spell out everything for ya kid? its obvious, first, Hisoka lured you here, threatening to kill the Freecss kid and then Doflamingo appears and manages to trap both of them, leading you exactly where we want you to be, you see, my dear Train...we want you...to join us."


Train-"...Your crazy, your crazy if you think i'll ever join you!"


Zagine-"Then suit yourself, though i can't guarantee the safety of your dear "friends"..."


Train-"...Still a b******, aren't you? Zagine!"


Zagine-"...Trust me, this isn't how i wanted things to go but they are what they are, now then, let's go Train, its time, to finally fulfill our promise, come and meet me, you'll know...where to look."


Zagine leaves Train behind, as he ponders to himself.


Train is seen looking at his gun Hades and is thinking of discarding it but then has second thoughts, it is then that Jotaro appears from out of nowhere.


Jotaro-"...Still haven't received your relic?"


Train-"Ah, Jojo! ...no...still...haven't..."


Jotaro-"...Well? what are you waiting for? don't those guys need your help or something?"


Train-"...Jotaro...i'm not-i'm not like you, i only see people...as tools, its, always been that way for me, the organization, my gun, even my closest friends that i call family, i only see them, as tools, nothing but instruments to be used...in order to exact my revenge upon the world, they give me reason to act on hatred and in turn to give me a reason to kill, how can i possibly obtain my relic when i'm THAT kind of person? ..."


Jotaro/Athena-"...But you aren't."




Athena-"You aren't that type of person."


Train-"Athena! why did you-"


Athena-"I thought taking Jotaro's form would help ease your soul..."


Train-"Who, THAT guy? yeah right, like Mr non-sociable can help me in a pinch right about now..."


Athena-"But he did, did he not?"




Athena-"...You wouldn't have said what you told me if i weren't Jotaro, correct?"


Train-"! I..."Sigh"...yep, your right, i guess male-bonding was the only way to get out of my brooding, thanks, Goddess, i think, maybe...i can confront Zagine now, maybe i don't have all the answers but i don't care! Sven, Eve, Jotaro, Yoh, Toriko, Gon, Tsuna...Saya...they are all waiting for me and i have to prove to both them and especially myself, that i don't see nor use them, as tools!"


Athena-"...Hehe, go, my chosen hero."


Train-"You got it, ah!"


Train finds purring by his leg the crystal cat from before.


Train-"Hey little guy, where did you scamper off to? uh! hey!"


the crystal cat was trying to lead Train somewhere, to where he did not know but trusting his instincts, Train decided to follow the crystal cat and it would lead him straight to none other but Zagine himself, having been waiting for Train...


Zagine-"...So, the black unlucky cat finally showed up, did he? trying to reclaim his tools to further his reasons for revenge-"






Train-"Gon and Tsuna, let them go, right, now."


Zagine-"Why? so you can bring misfortune upon them once more?"


Train-"No, whether or not i bring them good luck or bad luck, that doesn't matter, they are my friends, you can't keep them away from me!"


Zagine-"...You've grown soft, little kitty cat, let's see, if you're skills have grown soft and dulled, as well."


Train-"...Wouldn't have it any other way."


Train and Zagine begin their battle old western movie style until finally when both opponents turn to face one another, Zagine unleashes a barrage of different types of guns upon Train, shotguns, rocket launchers, pistols, sniper rifles, you name it, so on, so forth, Zagine was a master of all types of firearms whilst Train was only a master of one firearm, however, one firearm was all Train needed to fight with, he fights with Zagine both blocking and dodging his full-scale blitzkrieg against Train until eventually nearing the duel's end, Zagine knocks Train's black Hades out of his hand once more with Zagine's white Hades, Zagine approaches Train by first picking up his black Hades and handing the youth his gun back to him so that he can shoot Zagine with it.


Zagine-"Is that all you've got? Train? funny, i thought you were stronger then this, come on, take the gun and shoot me, come on, pull the trigger, shoot me right in my head! its what you've always wanted, correct?"


Train-"...Now i finally understand."




Train-"...Your not Zagine, not the real one..."


Zagine-"What are you talking about? of course i'm-"


Train-"You're only the Zagine from my past memories, the Zagine that my mind subconsciously wants to remember so that, like you said, i can finally take my revenge on you but not just you, the whole world itself, for taking away things and people most precious to me...my parents, Saya...well, enough, is enough...i've had enough, of revenge, if you want revenge, go find it on your own, i'm done with you, Zagine, your nothing but a haunting memory of mine...now, its time-its time to finally end the haunting once and for all and go back to being the current me..."


Zagine-"Really? and just who is that exactly?"


Train-"I am Train, Train Heartnet and i, i am a Sweeper!"


Train catches Zagine off-guard by aiming to shoot directly into his forehead but actually he was aiming on purpose to hit Zagine right next to his head just above his ear, in order to provide a scare tactic, as it were, for a moment, just for a single second only, Zagine was frightened by Train's intention to kill and yet not to kill both at the very same time, this causes him to back away for a bit.


Train-"...You done? then get out of my sight, i've got friends that need my help..."


Zagine-"...A Sweeper huh? heh heh heh...HA! HA! HA! not bad kiddo! not bad...at all."


Zagine disappears into a mysterious white colored mist for parts unknown though Train does not care, however, suddenly he collapses but just before falling, he is caught by Jotaro.


Jotaro-"Yare Yare Daze...what a pitiful looking sight."


Train-"Heh, saw that did you? God...dess..."


said Train, mistaking the actual Jotaro for Goddess Athena, of whom is befuddled by Train's comment about him, Train awakens a few seconds later, as Jotaro speaks with him.


Train-"Aww...my head! ...huh? ! THE GUYS! OWW!"


Jotaro-"Relax, bullets for brains, they're fine, the monkey saw to their rescue."


Train-"...Mon...key? what are you talking about?"


Jotaro-"Come on, i'll explain on the way, oh, by the way, you had a friend sitting by you all this time."


Train-"I...did? ! the cat."


Cat-"Yawn, meow, meow? ! meow! meow! meow!"


Train-"Hey hey, easy fuzzball! i'm not going anywhere...thanks, thanks for looking out for me back there, i owe you big time."




suddenly, the crystal cat transforms into both very shockingly and surprisingly Train's relic! this greatly shocks both Train and Jotaro, wondering how this is even possible to begin with!?




Papillon-"Sigh...looks like, its MY time to enter the show now! tell me, how do you propose i should go about things? ...Hagoromo Gitsune? seeing, as how you are the only female here in this world, asides from the Goddess of Love herself?"




Ending Theme Song-https://youtu.be/ddHLfjn2dk0.


Chapter VII: Tsunayoshi Sawada-Hyper Dying Will:


Opening Theme Song-https://youtu.be/3c4pIkE985k.


Before setting off into groups, Tsuna sees Izuku, Allen and Yusuke's group head off whilst sighing to himself, wondering if he was going to traverse for his relic all by himself, suddenly-


Tsuna and Gon-"OWW!"


Tsuna and Gon bump into one another.


Tsuna-"S-sorry about that! are-are you okay!?"


Gon-"Ow...yeah, i'm fine, hey, i'm Gon, a pleasure to meet you! what's your name?"


Tsuna-"Me? i'm...i'm Tsunayoshi, Tsunayoshi Sawada."


Gon-"Tsunayoshi huh? i'll just call you Tsuna for short, sound good?"


Tsuna-"Y-Yeah, everybody calls me Tsuna anyways..."


Gon-"I think we should be partners, don't you think?"


Tsuna-"Huh? wha!?"


Gon-"Travelling alone is so boring! i wish Killua, Kurapika and Leorio were here, how about you? got any friends that you miss seeing?"


Tsuna-"! Friends..."


the flashback ends, as we see Tsuna and Gon travelling by themselves in the not too far away future with the latter calling out to the former.


Gon-"...Na...Tsuna...OI! TSUUUNA!"


Tsuna-"H-HUH!? WHAT THE!?"


Gon-"Geez Tsuna, learn to keep your eyes on the road, you almost smashed straight into a-




Gon-"...Brick wall."


Tsuna has always had bad luck on his side, it was never for good luck to be on his side whatsoever.


Gon-"Here, let me help you."


Tsuna-"T-Thanks, Gon..."


Gon-"Honestly Tsuna, that's about, what, the 13th time you've either smashed into a wall in front of you, fall down into a trap pitfall or just have plain old bad luck all around, seriously, what is THAT all about?"


Tsuna-"The-the 13th time you say!? OH NO!"


Gon-"What! what's wrong!?"


Tsuna-"They say 13 is an unlucky number! you know, like, the film?"


Gon-"...What film?"


Tsuna-"...Oh yeah, that's right, we're from different worlds again, aren't we? sigh..."


Gon-"SERIOUSLY!?!? i mean, how could you forget even that!?"


Tsuna-"Sigh...sorry Gon, its just, i have a lot on my mind, i'm wondering...if i'll ever return home or ever see my friends and family again...i-i miss them...so much..."


Tsuna starts to tear up a little but tries to hide his tears away from Gon, its then that Gon declares to Tsuna:


Gon: "Okay then! don't worry! i'll get us back home safe and sound!"




Gon-"Don't you worry about a thing Tsuna! you just focus on obtaining your relic and i'll handle everything that's thrown our way using my Nen abilities, sound good?"


Tsuna-"...R-R-Right, i'm...i'm counting on you, Gon..."


Gon-"Heh heh, just leave everything to me! they don't call me an expert at catching fish for nothing ya know!"


Tsuna-"...C-Catching fish?"


Gon-"Right then! sooo...where are we anyways?"


Byakuran-"Oh i'll tell you boys where you are and for free of course!"




Tsuna-"? ...!?!?"


Byakuran-"Hello again, 10th boss of Vongola."


Tsuna gets his Dying Will Gloves out.


Tsuna-"B-B-BYAKURAN!?!? YOU'RE!!!!"


Gon-"You know him Tsuna?"


Byakuran-"Still alive? but of course, you can't get rid of me THAT easily, shame...i wish i could have said the same for...YUNI."


Tsuna-"!?!? Y-Yuni?"


Gon-"Tsuna? what's wrong? hey, is this guy bothering you? hey! angel looking guy! whoever you are, leave Tsuna alone! i don't like it when bullies pick on my friends, you better back off if you know what's good for you!"


Byakuran-"Oh my, you've made another friend to be a sacrificial lamb have you? Tsunayoshi Sawada? that's just cold, too cold...even, for me."




Gon-"That's it, i-warned-you! JAN-KEN!"


Gon unleashes his Janken Nen technique upon Byakuran, only to miss.


Byakuran-"My oh my! that's such a powerful attack you have there, still, it pales in comparison to the powers of the 7 Dying Will Flames..."


Gon-"Dying...Will Flames?"


Byakuran-"That's right but unfortunately you wouldn't know anything about that at all, since young Sawada here has been leading you off the track of battle, purposely avoiding trying to find your relics and thus, you haven't been able to recover them without the help of his Dying Will Flame of the Sky which i myself possess."


Gon-"...Tsuna...is he, telling the truth?"




Byakuran-"Anyway, enough banter! let us revel in that which will become both of your funerals!"


Gon-"! Tsuna look out! GAH!!!!"


Tsuna-"AH! GON!!!!"


Byakuran-"..."Sigh"...it seems your just not up to snuff yet, oh well, i suppose i shall let things be for now, i'll let Dofy and the others have fun with you for the time being but whether or not you retaliate, that's all your "Choice", fuu fuu."


Byakuran flies away, leaving Tsuna to care for Gon, not too long passes, as Gon awakens from Byakuran's attack, having not done much damage to him.


Gon-"AHHH! that was a good nap! ...hmm?"








Gon-"...Tsuna, was what he said-"


Tsuna-"Its true, it was all true, Byakuran...wasn't lying, its true, thanks to my heightened Dying Will powers in this world, i can sense when lookalikes are going to appear and whom they are going to resemble, meaning what powers at their disposal they will have but the truth is, i have been leading us away from the lookalikes, so that...we wouldn't have to fight them..."


Gon-"...But Tsuna, you know we have to fight, in order to obtain-"


Tsuna-"I know! i know right!? but...still...i don't...i don't want to lose...another friend..."


Gon-"...That Byakuran guy, he mentioned a Yuni before, didn't he? who was he talking about?"


Tsuna-"...Yuni, she was someone...special to both me and my friends, without her, we wouldn't have been able to stop Byakuran the last time we all saw him...and...kill him."


Gon-"K-Kill him!?!? so what are you saying!? that who we just saw was an angel of death or something!?"


Tsuna-"...I don't know for sure Gon but, this is, far from the last time we'll be seeing Byakuran, he may speak in a polite manner but he's a villain all the same! i've...i've got to stop him before he hurts our new friends elsewhere!"


Gon-"...I see but Tsuna, are you sure your ready for that? can you fight Byakuran the way you are now?"


Tsuna-"...I'm...working on it, don't worry Gon, i won't lead us down the wrong path anymore, we'll obtain our relics, together, i promise, please forgive me for leading you astray all this time."


Gon-"...As long, as it doesn't happen again, normally i would forgive you Tsuna either way but we've got a mission to fulfill, even if we don't like it, Goddess Athena is counting on us, so...are you with me?"


Tsuna-"...Yeah, till the end!"


after that, Tsuna and Gon continued journeying together, as they fought many lookalikes along the way until eventually, they came across multiple figures on their journey, Train and Luffy for examples, as they journeyed with the latter looking for the former, explaining how Luffy's enemy Doflamingo had ambushed them and had separated them from Train previously, Tsuna recalls what had happened whilst Tsuna and Gon were shortly temporarily kept captive by Doflamingo after separating from Train.


Doflamingo-"Evil snigger, now then, since i have you trapped within my strings, what shall i do with you both? shall i use Parasite and have you two kill one another? that would be fun, evil snigger."




Doflamingo-"What's that kid? i can't hear you."


Gon spits blood on Doflamingo's shades.


Gon-"Go to and rot in hell, you b******!"


Doflamingo-"...Sigh, such language for a child to use...i'll have to sew your mouth together so that such words are never uttered...in my presence again! PERMANENTLY!"


Doflamingo prepares to strike Gon until suddenly-




Tsuna activates his Hyper Dying Will Mode and breaks both himself and Gon free of Doflamingo's strings, just in the nick of time before Doflamingo had the chance to sever Gon's head off, Gon still weakened from the strings sapping his energy sits on the sidelines, as Tsuna still left with energy battles Doflamingo.


Tsuna-"I won't let you, lay a finger on him!"


Doflamingo-"...Camaraderie among strangers...hmph, makes me want to puke."


said Doflamingo, being reminded of a certain event that led to his ultimate downfall back in his world before concentrating on his fight with Tsuna, Tsuna uses all of his strength fighting Doflamingo in order to protect Gon from him but had finally reached his limit, just when Doflamingo was about to eliminate both Tsuna and Gon, it was then that Luffy had appeared and had rescued the two from the string jaws of death.


Tsuna back in the present travelling with both Gon and Luffy stopped and thought to himself about Byakuran, of how dealing with him would serve, as a problem for Tsuna, Tsuna said to himself inside of his head the words:


Tsuna-"...I wish, i wish things didn't have to come to this, i wish that i didn't have to fight Byakuran again, i thought that our battles were all over! why? why do we keep getting dragged into conflict? does bearing this ring, mean that i have to bear never-ending years of bloodshed and hatred, as well? Reborn...what, what should i do?"


thought Tsuna, thinking about his mentor Reborn, as he continued journeying onward with both Gon and Luffy.




Raoh-"...Hmph, you underestimate those so called "children", especially the monkey, your opponent, didn't i hear he once bested you in battle?"


Doflamingo-"!? W-WHERE DID YOU-!?"


Raoh-"Ares told me, despite what you think, Donquixote Doflamingo, you do NOT know everything, even when you claim to, especially about the deity that we are in service to, the deity that you and Dio Brando among others are trying to steal his almighty powers of the "opposite" side of balance..."


Doflamingo-"...Tch, heh heh, ha ha, HA! HA! HA...you...you think yourself above me? Raoh was it? very well, i shall prove to you both who is right and who is wrong and then, you'll be begging to serve whom is the right god of which you will receive no mercy from, you can count on that, "evil snigger"..."


Doflamingo disappears.


Raoh-"..."Sigh", what foolishness."


Byakuran-"I'd say he's an eager chap, wouldn't you?"


Byakuran appears.




Byakuran-"Wow! i'm glad that you remembered my name, that makes me so happy."


Raoh-"...What do you want?"


Byakuran-"Why, i want to join in on the festivities of course."


Raoh-"...You intend to help that flamingo kill off Athena's chosen champions?"


Byakuran-"Not kill per say, just having a little fun with them is all."


Raoh-"Byakuran...what is it you are truly scheming?"


Byakuran-"Fuu fuu, if i told you, it wouldn't be much of a surprise now would it? now if you will excuse me, i intend to chase after Dofy, until we meet again Raoh."


Byakuran disappears.


Raoh-"Byakuran...i pegged him, as one of the types that had a god complex same, as Doflamingo and Brando but, there's something, different about him, something...off..."


returning back to the present where Luffy faces off against Doflamingo in the Corrida Coliseum and both Tsuna and Gon chase after Byakuran...




Byakuran-"So you finally caught up, glad to see you haven't wasted your energy in the short time that we were apart from one another."


Tsuna-"Don't play games with me!"


Byakuran-"...Sigh, such a pity, here i was planning a schedule packed full of fun games to begin with, oh well, well then, how's about...we have a duel then? a duel...TO THE DEATH!"


Tsuna-"Byakuran...i-i've come to show you...my...answer..."


Byakuran-"? ! Oh yes that's right, you did mention something of the sort, well then, go on, spit it out, what answer do you have for me? perhaps...an answer to the question of this tournament of the deities perhaps?"


Tsuna-"!? What-what do you mean?"


Byakuran..."Sigh, so you really didn't have an answer at all to begin with, did you? that was a trick question, upon instantly being concerned about the real nature of this tournament did you drop the "answer" you were going to give me altogether, oy vey, such a child, suffering from severe short term memory loss."


Tsuna-"!? I-I-!?"


Byakuran-"Forget it, your boring me now, just...go away."


Byakuran fires a lightning bolt straight at Tsuna, only to be protected by Gon who takes the attack meant for Tsuna.






Byakuran-"Ohh! him again? how amusing."


Gon gets back up despite having been wounded by Byakuran, he says to Tsuna the words:


Gon-"...Tsuna, let me...take him on."


Tsuna-"!?!? BUT GON YOU'RE-!?"


Gon-"...Its clear...that you haven't...found your answer yet...until you do...i don't think, no...i know for a fact that your relic won't appear...even...if you defeat this guy, so until...you find your resolve...let me fight him, think of it, as lending you...a "helping hand", heh heh."






Gon-"...Hey! angel looking guy!"




Gon-"I'LL be the one to fight you! Tsuna's not ready to take you on just yet, so in his place...i'll be fighting you! besides! i've got a whole wad of payback, special just for you! Byakuran!"


said Gon, declaring a fist towards Byakuran of whom merely sniggers at what he thinks is Gon's "gesture".


Byakuran-"Ha ha! splendid! you certainly have guts, i'll give you that much boy, much more then that worthless excuse for a Mafia boss standing right behind you, very well, in acceptance of your gesture, i shall take you on! let us see, if you have the makings, of becoming a Mafia boss yourself one day!"


Gon-"No thanks! i'm not looking to be a Mafia, i've already got a position, i am...a HUNTER!"


Gon proceeds to battle Byakuran, as Tsuna just watches from the sidelines, thinking to himself.


Tsuna-"...No, this-this shouldn't be how things were to go! I'M the one whose suppose to fight Byakuran, not Gon! so...why? why do i feel so helpless? Gon...he's risking himself, he's risking himself just to help me, that's...not right! i shouldn't be depending on anyone! how...will i be able to obtain my relic then? face it Tsuna, your nothing...but a loser...your still...No Good Tsuna..."


Tsuna remembered the days of when he used to be called No Good Tsuna by everyone who knew him, even by his mentor, Reborn, who explained to Tsuna that he was destined to become a Mafia boss and that Reborn was to serve, as Tsuna's tutor, Tsuna especially recalls one of the days of when Reborn was lecturing Tsuna like normal.


Reborn-"No Good Tsuna like always, at this rate, you'll never become the 10th boss of the Vongola family."


Tsuna-"Like-i-said Reborn! i don't WANT to become the boss of a Mafia family! seriously! why is everyone forcing this upon me!?"


Reborn-"You lack confidence."




Reborn-"You lack the will and you lack the strength to do anything, even if it were just a simple task, that's why you'll always be and always remain, No Good Tsuna..."


Tsuna-"Reborn...that was harsh, even, for you to say..."


Reborn-"...Goodbye Tsuna."




Reborn-"I won't be teaching a good for nothing anymore, goodbye, have fun with the rest of your normal life."


Tsuna-"W-Wait! Reborn! come back!"


Tsuna's memory recall ends when he sees that the duel ends between both Gon and Byakuran in a stalemate.


Tsuna-"...Ah! GON!"




Byakuran-"AMAZING! that was simply spectacular! i would even go so far, as to say marvelous even! you show a lot of potential for one of Athena's chosen heroes, its a shame that you ended up on the wrong side and especially most of all haven't to work with "that thing"."


Gon-"Don't call Tsuna, huff...huff...THAT THING! he's a living person! same, as both me and you! where do you get off saying something like that!?"


Byakuran-"...Oh? it seems your friend the monkey has defeated Dofy and a few of your other allies have come to his aid, phew, just in time, i didn't know what i was going to do if that fight had dragged out any longer..."


Gon-"Huh? what are you talking about?"


Byakuran-"Well i suppose i'd better go check on Dofy, until we meet again, little Hunter and of course, 10th boss of the Vongola, don't you worry, Tsunayoshi Sawada, our battle will come in due time, for now, just watch, as the second half of the show begins!"


Byakuran disappears.


Gon-"AH! WAIT! ...Dang it, he got away...oh well, can't catch fish all the time...hey Tsuna, you alright?"




Gon-"...Your probably freaking out about now, huh."


Tsuna-"...Probably? Gon...i..."sigh"...i'm just, no good, just like i am back on my world...people used to call me No Good Tsuna and some still do...i'm no good, no good at anything whatsoever, just now, that fight between both you and Byakuran had proved it, i lost my chance to obtain my relic and in turn find my way back to my world to my friends, Gokudera, Yamamoto, Ryohei, Hibari, Lambo, Chrome...even Mukuro, especially...Kyoko...Kyoko, Haru and my mom...they must be worried sick about me, of course, i have no right to complain, your stuck in the very same situation, as me, still...i goofed up yet again and i have nothing to show for it except my utter lack of confidence, i'm...just not like you, Gon-OW!"


Tsuna was kicked in the back by Gon whilst he was listening on to the former belittling himself.




Gon-"Tsuna...i'm not you, your not me, that's just how life is, what i'm trying to say is is that what you're feeling now, the hesitation, the conflict, all of that that's inside you...that's what makes you who you are now, standing right in front of me, Tsuna, the reason i went on this journey together with you specifically was because you reminded me of my friends, nor that you bare any of their traits of course but rather you have their heart, boy, i am saying a lot of big words but still, you have a heart that can overcome anything, a heart that will never let you down, even in the most dire circumstances, when i fought that Byakuran guy...it was though, he had no heart at all and a person with no heart must feel lonely, don't you think? Tsuna, i think its your job, to fill that guy's heart up, so that he won't have to feel lonely anymore, know what i'm saying?"




Gon-"Heh, trust in your partner! you've got what it takes! i wouldn't say so otherwise, i'm no liar."


Tsuna-"...Gon, i think, i think maybe...your right but, as i am now, i don't think i can help Byakuran, even if i wanted to, i just...need time, that's all..."


Gon-"There's no rush, take all the time you need, wouldn't be fair to you or anyone else otherwise."


Tsuna-"...Thanks Gon...! oh no! i just remembered! Luffy!"


Gon-"!? That's right! we got to go help him!"


Tsuna and Gon both nodded their heads in agreement and went back to where Luffy was, only to find both Train and Jotaro tending to Luffy.




Gon-"Your safe! thank heck!"


Train-"Tsuna! Gon! you guys! are you two alright!?"


Jotaro-"...Yare Yare Daze."


after catching up with each other's groups, we go forward to the moment in time where Tsuna and Gon awake after discovering that Luffy is safe and well.


Tsuna and Gon-"LUFFY!!!!"


Luffy-"Hey, hey, HEY! cut it out you guys! your sogging up the meat!"


Train and Jotaro-"..."


Gon-"Luffy, we're just glad that your alright!"


Tsuna-"...! Luffy! you got-you got your relic!"


Luffy-"Uh huh, yep, along with all this meat, truth be told though, i wish this relic was editable, that way i could have something that would go along nicely with the meat, oh well, when i get back to my world, i'll just have Sanji whip me up some more meat and something to go along with that meat!"


Jotaro thought to himself.


Jotaro-"Is meat all he ever thinks about? man, what a pain..."


followed by Train also thinking to himself.


Train-"Well at least the guy is safe and sound, that's for sure but still..."


Tsuna-"Huh? what's wrong Train?"


Train-"Huh? OH! no, no, nothing Tsuna, its not anything important, so anyways, me, Jotaro and Luffy here have all obtained our relics, that leaves you two next, right?"


Gon-Yep! but..."




Gon-"A-anyways, we're going to go off and search for our relics some more, you guys want to come with?"


Jotaro-"Hold on a sec."




Jotaro-"All of us have been repeatedly ambushed by the enemy, so instead of them coming to us, i think we should go after them instead, its worked for me in the past, so instead of separating into groups again, i think we should stay, as one single group altogether, that way, the enemy has less chance of ambushing us again, anyone else here agree?"


Train-"To be honest and i hate that i'm saying this but Jojo's got a point, if we just go off on our own, who knows when trouble will strike, so for now, let's all travel together, as one, that way we'll find your relics and all our other fellow companions together, all agreed?"


Luffy-"...Okay, as long, as we find Naruto, Ichigo and Goku, i don't mind."


Train-"Right, got it and you two?"


Gon-"...Well it sounds like a good idea-"


Tsuna-"Not yet."




Tsuna-"...I can't...go with you guys just yet, i'm-i'm sorry..."


Tsuna wanders off alone.




Jotaro-"...Leave him be, he's got a lot on his mind right now, for now, we'll just stick with this group, okay?"


Gon-"But! ..."sigh"...yeah, okay..."






Byakuran-"Wakey wakey shades! time to be getting up!"




Frieza-"Hmph, in the name of evil, you certainly embarrassed yourself, getting all heated up like that."


Doflamingo-"...What...WAS THAT!?!?"


Byakuran-"Now now, let's everybody chill, look, Dofy, the fact of the matter is that, well, you lost, plain and simple, Frieza was just trying to give you the uncensored version of that detail, however, i think you CAN still help us stop the heroes from obtaining their relics, if, you do exactly, as i say."


Doflamingo-"...Your barking orders...to ME!?!? i'll teach you you little-"


Byakuran-"...I know the future."


Doflamingo and Frieza-"!?!?"


Doflamingo-"What...was that?"




back to Tsuna, he was seen travelling by himself using his Hyper Dying Will Mode to fly through the air, he still remembered the flashback of when Reborn had said goodbye to him and of how Gon was trying to reassure Tsuna before seperating from his partner, as Tsuna flew through the air, he thought of his closest companions and of how much they had meant to him, until suddenly, interrupting that train of thought was a battle going on right before his eyes, it was a battle between both Kazuki Muto and his archrival, Papillon.


Papillon-"Sigh...why won't you just concede defeat already? you unmemorable excuse for a hero!"


Kazuki-"HEY! i so too am a hero Chouno! i'll prove it! by beating you in this match and obtaining my relic!"


Papillon-"Hmm, is that so, no, i don't think so, Gitsune, now!"


Just then Kazuki was caught in a trap by Hagoromo Gitsune whilst Tsuna watched from behind the scenes, seeing how everything was playing out.


Tsuna-"AH! that's!"


Hagoromo-"Hmph, what a waste of my time and talents."


Papillon-"Still, we caught the bait and now all we need is the fish."




Tsuna thought back about how Gon was talking about fish previously so many times, deciding to act now, Tsuna was going to save Kazuki.




Papillon-"Hmm? well, well, speak-of-the-devil."


Tsuna-"If your talking about us, as "fish" then you can forget it! let my friend go, right this instant!"


Kazuki-"H-hey you're!"


Papillon-"Silence! so, boy, you would dare defy the two of us? interesting, this should make for quite the show, wouldn't you agree? Hagoromo Gitsune?"




Hagoromo then suddenly releases Kazuki from the trap she was binding him in.


Papillon-"!?!? G-Gitsune! what are you doing!?"


Hagoromo-"...Leveling the playing field, its more fun that way, go, you take care of your target and i will deal with this boy."


Papillon-"Tch, alas, from one point, i do see your views, very well then, i shall kill Kazuki Muto with my bare hands and then, just like a butterfly, i will be able to spread my wings freely..."


Tsuna gave a slight comic look towards Papillon's attitude, thinking to himself:


Tsuna-"...Is this guy for real? ! anyways, no time for that right now! i've got to stop her!"


Hagoromo-"Stupid child, you would not run away from this fight?"


Tsuna-"...I'm tired of running, always hiding, always having others fight my battles for me...this time, i'll fight, to protect my comrades! from YOU!"


Hagoromo-"...Hmph, amusing, let us see this strength through which you speak your words from."


Tsuna began to battle Hagoromo Gitsune, the only woman asides from Athena herself to currently exist in this world of deities, Gitsune has tremendous powers over fear and using them to her advantage, she plays on Tsuna's fears, causing him to remember all of his toughest trials and tribulations, up until the point he fought Byakuran and it was at that very same time and moment...that Yuni and her protector Gamma sacrificed themselves in order to give Tsuna the strength back then to defeat Byakuran, as Tsuna became horrified over seeing Yuni's sacrifice and being unable to prevent it, it is then that Reborn appears to Tsuna.


Reborn-"No Good Tsuna."




Reborn-"...You've got to, DIE."


just then, Reborn has his pet chameleon Leon transform into a gun and shoot Tsuna right through the head with a Dying Will Bullet, upon being shot, Tsuna recalls all of the positives that have happened since he met Reborn and how eventually glad Tsuna came to be for having Reborn, as his tutor, he says his tutor's name out loud, causing Gitsune to back away in slight shock and especially surprise.




Tsuna, "Reborn" activated the full strength of his Dying Will Flame of the Sky, causing its orange colored hue to burn very strongly, the flames were able to burn away all of the fear hallucinations Gitsune sent Tsuna's way, as he then performed his signature X Burner technique once more, attacking Gitsune full force, it appears, as though he won the battle, causing him to become extremely tired out from the fight, however, it turns out that Gitsune had been playing Tsuna for a fool all along and just when it seems like Tsuna was about to be killed by Gitsune.






Hagoromo Gitsune turns away.


Tsuna-"H-huh? your not...finishing me off?"


Gitsune-"...I am not your enemy, therefore we have no quarrel, human, my enemy is someone both similar yet different to you all the same, i shall await him upon the battlefield, you have earned this victory, accept it with glory, for not all humans receive the praise of Hagoromo Gitsune, remember those words well."


Gitsune disappears.


Tsuna-"Ah! wait! ...who did she mean?"


said Tsuna, wondering if Gitsune was talking about one of his allies, just then, Kazuki appears with relic fresh in hand.






Kazuki-"Hey, thanks for saving my butt back there, i owe you big time, what's your name anyways?"




Tsuna and Kazuki talked with one another about each other's respective journeys, in the latter's case, apparently he was travelling with Pegasus Seiya, Himura Kenshin and Rikuo Nura in search of their relics, Kazuki fought just now his own enemy Papillon in order to obtain his relic but for some reason, Kazuki has forgotten what has happened to the others, wondering where they went or what they are doing right now.


Kazuki-"...Wow, that's one heck of a story, well, i hope everyone else meets up with...well, everyone else."


Tsuna-"Awkward laugh...so Kazuki, you really can't recall what happened to your travelling peers?"


Kazuki-Nope, nothing, zip, zilch, nadda, however, in place of losing my memories of everyone else, i've been getting these other weird memories instead."




Kazuki-"Like, i keep seeing glimpses of what looks like the past with Athena in it but with some other heroes we both don't know about that weren't summoned at the time we all were...strange, huh."




Tsuna stops.


Kazuki-"Huh? what's wrong?"


Tsuna-"...The real nature of this tournament...that's, what Byakuran said before, didn't he? ..."


Kazuki-"...Did i say something strange?"


Tsuna-"What? oh! no, not at all but, its just, some things...don't add up."


Kazuki-"What do you mean?"


Tsuna-"I'll explain more once i have more answers but for now, i think i'll go hunting for my enemy."


Kazuki-"...Care for a partner to tag along?"


Tsuna-"...! Partner...Gon..."




Tsuna-"...First, let's go find the others, i bet they are worried about us."


Kazuki-"Yeah, same feeling here too."


Tsuna-"Let's go find them!"


Kazuki-"Alright! i'll lead the way!"


Kazuki went on ahead, as Tsuna last thought to himself whilst standing.


Tsuna-"...Byakuran...this time, i truly do have, an answer, just wait, i'm...coming for you."


Tsuna followed after Kazuki.




Frieza-"...I see, so, if all goes according to your plan, i will finally have that monkey's head?"


Byakuran-"But of course! would i ever lie to one of my comrades? i told you, i can see into the future and my visions, never, EVER, lie."


Frieza-"...Hmph, I shall be the judge of that."


Frieza disappears.


Byakuran-"...Hehe, have fun!"


Shishio appears.


Byakuran-"Ah, lookie who we have here! its the bandaged man, Shishio Makoto!"


Shishio-"Silence, worm."




Shishio-"You...just how much do YOU know about EVERYTHING!?"


Byakuran-"...Heh, heh."


a few hours later both Tsuna and Kazuki carried on, until eventually, the pair had reached a very familiar landmark that to Tsuna only he would know about, it was the Lightning City used in the Choice battle between both Tsuna's Vongola family and Byakuran's Millefiore family.


Tsuna-"This-this place, why?"


Byakuran-"Isn't it obvious?"


Tsuna and Kazuki-"!?"


Byakuran-"Its where we can finally settle once and for all who was really the winner of Choice that day."




Byakuran-"...3rd time's the charm, as they say, so tell me, Tsunayoshi Sawada, what have you learned? about this world?"


Tsuna-"...Not much, only that something very strange is going on and that it concerns both Athena and Ares!"


Byakuran-"Correct! i wasn't expecting an answer straight away but oh well, yes, you see this world is made up of multiple parts of other worlds of other dimensions of other timelines, they all more or less come from the same world but are all running at different speeds and frequencies, tell me, can you guess...what that is precisely?"


Tsuna-"...! !?!? N-NO!!!!"


Kazuki-"Huh? what's he talking about Tsuna?"


Tsuna-"...Parallel worlds."




Tsuna-"Byakuran is talking about parallel worlds, to be honest, this isn't the first time either, back when i fought him, he had the ability to go back and forth between different versions of my world and in all those versions, he would come out on-top, as the victor, however, this time around, its slightly different...he's not just travelling between different versions of ONE world, he's also!!!!"


Kazuki-"...Hmm? ...? ...! !?!? WAIT, WHAT!?!? YOU DON'T MEAN!?!?"


Byakuran-"Clearly, as the imbecile has guessed correctly, i have been travelling between different versions...of THIS world! even though it is a world of deities, my travelling across dimensions powers hasn't waned in the very least bit and it is thanks to that, that i know the outcome of this world from every version i have visited! thanks to my "foresight into the future", i can guess correctly who wins and who loses the tournament each and every single time! isn't that exciting!?"


Tsuna-"Cut the games Byakuran!"


Byakuran-"...You said that to me already once, aren't you just DYING to know? what will happen at the end of this tournament? who will win? and who shall lose? go on, tell me, Tsunayoshi Sawada, tell me, what it is you want to say about that-"






Tsuna-"..."Sigh"...enough, is enough, i've come here, to tell you my answer, this time, i have one, its my one and only answer!"


Byakuran-"...And what is it?"


Tsuna-"...I don't have an answer."




Tsuna-"But what i do know is that i can't let you go on rampaging like this, that's why, i'm going to stop you, once! and for all!"


Byakuran-"...Once more...ONCE MORE YOU HAVE DEATHLY ANNOYED ME, VONGOLA SHRIMP, now...now you will see the full extent of my powers...the might, of not just one parallel world, BUT A THOUSAND PARALLEL WORLDS!!!! COME! LET'S US FACE EACH OTHER ONCE MORE, TSUNAYOSHI SAWADA! LET US DETERMINE...THE "CHOICE" OF THE WORLD, ONCE-MORE!!!!"


Tsuna-"Kazuki, get back!"




Tsuna-"I have to do this, i have to do this on my own and without help, otherwise...how can i face everyone who has helped me up to this point? be they from the present, the future, the past, whenever and wherever, be they good or bad, everyone...everyone has helped me climb to newer heights and now, its time for me to make that final stepping stone...all on my own!"


Kazuki-"...Okay, i catch your drift, afterwards we'll go looking for everyone, kay?"


Tsuna-"Yeah! for certain! ...phew, alright Byakuran, let's end this! i'm coming, FOR YOU!!!!"


Tsuna charges straight at Byakuran of whom smiles evilly, using the powers of the multiple Dying Will Flames at his disposal, Byakuran unleashes a full fury of the 7 Flames of the Sky directly at Tsuna, however, maneuvering and dodging through the air through Hyper Dying Will Mode, Tsuna unleashes the X Burner upon Byakuran of whom merely absorbs it, causing Tsuna to rethink strategies, Byakuran fires a Lightning Flame bolt straight at Tsuna just like before not too very long ago, however this time, Tsuna blocks it with his mantle of the 1st Vongola boss, proceeding to then speed up, out of Byakuran's gaze and then knock him frontwards and backwards before punching with both hands, slamming Byakuran straight down into the ground below, this angers Byakuran, as he warps between worlds, as Tsuna wonders when Byakuran will strike next, Byakuran then appears from outside a portal with a giant Ghost behind him, the parallel version of himself that once served the original Byakuran, as part of his Milliefiore family, the giant Ghost walks straight towards Tsuna, causing him to use his Zero Point Breakthrough technique in order to freeze Ghost dead in its tracks, as Ghost has been halted, Byakuran laughs with hysteria and mocks Tsuna before absorbing Ghost into his wings and causing a light reflection to beam off them to all the windows in the Lightning City, temporarily blinding Tsuna, as Byakuran grabs Tsuna by the face and proceeds to smash him all the way sideways across the multiple buildings of the city, just when it seemed that Tsuna was down and out for the count, he was then saved by his Dying Will Flame pet companion, the small lion named Natsu, Natsu lets out a roar for all to hear, including those nearby, as Tsuna declares that he will now end his eternal conflict with Byakuran once and for all, Natsu transforms into Cambio Forma and becomes Tsuna's gauntlet of the 1st Vongola boss, Tsuna's ancestor Giotto, using the immense power behind the gauntlet, Tsuna unleashes a devastating attack that hits Byakuran dead on, seemingly obliterating him and with that, Tsuna wins the fight.


As Tsuna lands back on ground and deactivates his Hyper Dying Will Mode, his relic appears right in front of him, upon reaching to grab it, Tsuna has a sudden vision play inside his mind, it is of his mentor, Reborn, saying to Tsuna.


Reborn-"Goodbye Tsuna...and hello Tsuna."


Tsuna-"H-huh? Reborn?"


Reborn-"You've finally broken free of the weakness that served, as a barrier towards your way of becoming boss."


Tsuna-"..."Sigh", i'm too tired to argue about that right now Reborn, can you just give me the usual lecture and be done with it? i've...got people waiting on me."


Reborn-"...Smiles...and so you have, No Good Tsuna finally became Sociable Tsuna, No Good Tsuna finally became Lucky Tsuna, No Good Tsuna-"


Tsuna-"GAH! alright! alright! i get it! please, no more No Good Tsuna this or that, please, i'm begging you!"




Reborn pulls down his hat and walks away, fading away into light.


Tsuna-"...Thank you, Reborn."


Tsuna returns back to reality to find Kazuki waiting for him.


Kazuki-OI! TSUUNA!"




Byakuran-"...You nearly killed me again, you know."


Tsuna-"Ah! Byakuran!"


Byakuran-"..."Sigh", must you be so dramatic with all those flares, sheesh."






Tsuna-"I want you to tell me, i want you to tell me the truth about this tournament."




Byakuran-"...The only way your going to find that out is by gathering the 19, once the 19 are gathered, the deities will reveal their true faces and will truly reveal whether or not they are benevolent..."


Tsuna-"Are you saying, that Athena...is tricking us!?"


Byakuran-"...Like i just said basically, find out yourself, no spoilers from me..."


Tsuna-"...Okay then, by the way, thank you."


Byakuran-"T-THANK-THANK YOU!?!? FOR WHAT!?!?"


Tsuna-"For guiding me."


Byakuran-"!? G-grrr, silence! i shall be taking my leave...Tsunayoshi Sawada."




Byakuran-"...Make sure you get back to your friends and home, they are all...waiting for you."


Tsuna-"...Heh, did you travel again between worlds just to tell me that?"


Byakuran-"...That is for you to ponder."


Byakuran disappears.


Tsuna-"Ah, ...thanks, Byakuran, i really, mean it."






Kazuki-"Ah! look!"


approaching Tsuna and Kazuki were Gon, Train, Luffy, Jotaro and Seiya, as Gon rushes up towards Tsuna, hugging him very tightly.




Tsuna-"G-GON! WHOA!"


Tsuna and Gon both fall over but begin to laugh together with one another, as everyone looks on with different expressions, Gon reveals that he has obtained his relic and both he and Tsuna take a look at each other's relics, Tsuna lastly thinks to himself:


Tsuna-"...Yeah...this is where i belong, no doubt about it, everyone...i'm...coming home."


said Tsuna before then lastly saying to Gon:


Tsuna-"Thanks, Gon."


Gon-"H-huh? for what?"


Tsuna-"...For being my friend."


Gon-"...Heh, always!"


Tsuna and Gon finally give each other one last fist bump, to show, as the ultimate sign of the friendship they have developed since the beginning of the tournament when they were summoned by Athena and had decided to travel with one another.




Hades-"...The conflict...is almost, at an end...tell me, what do you intend to do now? Hagoromo Gitsune?"


Hagoromo-"...I have naught the slightest clue."


Raoh-"Perhaps I can be of service in that area."




Raoh-"Hades, Gitsune, the time has come, to bid farewell to the shackles of the deities that bind us and now, once more, as our own free people, we will decide...our own destinies!"


Ending Theme Song-https://youtu.be/jiB1mbL6WjU.

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Chapter VIII: Pegasus Seiya-Fighting for a Goddess:


Opening Theme Song-https://youtu.be/ofwE8oaS5QY.


Pegasus Seiya decided to travel by himself alone in search of his relic, as he had much to think about, he was thinking about this Goddess that called herself Athena, much like the Goddess Athena from his own world, although their appearances were similar, their personalities couldn't be more further apart, Seiya felt...conflicted about this, as he pondered on this by a pond full of water that upon contact with solid matter, it instantly turns into crystal, Seiya saw a small blue flower that was touched by the water of the pond, causing the flower to become encased in eternal crystal, Seiya decided to keep hold of it, as a good luck charm to get him through the crisis, lately...Seiya, hasn't been feeling, "himself", although he was true of character and had still possessed a heart full of valor, it was though his words, his expressions, his tones, everything about him was almost completely...different.


(Because i've never watched Saint Seiya in its entirety, Seiya will be portrayed slightly different if this is okay with Seiya fans?).


Seiya-"..."Sigh"...Goddess Athena, uh! i mean, MY, Goddess Athena...please, tell me, what am i...to do?"


Hades-"...So you are pondering."


Seiya-"!? Hades! lord of the underworld of Tartarus!"


Hades-"...A Pegasus of the shining star constellation."




Hades-"Tell me something...how is it, you knew my name? my title? my occupancy?"


Seiya-"I...don't know, lucky guess i suppose, anyways, that doesn't change the fact that you're my enemy, working for Ares!"


Hades-"...Ares? ah yes, the Interval Inbetween...tell me something, do you know, the true nature, of that tournament?"


Seiya-"That's twice you said tell me something and you speak, as though your not part of this conflict at all!"


Hades-"...Am i? or am i not?"




Hades-"...Only believers in their own fates and judgement get to decide whether or not they are apart of or even take part in conflicts whatsoever...i see that you are just a pawn, a pawn on a chessboard...being used to play in the ultimate game of life and death, or rather, life versus death."


Seiya-"Wha-what did you just say!? AH!"


Hades blinds Seiya before disappearing, Seiya quickly regains his eyesight whilst thinking on Hades' words.


Seiya-"...Me? a pawn? ...i don't believe that! we were summoned here for a reason, there has to be a purpose to this tournament! and i intend...to find out why!"


Seiya marched onward, he fought against many lookalikes, as he was determined to find his answers in battle of which he felt strangely familiar with, it was though, that battle itself was calling out to Seiya, crying for his name...




Raoh-"...You seek to intend to tell him the answer to this ridiculous war?"


Hades-"...You call it "ridiculous" but in truth, Raoh, you seek the pleasures of battles it provides, no?"


Raoh-"...I only seek that which can only be found in battle and that is my long overdue fight with "him", tell me, Hades, for one who has no memory, why are you so obsessed with that champion of Athena's?"


Hades-"...Call it what you people would say, a hunch."




Seiya journeyed forth on his own, fighting both wherever and whenever and though at times he felt fatigued from all of the fighting, he had his lucky good luck charm by his side to keep him smiling through all the battles, it was then, a newcomer appeared before Seiya, none of the like which Seiya has ever seen before.


Frieza-"I find not a monkey but a horse, looking at crystallized grass, as though it means or is even worth something..."sigh", why am i trapped in a world full of buffoons? more like BABOONS if you ask me."


Seiya-"...Are you with the enemy? tell me, who are you?"


Frieza-"...You don't know? why, i'm lord Frieza, ruler, dictator, tyrant and scourge of the galaxies, take your pick at whatever title meets your fancy."


Seiya-"...I see, so you ARE with the enemy, if that is the case, i will wage war with my fists against you and obtain my relic! that is my sworn duty...as a Pegasus Saint!"


Frieza-"...Saint? hardly, battle loving fool, i find THAT very believable."


Seiya and Frieza crossed fists with one another, they moved at matching speeds that one wasn't able to catch a glimpse of what the other was doing, Seiya tried to unleash his true powers but for some reason could not tap into them, it was because of this that Frieza was able to use his death beam attacks to easily defeat Seiya, had Seiya not been wearing his special armor, he would have been killed by the evil tyrant, just, as Frieza is about to kill Seiya after pinning him down towards the ground...




Frieza-"HA, HA, HA, HA! now then, DIE!!!! W-WHA!?!? WHO DARES TO-!?!?"


Suddenly, appearing before both Seiya and Frieza was a both strange and mysterious man, of whom Frieza seemed to recognized and also seemed to be quite scared of, very unusual for a man of Frieza's character.




???-"Off with you, i won't say twice."


Frieza-"T-TCH! damn it all!"


Frieza flies away, as the man helps Seiya help.


Seiya-"...I thank you, kind sir and you are?"


???-"...I go by no name in this world, please, call me whatever you like."


Seiya-"...Whatever i...like? hmm...okay then! how about "Alpha"? since your the first person i've met here in this world other then lookalikes, champions of Athena and enemies like the one just moments ago."


Alpha-"Alpha eh...yes, very fitting."




Alpha-"Anyways, let us hurry on, the lookalikes won't rest until they have butchered us both."


Seiya-"I agree, let's make for the nearest resting point."


Seiya now continued on with this "Alpha", not knowing who he is or where he came from, only knowing that he came to Seiya's desperate time in need of help and that was all that mattered to Seiya, Seiya and Alpha started to talk with one another upon reaching the resting point.


Seiya-"...So tell me, were you summoned to this world like us champions and those villains?"




Seiya-"...Sorry if i am pressing the matter..."


Alpha-"Oh no, its quite alright lad, i was just...thinking."




Alpha-"Yes, thinking, not much time for that or anything else that lays dormant within this world, only fighting, never ending between the forces of balance itself."


Seiya-"!? Please, tell me, that is, if you want to, please, if you know something, tell me about this world that we are all in, this world governed by both Athena and Ares."


Alpha-"...Heh, for a young man, you certainly don't waste time showing off your spunk, very well then, i shall tell you what you need to know and what you ONLY need to know, for this world is both old yet still so young in the eyes of the deities..."




Alpha-"...This world we live in is called "Hephaestus", it is the God Zeus' breeding ground for conflicts between his twin children, the Daughter of Light Athena and the Son of Darkness Ares, since time immemorial, the twins have fought for their dear beloved father's affection and wish to take their place by his side at his throne where only God and God alone may sit, although Zeus wanted both of his children by his side at God's throne, he could not leave the throne itself, as he had to govern all of the worlds he had created from that very same throne, not wanting to choose between both his eldest son and youngest daughter, he had decided to create a loophole within his powers, as God and give both the elder Ares and the younger Athena positions, or rather, to put it bluntly, jobs, as it were, to maintain the one and only "balance", the balance, of all things, of everyone living, past, present and/or future, the cycle of death and the cycle of reincarnation, light, dark, good, evil, white, black, positive, negative, life...death...i could go on forever, so on, so forth...you see, by giving his two children the "harmony" of balance, he had accidentally created "discord", for despite the roles they had been given, the twins still wanted to reunite with their father of whom they have never met or even laid eyes on before, taking their new positions, as a sort of a form of a deadly competition, the two children of God had decided that they would play a game between their respective forces and whoever's side came out on-top would be declared the winning victor and the losing side would have to be erased forever, never having a chance of being reborn again, the twins believe that this is their one and only way of being able to meet and live alongside their father, by believing that they must erase the other sibling in order to enter God's throne room, to put it all in a matter of simple perspective, this-Hephaestus, is a checkerboard, the people summoned by the deities-their check-pieces and lastly whoever wins the game with the more check-pieces-checkMATE."


Seiya-"!?!? So...your telling me, that, we are merely just tools, or, even worse, children's toys used in a children's squabble just in order to meet and stay with the parent who gave them life!?"


Alpha-"...You see it from a unrelated side, can't you see? all the two want is to be with their father, of whom they have never met..."


Seiya-"...Why summon us then? to fight for them?"


Alpha-"That much is more or less obvious, if the deities themselves were to fight, not only would they destroy the checkerboard but they would also be destroying themselves in the process and if that were to happen...can you imagine the sheer and severe consequences of such a clash?"


Seiya-"...! Y-YOU DON'T MEAN!?!?"


Alpha-"...Correct, all balance, all OF balance and all IN balance would be both completely and utterly obliterated, they would be returned to the null void, where nothing exists whatsoever, only Discord and Chaos of the highest order, not even God would be able to rebuild from such a state if that were to occur, not after all of the very long years that the universe, the cosmos itself has been in its harmonious state both of and within balance..."


Seiya-"...Very well, then let me ask one last question: the relics, what are these 19 relics that both Athena and Ares want their champions to collect?"


Alpha-"...The relics are the key to unlocking the true form of the cosmos, to ultimately saving it, or ultimately destroy it, Athena wishes to save the universe, her older brother Ares wants to destroy it, having become exasperated with life and believing that by standing side by side with his father, will they create a new perfect world order, one that would go unchallenged by all, even God himself..."


Seiya-"...Right...so even if we refuse to compete, we must compete in order to save all of our worlds, correct?"




Seiya-"Well then, i can't waste my time standing here, sorry for leaving you like this but i must find my relic in order to avert this catastrophe, thank you for your hospitality and your great font of both knowledge and wisdom, i promise you, once i find my relic, i'll come find you and bring you back with me to Athena, even if i have to travel to the very ends of this world in order to do so."


Alpha-"Oh you are too kind lad but unfortunately...my heart and soul is bound to this checkerboard..."




Alpha-"Now then, off with you! the world waits for no one."


Seiya-"...Agreed, i promise! i'll absolutely come and find you again!"


Alpha-"...No doubt you will lad...no doubt you will..."




Frieza-"Tch! i didn't expect THAT man to appear of all people! honestly and i was going to dispose of one of the heroes too..."sigh", oh well, i might, as well watch from the sidelines for the time being and see how my cohorts are doing with their own nefarious schemes."


Hao-"Sounds like, your just plain bored, Frieza."


Frieza-"...Asakura..."pleasure", as always, hmph...anyways, what are you doing here?"


Hao-"Just wanting to inform you that Dio has decided to go off by himself and hunt down one of Athena's champions, just like you did."


Frieza-"Really? and who pray tell has he gone after?"


Hao-"Something Kujo or other but not that it matters, in the meantime, i am playing to toy with my little brother and his own travelling group, care to join me?"


Frieza-"Hmph, not like i have anything else better to do."


Seiya's journey continued, now filled with more conviction then ever upon learning of the history of this world of Hephaestus and the dire stakes that are involved, fighting multiple lookalikes along the way, Seiya stops for a moment to take into consideration everything until suddenly-


Hades-"...? So, we meet again..."


Seiya-"...! Ah! you! Hades!"


Seiya embraces himself in a fighting position, preparing himself to fight Hades, however, it seems fighting is not Hades' goal...


Hades-"...Tell me something, have you learned more of this world and what else is involved?"


Seiya-"...I met someone and he told me that unless the 19 relics are collected, our worlds are bound to destruction until eventually, their end."


Hades-"...I see, so its true."


Seiya-"Huh? what are you...talking about? do you know something!?"


Hades-"...Life...is so ever fleeting, first it is born, then it lives its accorded lifespan and finally for whatever reason, it dies out, returning back to the cradle that is reincarnation, tell me, in what sense is their any point to defending, much less saving this world...if it is doomed to return back to the null void?"


Seiya-"...The null void? that's what Alpha mentioned..."


Hades-"Correct, the null void, it is the ultimate harbinger of destruction, Discord and Chaos at their very hearts, nothing is born from the null void and the null void only knows to consume everything, it has a conscience of its own, or rather, it is pure instinct solidified in the form of anti matter, that anti matter has consumed many worlds and very soon, it will consume this one, as well..."


Seiya-"Huh? you mean, the process has been repeated!?"


Hades-"...Yes, you do not know this but-"


Raoh-"Hades that's enough."




Raoh-"...Your speaking too much of what champions of Athena do not need to know."




Hades turns around, preparing to leave.


Seiya-"Hey! we're not done yet!"


Raoh-"Hmph, if you wish to fight then fight me, martial artist."


Raoh takes up a fighting stance.


Seiya-"Tch! dang it!"


Seiya and Raoh proceed to fight one another, during the fight, Raoh decides not to use his full strength but just enough that he manages to rip his shirt open, he tackles Seiya and treats him, as though he is a martial arts amateur despite being very skilled for someone his age, as Seiya feels like he is about to lose just like he did when he confronted Frieza, it is then that he feels a burning surge of power welling up deep inside of him and by channeling that power instinctively through his fist, Seiya unleashes a devastating attack upon Raoh of which at that moment it appeared in Seiya's mind and he called out the name of this attack:


Seiya-"Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken!"


Using this "Meteor Fist" technique, Seiya was able to push back Raoh, although, the titan was still superior in both skill and strength, merely commenting on Seiya's attack, as just a "tickle".


Raoh-"...Ha! not bad, that tickled, you actually got an itch that was bothering me off my back."


Seiya-"...A tickle? all the power behind that attack and he called it a tickle!? what's-what's with this guy!? he's unlike anyone i've ever faced before! not the lookalikes, not even that tyrant from before! just who is he!?"


thought Seiya to himself, as he wondered just both who and exactly what is Raoh before Hades then interrupts the duel, saying towards the latter:


Hades-"...Raoh, let us quit this place."


Raoh-"Oh? and why would that be?"


Hades..."The pulses from the null void...they're..."


Raoh-"...I see, very well, hey, kid!"




Raoh-"I concede, you win this battle."




Raoh-"Hmph, you have potential but you still have a long ways to go before you can truly call yourself, a martial artist, i hope, that for the sake of that, will we meet again on the battlefield, next time...as equals."


Raoh disappears, leaving Seiya behind.




Hades-"...With all the power at your disposal, why do you seek out the relic?"




Hades..."Its...sad...to see such potential be wasted, only on needless violence and destruction..."


Hades himself then disappears.


Seiya-"Wait! you b*******! come back!"


Seiya called out to both Hades and Raoh but to no avail, as he then pondered on what the former meant by his words.


Seiya-"...Needless violence and destruction? i already have power at my disposal? what did he...mean, by that? ...no, i can't be swayed, the relic will give me the answers i'm looking for, until then, i'll keep looking, i'll keep fighting until i have finally found the means to put an end, to all of the conflicts."


said Seiya with conviction, placing a fist upon his heart, as he then continued onward, undaunted by the foes that stood in his way or will continue to stand in his way in the very not too far away future.






Aizen-"What is wrong? Sasuke Uchiha?"


Sasuke-"...Aizen, tell me...the truth."


Aizen-"The truth?"


Sasuke-"You know something, maybe even everything that there is to know about this world, if so, tell me, why do i get these vivid images? of me, fighting alongside Naruto? your there, as well, you don't look the way you do now however, tell me, do you know the truth behind all this?"


Aizen-"..."Sigh", i guess there was no avoiding it."




Aizen-"...God's Cleansing, that, is what it is called..."




Seiya rested up for a bit until eventually he saw his peers being attacked by lookalikes, using his Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken Meteor Fist, Seiya punches through all of the lookalikes, shattering them all into crystal shards at once, he meets up with Himura Kenshin, Kazuki Muto and Rikuo Nura.


Rikuo-"Whoa! thanks!"


Kazuki-"Yeah, nice going there bud!"


Kenshin-"Well done, brave warrior."


Seiya-"...You're all travelling together?"


Rikuo-"Yeah, we figured it would be quicker and easier gaining our relics that way."


Seiya-"...I see."


Kazuki-"Sooo...you travelling by yourself, are you?"


Seiya-"Correct, i thought it best at the time that i travel and fight alone, though now, i'm lately starting to think that wasn't one of my better moves..."


Kenshin-"...Then why not travel with us? sir warrior? we are always welcomed to more company."


Rikuo-"Yeah, like Kenshin said!"


Kazuki-"Its better then being alone, right?"


Seiya-"Hmm...very well, i accept your offer."






Kenshin-"Very well then, let us continue forth on our pilgrimage, brave fellows..."




Kazuki-"Its Kenshin's way of describing our journey to find the relics, you know, a Samurai's personal journey or something like that."


Seiya-"I see."


Rikuo-"Thanks to Kenshin, we've managed to get out of a few tricky situations involving some of the bad guys on Ares' side."


Seiya-"...!? Wait! tell me! did you see a man with black hair passing by at that time by any chance?"


Rikuo-"Err...! wait! yeah! there was this guy wearing armor who was talking to us, something about this world ending and soon, if that's the case, we better hurry up and find our relics before anything else bad happens!"




Seiya muttered to himself the last bit before now journeying with his new travelling companions Kenshin, Kazuki and Rikuo, each and every single one of them all on a quest to find their relics, as they fought multiple lookalikes along the way, Seiya shared what info he had learned from the mysterious Alpha with his new group of travelling companions, however, Kenshin was skeptical, namely of this Alpha person.


Kenshin-"Hmm...are you sure that what this stranger had told you is true?"


Seiya-"I don't doubt the sincerity of his words, nor the honesty of his character...everything that he told me was the truth and nothing but the truth."


Kenshin-"Still...to find someone other then the chosen warriors of both Athena and Ares...this leaves questions."


Kazuki-"Aw try not to think about it too much you two, we're on a roll here! let's just keep going and find our relics! we'll be able to gain the answers that we're looking for at the end of the road."


Seiya-"...Optimistic much, aren't you?"


Kazuki-"Hey, its my job, its what i do...anyways, where is Rikuo? he said that he was going to scout out the area further up ahead."




Seiya, Kazuki and Kenshin-"!?!?"


Seiya-"Was that, Rikuo!?"


Kazuki-"Hold on!"


Seiya and Kazuki rush on ahead to where Rikuo was whilst Kenshin stood still, having sensed something was off...


Seiya and Kazuki came to Rikuo's aid to find out he was being attacked by Katsuki Bakugo.


Katsuki-"Is that all you got!? huh!? HUH!?"






Kazuki-"You okay pal!?"


Rikuo-"...Sorry, guys...they got the jump on me."




Katsuki-"HEY! newbie! get out here! RIGHT-NOW!"


???-"...Sigh, all you ever do is shout, don't you ever calm down once in a while?"


Katsuki-"Shut up! i'm not here to listen to your complaints! WE'RE here to take out these guys, got that!?"




appearing on the scene was another of Ares' chosen champions, the arch-rival of Athena's chosen champion Asta named Yuno who just like Katsuki possesses a heroic soul inside of him but is on the side of the enemy.


Seiya-"...I sense, something, about these two, they're...not evil."


Kazuki-"That may be but still! they're gonna pay for beating up Rikuo! Seiya! you take the spiky haired guy with the gauntlets, i'll take care of the black haired guy, that a plan!?"


Seiya-"Yeah, we got to defend Rikuo!"


Katsuki-"...Oh? you guys gonna put up a fight? fine then! i was dead bored just taking out weaklings like him, oi! Yuno or whatever! you take the guy with the lance, the guy in armor is mine!"


Yuno-"...Suit yourself."


Katsuki-"Yeah, AS-I-PLEASE!"


Seiya decided to fight Katsuki elsewhere away from Kazuki and Rikuo with the former confronting Yuno, not wanting anyone to get caught up in the battle that was about to happen, just before the confrontation, Seiya had asked Katsuki an important question:


Seiya-"Tell me something."


Katsuki-"Huh!? what the hell do you f****** want!?"


Seiya-"...Why? why are you and that other person aiding Ares' forces? its clear to me that you don't possess malevolent hearts so why?"


Katsuki-"The hell should I know!? i'm only here to beat that idiot Deku's face into the ground once and for all!"


Seiya-"...Deku? i don't know anyone by that name, could he be...another wanderer of this world like Alpha?"


said Seiya that last bit to himself, as he didn't realize that Katsuki was actually talking about Izuku.


Katsuki-"Ahhh!!!! shut up! just shut up! that's it! i can't stand all the noise your making, i'm going to blow you up into bits right now!"


Seiya-"!? ...Very well then, challenge accepted, let's fight!"


Seiya and Katsuki start their duel off by locking themselves in a standoff grabbing each other's hands, they fight for control of whoever attacks first, their standoff creates a huge hole in the ground beneath them, Katsuki, deciding to pull a bold move, uses his mouth to pull the ignition pin on one of his gauntlets and tries to blow up both Seiya and himself in a huge explosion, from the mist of the explosion Seiya and Katsuki both backed away from the epicenter of Katsuki's explosion, coming out with only a few scrapes and scars thanks to the armor they are wearing, Seiya at this point realizes that Katsuki is truly a foe one should most definately not underestimate, taking this into account, Seiya calls upon a magic sphere to surround him, blocking out all outside attacks, however, Katsuki unleashes a barrage of furious explosion attacks one after another just from scratching at the sphere, hoping to tear it down piece by piece of which he was slowly managing to do, trying to plan his next move in the next second, Seiya thought up of something, once Katsuki had destroyed his defensive sphere, Seiya quickly grabbed and stole Katsuki's other gauntlet and had equipped onto himself, deciding to make a bold move of his own, Seiya followed the example his foe in battle made previously and had pulled the gauntlet's ignition pin, sending a giant explosion towards Katsuki of whom uses an explosion from his palm to quickly create a defense for himself against the much bigger explosion, the stress from using the gauntlet causes severe pain within Seiya's arm, as he decides to ditch the gauntlet, allow Katsuki repossession of it, the fight was quickly drawing to a close and Seiya had decided to unleash a final Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken against Katsuki, in an attempt to halt his explosion and deal him a severe hit to the torso, upon doing this, Katsuki uses his other palm to shoot an explosion straight into Seiya's face, causing him to be sent flying not too far away whilst Katsuki himself was sent flying in the opposite direction by Seiya's Meteor Fist technique, the two crashed into opposing walls, thus effectively ending their fight.








Katsuki-"B-B******, you'll pay for that!"


Seiya-"...You still...want...to fight? ...why? ..."


Katsuki-"...Isn't it obvious!? ...its so...i become...the strongest hero, there...ever...existed! in all of time...itself, period! i want...to become strong, just, like he is..."


Seiya-"...A hero...i knew it...you...truly possess...a kind soul."


Katsuki-"S-Shut it! your still, my enemy, got it!? i played my role...i'm...done here."


Seiya-"...Huh? what are you, talking about?"




Toguro appears.




Katsuki-"...Tch, its you?"




Toguro pulls Katsuki from the wall he is entrapped in and proceeds to leave with him but not before saying to Seiya:


Toguro-"You, hero of Athena."




Toguro-"...You should go and find your friends, they are worrying about you."


Seiya-"!? What-what do you mean!?"


Toguro-"Figure it out yourself, come on Bakugo."






Toguro and Katsuki disappear, leaving Seiya to both recover and recuperate himself by first starting things off pulling himself from the wall he is stuck in using sheer will power and proceeding to return back to where he had previously both left Kazuki and Rikuo beforehand.


Seiya finds both Kazuki and Rikuo, slightly injured but somehow, their injuries aren't, as severe, as made out to be by the Pegasus Saint, as Kazuki reveals both he and Rikuo fought Yuno but even despite teaming up against him, he was somehow able to win against them and had the two at his mercy, however, instead of eliminating his enemies, Yuno used some kind of special magic to slightly heal both Kazuki and Rikuo before retreating but not before lastly revealing that all of the enemy's attack was a distraction in order to lure Kenshin away by his arch-nemesis Shishio Makoto who wants to settle things with Kenshin, upon learning of this, Seiya orders Kazuki and Rikuo to stay put, as he goes in search of Kenshin by himself, intending to provide backup for his ally.


Seiya-"Kazuki, can you handle things here?"


Kazuki-"Y-Yeah...we're good, we'll catch up, as soon, as we're healed, until then, don't go on ahead too far away from us Seiya, we want to help Kenshin too."


Rikuo-"Yeah, we can't let this slide, we can't let that masked b****** hurt Kenshin or worse, right now, your the only one out of us three that still has stamina to move about, find Kenshin and bring him back safely Seiya!"


Seiya-"I promise, i won't let you two down, i'll find our friend and then, all together, we will find our relics!"




Rikuo-"Counting on it."


As Seiya said temporary farewells to both Kazuki and Rikuo in order to begin searching for Kenshin, fighting lookalikes that stood in his way, once more, standing before Seiya was Hades...


Hades-"...We meet again, odd, isn't it?"


Seiya-"! ...Do you want something? if not, get out of my way, i'll get my answers from you soon enough, until then, i've got a friend to find."


Hades-"...By friend you mean the Samurai? the Hitokiri Battousai?"




Hades-"Yes, Battousai the man-slayer, in all honesty and all truths...he should have been summoned, as another of Ares' champions but for some reason, he was summoned only by Athena, i do not...comprehend."


Seiya-"...I don't believe you, Kenshin is not a man of such low caliber, he would never hurt, much less kill others."


Hades-"...His sword..."




Hades-"The shape, of his sword, haven't you ever noticed something...off about it? the way it is shaped? it is a sword...that cannot kill, it may wound but it cannot kill, it is a reminder of the Battousai's past, as a man-slayer, for some reason, he swore off killing anyone ever again, he took a vow that he would never kill ever again, not ever...but, is it really so easily capable of wiping off away the sinful stains of blood taking? no man, however virtuous they may very well be in trying to seek true redemption for themselves cannot help but repeat the mistakes of the past, that goes for you too, Pegasus Saint, you are a warrior and you have dealt much grievous harm to others, maybe not, as much, as the Battousai but still just enough to be hated by others...wouldn't you...agree?"


Seiya-"!?!? ...No, i won't! i refuse...i refuse, to believe you! Kenshin is a kind and earnest man! i will not have you speak ill of him! you know! don't you!? tell me! where is Kenshin!? what have you villains done with him!?!?"


Hades-"...Refusing to acknowledge his or even your own sins...that is a sin both in and of itself...i do not know where the Battousai is, only that his fate now lays in the hands of the pyro fiend, the Battousai's enemy, Shishio Makoto, a man who knows of this world's true nature and would rather see it burn to ashes then continue living in it, if you want to find the Battousai, find Shishio, that...is where you should start looking, i'll will watch and see, what becomes of you both, Pegasus Saint, let us see, if the stars are shining upon you."


Hades disappears, as Seiya thinks about Hades' words but decides to brush them off for the moment, intending to find Kenshin first no matter what, Seiya continues onward, fighting more lookalikes, taking heed of Hades' words to find Shishio Makoto, Seiya travels to where he can sense strong amounts of fire emanating from a small corner of the world, as he journeyed, he was unknowingly being watched by Sasuke Uchiha from behind the scenes, wondering where would Seiya's path take him.


Seiya was growing weary and fatigued from the sheer amount of travelling he was doing in desperate search of finding Kenshin, Seiya took a moment's breather, as he thought about a lot of things to himself...


Seiya-"...I believe, i believe, in Kenshin...i refuse...to believe...that...one of Athena's-!? no...wait, i-i don't-i don't truly believe in Kenshin at all, it was only because he was summoned by the Goddess that...no, that can't be! ...can't it? is this-is this what Hades was talking about? refusing to acknowledge the truth? to be honest, i don't, know any of my comrades, not really at all whatsoever, i...only claim to know them, because they fight for Athena and nothing more, is that why, i easily agreed in travelling with them before? not caring about who they were, only that we had the same goals? i..."


Athena-"Even if so-"




Athena magically appears before Seiya.


Athena-"Even if you did know the truth about your comrades and their personal histories...what would, you do about that? young soldier of the shining stars."


Seiya-"Goddess...n-now that i think about it, i don't know much, about you either...is that why? i am hesitating to believe in my comrades because that would mean i am hesitating to believe in you? is that, the truth? either way, however you look at it...i'm-i'm a terrible person...i don't-i don't truly believe in my comrades or you Goddess Athena whatsoever, what am i...what exactly is it that i am fighting for? the relics? will they really bring peace to this world and all others? finding and saving Kenshin? despite not believing in him? i...i've lost my answer to those questions and i feel like if i don't do something about that, i will lose...my will to fight, i don't, want that...not, at all."






Athena-"...Pegasus Saint Seiya."




Athena-"...Then carve out a new answer."


Seiya-"A new...answer?"


Athena-"Yes, one to truly call your very own, up to until now, you have been fighting, believing in the theory that the relics will save the world, however, that does not mean that you truly believe in that at first, nor your comrades, hence why you decided to travel alone...but, from travelling with Kenshin, Kazuki and Rikuo, do you not sense...that, you have at the very least, built a bond with them?"




Athena-"There, you see? even if you didn't believe in them nor truly knew their true selves, you felt subconsciously that you could build a bond with them and from that, you began having fun travelling with them, even though the road was perilous, even when they could have potentially tricked you and would have left you for dead upon having finished using you...they never did, they never once let you get hurt, even when you didn't notice it and upon you fighting by yourself, did you ever think that they had merely just abandoned you and had gone on ahead whilst leaving you to fend for yourself against all the odds and all the enemies? no, it never once occurred, because, you knew, you knew deep in your heart that they were not those kind of people, they would never simply just use you to further their own ends, that wouldn't be who they really are...to be honest, Pegasus Saint, in the past, there were some champions i could have selected to fight for the light of goodness, however...not all of them were benevolent, like my brother, i could have easily selected fighters that held cruelty and evil within their hearts, but...i didn't, i did not want power to be what would save the world, what i wanted to save the world with...was love, kindness, caring, the ability to sympathize with others and create new friendships, new bonds that would never, ever break, despite having just met one another and having very different personalities to each other...all of you 19 chosen champions have shown me something i had never believed would be thought possible."


Seiya-"What, was that?"


Athena-"...The will...to never, ever give up, even in the most trying and most dire of circumstances, even when everything and everyone were against you all...you all...never stopped, you never stopped trying and you never stopped believing, especially, a notable fact of how you 19 were chosen was that you never cared for power, at least, not in the way that you would ever abuse said power, instead, you would use power to try and make things better no matter what, even when it seemed in all likelihoods that there was just no way possible of making better...even better then what they were beforehand...Seiya, you may have doubts now but, ask yourself, do you truly believe...that Kenshin would lie to you, betray you and use you? please...find it within your soul and ask...yourself...that."


Seiya-"AH! GODDESS!"


Athena magically disappears, just, as she had appeared, leaving Seiya trying to stop her from leaving by stretching out a hand to where she once stood, only to no avail, it was then, Seiya started pondering on all of the thoughts Athena had left for him and had started remembering all of the times, however short and just recently they were that he has spent with Kenshin, Kazuki and Rikuo...


Seiya continued further until eventually, he had reached the place where he could sense fire was burning the most brightest, it was a place that seemed very familiar to him, it was a sanctuary of sorts, praising the gods, Seiya looked around, trying to find Kenshin, only instead to find a giant flame burning at a pedestal atop of staircases, Seiya examined the flame before then looking upon a statue that surprised but not shocked him, it was a statue of-


Seiya-"...Athena, MY, Athena, Goddess...Athena."


Hades-"Why did you continue?"


Seiya looked around towards below the staircase to find Hades slowly walking up it, talking to Seiya.


Hades-"Why...have you come here?"




Hades-"Before, you had no answers and you still don't so why, why do you now stand before such revered and almighty gods when you have nothing to prove or nothing to even explain? are you merely just here...to receive divine judgement from the gods, OUR gods, having finally accepted that you truly do not have anything to prove or much less even explain? have you finally accepted that you are not heroic, as you previously made yourself out to be?"


said Hades, having reached the top of the staircase, talking to Seiya from the opposite side he was standing at behind the giant flame and in front of the stone statue of Seiya's Athena, as finally, Seiya gives Hades the answer that he has been waiting for all this time.


Seiya-"...I, i once did think of myself, as heroic but, now, that's changed, now...i think of myself, as i am, who i am and who i am is...a person, willing, to fight, for the sake of others, for the sake of those he believes believe themselves in the light of goodness...Hades, lord of the underworld of Tartarus...your words, they had stung but, they weren't wrong, i sensed a form of purity emitting from them, meaning, that you cannot be, as malevolent, as i previously made you out to be, before, i was blinded, i was blinded solely by the light but no more, now i see the true light in that both light and darkness are equal and, if that's so, i admit...i have brought harm to others..."


Hades-"So you finally see-"






Seiya-"Like i said, i am, who i am, willing to fight for the sake of others, that goes...for Kenshin."




Seiya-"Kenshin...if he truly wanted to deceive me, him, Kazuki and Rikuo, they would have naught bothered, for if they did, they would have done so in ways i would not have been able to see clearly due to my blindness to light, however, they did not, they...are much smarter then i am and i failed to recognize that, i failed to truly believe in them but now, no longer, Hades, i will return to my friends, regardless of their pasts, regardless of who they once were, i see them for who they now are because, we have forged friendships from fire, even if they are fleeting, to one day disappear from our memories once we return to our own worlds, that will not stop me, that will not changed my mind from the fact that they too have loved ones and that just like me, maybe they are doing some soul searching for themselves, as well...no matter what you say, what you do now, i have made my decision, i will fight, alongside them, in the name of the Goddess Athena of this world of Hephaestus and i will also continue to fight for the Goddess Athena of my world and my comrades there, i will-never give up! so long, as i draw breath! shining just like the stars of the constellation, i, the Pegasus, will fly higher to even greater heights, to the skies of the cosmos itself! and with my fist, empowered by the strength of believing in not just myself but in others, as well, i will smite evil wherever and whenever it stands...with justice!"


Hades-"...It seems we have differences of opinions."


the flame suddenly goes out and a dark blackness stars to cover the sky of the sanctuary, a dark shroud emits from beneath Hades' cloak, swallowing everything in sight.


Hades-"...You, a knight of justice? having fought beforehand, using justice, as the means of causing wars and bloodshed? i have...heard enough! you are a fool, Saint Seiya and because of your foolhardy and lack of sight, i have decided, to take you down into the bowls of hell, where its eternal flames of torture and despair and the never-ending blackness of midnight will consume you, bones and all, you are a Saint and if you wish to avert disaster, if you seek to impose your will against the cruelty of reality then prove it! prove it with your fists here and now, as i aim...to take, your life!"


Hades draws his sword and three shadowy tail like phantoms appeared behind him from beneath his cloak, the three phantoms resemble the three heads of Hades' guardian of Tartarus, the hell hound Cerberus, Seiya readies his fighting posture, ready to take on the lord of the underworld of darkness head on both once and for all.


Hades and Seiya move away to a more wider location within the sanctuary to give them more room to fight in, with just a simple swing of his sword, Hades mentally commanded his three phantoms to attack Seiya from all corners, turning into vectors that would strike like arrows aiming for Seiya's heart, Seiya, having finally accepted the truth of everything but still fighting for what he truly believes ignites his burning soul within and unlocks his true powers of being a Pegasus Saint, Seiya destroys the three phantoms, using another of his fighting style techniques:


Seiya-"Pegasus Sui Sei Ken!!!!"


Using the Pegasus Comet Fist attack, Seiya destroys the three phantoms, causing them to fade away within the wind, leaving Hades to fight personally against Seiya, as he recalls the phantoms back from the darkness of the shroud of his cloak before using them to imbue Hades' sword with darkness of the deepest black, Hades attacks Seiya with his sword, only to block with his gauntlets, as he tries to give Hades a straight punch into the chest, however, the lord of the underworld had anticipated this attack and had dodged away, as he noted towards Seiya that there was darkness surrounding the gauntlet which he blocked with, it was slowly eating away at Seiya's stamina and in turn himself and he could not fight back against it, just when it seemed that Seiya's fate was to be turned into a puppet of shadows just like the three phantoms of darkness within the shroud of Hades' cloak, suddenly, Seiya heard a voice, two voices actually, speaking, in unison.


Athena: "Seiya."


It was the voice of Seiya's Athena and the Athena of this world, calling out to him, begging him to not give up, to never give up fighting the fight until the very end, as Seiya recalled memories of his fellow Saints and his new friends that he had formed bonds on this world of Hephaestus, suddenly, Seiya realized, with the blessings of both Athenas, he had unlocked...his true powers, a bright light en-covered him, shocking Hades, from that light did Seiya appear in a new golden cloth, Seiya had realized that this was the sacred Sagittarius golden cloth and with it, it imbued Seiya with its new and almighty powers, upon which Seiya decided to end the battle with by pulling out a bow of light manifesting behind him and by using one of its sacred golden arrows, Seiya had shot without an arrow of light aimed directly for Hades' heart which had ultimately reached its mark and had defeated the lord of the underworld of Tartarus, causing him to feel pain unlike any other, as he escaped into darkness within the shadows of the sanctuary, leaving the giant flame to return, burning brightly under the statue of Seiya's Athena, whose counterpart in this world proclaims Seiya's victory against Hades...


Athena-"...Pegasus Saint Seiya...well...done..."


said Athena elsewhere at the Goddess' respite of whom was then met shockingly by Sasuke, however, it seems that Athena had been expecting Sasuke and for quite some time too, as well...


Seiya back at the sanctuary immediately returned to his normal Pegasus cloth and upon doing so had obtained his relic straight afterwards, Hades shockingly reappeared, un-wounded, as though the fight never took place however he assured Seiya that he no longer wanted to fight and had instead said something else to Seiya.


Hades-"...So, you have obtained it, one of the 19 lights crafted by Hephaestus."


Seiya-"Yes, this is proof of the strength of not only my will to carry out justice but the strength to have power...to believe in my friends, just, as much, as they, believe in me."


Hades-"So you finally see the truth, the power of camaraderie among strangers, although from distant worlds and forced to band together in a despite time of need, their strength, truly united, as one, formed from friendship that would never die, no how much people would try and break those friendships...the fire, burns strong and continues to do so to this day, the proof lays in your fist, the will to never give up and the will to believe in justice...your heart, even after God's Cleansing, has never changed, not even once..."


Seiya-"God's Cleansing? what do you mean?"


Hades-"The truth and the memory of that secret will be unveiled upon the gathering of the 19, however, what i want to know is, will you still, fight for the Goddess Athena of this world, even after learning...the truth?"


Hades disappears, leaving Seiya with an unanswered question, however, he did not mind.


Seiya-"...I no longer doubt my friends, nor do i doubt the Goddess' intentions, she wishes to save this world, that's good enough for me, you know, thinking back on all this, i'm starting to think something...a little embarrassing i must admit, i now start to think...why? why did i even begin to question my friends at all to begin with? if i truly did question them then i would have still continued travelling on my own but i didn't, so i guess that means...i never really doubted them to begin with...so...why? why did i go through all of that? for what purpose? ...no, it doesn't matter, i'll figure out on my own and when i do...we'll see what lays ahead, the stars never shine out completely, so the answer...must still remain...huh?"


just then, Seiya noticed a group of travelling companions heading towards him, it was Jotaro's group of himself, Train, Luffy and Gon, Seiya, with a smile on his face, decided to approach them, knowing now...that they were true comrades but even more so, true friends.




Raoh-"...Hades has fallen, my lord, soon...all the relics will be gathered and when they are-"


Ares-"It matters not, for the time being, we shall continue playing my little sister Athena's game of good and evil until finally, in the end, good and evil...will be naught but a memory, don't you think? Raoh?"




Ares-"Hmph, my sister...Athena...tell me, how do you feel? about, finally meeting our father? i'm sure...that you feel the same, the very same way, as i do."


Very shockingly, turning around, Ares had revealed himself in person for the very first time and he was revealed to be none other then the stranger that Seiya had encountered earlier that saved him...Alpha!


Ending Theme Song-https://youtu.be/CwwEsz-WS20.

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Chapter IX: Son Goku-Ultra Instinct:


Opening Theme Song-https://youtu.be/pYnLO7MVKno.


Returning to the moment in time where Ichigo and Hao were teleported by Aizen elsewhere, Goku was left behind with the master manipulator.


Goku-"Ichigo! oi! you! where did you send him!?"


Aizen-"...It does not matter, more importantly, you should think about yourself."


Goku-"Is that so? alright then, put your dukes up! i'll settle this in an instant and get the others back!"


Aizen-"...I do not fight with my fists, nor am i some battled crazed lunatic so no thank you, i will pass on that offer, instead, i'll shall watch and see what becomes of you four, are you all truly destined...to obtain the relics? or are you not? only time will tell."


Aizen teleports away leaving Goku behind.


Goku-"Hey! get back here! huh! thinks he can get away from me does he? alright then, time for some instant transmission, i'll find Ichigo and the others no matter what! instant transmission!"


Goku places his two fingers on his forehead and tries to use instant transmission, however...


Goku-"...Huh? what the? i'm still...here! i mean, i'm still in the exact same spot! maybe i didn't try and think hard enough, let's try that again...instant transmission! ...instant transmission! instant transmission! INSTANT-TRANSMISSION!!!!"


No matter how much Goku had tried to lock on to Naruto, Ichigo and Luffy's spiritual energy or Ki, Goku could not use instant transmission to find them, instead, he was left with only one other way-


Goku-"...Welp, this is getting me nowhere, for some reason, i can't use my instant transmission, if that's the case...i'll just find the others the old fashioned way! hold on guys! i'm a coming!"


Goku decided to travel all by himself in order to find his missing friends, he battled the crystal lookalikes that appeared standing in his way, using the various martial arts styles and techniques taught to him by all of his masters and mentors combined, for example occasionally using his Kamehameha wave attack, as a finisher technique to defeat and destroy all the crystal lookalikes after battling with them for some time, eventually, Goku felt something from battling the lookalikes.


Goku-"I am so-BORED! MAAAN! fighting these carbon copies just doesn't get me riling for a fight! i'd rather fight the real people! that way, we can both enjoy a good fight!"


Toguro-"Is that so?"


Toguro appears.


Goku-"WHOA! who are you!? wait, are you with the enemy?"




Goku-"...Not one to talk huh? well, if you will excuse me, i've got to find some people, so-"


Toguro then tries to surprise punch Goku, only for him to sense the attack and then dodge.


Goku-"HEY! not cool! are you trying to pick a fight!?"


Toguro-"...That depends on your definition of the word "fight"."




Toguro-"Enough chatter, if you want to "fight" then let's "fight"!"


Goku-"...Heh, your speaking my lingo, alright, let's do this!"


Goku took up his battle posture whilst Toguro merely stood still before suddenly, the two were then seen locking arms against one another in confrontation, the two battled, as Goku emphasized on speed whereas Toguro power, although the two were equal in power, their different fighting styles and abilities proved to make for such a tough fight for Goku to deal with, Toguro's prowess in unrelenting physical strength and slaughter was so strong that when Goku had unleashed a full powered Kamehameha against him right in the torso, Toguro didn't feel a thing from being hit, nothing whatsoever, this shocked Goku whilst Toguro merely just wiped some dirt off his shoulder.


Goku-"Wow! your strong, i'll give you that much! alrighty then! time to go for some Super Saiyan! HAAAAAAA!!!!"


Goku built up tons of energy within him, causing the air around both him and Toguro to reverberate, bend and twist until finally, Goku after building up enough energy had finally transformed into his signature Super Saiyan form, of which Toguro remained unresponsive towards, even whilst waiting for Goku to power up, Goku says towards Toguro about his unflinching attitide the words:


Goku-"What? no pause for drama or effect? well, anyways, this is me, in my Super Saiyan state, i can go up to more levels if you like but-"


Toguro-"NO THANKS."




Toguro-"I don't need to see anymore, all i see in front of me...is a weakling, a prideful, arrogant and ignorant weakling who boasts on nothing more then just his fighting ability and fights themselves, honestly, if you ask me, its pathetic."


Goku-"...Say that again."


Toguro-"I don't need to repeat what's the truth, if you want me to take it back, show me that i am wrong, show me if this "Super Saiyan" state of yours is enough to make me bend down to my knees."


Goku-"...Okay, fine! you asked for it! no taking it back later!"


Toguro-"...I won't need to."


Goku-"Tch! cocky-!?!?"


suddenly, Toguro appeared from one place to another right below Goku, sending an upwards punch right into Goku's chin that hurts him greatly, Goku tries to ease the pain of his jaw, only for Toguro to grab his head and then smash it straight into the ground, Toguro then stops on Goku's head repeatedly, again and again and again until finally, Goku grabs Toguro's foot and forces him off the Saiyan, Goku started to huff and puff a little whilst bleeding a bit from his mouth, shocking him.


Toguro-"What's wrong, i thought you were going to make me kneel, what? don't tell me this is all this "Super Saiyan" has to offer."


Goku-"Why you-!!!!"


Goku then pulled back both of his arms and began sending a barrage full of Ki blasts straight at Toguro of whom slowly moved towards him, taking the blasts head on whilst just knocking some of them away with his bare hand, the reflected blasts are sent to nearby areas, blowing them up entirely because of the full power behind them, Goku, seeing Toguro's movement towards him then backed up and had decided to pull himself back until suddenly, springing himself exactly like a spring, Goku launches straight fast towards Toguro, intending to unleash a full scale punch right against the giant's cheek, the attack connects and the area vibrates from the attack, however, as usual, Toguro remains unfazed from the blow and instead he decides to end the battle by kicking Goku straight in the chest with the shin of Toguro's leg, this causes Goku to spit up blood and automatically deactivate his Super Saiyan transformation, instead of Toguro being the one kneeling, it is instead Goku.


Toguro-"Hmph, look at that, it looks like your the one whose crawling around on the ground, all that prideful boasting and for what? it got you nowhere, not even your "Super Saiyan" mode or whatever its called, a man like you...will never obtain the relic."


Goku-"W-Wha-What was that? oughf!!!!"


Toguro hits Goku with his leg in the chest once more before deciding to turn around and leave but not before saying to Goku.


Toguro-"Your weak and you'll remain weak until you have gained true and proper strength, not just the physical mass and prowess you have built for yourself, in this world, things are taken away from you and in order to regain those things, you must surpass your limits and become stronger, stronger then anyone else! if you heed this advice, who knows where you'll end up, now, i'm going to fight a real fight with a real worthy opponent, unlike someone like you who only thinks of themselves."


Toguro disappears.


Goku-"W-WAIT DAMN YOU!!!! ...DAMN IT!!!!"


Goku slams his fist into the ground and repeatedly does so, disappointed with how the fight's outcome turned out to be...




Dio-"Hoooh? found yourself a sparring partner did you? Toguro?"


Toguro-"...I was just killing time."


Dio-"Really? it looked to me, as though, you had offered the weakling some advice on how this world functions...well, not that it is of any consequence to i, Dio, i'm just pitying the poor puppet, i hope you didn't break him, fuu fuu."


Dio disappears.




Yuno appears.


Yuno-"...A jerk, as always."




Yuno-"Toguro, what were you really aiming for by going after that man? just what are you trying to do?"


Toguro-"...That's none of your concern."


Yuno-"...Very well, i won't say anymore on the subject."


Goku was seen resting up for a bit, trying to heal some broken wounds, both physically...and mentally, he pondered on what Toguro said by things are taken away in this world, if that's true, that would explain why Goku had lost his instant transmission from before, the problem now was for Goku on how to get stronger in this world different to all other worlds, as shown in his fight with Toguro, he would simply not get stronger from just training and/or fighting all the time, even if he is a Saiyan that gets more stronger the more that they fight, Goku thought to himself.


Goku-"Man...ow, ow, ow...that guy certainly pulled no punches or kicks for that matter, all he used was his brawn and with that, he managed to defeat me...talk about pathetic, it looks like...i'm going to have to play by the rules of this world for a while and learn how to get stronger, if i want to get stronger and help save my friends, the first thing i've got to do is figure out how i can get stronger in this world, that's the first step, it won't be easy but i'm up for the challenge, no way am i going to let that bulky guy get away with a win like that, nuh uh, no-way! i'm going to get stronger and when i do, i'll confront him again, that's the plan anyways...ow! man...sure wish i had some Senzu Beans on me right about now..."


Goku was starting to learn a little from the fight that he had with Toguro and what he had told Goku, Goku was starting to take the positive out of the negative and had promised himself once he was fully healed, he would then begin to proceed on how to get stronger according to this world's rules and laws...as soon, as he has mended himself, as Goku still comically aches from the pain he sustained.


After quickly fully healing, Goku got back up on his feet and started to think to himself about how he could get stronger in this world, it was then that an idea had occurred to him, ideas being something that rarely ever occur to him at all.


Goku-"Hmm...! wait! i think-yeah! that's it! that's how i'll get stronger in this world! ...Ultra Instinct."


said Goku, Ultra Instinct...the power to act on pure instinct and pure instinct alone at all times, during the tournament of power back in Goku's reality, he had used this power to help both master and surpass his limits in order to fight opponents much more stronger then him, in order for Goku to get stronger in this world, he believes that he must once again master Ultra Instinct if he is to take on strong opponents that stand in his way, deciding to continue forth, Goku journeys and fights crystal lookalikes once, as he fought the lookalikes, he tried to fight them without tapping into his Super Saiyan transformations, however, subconsciously, Goku gave in to the thrill of the fight and accidentally transformed into his Super Saiyan Blue form, this causes Goku to reprimand himself, believing that just like apprentices that study under Buddhist monks at Shinto based temples, Goku must scold himself each time when he loses focus, Goku continues to train whilst journeying until eventually, he had reached a checkpoint and there awaiting him was a surprising individual...




Dio-"Heh heh, are you the one? are you the weakling that Toguro beat up to a pulp previously?"


Goku-"...Toguro? ...! ah! you must be talking about that bulky guy! ...so that's his name huh? ...anyways, who are you?"


Dio-"Who am i, you ask? why...i am your both lord and master, kneel before me."




Dio-"I said kneel, if you don't, you will suffer the consequences for it, for i, Dio, am not, as merciful, as i appear to be."


Goku-"...Look dude, i don't know what it is that you want but i am kind of in a rush right now so can we pick this up later perhaps?"


Dio-"...Sigh...such an ignorant fool, fine, i guess i shall have to teach you the ways of what it means when those who don't submit to me...pay the price for it."


Goku-"Hmm...you know, this might be a good way on how to learn to get stronger, alright then, let's fight! no holding back!"


Dio-"As if i, Dio, would ever hold back against such vermin, or, in your case, such stupid baboons."


Goku and Dio proceed to fight one another, Goku, sensing the strong power emitting from Dio decides to not hold back and instantly transform into his Super Saiyan 2 form, wanting to test how far Dio will cause Goku to further transform and what power level he must be at in order to get stronger.


the fight starts off with Goku rushing towards Dio, trying to punch him in the face, however, Dio's Stand, The World, blocks the attack, causing Goku to back away slightly.


Goku-"Hey! no fair! your getting someone else to fight for you, that's not right! come on! fight yourself why don't ya!?"


Dio-"Silence! i need not take orders from the likes of monkeys, THE WORLD!"


Dio had then activated his time stopping ability of The World's and had proceeded to punch Goku multiple times in the torso and upon Dio deciding to deactivate his ability, this causes Goku to get sent flying back, crashing into nearby debris, Goku starts to wonder on how Dio managed to stop Goku from moving suddenly, as Goku could sense more or less that time became frozen in a few short seconds, taking advantage of Goku questioning what was going on, Dio proceeded to throw his signature throwing knives at Goku, of whom manages to dodge them and once again scold Dio for his particular fighting style.


Goku-"HEY! if your just going to use weapons and other tricks and not fight for real then this fight isn't going to be fun at all, ya know!?"


Dio-"...Fun? since when is fighting fun at all to begin with? ...carnage, mass mayhem, dominance, supreme control over all living things, these are the only things that fights have to offer, nothing more, nothing less, what? you think that by fighting people can learn to understand one another through their fists and then that way enjoy the fights that they are fighting? hmph! get real, boy! you have yet to understand the reality of your situation nor the peril of your plight, all that you love and all that you care about, all of that will cease to be and yet you care only about fighting? they were right, you truly are...A FOOL."


Goku-"!? Okay, that does it, you asked for it now, i wasn't really playing on using this but, here goes! HAAAAAAA!!!!!!!"


Goku, angered by Dio's comments decided to transform further into a Super Saiyan 3, his face now shaped differently and his voice more huskier then before, Goku berates Dio for what Goku believes that fighting can accomplish for many individuals that are keen on fighting.


Goku-"You...you don't understand what it means to truly fight, do you? instead you hide behind whatever it is you can find and use that so called "power" of yours to get what you want, honestly, its laughable and even worse, it just goes to show how much of what you really are...A FOOL."


said Goku, throwing Dio's earlier taunt right back at him, this enrages Dio.




shouted out Dio, as he proceeded to attack Goku head on, however, this time, Goku was ready for Dio's attack and had blocked his elbow attack aimed straight for Goku's face with his hand, it was then that Goku started to sense it, he started to sense the feeling of suddenly getting stronger whilst adapting to the effects and environment of this world.


Dio-"!?!? N-NO WAY!? IMPOSSIBLE!?"


Goku-"...!? I...i can feel it, this feeling! ...yeah! its starting, to come back to me!"


Dio after failing to attack Goku decided to call the fight off, disappearing like a coward but not before saying to him the words:




Goku-"HEY! WAIT! ...nuts, he got away, oh well, fighting that guy, it was a total bore, plus, he was a coward, using cheap tricks like that."


said Goku powering down from Super Saiyan 3 back to his normal state, as he talked about his feelings on his fight with Dio before then saying to himself:


Goku-"Still, i've got to at least thank that guy for something, thanks to him, i feel like, i'm regaining my sense of how to fight, soon enough, i'll be able to fight in this world using Ultra Instinct again and that way, no more boundaries will be able to hold me down so...thanks for helping me golden guy, i won't forget this!"


said Goku, although he disliked Dio, he nevertheless thanked him for helping Goku begin his first step into learning how to properly fight in the world of Hephaestus, Goku decided to do some shadow boxing for a few seconds before then proceeding onward.






Yuno-"What's wrong? Dio?"




Yuno-"It looks to me that you got exactly what the doctor had ordered for you-a nice beating."








Toguro-"Dio, this is what you get for overestimating yourself, this is exactly why you lost to that Kujo boy from before, letting your blind arrogance take control of you..."




Dio decides to disappear.


Yuno-"...That's strange, he just left without throwing at you a death sentence."


Toguro-"Deep down he knows that i am right and unless he can open up to failure, will it forever stay that he be a failure himself in the very sense of the word."


Yuno-"Its kind of, funny, he made fun of both your and just now his exact same opponent and in the end, karma dealt Dio what it believed he had deserved, honestly, i think that was the right decision, Dio is a man without integrity, unlike you Toguro, no matter how much you may deny it."




Goku in the meantime was practicing sparing whilst using his Super Saiyan transformations, not wanting to get hinged on a fight with a crystal lookalike and randomly transform into Super Saiyan Blue again, Goku trained and trained until finally, he decided to take a breather.


Goku-"...Phew! training by myself isn't all that easy, plus, using Super Saiyans 2, 3 and Blue really take it out of me, hmm...i wonder if i should just stick with regular Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan God? plus, the Kaio Ken comes in handy too...hmm...ah i'll think about it later! right now i need to find the others! right then! where to start? w-whoa!? huh!? what-what was that!? a thunderstorm!? ...i'm sensing it, its coming from, that direction! better go find out what it is!"


said Goku, he looked in the direction of where he saw the thunderstorm, afterwards, he proceeded to make his way to its epicenter, upon arrival, he surprisingly finds Naruto! although a little battered and bruised, Naruto appeared to be okay, Goku made his way up to him and reunited with his travelling companion, telling Naruto of what happened to Ichigo previously...


Naruto-"...I see, so Ichigo's missing, as well huh."


Goku-"Yeah, i've been trying to find you guys while dealing with some really strange guys, one was bulky and one was...well, er...anyways, now that we found each other, we can find Luffy and Ichigo together!"


Naruto-"Yeah, count me in! ...hey, Goku?"




Naruto-"...Have you? ...nah, forget it, never-mind..."




Naruto-"Anyways, i see a checkpoint up ahead! let's rest there for a while, that okay?"


Goku-"Sure, i don't mind."




Upon reaching the checkpoint, Naruto decided to mend himself using special ointment after from his battle with Sasuke and upon reluctantly obtaining his relic, it was then that Naruto started to begin behaving "strangely"...






Naruto-"I know, i know! i'll ask him later! geez, your being such a pushover you know that!?"


Goku-"...Er Naruto?"


Naruto-"Huh? yeah?"


Goku-"Who are you...talking to?"


Naruto-"Huh? oh! that's right! here..."


Naruto pulls out a fist towards Goku, wondering what Naruto was trying to do.




Naruto-"Trust me, just fist bump me and then you'll understand."


Goku-"...Well, okay..."


Goku fist bumped Naruto and then shockingly found himself within Naruto's inner world, living here was Kurama, a Nine Tailed giant talking Fox that is Naruto's partner.








Kurama-"...Way to state the obvious, numb-skull."


GOKU-"H-HUH!? IT TALKS!?!? WHOAAAA! I'm actually talking...to a giant talking Fox!"




Naruto-"Kurama, play nice, anyways Goku, this is my partner, as you already heard me say his name is Kurama."




Naruto-"...Yeah, to be honest...during our time travelling together, i...i forgot all about Kurama, i was able to tap into his powers but i was never able to sense that he was there all the time, it wasn't until my last fight where i obtained my relic that i finally remembered Kurama's presence and we called out to one another...but...why? why did i forget about him in the first place? why couldn't i hear his voice before? i still...don't understand that part like ya know?"


Goku-"...Hmm...i see, you managed to sum that up shortly and nicely, still...i think, you might be on to something here Naruto..."




Goku-"Remember i told you about this bulky guy i encountered? well, to be honest, he completely whopped me in a fight, i wasn't...even able to stand a chance against him despite using my Super Saiyan transformation, he told me, that this world takes away things from people...perhaps, in your case, what was stolen from you was your ability to talk to your friend here."


Kurama-"Hmm...that makes sense."




Kurama-"Upon us being summoned to this world, for just a moment and a single moment only, i felt, that the Chakra that makes up my entire being was slowly but very surely being consumed in its entirety by the miasma of this world and it was then that i sensed where my Chakra was going...it was being used...to create those crystal lookalikes."


Goku and Naruto-"!?!?"


Naruto-"Kurama! why didn't you say something like that sooner!? that's a lot of vital information we need right now!"


Kurama-"Shut up! i needed to come up with a theory first, as to why my Chakra was being sapped and was creating lookalikes of you Naruto but now, after hearing Son Goku's words about how things are lost in this world, i'm almost fairly certain...this world...it feeds on both physical and mainly spiritual energy and from those energies, are the lookalikes able to manifest themselves, thus becoming the carbon copies that you have all fought up to now."


Naruto-"...But, why is the world sapping our energy and doing that in the first place? why is it creating those doppelgangers?"


Kurama-"How should i know!?"


Goku-"Hey! hey! calm down guys, let's think for a moment, so, Kurama was it?"




Goku-"Lately, after fighting all those copies of ourselves, i've been trying to get stronger by obtaining new strength, this world's strength, to do that, i need to enter a transformation of mine called Ultra Instinct, its a long story but basically, i feel like the more that i fight, the more i am able to withstand this world's miasma draining my fighting energy, know what i mean?"


Kurama-"...Hmm, it seems that another theory has presented itself."




Naruto-What are you talking about Kurama?"


Kurama-"Son Goku, you have been fighting lookalikes of mainly yourself up to now, is that correct?"


Goku-"...Well, basically yeah."


Kurama-"...I see, it would appear that, from the spiritual energy that was stolen from you to form the lookalikes that look exactly like you yourself mainly, upon destroying them time after time, bit by bit, slowly by surely, your spiritual energy that makes up your power total has been returning to you and because of that, your now able to feel true strength behind your fists, correct?"


Goku-"...I don't exactly get what you mean but, i think its like that? yeah?"


Kurama-"..."Sigh", my point is, the more you fight and destroy your lookalikes, the more energy returns to you and that way, you'll regain your full total fighting strength, as long, as you keep fighting those lookalikes of you yourself mainly."


Goku-"Hmm...i think, that i get it now, okay! thanks Kurama!"




Goku-"...Did i say something wrong?"


Naruto-"Don't mind him, he's just embarrassed from being praised, that's all, look, see how he's hiding his face behind his tails? heh heh."


Goku-"!? HA HA! really!? wow! i never would have thought that!"


Kurama-"S-SHUT UP! anyways, your all crowding my space so get out of here! a Fox needs to take his beauty sleep some times..."


Naruto-"Okay, rest up Kurama, i'll call you in a fight when i need you."


Naruto and Goku return back to reality.


Goku-"..."Sigh"...so basically, all we got to do is hunt down our lookalikes and then that way, the more we fight and destroy them, our energies will return to us and we'll be able to fight in this world...right?"


Naruto-"...Yeah, i think that's right."


Goku-"Alright! as soon, as you've healed up Naruto, we're heading off! man, this is so exciting! i can't wait to fight the lookalikes now that i know about all this!"


Naruto-"..."Awkward laugh"..."


Naruto gave a comic sweat drop behind his head towards Goku's response of wanting to now fight the lookalikes if it meant getting his energy back bit by bit.




Hao-"My brother grows stronger every time he fights, soon enough, i'll be able to take and absorb his power completely, tell me, what is it you intend to do now? ...Zagine Axeloake?"




Hao-"Unlike the rest of us, you were summoned born from a shadow that the god Ares felt he had a use for, when all is over, you will return to simply being darkness itself, unlike Dio or Shishio, you neither crave power, nor the destruction of all worlds so tell me, what is your endgame agenda? what is it, that you are REALLY planning?"


Zagine-"...I am not planning anything, the only thing that i intend is to fight that boy and keep fighting him until my time here is done, that is all."


Hao-"So basically, you are one without purpose, just like the crystal doppelgangers that Athena's champions confront."


Zagine-"...Indeed, what else is there for me?"


Hao-"Well, if your interested, perhaps you might be interested in joining me in my plight, fancy doing so?"


Zagine-"Being hired for a job is my specialty, i am an assassin after all."


Goku and Naruto traversed many areas that were unexplored in the world of Hephaestus and, as they journeyed, they encountered more lookalikes, upon battling the ones that resembled the journeying two, Goku and Naruto slightly felt their true powers and strengths were being restored, regaining what was lost to them...


Goku-"Oh yeah! in the bag!"


Naruto-"Your quite chirpy for someone older then me."


Goku-"Can't help it, i feel my strength coming back and now, i'm more excited then ever to fight!"






Naruto-"Goku, care to spar with me again?"


Goku-"H-huh!? but Naruto, last time you were-"


Naruto-"Its okay, its different then last time, i'm different from when i was before, this time, i want, to fight, is that okay?"


Goku-"...Sure! i'm always up for a challenge but listen up Naruto."




Goku-"This time, i won't be holding back, in order to measure our true levels of strength in this world, we've got to fight each other using every bit of power that we have, you with me?"


Naruto-"...Yeah, i hear ya, okay then, let's do this, this time, you won't just be fighting me, you'll be fighting both me...and Kurama!"


said Naruto, as he then activated his Tailed Beast Chakra Mode with Sage Mode combined, as Goku transformed into his Super Saiyan God transformation, ready to fight.


the two begin to commence their spar with Naruto summoning one shadow clone of himself and together, the shadow clone places within Naruto's two hands two Rasengans, Naruto charges with the double Rasengan at Goku whilst the shadow clone goes into hiding, using the immense power behind Super Saiyan God, Goku manages to take on the double Rasengan with both his palms without feeling pain despite the burning spiral patterns the Rasengans leave on his hands, countering Naruto, Goku kicks him in the torso up into the air, of which Goku then uses an afterimage and appears behind Naruto in the air, kicking him again until repeating the process three more times until finally, Goku uses both his hands to smash Naruto down below into the ground, as smoke covered Naruto from being sent smashing below, Naruto rushed back upwards towards Goku with a giant Rasengan now in his hand, aiding him in handling the giant Rasengan was the shadow clone that went into hiding, using the giant Rasengan, Naruto lands a direct hit on Goku, sending him flying even more straight upwards into the sky, just, as Naruto runs out of Sage Mode due to the immense Chakra he is putting into both his techniques and his Tailed Beast Chakra Mode, Goku feels the pain behind the giant Rasengan, Naruto certainly wasn't pulling his punches, as Goku noticed, deciding not to hold back, Goku powers up his Super Saiyan God transformation by combining it with his Kaio Ken technique, thus developing the "Super Saiyan God Kaio Ken", with a crimson aura now on-top of his red aura, Goku uses his increased strength to shoot a Kamehameha wave directly at Naruto, spotting a bright yellow hue color instead of its normal blue, Goku called this version of Kamehameha the "Kaio Ken God's Kamehameha" and by using this new variation, Goku started to get more stronger in battle, as a Saiyan usually does, Naruto, using the tails of his Tailed Beast Chakra Mode had blocked the attack, as much, as he could before then finally being sent flying away by the attack, as the attack pushed Naruto aside and had destroyed everything past him within a single stroke, Goku could start to feel the affects of the world's miasma draining away at his powers and strength once more, deciding to power down from Super Saiyan God Kaio Ken back into just a regular Super Saiyan, Goku was now prepared for a fist fight with Naruto, of whom upon getting back on his feet engaged Naruto in the fight, displaying their respective skills and fighting styles of the martial arts, after a while of training, Goku and Naruto were both seen back in their normal states and had decided to call their spar a draw after it had drawn out for a while and had left them drained, the two praised each other, as worthy sparring partners and combatants, seeing one another's true strengths for themselves and not just in fighting ability alone.


After the spar and deciding to rest up, Naruto decided to talk with Goku about his new transformation, the Super Saiyan God Kaio Ken.


Naruto-"Hey Goku."




Naruto-"How were you able to do that? i mean, layer your powers on-top of one another?"


Goku-"Well to be honest, it isn't the first time that i've actually done that, you see, i use another transformation of mine called Super Saiyan Blue, the evolved form of Super Saiyan God, its actual real name is Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan but because that's such a long mouthful, it was decided to shorten it to simply Blue, anyways, i've combined the Kaio Ken before with the Blue transformation, so i figured, why not combine it with the God transformation, ya know?"


Naruto-"Makes sense, i guess, in a way, its similar to my Chakra Mode and Sage Mode being combined if not exactly the same."


Goku-"Yeah, honestly Naruto, you've got more power then letting yourself on to believe, i think its the same case with both Luffy and Ichigo, as well, we all still don't know each other's true strengths and limits, perhaps one day, we can all have a friendly spar with one another and see who comes out on-top, as the winner, sound good?"


Naruto-"...Yeah, i suppose but, there's one thing that bugs me Goku, if you don't mind me asking..."


Goku-"What is it?"


Naruto-"Why? why do you always want to fight all the time? why do you always practice fighting? even by yourself? its like, you have nothing else better to do in the world, besides eating that is."


Goku-"...I can understand what your trying to say from your words and well, its difficult to explain really but i guess, well, due to my heritage, fighting just feels like...coming back home to something."




Goku-"I feel like that when i'm fighting, i have found myself a place to call my own home, a place where i can feel that i can truly express myself, even though my wife scolds me all the time for trying practicing fighting when i should be working, still, i can't help feel but train, wanting to get stronger, battle worthy opponents who also have a knack for fighting, ya know? its difficult to describe in a way but also, it kind of makes sense, you see, i never got to knew my real world other then what i heard about it and despite all of the travesties that my race, the Saiyans had committed, still...i guess, i feel like subconsciously, i just...want to know more a little about my world, about who my people were and why do we fight? what tell us in our blood that we must fight and grow stronger? i guess, that's my reason to keep on fighting no matter what, even when it seems that the whole universe is at stake when it actually has been at times..."




Goku-"...I never really cared for the Saiyan themselves but i guess, its just my nature to fight like a Saiyan and be like a Saiyan, i realized that, as i grew older and fought more battles against many worthy opponents."


Naruto-"...Your way different to me Goku, unlike you, i fight not just to get stronger but in a way to understand other people and their thoughts and feelings, of what they want from life, i want to know more about my true heritage and by learning more, i feel like i can uncover my true identity, in the sense of the history of my past, of how my family came to be and how everything else led to what they became, as of now, like me and Kurama becoming partners, i want to know everything there is to know about Kurama and wonder what he was like before he became known, as a vessel of pure hatred, that's a long story to explain but at any rate, Kurama is no longer filled with hate and now, he's trusted not just by me but by all my other friends and partners, together, we're unbeatable, that much i know, as long, as we fight and never truly forget one another, our hearts will lead us down to where our dreams are located and then, we'll finally be able to achieve those dreams, my dream...is to become the Hokage, the leader of my home, the Hidden Leaf Village, that's all i ever wanted and thought about, it still is, more or less..."




Naruto-"Anyways, once we've rested up, we should continue looking for Ichigo and Luffy, do you think they have obtained their relics by now?"


Goku-"Maybe, at any rate, sooner or later, like you Naruto, i'm going to have obtain my relic, as well and in order to do that, i'm going to have to confront...my real enemy."


Naruto-"Oh yeah, you told me about that earlier, that, you had lots of enemies...is there anyone you can think of in particular?"


Goku-"...Maybe, just one..."








Gitsune-"What ails you? Starjun?"




Gitsune-"Hmm...it doesn't sound like nothing, are you quite sure about that?"


Starjun-"...What do you want? Hagoromo Gitsune?"


Gitsune-"Raoh and Hades are preparing to "take back history" from the gods and in order for that to be accomplished, we must play the acting roles we have been given, Raoh intends for this to happen, no matter what."


Starjun-"...And you? what do you want from all this? mistress of fear itself?"


Gitsune-"Me? i only want to see the head of the Yokai drown in fear before i ultimately take his life and i suppose you want something similar from your opponent, do you not?"




Goku and Naruto after healing up continued journeying, of which they shockingly came across a battle between both Toriko and the man that Goku fought earlier, Toguro! with Toriko shown losing the fight...




Toriko-"Has your appetite been sated yet? beast?"




Goku-"UH! HIM!!!!"


Naruto-"Hold on, we're coming!"






Goku-"OI! YOU!"


shouted out Goku, as Naruto tended to Toriko with Goku confronting Toguro, the former wanting payback against the latter...


Goku-"Hey, Toguro...was it? i've gotten a lot stronger in the short time we last saw each other, fight me now!"


Toguro-"...So it seems...you've gotten stronger by heeding my words, i never expected that."


Goku-"Whatever! now fight me!"


Naruto-"Goku wait! we've got to help Toriko first!"






Toguro-"You should heed your ally's words, or...is it true that you don't care about anyone at all?"


Goku-"What-what did you just say!?"


Toguro-"Just like a child, ignorant and oblivious of the true world, just like everyone else in the universe, one can only think and care about themselves, this is further exampled in the practice of fighting, fighting leads to war, war leads to death and where does death lead? tell me, do you ever regret dragging others into your selfish actions?"


Goku-!?!? I-I-"


Toguro-"...Hmph, until you are ready to fight for me for a real fight, go find someone else that will agree to humor you, leave me out of it, you, the beast there and...him, until you have all seen the world for what it truly is, you shall all remain idiots forever...that is all that i have to say, goodbye."


Toguro takes his leave once more without Goku even trying to stop him, Toguro's words having stung Goku, during this time, Goku and Naruto help Toriko recover whilst Goku ponders on Toguro's words surprisingly, wondering whether or not he speaks the truth...


As Toriko recovers, he reveals what happened before Goku and Naruto's arrival to his aid, saying to the duo:


Toriko-"...Ahhh! sorry about this you guys, its all my fault, i let the bulky b****** with shades get the better of me."


Naruto-"Its okay but, what are you doing all the way out here?"




Toriko-"...Basically after we all went our separate ways, me, Yoh Asakura and Train Heartnet joined and teamed up with Jotaro Kujo of who after defeating his real enemy in battle received the 1st of all of our relics, after that, due to certain circumstances, Train departed our group and left me, Yoh and Jojo to travel together with one another in search of both mine and Yoh's relics, again due to certain circumstances, we all got separated from each other and i was left to fight Toguro, guy was stronger then anyone i had ever encountered, he claimed that he was looking for someone, one of us champions of Athena, he said that he was looking for a Yusuke Urameshi and that Toguro is Yusuke's enemy, as for Yoh, he was tricked into following someone who looked exactly like him named Hao, that's all i know, i don't know what happened to Jojo..."


Naruto-"!? Wait! did you say, Hao!? that's the guy that was with Aizen before! the guy who separated us all! if this is what's going on then...oh no! we've got to find everyone and stat! we'll leave after you've recuperated Toriko."


Toriko-"Right-huh? h-hey!"


Naruto-"Huh? ! Goku!? hey! where are you going!?"


Goku-"Sorry, Naruto but it looks like, i'm going to have to travel by myself again..."


Naruto-"Huh!? but-but why!? there's no time for that! we need to find the others and-!"


Goku-"I know that! its precisely why we've got to find the others that, i'm leaving, i...have to sort things out before i can rejoin you all, until then, please continue on without me, sorry...Naruto..."


Goku leaves both Naruto and Toriko behind.


Naruto-"Goku wait! h-huh!?"


Toriko grabs Naruto by his arm, nodding his head in disagreement of Naruto chasing after Goku.


Toriko-"Let him go kid, the guy needs to do this."




Toriko-"Trust me, i don't like it any much either, as you do, but...Toguro...he said something to Goku that is bothering him and until Goku feels at peace with himself, he feels like he cannot continue travelling with us unless he has resolved the question that was given to him by Toguro, know what i mean?"


Naruto-"! ...Damn it, Goku..."


said Naruto, as both he and Toriko were now out of Goku's eyesight and he was now seen travelling by himself once more, journeying on ahead, Goku thought to himself:


Goku-"...I...don't think and care about others? ...is that, really, the truth? have i, just been ignoring it, all this time?"


thought Goku before then deciding to fly, as he continued journeying by himself.




Aizen-"Once again, you lend your enemies a helping hand whilst trying to crucify them, tell me, how fares that balance Toguro?"


Toguro-"...Sosuke Aizen."


Aizen-"Its strange but despite the malevolence in your heart, there is also a small light shining deep within, tell me, can you tell me where does that light originate from?"


Toguro-"...First, you tell me, Raoh...just what is he scheming?"


Aizen-"Ah, so you know of Raoh's plan to "take back history"."


Toguro-"Take back history? what exactly does that mean?"


Aizen-"...God has cleansed this world more then 12 times, this is the 13th cycle in which history is being written, can you understand? what that exactly means? Toguro?"




Aizen-"Correct, as you have just guessed, now, Raoh intends to end the cycle by making sure that everything proceeds according to his plan, however, there are those that are causing interference with the plan and thus, they must be stopped, either by our hands or the heroes'..."


Toguro-"...Aizen, what else aren't you telling me?"


Aizen-"...Do you REALLY want to know? very well then, i shall tell you, the truth of this world of Hephaestus and of our good willed benefactor, Ares..."


Goku flew enough that he started getting tired and thus decided to rest his feet before continuing the journey once more on his own on foot, it was then, that he received his destined encounter...


Frieza-"OH HO HO HO!!!!"




Frieza-"So we meet again, MONKEY."




Frieza-"Hmph, judging from the tone of your voice, i am thinking that you are not all that surprised to see me?"


Goku-"...Of course, i had my thoughts but i knew, i just knew that it had to be you Frieza, of all people!"


Frieza-"I see, it seems destiny does run thicker then water."


Frieza transforms into his Golden Frieza form.




Frieza-"So then, shall we proceed? my ape like companion? are you ready? to obtain that which you are searching for?"






Raoh appears.




Frieza-"...Hmph, so, the god's 2nd in command has been sent to stop me, has he?"


Raoh-"No, this is a different matter altogether, Frieza...he is not yet ready to fight you, until he is, i shall occupy him for the time being, any disagreements with that?"




Frieza powers down from Golden Frieza.


Frieza-"I see, so you want to take a crack at the baboon before i do so myself, is that it? ...fine, however, should you try to kill him, i will kill you myself, i don't care if you answer directly to Ares himself, that monkey is my prey and my prey alone, tell me when you are done playing with him, then i can kill him."


Frieza turns around away from both Raoh and Goku.


Goku-"HEY! FRIEZA! where do you think your going!?"


Frieza-"Silence, miserable fool, i'm going to see if there is anyone stronger then you, to see if i can get more of a challenge out of them instead, should you survive your battle here, come and find me, then we can settle our old score, until then, adieu."


Frieza vanishes, as Goku chases after him.


Goku-"Wait! FRIEZA!!!!"


only to be stopped dead in his tracks by Raoh, causing Goku to back away slightly.


Goku-"Tch! damn it! out of the way!"


Raoh-"...You, you hold a proud mantle of being a true martial artist, however, it seems the lust for combat has dulled your senses, please, allow me, to enlighten you, you will make good practice before i face him in battle..."


Goku-"Why you! fine! if you want a fight, i'll give you a fight, come on!"


said Goku, as he activates his Kaio Ken whilst Raoh remains ready on standby, prepared to fight Goku.


The two start off their fight with a flurry of fists, Raoh evenly matches himself with Goku of whom is shocked to see Raoh keep up with his speed, deciding to be more cautious rather then take huge risks, Goku powers down from Kaio Ken and fights using his normal strength, believing that if he fights in his normal state, Ultra Instinct will appear more naturally to him, as it did beforehand in the past for him, however, Raoh disapproves of this change of tactics...


Raoh-"...You've lowered your guard, what's wrong? have you suddenly realized that you should give up the fight? ...how drool! i thought you'd make for an interesting opponent but i guess you lost your will to fight after facing all of the opponents that you have up to now, haven't you!?"




Goku is taken aback by this but Raoh uses this chance to suddenly attack Goku head on, punching him straight in the chest and sending Goku flying, Goku continues to be sent flying through the air until he then manages to force himself to pull on the brakes whilst in the air, thereby allowing himself to lessen the velocity damage, however, just then, Raoh appears from above and delivers a straight knock downwards upon Goku's head, sending him crashing into the ground, Goku's head is stuck in the ground, as Raoh awaits Goku to get back up, wanting to fight him fair and square.


Raoh-"...You've...lost the will to fight, haven't you? martial artist? isn't that the truth?"


Goku-"! ..."


Goku heard Raoh's words whilst his head was buried underground, he continued listening to Raoh speaking:


Raoh-"..."Sigh"...when one loses their will to fight, they lose everything..."




Raoh-"I'm sure you already knew this but it seems that you need a reminder, trust me, i'm not doing this for your sake, i want to fight a worthy battle and become stronger so that eventually i can face my equal in battle, you are just a stepping stone towards that goal, however, how can you prove yourself a worthy stone if that stone is just going to be used, as a skipping stone to throw across the layer of a lake, never stopping, never achieving anything in the process either? only continuing on and on until eventually, the stone sinks below the layer of the lake into the depths of the water that fill the lakebed? tell me, what is your answer to that?"




Goku, still hesitant about what Toguro told him, that Goku only fights for himself and no one else, then suddenly has a flashback of him and his endearing rival, the fellow Saiyan Vegeta fighting one another back in their universe, on the planet of the God of Destruction Beerus, Vegeta says to Goku the words:


Vegeta-"Kakarot! where is your Saiyan pride!? have you abandoned it!?"


Goku-"V-Vegeta! of course not! i thought i'd just fight at this level, you know? ...huh? wait, wait a minute, i don't recall...ever saying that."


Goku then realizes that what he is experiencing is not actually a real flashback but rather something sort of a vision and that Vegeta has appeared before Goku, as a mental figure, trying to converse with him and teach him something.


Vegeta-"Kakarot, we are the last of our race, the pure blooded Saiyans, without us, the Saiyan race, as a whole would crumble and only remnants of our legacy would be left remaining in our places, Kakarot! to ensure the survival of the royal Saiyan linage, we must teach the new Saiyans of both today and tomorrow the previous of the great Saiyans of old, namely, our pride, our pride that we have forever staked on the line for, as long, as we can remember...Kakarot! this time, i'm going to fight you using my full strength, i won't hold back, i'm going to aim at you, as if i intend to kill you, just like i once tried to before back in the past, get ready...Super Saiyan, BLUE!!!!"


Vegeta unleashed a very powerful aura of Ki before Goku, transforming into his Super Saiyan Blue Shinka transformation, the maximum power of Blue unleashed in its entirety, Goku, upon sensing Vegeta's resolve decides to fight back, transforming into Super Saiyan Blue himself.


Goku using Blue and Vegeta using Blue Shinka, the two start off their match just like they did during the very 1st time that they fought when Vegeta was still evil, during the fight, the two are equally matched, even despite Vegeta's power being beyond the ordinary Super Saiyan Blue transformation, however, Goku, still hesitant back in reality starts to lose the fight within his vision, Vegeta uses his signature Final Flash attack against Goku, intending to finish him off, as Goku is caught in the impact of the attack, he feels, as though, he is being engulfed completely by utter darkness in the very name and sense of the word, at first, Goku ponders on deciding whether or not to give up to Vegeta and let him finish off Goku...however, just then, Goku hears a voice, a woman's voice, cheering him on, this voice is followed by two more voices until eventually, a whole hurdle of voices call out to Goku, telling him not to give up, never give in, never surrender, always continue to fight like he always has, these voices are revealed to belong to Goku's family and friends, his wife Chi-Chi, his sons Gohan and Goten and his friends, Krillin, Piccolo, Tien, Yamcha, Oolong, Puar, Master Roshi and everyone else close to Goku, including even his rivals, Vegeta, Hit and Jiren, all of them call out to Goku, begging him not to give up and to always keep fighting, to doing what he does best, what keeps him happy, what he feels like is the closest thing to call for himself, as a home, just then, Goku emerges from within Vegeta's Final Flash and is shown completely unscathed, he suddenly goes in to attack Vegeta on pure instinct, sending a quick punch to the head that causes Vegeta to suddenly vanished all of a sudden but not before showing a smile full of respect towards Goku, saying to him:


Vegeta-"...That's right, Kakarot, your pride, remember...your PRIDE!!!!"


back in reality, Raoh decided to not waste time any further and had decided to chop off Goku's neck still stuck in the ground, however, suddenly, Raoh felt an eruption from beneath the ground and, as the tremors kept getting stronger, it wasn't until too long that Goku had emerged from within the ground, flying up in the air, shockingly and surprisingly, revealed to be in his Ultra Instinct transformation that he had been searching for all this time! Raoh, impressed, decides to continue fighting Goku, wanting to test the limits of one who has gone over beyond their limits themselves.


Raoh rips open his shirt and sends a flurry of punches and kicks towards Goku's way, of which he manages to block each and every single attack with his bare hands alone, Goku whilst in Ultra Instinct form was unaware of everything around him, only focusing on what was in front of him, he delivers a straight punch to Raoh two times, first in the face and then in the torso, this causes Raoh to lose balance but only for a moment, instead of showing anger upon his face, he shows excitement at the fact that the worthy opponent he was trying to find within Goku had finally emerged at last, he could tell that through Goku's battles with the lookalikes and all the other opponents up to now has increased Goku's senses beyond the point that this has allowed him to regain Ultra Instinct despite previously having lost it before, knowing this, Raoh unleashes his ultimate barrage of punches of which Goku matches him, the two throw blow after blow at one another that neither lets up, although they both hit each other right in the other's faces, neither one feels unfazed by the direct attacks being thrown right at them, instead, they just continue throwing blows until finally, the two land a final blow on each other's cheeks that ends up causing a draw between both Goku and Raoh, the two fall back on the ground on their backs with Goku transforming out of Ultra Instinct back to his ordinary state, only Raoh remains conscious from losing the draw.


Raoh-"...Huff...huff...huff...huff...huff...that...that was...EXCELLENT! amazing! absolutely amazing! a truly enjoyable fight to the finish! indeed, you proved to be a worthy opponent after all, congratulations, champion of Athena, for going beyond the limits of your being, you unlocked the true essence of the term martial artist during the fight and by doing so, we were both able to match each other's speeds and tackle each other, as equals, of all the people that i have ever fought, you the one that has come to a closest 2nd, you still have room for improvement and you might ruminate once more upon awaking but, i am sure, i am sure that in time, you will grow stronger from all your experiences and who knows? you might even surpass him of all people, the one guided by the northern star...as a reward for keeping up with me during this fight, i shall let you live, for now, i shall take you back to your comrades, they will take care of you and once you have fully recovered, show me, show me, the ability to surpass one's limits and beat your real enemy, he will be awaiting you, at the chosen place of fate that this world will deem to be a fitting battleground for the both of you, you and Frieza...now then."


said Raoh, as he picked up Goku before then disappearing with him elsewhere, not too far away were Naruto and Toriko, now joined by Yoh of whom are then shocked by the sudden arrival of Raoh carrying Goku on his shoulder, just before they could even say anything, Raoh hands Goku to Toriko and afterwards leaves, disappearing into a white shadow but not before giving parting words to the heroes of Athena, saying to them-


Raoh-"...It seems you have all proven yourselves worthy opponents, indeed, the light of the relics are appearing before you, go, become stronger, stronger just like this one and once all of the 19 have been gathered, history will return back into man's hands..."


said Raoh, as he then left, leaving Naruto and Yoh to tend to Goku, as Toriko pondered on what just Raoh meant, what was he saying to them all of a sudden? at any rate, Goku was now back safe and sound and everyone was all the more glad for it.






Raoh appears.


Ares-"...Did you, have fun?"


Raoh-"...Indeed, i did."


Ares-"Good, that's what i like to hear, we wouldn't want weakling challengers for Athena's chess pieces now would we?"


Raoh-"...While i agree with you on that subject, tell me, my lord, what do you intend to do next?"


Ares-"...The null void is soon very slowly but surely approaching this world of Hephaestus and soon enough, not even God's Cleansing will be able to hold it back for a 13th time, Raoh, we must act, with haste, otherwise..."


Raoh-"Yes, i understand, my lord..."


Ares then disappears from sitting atop his throne, leaving Raoh to be confronted by both Dio and Shishio.


Shishio-"What's this? your actually enjoying playing the tool of a god?"


Dio-"My oh my, how drool, like watching a servant who is in love with a maiden watch, as his love is snatched away from him and yet he cannot do a thing, for the servant is in service to the lord who stole his one true love, if not exactly the same, still, nevertheless, you play the part of a tool greatly, Raoh."




Shishio-"I didn't think we were on a first name basis, plus, don't you despise us? as much, as we despise each other?"


Raoh-"...If that's the case, why are you two standing here before me together?"


Dio-"I think you know very well why it is we are here, Raoh, we want to know more, about both God's Cleansing and the null void, of how they will affect our respective goals we are aiming for, Shishio and i are here on the terms of a truce, wanting to know more about what Ares is keeping hidden from us, tell us, what is that YOU know? Raoh?"


Raoh-"...I don't have to answer to the likes of both of you."


Shishio-"Really? ...such a pity, very well then, proceed...on your way to the ever glorious hellfire."


Dio-Agreed, if you won't see eye to eye with us, then we have no further use of you, leader!"




Raoh took up a fighting stance against both Dio and Shishio who proceeded to do the same despite the injuries Raoh had sustained from his battle with Goku, the fight goes unseen, leaving everyone wondering just who came out, as the victor...?


returning back to where Goku was with everyone else, he had finally awaken to see that Naruto, Toriko and Yoh were all gathered around him.


Goku-"Uhhhh...g-guys? where-where...are we?"


Naruto-"Goku...you okay?"


Goku-"H-huh? y-yeah..."




Toriko-"...Ahem! anyways, we're somewhere located in the middle of this world, looks like a barren wasteland if you ask me..."


Goku-"Toriko...i see...! you! you're-!"


Yoh-"Yep! the name's Yoh Asakura, please to finally greet you Goku."


Goku-"Yoh...Toriko said that, you were separated from him earlier and that, you fought with your brother."


Yoh-"...Yeah, not to worries though, i defeated him and had obtained my relic in the process."


Goku-!? That's-that's amazing!"






Naruto-"...Did you, find the answer you were looking for?"


Goku-"! ...I don't know if i can call it a complete answer but yeah, i found one...my pride."


Naruto-"...Your pride?"


Goku-"Yeah, anyways before saying anything else, Naruto, Toriko."


Naruto and Toriko-"?"


Goku proceeds to make the standard Japanese forgiveness bowing his head towards both Naruto and Toriko.


Goku-"Please! forgive me! before i, i was clouded, i got hesitant about my resolve which i have never, ever doubted before, i thought that if i had stayed with everyone, i would be endangering all your lives in search of my answer to that guy Toguro's question that he gave me...so, i left, i left without looking back, but, i realized something, the strength that helps me get stronger, part of the reason why i always train and why i always fight...is because i want to protect those i hold most dear to me, its true, i get caught up in fighting more then anything and that i drag people into those fights, nevertheless, i will hold onto my pride and continue fighting so that when i make mistakes, i will vow to myself that i will fight to the very end until i have redeemed myself for those mistakes, even if no redemption can be found at the end whatsoever, i know it sounds like i'm being hypocritical, begging for your forgiveness whilst talking about pride but-"






Naruto-"...Sigh, you've got to stop this right now, it just isn't you."




Naruto-"Where's the Goku that i know that's always cheerful, has a laugh with his friends, likes to spar with them and eat food with them, especially not learning to ever give up on both himself and others? where's THAT Goku? the Goku that i know doesn't apologize, he just smiles and assures everyone that everything is going to be alright, where's that Goku?"




Toriko-"Look, i don't claim to know much about everyone currently present here but anyways, we should get a move on, those crystal replicas aren't just going to sit around and be docile."


Yoh-"Yeah, your right, come on guys, we can sort this out later, let's go!"






Heeding Toriko's advice with him taking the front, as the acting leader, Yoh, Goku and Naruto followed behind him, as both Goku and Naruto remain silent to one another, as Goku doesn't know how to respond to Naruto just yet.


The four journeyed, as they eventually reached a checkpoint in the form of crystal waterfalls, the water flowing down from the waterfalls turns into crystals into melts back into water and in turn reforms into crystal, thus repeating the process, just before deciding to continue any further, Goku suddenly stopped...




Yoh-"Huh? Goku, what's up?"




Goku clutched a fist before then walking up to Naruto.


Naruto-"W-what is it?"


Goku-"...Naruto, thank you."




Goku-"Your words...they, finally got through to me."


Yoh-"What do you mean Goku?"


Goku-"When Naruto told me earlier about how i wasn't myself, he was right, i wasn't myself, ever since Toguro gave me that question, about not caring about others and only caring about fighting, i lost myself for a good while, it wasn't until i fought this blonde haired man that almost suddenly, my reasons for fighting came back to me, bit by bit, its true...i don't really take into account others and everyone else often gets involved in mostly all of my messes that relate back to me being the central cause, at one time, i decided not to return to my loved ones in fear that another mess would happen and they would get caught up again, however, the years passed and whilst i trained, i realized whilst on my own, that, well...i missed, my family, my friends, for the very 1st time, i realized that it was because of them, i became a better person when i could have turned out differently altogether from when i was just only a baby, my grandpa found me and he took me in, he taught me martial arts but more then that, he taught how to be kind, caring and also show both appreciation and especially love towards others...all this time, i had actually forgotten that part of my reasoning for fighting more or less but now, thanks to all the opponents i've fought up to now, i finally realized, i finally realized what was missing in my fighting style and that was...consideration, Naruto, you reminded me of consideration and for that, i thank you from the bottom of my heart, i'm sorry for letting you all down up to now, from now on, rest assured! don't worry! i'll help us find the way to the relics, you can count, on me!"


said Goku with his words, Yoh and Toriko praised Goku for his words whilst Naruto remained silent, as Naruto looked up to Goku, he then suddenly shocked everyone by punching Goku in the chest.




Naruto-"...Heh, you weren't kidding, sorry, just had to be sure, Goku, glad to see you back on the team, this time, let's work together and find Luffy, Ichigo and the others all together! right guys!?"




Toriko-"You said it."


Goku-"...Everyone...heh...thanks, you guys, for...believing in me."


said Goku, having now at last finally regained his usual composure and no longer doubting himself by ruminating, as everyone finds strength within this conversation, they bolster themselves onward, determine to achieve victory in this tournament against Ares and his champions and save all of their respective universes and worlds no matter what.


Goku, Naruto, Toriko and Yoh stumbled into an area unlike any other within the world of Hephaestus, it was a nexus, a nexus with no other living thing found in it, only the deep black void that surrounds everything and what Goku and the others were standing on was all too reminiscent to the Saiyan warrior, as he has been here before not too long ago, it was none other then the setting for the tournament of power Goku fought in recently back in his universe, where here, the fate of all worlds existing within Goku's universe would be decided.


Goku-"...Heh, well what do you know?"


Naruto-"Goku, you know this place?"


Goku-"Yep! better then the back of my hand, heh heh."


Frieza-"Indeed, of course you would remember."






Toriko and Yoh-"!?"


Frieza appears, alongside Aizen.


Frieza-"This is where i was forced to fight "alongside" you in order to avoid being erased, ugh, such dreadful memories and they were all too recent, as well."


Goku-"...Hello, Frieza."


Aizen-"...Fuu fuu."


Naruto-"Sosuke Aizen!"




Aizen-"We meet again, Ninja of the Hidden Leaf and gluttonous beast."


Toriko-"This time, i'll pay you back double!"


Yoh-"Count me in on that action Toriko!"


Naruto-"Yeah, same here, Aizen, you won't get away this time!"


Aizen-"I do not intend to run, rather, i am going to move us all away from this battlefield, these two have a score to settle and i hate for them to be interrupted, don't you agree?"


Naruto-"Not a chance! i'm not falling for that again-h-huh!? Goku!?"


Goku-"Stand back guys, Aizen's right, i don't want anyone interfering, this fight is between both me and Frieza alone."


Yoh-"But! Goku!"


Toriko-"No way, i'm fighting!"


Goku-"Please guys!"


Naruto, Toriko and Yoh-"!?"


Goku-"I'm asking you this, as a one and only request, please...let me fight him, i have to settle things-no, i WANT to settle things with Frieza, if i don't now, i'll never forgive myself."


Naruto-"...Guys, let Goku fight Frieza."




Naruto-"Goku has to do this, we have no right barging in on his own personal fight with his real enemy, if i were in Goku's shoes right now, i'd feel exactly the very same way, trust me, i know how Goku feels about this, that's why, he's got to fight on his own, without our help, okay? guys?"


Toriko-"...Tch! fine, just slug him one real good for me okay!?"


Yoh-"Yeah, same for me too!"


Naruto-"You heard them Goku, we'll take on Aizen elsewhere, as soon, as your done with Frieza, we'll meet back up with one another again, got it?"


Goku-"...Yeah, hear you loud...and clear!"


Goku activates his Super Saiyan transformation.


Frieza-"Hmph, pitiful monkey, he has only just sealed his fate forevermore, finally, at last! i will be able to rid myself of that accursed Saiyan once and for all! the time for my revenge has come!"


Aizen-"Very well, i shall leave you to it then, i shall take these three elsewhere with me, does that meet with your approval your majesty?"


Frieza-"Hmph! i care not for your sarcastic words nor the riffraff! the only one i want my hands on is the Saiyan, do whatever you like Sosuke Aizen, just be gone from my sight so i can enjoy this everlasting moment all to myself!"


Aizen-"Fuu fuu, very well, as we proceed..."


Naruto-"Here he comes guys, get ready!"


Toriko and Yoh-"Right!!!!"


Aizen proceeds to transport himself, Naruto and the others elsewhere to parts unknown whilst Goku is left alone again all by himself, facing his archenemy Frieza once more in battle, face to face, tooth to claw, the almighty epic showdown...was about to begin!


Frieza-"Oh ho ho hoooo, what sweet and delicious irony! your all alone again once more, even after meeting up with your comrades, oh it just leaves a sweet taste in my mouth-"


Goku-"I'm not alone, Frieza."


Frieza-"...Beg pardon?"


Goku-"You should know by now but i'm never alone, its because of my comrades, my friends and my family that i can fight, they give me my strength to keep on moving forwards in order to beat into submission guys like you who can only think and care about their revenge, honestly, its a joke if you ask me."


Frieza-"Geh! SAY-THAT-AGAIN-MONKEY!!!! ...I DARE YOU!!!!"


Goku-"There's no need for words Frieza, the only thing left now...is the fight!"


Frieza-"...Fine, have it your way! i will crush you down beneath my feet using the only form of communication that you Saiyan monkeys can understand and especially like, through fighting itself! BEHOLD! you are now dealing with the supreme emperor of evil himself, the almighty lord Frieza!"


Frieza transforms into Golden Frieza.


Goku-"All right, going all out are we? that's good Frieza, now then..."sigh"..."






Goku and Frieza-"...LET'S GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD!!!!"


shouted out both Goku and Frieza, as they finally proceeded to engage one another in battle with Goku making the first move, charging a fully charged Kamehameha against Frieza.


Battle Theme Song-https://youtu.be/GWtft3POQPs.


Frieza erects a crimson colored barrier to defend himself with against Goku's attack, smirking afterwards, as Frieza then charges throughout all of his fingertips death beams to attack Goku with, shooting them one after another, trying to hit Goku, as though he was a target used in target practice, Goku jumps back and forth and left and right trying to avoid all of the attacks, as he then goes in to strike Frieza right in the chest, however, Frieza had anticipated this attack and shocking Goku upon blocking his attack with Frieza's bare hands, Frieza charges from his mouth another death beam, hitting Goku straight around where his heart is located at, greatly damaging the Saiyan, although that should have certainly killed him, Goku because he was using the power of Super Saiyan God whilst in his ordinary Super Saiyan transformation was able to manage to survive the attack although the hit dealt him a heavy blow, backing away, as quickly, as he could, Goku placed his hand on his heart, trying to think of a quick strategy in order to counteract Frieza, however, Frieza spared no time in wasting around, as he charged a death ball the size of a planet, intending to large upon the entire arena, destroying absolutely everything in one single fell swoop, Goku, not wanting the stage of the tournament of power to be destroyed because of how many precious memories and bonds were formed here, even if it wasn't the real stage itself, nevertheless, Goku felt like he had to protect it, thus he decided to transform even further into Super Saiyan Blue and had unleashed the full potential of both his physical strength and spiritual energy, powering up until suddenly a might golden aura surrounded Goku's Super Saiyan Blue aura, Goku proceeded to add a crimson aura on-top of those two auras already by combining Super Saiyan Blue with the Kaio Ken at its maximum capacity, preparing to defend against Frieza's giant death ball attack full frontal, Goku stood in his ground and had prepared to proceed to receive the onslaught that was about to come, Frieza, assuring himself that Goku would not survive the attack and that trying to defend the stage was nothing more but a worthless reason for Goku to get himself killed, without warning, Frieza threw the giant death ball straight at Goku, of whom tried to block against it using his bare hands and bare hands alone, the attack was so devastatingly strong, that Goku screamed out a little in immense pain from having just to hold the giant death ball whilst trying to push it back, Frieza had believed at this point victory was now assured and had decided to add one final death beam to the giant death ball, giving it the oomph it needed to finally at last whittle away at Goku until he was absorbed into the orb of the giant death ball, engulfing him completely, Frieza laughs with all his might, believing he has at last both obtained victory and his absolute revenge Goku, the very first person ever to have ever defeated Frieza in combat and on-top of that a Saiyan no less, the very race of beings that Frieza absolutely despises above all others...


Inside the orb, Goku powers down to his original form, believing that he has failed everyone, floating amidst among the purple energy of pure evil Ki, it was then that a spiritual version of Chi-Chi shockingly suddenly appeared by Goku's side, placing a hand on his face before proceeding to give him a kiss of life, saying to him the words:


Chi-Chi-"...Go, Goku, you must not give up! i-"


Chi-Chi/Athena-"I won't let you!!!!"


in truth, it turns out that "Chi-Chi" was actually Athena in disguise, having blessed Goku with some of her energy, allowing him to suddenly wake up within the center of the orb, of what came afterwards greatly shocked and angered Frieza, Goku had absorbed the power of Frieza's giant death ball by converting it from a pure evil Ki giant death ball into a pure good Ki giant Spirit Bomb, the resulting effect ends with Goku having fully regained his senses of absolute martial arts fighting through pure instinct alone, in other-words...Ultra Instinct, in its perfected state.




Battle Theme Song 2-https://youtu.be/GH9u4eZQGk8.


Because Athena had blessed Goku with a bit of her godly power, Frieza, not noticing due to his absolute thirst for complete and utter revenge against Goku, could not not see that green colored static electricity was starting to surround Goku and very small bits of green patches started to appear on Goku's now pure silver colored hair, this is what could be referred to, as "Ultra Instinct -Empowered-", the power of both perfected and pure Ultra Instinct added with the godly Ki of the Goddess of Love Athena combined with it.


Frieza, having absolutely given into his hatred decides to use all of his maximum 100% percent + power in order to end the battle both once and for all time...wanting to Goku no matter what, even if Frieza himself is killed in the process, the absolute hatred he displays shows that he has completely given into his pure evil madness, now, as Golden Frieza with all of his 100% + power all behind him, Frieza dives in to give Goku the most ultimate punch of his life, once that would shock him to his very core, enough that his heart would explode just from being punched, that was the idea that Frieza had anyways, however, Goku, acting on Ultra Instinct had other ideas...


Using all of his energy all gathered up at once from the very most inner core of his being, Goku charges a Kamehameha wave that looks platinum in color and thus is referred to, as simply "Platinum Kamehameha" and upon taking up his signature Kamehameha pose, Goku instinctively looks back on all of the battles he has had with Frieza up until to the very last battle where instead of fighting with one another, Goku recalls Frieza helping him out during the tournament of power and that they ultimately worked together with one another in the very end to defeat the final opponent of the tournament, Jiren and achieve absolute victory for all of the universes from Goku's even bigger universe that participated in the tournament, Frieza himself also instinctively recalls him and Goku teaming up and of how Frieza was brought back to life upon the tournament of power's closure, however, Frieza, unlike Goku, tries to delete the memories from his mind, as they are interfering with his ultimate fist based attack: the "Supreme Evil Emperor Absolute Dominance Fist", basically his variation of Goku's Dragon Fist attack.


Goku fires the Platinum Kamehameha straight at Frieza of whom punching his way straight through the attack struggles to try and keep up, due to the immense power being imputed behind the force of the attack, however, that doesn't mean to say that Goku isn't struggling either, the backlash given to him by the power of the Platinum Kamehameha causes Goku to spew up blood whilst trying to reflect Frieza's oncoming attack, Frieza declares at this point that he has ultimately won and has surpassed even the power of pure instinct itself alone, however...Goku, still not willing to give up, having gone through everything that he has upon coming to this world and meeting all of his new friends, Kenshiro, Seiya, Jotaro, Yusuke, Kenshin, Luffy, Gon, Yoh, Naruto, Train, Ichigo, Kazuki, Tsuna, Allen, Rikuo, Toriko, Izuku and Asta, even the goddess Athena herself, upon sensing their energies and their respective battles throughout time elsewhere, Goku without himself knowing and especially without the other chosen champion heroes of Athena knowing all mold their spiritual energy into one, of which Goku's Platinum Kamehameha absorbs into its attack and upon doing so, Goku lets out one final roar, shouting out Frieza's name, as he unleashes the full brunt of the Platinum Kamehameha, this one final, singular attack absorbs Frieza in the process, swallowing him whole, as he is then forced to recall through the emotions of Goku's Kamehameha aimed directly at Frieza with the sole intent of defeating him the memories of every single defeat that Frieza has ever suffered, going all the way back to his very first defeat on the planet Namek at Goku's hands when at that time he supposedly died from Goku sending one final Ki blast straight at Frieza, Frieza damns Goku for all eternity soon afterwards, shouting out to him:




Battle's End Theme Song-https://youtu.be/E6iQC-aZS1o.


Shouted out Frieza at the very top of his lungs, as he is ultimately engulfed in the whole entirety of the Kamehameha attack, causing all the other chosen champions of Ares, especially Ares himself to sense the supreme dictator's final demise...




Ares was NOT pleased, to say the least...




said Goku, although he had ultimately won, remembering that he once fought alongside Frieza despite all of the horrible atrocities he had committed to countless others and their loved ones during their lifetimes, still...Goku felt, saddened...saddened at the lost of a worthy rival that could have been.


Suddenly, all of the energy from within Goku's Ultra Instinct -Empowered- form had suddenly left him and he reverted back to his original state, appearing in front of him was all that energy melding into a shape until eventually, it had formed the relic that Goku had been looking for all this time, it was Goku's true one and only relic of which he had earned righteously from defeating Frieza in battle, Goku last thought to himself:


"...My friends...they need me."


thought Goku, as he silently took the relic within his hand and had proceeded to move forwards, once more going on a journey heading west to find his friends.




Sasuke Uchiha had approached the goddess Athena...




Athena-"...You've come."


Sasuke-"...I want answers, tell me, what is it that you know?"




suddenly, very shockingly appearing where both Sasuke and Athena were was...Byakuran! smirking to himself, saying towards Sasuke the words:


Byakuran-"Now now, can't have you rewriting fate's predestined course."


Sasuke brandished his sword, preparing to fight Byakuran in front of Athena.


Sasuke-"...We will no longer...be bound by the endless cycles of conflict!"


Byakuran-"...Even if that were true at this point...this, the end...has already begun, we have invoked...the Cleansing."




Ares-"...So...father intends to Cleanse this world once more, does he? ...how long...just how long does he intend to keep me away from him!? ...no more...i refuse, i will no longer play the rules of God's game between quarreling siblings, the time...has come, i must take matters into my own hands, otherwise fate and the null void...shall consume us all."


said Ares, as he drew his longsword before pointing it up towards the sky, lastly saying to himself the words:


"...The war between both brother and sister is almost at its end, soon enough, the victors and the defeated shall soon be declared, however, to ensure the future remains ever steady once more, before the Cleansing can begin, i shall call upon the powers of the null void itself and bring back my fallen chosen warrior from his death before the Cleansing can begin, then, once at full power...we charge, for the domain of heaven, where only God, my father, Zeus! sits upon his throne and rules over all realities...now...now is the time to set in motion...the "Remake of Heaven" plan!!!!"


said Ares, charging dark energy at the very tip of his sword whilst talking about some endgame agenda of his...


What...could he possibly be planning?


Ending Theme Song-https://youtu.be/h_34LA0bJQI.

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Interlude: Interval Inbetween.


???-"...The war between both older brother and younger sister has almost reached its end, with 9 of the relics now obtained, only 10 now remain until finally, at last, the gathering of the 19 has reached completion, however, before that, let us...reflect back, back to a very earlier point in time...to when the tournament of the Interval Inbetween first took place."


said a both strange and mysterious voice, as we then proceed into a flashback where we see Goku of all people, however, instead of wearing his regular Gi, he is wearing his Gi from the time when he first fought Golden Frieza, he is seen at Athena's Goddess' respite, standing all by himself, looking up towards the sky, pondering to himself...




???-"What you up to old timer?"


Goku-"Hey! don't you think that's a bit much to be calling me old timer?"


Natsu-"...Nah, not really."


shockingly revealed approaching Goku was Natsu Dragneel, however, for some reason, he isn't one of Athena's chosen heroic champions during the later part of the tournament, where has he been all this time? suddenly, following behind him was also shockingly Edward Elric, yet another hero not seen currently in the present.


Edward-"Come on you guys, focus on the task at hand! aren't we suppose to be meeting up with the others?"




another approaching was Rin Okumura, followed by two others, Maka Albarn and her partner Soul Eater Evans.


Maka-"That's what we were told to do, isn't it? Soul Eater?"


Soul-"...How should i know? don't go asking me you fla-"






Maka-"If you had even finished that sentence, you would be dead by now Soul."




Natsu-"Hah hah hah!"


Edward-"...It wasn't that funny."


Rin-"...Its like the saying goes, badmouth karma and karma strikes back like a bolt of lightning, kind of like Maka's Maka Chop, don't you agree everyone?"


Maka-"That-that's not true..."


said Maka blushing at Rin's comment, trying to hide her tomboyish side, until suddenly-






next approaching in line was Eren Yeager, continuing head onward past everyone else.


Eren-"...Are you idiots all just going to stand around, cause if so, i'm going on ahead, catch you later."


Rin-"...Sigh and there goes Mr personality with attitude."


Natsu-"Yeah, tell me about it."


Edward-"He has a point though, we can't waste time messing about, let's just go and meet Goddess Athena already..."




Rin-"Come on, don't sweat it Natsu, at times like this, you've got to get yourself all fired up! am i right?"


Natsu-"Heh, your stealing my line!"


Soul-"...Let's go, Maka."


Maka-"Wait Soul."




Maka-"Goku, what's wrong?"


Goku-"...Huh? oh, nothing, just...the sudden change of breeze within the air."




Goku-"Come on, let's keep moving."




as everyone else continued on ahead of Goku, he took one last look towards the sky whilst lastly thinking to himself.


Goku-"...The breeze...my Ki senses it...it feels...ominous."


The flashback ends.


???-"...What had happened to these other brave heroes summoned by Athena that appeared by Goku's side? why are they not by his side now along with the other champion heroes of the Goddess? that is...a story for another time, the Interlude now ends and we now return...to the present."


said the unknown narrator, as the story now focuses on the other champions of Athena that have yet to obtain their relics.

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Chapter X: Yusuke Urameshi-The Power of Conviction:


Opening Theme Song-https://youtu.be/Hlk7AzBMmOA.


Byakuran-"...Phew! travelling between parallel worlds and different times sure can be tiring! hmm, i wonder if they have any snacks in the next world that i visit? anyways, time's a wasting!"


Going back in time to just before Yusuke met with both Izuku and Allen, he thought to himself.


Yusuke-"...Hmm...so no matter how much whether i like or hate it, simply getting out of here through force isn't an option, if i want to get back home to the others, unfortunately...i'm going to have to play by that chick's rules...anyhow, going by myself would be a suicide mission, i'll travel in a pack like the rest of these guys are doing...uh, hey, those two look interesting and strong, who knows? maybe i'll obtain this relic faster if i team up with them, worth a shot, sup! i'm Yusuke! Yusuke Urameshi!"


Thus did Yusuke began travelling with both Izuku and Allen, as they traveled together, Yusuke took a moment to pause on their journey whilst everyone was resting up and, as he was seen looking out towards a veil of dark clouds, he said to himself-


Yusuke-"...Sheesh, ominous much? seriously, the more i look at those clouds, the more i start to think that this place is like hell more or less and i'm not talking about a certain baby's kind of hell, i mean hell, as in, well, hell!"


Toguro-"You could say that, Yusuke Urameshi."




Toguro-"Hello again, Yusuke."


Yusuke-"...TCH! B******!!!!"


Toguro-"Going on the offensive already are we?"


Yusuke-"Toguro...hmph, should have figured that YOU were going to be my personal enemy, that still doesn't answer the question: why-are-you-here?"


Toguro-"...Hmph, i figured i'd take a look at the company you are travelling with, they seem like interesting individuals worthy to fight."


Yusuke-"Leave them out of this! this is between you and me Toguro!"


Toguro-"Relax, i'm not going to hurt your new friends, rather, i came to warn you."


Yusuke-"Warn me? about what!?"


Toguro-"I've seen my so called allies, they aren't pushovers so don't go getting the idea that you think you can best them so easily, if i were you, i would know when to look the other way, unfortunately..."


Yusuke-"Unfortunately, i'm not you so that means, i get to choose who i fight, where i fight, when i fight and how i fight, just because this is a tournament doesn't mean i'm simply going to follow its rules, i'll beat you here and now Toguro and then claim that relic of mine!"


Toguro-"I don't think so."


Toguro uses his hand to produce a shock-wave that paralyses Yusuke, as Toguro then decides to make an exit and disappear.




Toguro-"I'll be waiting to see you grow stronger in this world, Yusuke Urameshi, once that is done, we will fight, i promise you this much."


Yusuke-"Gah! come-come back you coward! ...tch!"


Allen-"...Yusuke? is something wrong?"


Yusuke-"...Huh? Allen...no, nothing's wrong, come on, let's get moving, we don't want to stand around all day do we?"


Allen-"Hmm...i suppose not."


After his short encounter with Toguro, a lot of things happened whilst Yusuke journeyed with both Allen and Izuku until eventually he parted ways with them in order to help Ichigo and upon the latter obtaining his relic...


Yusuke-"Whoa, that's one intimidating relic you got there, what is it?"


Ichigo-"Well actually...! wait, Yusuke! you sense that!?"




Ichigo-"Someone is approaching!"


Yusuke-"Is it the enemy?"


Ichigo-"Don't know but it might be worth checking it out, up for the challenge?"


Yusuke-"HEH! you kidding me? your talking to a guy who lives for a good fight, come on! let's go!"


Yusuke and Ichigo went on ahead to see who it was that was in the near vicinity and upon finding out who it was, it was actually Kenshiro having finished a fight with Dio.




Dio-"TCH! muscle bound freak! you will rue this day! i, Dio, promise you that!"


Kenshiro-"...Coward, he ran away."


Yusuke-"Hey! big guy!"




Ichigo-"You alright!?"


Kenshiro-"...I'm fine...you two...who are you again?"


said Kenshiro, only vaguely recognizing both Yusuke and Ichigo, much to their comic dismay.


after talking with Kenshiro, they learned that he was separated from his travelling companion Asta and that Kenshiro was battling Dio, of whom claimed to knew where Asta was, Dio, fleeing the battle like the coward he is did not reveal anything to Kenshiro during their fight, instead only giving vague hints about the world in which Yusuke and everyone else are currently trapped in more or less...


Yusuke-"...So let me get this straight, we're in a world called Hephaestus right? and this world is on the verge of being sucked up by this huge black hole thing called the null void correct? if so...why are we standing around, wasting our time here for!? shouldn't we be looking for those damn relics everyone goes on and on about!?"


Kenshiro-"I'm not so sure..."




Kenshiro-"At any rate, i'm going to find the kid, you two can join me if you want but i can't promise that this will be a safe journey, you better prepare yourselves or you'll die in the heat of battle."


Ichigo-"Don't worry, we're stronger then that."


Yusuke-"Hell yeah! like we're going to be busted up by a bunch of empty puppets and some lame brain losers who are working for a even lamer supposed deity that doesn't do any of the fighting himself, though, if you ask me, even that chick Athena isn't good in that regard."


Ichigo-"Even so, there are questions i want to ask her when we return to her respite, i'm not just going to stand around twiddling my thumbs."


Yusuke-"Heh, i don't even peg you, as the type who would twiddle his thumbs Ichigo, anyways, onward!"




Kenshiro was now accompanying both Yusuke and Ichigo on their journey and, as they traveled...


Zagine-"Good, target practice."


Yusuke-"Look pal, i don't know who, nor for that matter really give a damn, as to who you are but your in our way so, beat it."


Zagine-"I suppose i'll start with you then."




Ichigo-"Yusuke, let's get him-"


Yusuke-"Hold on Ichigo."




Yusuke-"This guy just issued me a direct challenge, can't call myself a man if i don't live up to the challenge, know what i mean?"


Ichigo-"...Okay, you got this."


Yusuke-"Course i do! i mean, its not like this guy will be able to kill me or anything, not when your strong, as someone like me, so, come on you red headed b******, i accept your challenge!"




Zagine-"Not only do you have a big mouth, you also have such a swollen head, that overconfidence will be the end of you, boy."


Yusuke-"Yeah, yeah, whatever, come on! show me what you got you old geezer!"


Yusuke and Zagine proceed to fight one another, they are evenly matched throughout the fight until at its very end, Yusuke shoots a Spirit Gun right at Zagine, only for his Spirit Gun to be completely swept away by Zagine shooting a charged shot right at Yusuke from his white Hades gun, this knocks Yusuke back, as Ichigo helps him up.




Ichigo-"Yusuke! you alright!?"


Zagine-"Stupid fool, i told you what the end result would be and i was right, overconfidence, arrogance...those that lack in either too less of conviction or even too much of it will find themselves losing that conviction at the end of their journeys, that is the future in which i see for you, boy."


Yusuke-"SHUT UP! tch! get back here! don't you turn your back on me! i'm ready for another round!"






Kenshiro-"He's right, your only embarrassing yourself at this point, just...let it go for now."


Yusuke-"...TCH! DAMN IT!"




Zagine disappears, leaving Yusuke to deal with his defeat in utter disgrace.




Hades-"Byakuran, how fares your trips?"


Byakuran-"Whatever do you mean? lord Hades?"


Hades-"I am no fool to power when i see it, i see that you possess a special unique power, one fitting for someone who wasn't summoned by either Athena nor Ares, tell me, what brought you to this world Byakuran?"


Byakuran-"Ha, ha, figured me out did you? very well, i suppose i can tell you how i ended up here in this failing world of Hephaestus, in exchange though, i want you to help me with a certain something..."


Hades-"A certain...something?"


Back to where Yusuke, Ichigo and Kenshiro were, Yusuke was healing himself whilst trying to deal with the fact that he lost, as Kenshiro speaks with Ichigo in private


Kenshiro-"...Your friend, he's too cocky for his own good."


Ichigo-"No, he may seem like that but he's well aware of the risks and everything else all around him, if anything, i'd say he has got more insight then any of us."


Kenshiro-"Even if that may very well be, he still let his guard down and because of that, he lost, its okay to be confident in your strength but too much confidence can lead one to an early grave, don't you agree?"


Ichigo-"! ..."




Yusuke overheard what both Kenshiro and Ichigo were talking about before he sat down and had punched his fist into the ground, saying to himself the words:


Yusuke-"...Damn! ...what, just what do they know huh!? i know when i am being too cocky or not! that guy, that guy just got lucky was all, he won't beat my Spirit Gun again, i'll make sure of it! ...i can't confront Toguro unless i take down all the enemies that stand in my way, that...is the one and only simple truth of it all."


After finally resting and healing up, the trio head out onward, determined to seek out their relics and regroup with their friends, as they journey, they come across yet another surprising individual to make an appearance, it was Allen Walker's personal enemy, the Millennium Earl, who had rarely taken part in the conflict between the two deities' forces during the tournament of the Interval Inbetween.


Earl-"Well, well, WEEELL! lookie at who we all have here assembled together! if it isn't the friends of Walker..."


Yusuke-"Walker? ...! wait, you mean, Allen! you...your Allen's enemy!?"


Earl-"OH HOH! so i was right! you are a friend of Walker's, then, this should make it all the more easy..."


Yusuke-"What? you trying to pick a fight with us?"


Earl-"Correct-o! i mean, why else coming all the way out to the boonies if only just to see that poor Walker kid lose hope and face all kinds of despair when i take away the lives of his dears friends..."


Yusuke-"Nuh uh! ain't happening! clown! i'll take you-huh!?!?"


Kenshiro-"Stay back."


Yusuke-"What-wha!? hey! old dude! stay out of my way, I'M the one whose going to battle that fat freakshow, not you, so out-of-my-way! ...huh!?"


Just then, Ichigo stood in Yusuke's path.


Ichigo-"Sorry Yusuke but i'm afraid i'm going to have to back Kenshiro up on this one, right now, your not thinking straight..."


Yusuke-"Ichigo...out of my way."


Ichigo-"No Yusuke! can't you see!? your letting anger cloud your emotions! if you let that happen you'll-!?!?"


Yusuke-"Ichigo, that wasn't a request, OUT, OF, MY, WAY!!!!"


suddenly, dark energy started gushing from Yusuke from a sinister aura manifesting itself around him.


Kenshiro-"Ichigo! take the kid and fight elsewhere!"


Ichigo-"But Kenshiro you!"


Kenshiro-"I'll be fine, this is just another pebble in the road for me...but Yusuke, he needs a friend's help, YOUR help, Ichigo, i don't know how but somehow, this guy is feeding on Yusuke's negative energy and is trying to transform him into a monster, Ichigo, you know what that is like, don't you? if so, you have to help your friend, he needs you, you take care of him whilst i try and help him from another angle, do you understand what i mean? ..."


said Kenshiro taking on a martial arts posture, as Ichigo thinks on Kenshiro's words before understanding what he means behind them, he decides to lure Yusuke elsewhere whilst Kenshiro battles the Earl.


Earl-"Oh that's a shame, a pity i won't get to see either of Walker's friends kill one another or both at the very same time, such a pity indeed...OH TOH!"


The Earl nimbly dodges an attack by Kenshiro who speaks to the Earl, saying to him.


Kenshiro-"Instead of focusing on the kids, focus on what is in front of you, a true warrior never loses sight of both who and/or what he is fighting, i sense, that you don't follow this principle..."


Earl-"My, my good fellow...you presume to think that you know anything about me at all, why don't we just skip all of the speech and get right down to it...shall we?"


said the Earl, Kenshiro took up a defensive stance, as both he and the Earl had prepared to battle each other...


Ichigo lurks Yusuke not too far away from where Kenshiro is fighting the Earl, as Ichigo speaks out to Yusuke.


Ichigo-"Come on Yusuke! open your eyes up! don't let that evil take you over!"


Yusuke-"...Shut up...just...SHUT UP ALREADY!"




Yusuke-"Like your one to talk! your badgering to me when you couldn't even handle yourself earlier!? don't make me laugh! you...your just a hindrance and i'll take down everyone that stands in my way!"


Ichigo-"...Yusuke...all right then, you leave me no choice...i'll have to beat you into submission in order to knock some sense into you, even if it means...using all of my power to do so!"


Ichigo proceeds to summon his Vizard Mask and with it, enhance his strength to proceed battling Yusuke whose own energy was being enhanced by the dark energy that was slowly corrupting him.


Ichigo's own dark energy collided with Yusuke's corrupted dark energy. causing a massive collision to occur, Ichigo had used his Getsuga Tensho against Yusuke, however, Yusuke, having been empowered by the corruption the Millennium Earl placed upon him, his strength increased and was able to shoot a black colored Spirit Gun directly through Ichigo's Getsuga, almost hitting him directly head on, however, thanks to the enhanced sensing capabilities of his Vizard Mask, Ichigo was able to foresee Yusuke's counterattack and quickly dodge it just, as it was about to make impact with its intended target, Ichigo realized despite already knowing that Yusuke was indeed a tough opponent to beat and so in order to knock some sense into him, Ichigo called out to the Hollow within him, wanting his strength, although the Hollow being its usual cocky self didn't agree at first, upon realizing the possibility that Ichigo could be killed by Yusuke and this would in turn lead to the Hollow's own death, the Hollow despite not liking it whatsoever begrudgingly lends its power combined with Ichigo's, the two powers combined, as one creating a strong enough force that Ichigo uses another Getsuga Tensho against Yusuke, this time embedded with the powers of his inner Hollow, using this Getsuga Tensho, Ichigo forces back Yusuke, enough that the corrupt influence and dark energy that was possessing Yusuke was expelled from his body in the process and Yusuke reverted back to normal, as both he and Ichigo tired out from their fight fall on their backsides whilst watching not too far away at the fight's outcome were both Toguro and Starjun, the two remaining silent, especially Toguro on having seen the whole fight and pondering to himself about Yusuke...


Keiko-"...Yusuke...Yusuke! wake up Yusuke you jerk!"


Yusuke-"OW! OW OW, OWW! geez! why the hell did you go and hit me for Keiko!? seriously! ...huh? Keiko? why are you...crying?"


Keiko-"...Yusuke...you jerk."


Yusuke-"KEIKO! A-AH."


suddenly, Yusuke awoke from having a dream about both him and a person he holds very dear to him, as Ichigo greets the awakened warrior.


Ichigo-"Yo, glad to see your finally awake."


Yusuke-"...I-Ichigo...! !?!? Ichigo! you're!!!!"


Ichigo-"Its okay, i'll manage, the wound will heal on its own eventually..."


Yusuke-"...Was i the one...who, did that...to you?"




Yusuke-"...Damn...damn! DAMN IT!!!!"


Yusuke shouted out in frustration upon having realized the grave error in judgement he had made previously, upon now knowing the fact that he had hurt Ichigo and even worse, had tried to kill him...




Starjun-"...The boy's inner hatred and rage is what led to him being so easily possessed by the Earl, granted he was able to resist most of the Earl's curse of temptation transformation due to possessing a strong willed spirit, in other-words, what ultimately made him gave way to being the Earl's puppet also resulted in him from becoming a puppet both completely and utterly, don't you think? ...Toguro?"




Starjun-"...I'm sure you must be pondering on what it is next that what you want to do and what must the boy do, i am wrong?"


Toguro-"...Starjun, why are you helping me? you have nothing to gain from being an ally to me, in the end, all i will do is use you, nothing more."


Starjun-"Even so, i feel, as though we are kindred spirits more or less Toguro, we both want to find that worthy opponent worth fighting, do we not?"




Yusuke and Ichigo remained silent, as Yusuke thought about what he had done, although Ichigo wanted to reassure Yusuke otherwise, he knew it wouldn't work so he decided to let Yusuke ponder to himself on what would he do next...


Yusuke thought to himself inside his head the words:


Yusuke-"...Damn...stupid idiot...i...i'm so stupid! ...sigh, what-what should i do now?"


Yusuke was having trouble trying to adjust, as he gripped a fist within his left hand, still pondering, it is then that someone appears before Yusuke, invisible to Ichigo, for time had suddenly stopped, catching Yusuke off-guard and appearing before him was Goddess Athena.


Athena says to Yusuke:


Athena-"...You are troubled by having hurt a friend correct?"


Yusuke-"...Wow, you read RIGHT through me lady...duh! of course i'm troubled but not only that, i...i said that Ichigo was an a annoyance and a hindrance, worst off...i actually, meant that...sigh...what a loser i turned out to be, i supported Ichigo when he needed it but when Ichigo was trying to support me, all i could was chide him for being a "failure" when in truth, i'm the real failure for letting that clown b****** take control of me...at this rate, i'm just going to prove to everyone that i might, as well be on the enemy's side..."


Athena-"...No, young Yusuke Urameshi..."




Athena-"...Failure...it is indeed a painful wound...but, without failure...you would not have conviction, would you?"


Yusuke-"...What are you...talking about?"


Athena-"...What led to your previous downfall was your overconfidence in your abilities and because of that, that overconfidence blinded you and your rage was manipulated by the Millennium Earl to hurt others..."


Yusuke-"YEAH, you don't need to remind me-"






Athena-"Because of your overconfidence, you also have the ability to prove to yourself that you can do great things, not just terrible things alone, can you not?"




Athena-"Overconfidence and failure, combined together with the ability to learn from one's mistakes, do you not think they make for a great lesson in growth of one's self of being?"


Yusuke-"! ...I..."


Athena-"Find it Yusuke, find it within your heart, to remember...your conviction..."


Athena disappears.


Yusuke-"Hey, Athena wait! gah, ..."


time resumes.


Ichigo-"...Huh? Yusuke? what's wrong?"






Yusuke-"...I...sigh, look, i'm not really good at these things so i'll just say it once."




Yusuke bows his head towards Ichigo.


Yusuke-"...I'm sorry, i'm sorry for hurting you and calling you a hindrance before Ichigo, i won't say i didn't mean it, the worst side of me was brought out to the front..."




Yusuke-"...But! even so, i want, i want to make amends! i want to make up for that stupid side of me! is that...okay?"


Ichigo-"...Yusuke, we're friends, right?"




Ichigo-"Look, we've all got a part of us within ourselves that likes to think that we're better then others, i'm no exception to that, trust me, even so...i like to focus more on the positives of people rather then their negatives, i'm still working on doing that and i can only hope that in the end, things turn out okay and for the better in the process..."




Ichigo-"So what do you say? let's put all that behind us and move forwards, okay?"


Yusuke-"...Ichigo, thanks man but, i can't."




Yusuke-"I can't move on, not until i set things right and i believe the only way that i can do that is to find my relic, that's the ultimate way of redeeming myself, don't you think?"




Yusuke-"First, we've got to find Kenshiro, afterwards, we'll continue looking for the other relics together, sound good?"


Ichigo-"Yeah, okay then, if that's what you want Yusuke."


Yusuke-"Yeah...in order to get my conviction back, i have to do this, no matter what..."


Yusuke said that last bit to himself, as both he and Ichigo continued resting up for a little while before proceeding to move onward, determined to find the rest of their relics, as Yusuke believes this to be the only way he can make up for his previous mistakes and hopefully in the process will he regain his conviction, the conviction to continue fighting against the odds no matter what.


As they fight lookalikes in search of Kenshiro, eventually, Yusuke and Ichigo reach a certain site that only Yusuke would find familiar, it was the damaged stage grounds for the Dark Tournament that Yusuke and his friends, Kuwabara, Hiei and Kurama fought in against Toguro and his team, awaiting Yusuke in the exact center of the stage was none other then Toguro himself, accompanied by Starjun.


Toguro-"...Your late, Yusuke Urameshi."






Starjun-"...Toguro, want me to handle the other one?"


Toguro-"...If you would."


Starjun-"Very well then, i'll take him elsewhere and you can settle your business with the boy."


Ichigo-"...And what makes you think i'm just going to go along quietly?"


Ichigo prepares to draw Zangetsu until suddenly, Yusuke stops him, saying to Ichigo the words:


Yusuke-"Hold on, Ichigo, i'm...going to do this."




Yusuke-"This is it, this is where i gotta redeem myself, here, on this stage! there's no better place other then this, right!? TOGURO!?"


Toguro-"...Heh heh."


Yusuke-"Ichigo, this is my fight, please..."


Ichigo-"...Just don't die on me, right? Spirit Detective?"


Yusuke-"...Heh, like i would! Substitute Soul Reaper."


Ichigo-"Okay, you got my attention guy in the mask, come on! let's settle things elsewhere!"


Ichigo uses his Shunpo, Soul Reaper Flash Step to lure Starjun elsewhere, as Starjun lastly says to Toguro before following.




Toguro-"...Yeah, i know, Starjun."


Starjun follows after Ichigo, as both Yusuke and Toguro are left behind to face one another with Yusuke slowly walking up towards Toguro still standing on the Dark Tournament stage crossing his arms.


Toguro-"While you've been travelling, i fought with your friend, the monkey and although he certainly had the fighter's talent and latent potential to defeat me, i knew, that there could only be one that could actually defeat me...that someone...was YOU, Yusuke."


Yusuke-"Yeah, don't remind me, believe me Toguro, the last time i fought you, i nearly died, this time, things are going to be different."


Toguro-"Oh? and how is that?"


Yusuke-"Because unlike last time when i was just a hatch-ling, now...i'm a full grown demon and demons don't go down easily when they are cornered into a fight or willingly enter a fight themselves, mostly the latter at all times."


Toguro-"Your basically saying that you're going to beat me to a bloody pulp, is that it?"


Yusuke-"No, not just that..."


Yusuke stood right in front of Toguro below him, as Toguro looked down at Yusuke, the two giving each other evils...


Yusuke then gave a evil grin and smacked his fists together, saying to Toguro-


Yusuke-"...I'm going to sent you straight flying downwards to whatever this world has for a hellhole!!!!"


Toguro-"Heh, just-try-it."


Yusuke-"Be more, then welcomed to!!!!"


Yusuke and Toguro launch back both their arms before hitting their fists against one another, the sound impact vibrating throughout the stands surrounding the stage, of which in the darkness of the stands lurked someone, holding a knife and licking it, as though he was preparing to do something...


Yusuke and Toguro launched a barrage of fist attacks against one another, one of Yusuke's fists hitting the shades off Toguro's face of whom slams his foot down upon the shades, breaking them, deciding to back away, Yusuke prepares to charge a Spirit Gun right at Toguro, only for Toguro to suddenly appear from the side and smash Yusuke into the right side stands, Yusuke tries to shrug the rubble off him, however, it was too late, as Toguro appeared from above, elbowing him straight in the chest, causing Yusuke to cough up blood, as Toguro backs away to give Yusuke a fighting chance, Yusuke tries to piece himself together after getting directly slammed right in his torso, after quickly healing due to his strong spiritual powers, Yusuke reveals that all the while he had been taking hits from Toguro, he was actually charging up a small but very powerful Spirit Gun that he made look like it was dispersed by Toguro's last attack, finally, he unleashes the full force of the Spirit Gun from his finger, hitting Toguro with his spirit energy, Toguro blocked the attack but had sustained heavy damage due to the amount of charge that went into the Spirit Gun, Yusuke taunts Toguro.


Yusuke-"Come on, Toguro! is that all you got!? i don't remember you being THIS weak!"


Toguro-"...Watch your mouth, punk...you may just end up...DEAD!"


Toguro unleashes his spirit energy, preparing to transform of which Yusuke kept his guard up against, knowing what was about to happen, what he didn't know however was what would occur next...just then, shockingly, stabbing Toguro right in the heart and stopping his transformation was Dio! before Yusuke could angrily react to Dio's deceitfulness, interrupting their fight, Dio also stabs Yusuke with multiple of his throwing knives, pinning Yusuke down, as Dio walks up to Toguro who had fallen to the ground knees first.


Dio-"My, my, my...what do we have here? a walking sack of the dead..."


Toguro-"Dio!!!! ..."


Dio-"What? you didn't think that i, Dio, had forgotten earlier did you Toguro? well...here is a, FRESH REMINDER!!!!"


Dio kicks the throwing knife he lunged into Toguro's heart, further deepening the wound.


Yusuke-"B******! WHY YOU! YOU'LL PAY FOR-GARGH!?!?"


Dio-"Shut up, peasant, the adults are talking."


Dio throws another throwing knife into Yusuke, causing him to cough up blood but not, as much, as Toguro of whom can feel the knife embedded in the area where his heart is located, Dio continues to mock Toguro.


Dio-"You told me before Toguro that i lost to Jotaro Kujo due to my blind arrogance, that it was my overconfidence that got the better of me...well, it looks to me, that, YOUR IN THE SAME STINKING POSITION! THE WORLD!!!!"


Dio activates The World, freezing time, he slowly pushes the knife deeper and deeper into Toguro's heart but because time had been frozen, the pain of Toguro's wound hurts more then one could possibly imagine, however, he refused to let out even one single scream, clinging onto his pride, of which annoys Dio, as he prepares to use another throwing knife to slit Toguro's throat.


Dio-"You let your obsession with that peasant get the better of you, all this time, you've been going around, giving the Goddess' champions certain advice on how to defeat us with Starjun and because of that, we may very well lose this war! i, Dio, will not stand such a humiliation just because a few of my "comrades" suddenly decided to go rogue! i, Dio, will now take it upon myself to be judge, jury and executioner and will carry out your sentence of death personally, both you, and that boy, don't worry, the pain won't be agonizing, as much, until, you reach the hell of this world that is, any last words? Toguro?"




Dio-"No, i didn't think so, now then...DIE!!!!"


Just, as Dio prepares to kill Toguro, he had failed to realize in his supreme arrogance that during the time he spent ranting on like the crazed lunatic that he is, The World's time freezing a few seconds ability had warn off and using this to his advantage, Toguro suddenly caught Dio by surprise and had grabbed him by the neck, causing him to drop his throwing knife, Dio struggles to break free of Toguro's grip but is unable to, Toguro says to Dio whilst spitting up a little blood on his face the words.


Toguro-"...Go, get out of here and never, EVER, come back, Dio Brando, this, is your only warning."


Dio-"...Gah! huff...huff...huff...what-what makes you think that i, Dio, will listen to the likes of you!? you-you-you dead zombie!?!?"


Toguro-"...I wasn't talking about me, Dio!"




Yusuke-"SPIRIT GUN!!!!"


suddenly, Yusuke shot a fully powered Spirit Gun right at Dio of whom Toguro was holding, sending the golden clad vampire tyrant flying away, cursing both Toguro and Yusuke:


Dio-"D-D-DAMN YOU!!!!"


Dio was sent flying not too far away, leaving Toguro to pull out the knives pinning Yusuke to the ground, as Toguro then prepares to pull out the knife stuck in his heart, of which he survived thanks to the demonic blood within him.




Yusuke-"Here, let me."




Yusuke-"Shut up and just follow my lead, ready?"






Yusuke and Toguro-"HO!!!!"




Yusuke and Toguro working together managed to pull out the knife embedded in Toguro's heart, allowing him to quickly regenerate, as just then appearing on the scene was Ichigo, alongside him was Asta, also watching from within the shadows where Dio once stood was Yuno, seeing all that was unfolding and what was about to unfold...




Yusuke-"Yeah, of course you wouldn't thank me, you big idiot, honestly..."




Yusuke-"Stop, i'm going to stop you right there! we...still have a job to do, don't we?"


Toguro-"...Yeah, your right."


Yusuke-"Think you still got enough left within the can for one last bout?"


Toguro-"If you mean i can transform-"


Yusuke-"That's what i wanted to hear, okay then, let's do this, ain't going to back out now, you ready?"


Toguro-"...Hmph, that depends if you are, like me, your also bleeding like hell."


Yusuke-"Yeah though not, as bad, as yourself, right?"




Yusuke-"Okay, let's settle this Toguro, once and for all!"


Toguro-"Took the words right out of my mouth, punk!"


Toguro stood back up off his knees from the ground, preparing to have one final clash with Yusuke but before doing so.


Toguro-"Behold, Yusuke, you remember this, don't you, my full maximum...power! GUUURRRAAAGGGHHHH!!!!"


Toguro's skin darkens and his body becomes more bulkier, Yusuke smirks at this, as he says towards Toguro.


Yusuke-"Heh, well look at that, the giant oak tree came back, still, this is the end, i don't think we both have it in ourselves to continue an all-out slaughter fest so what do you say i just charge up my Spirit Gun to its maximum power too and see which one of our powers cancels the other out, kay Toguro?"




Yusuke-"Tch, stingy b******...okay fine, you DIDN'T ask for it!"


Yusuke charged up one final Spirit Gun within his finger, preparing to unleash the full potency of it directly at Toguro, of whom charges his own spirit energy within his fist, preparing to crush Yusuke right in his face with a single punch, Ichigo and Asta try to intervene but are stopped by Yuno.


Yuno-"Stop you two, this is their fight, let them finish it..."






Yuno-"...Heh, all yours...Toguro."


Yuno smirks upon having seemingly convinced both Asta and Ichigo to stop, as Toguro upon sensing this whilst looking forwards directly at Yusuke also smirks himself, in his own way thanking Yuno for stopping both Ichigo and Asta from acting on their feelings to try and help their friend when Yuno, Toguro and even Yusuke himself knows, that's not what both Yusuke and Toguro want, finally, the head on clash was about to begin, behind Yusuke's body appeared the shadow of what looked like an ancient demon.


Yusuke-"Get ready Toguro! i'm going all out this time!!!!"


Toguro-"Heh, i wouldn't have it any other way...YUSUKE, URAMESHI!!!!"


Toguro charges at Yusuke like a giant behemoth that cannot be stopped dead in its tracks, as Yusuke unleashes his fully charged, fully powered Spirit Gun right at Toguro, shouting out to him:


Yusuke-"SPIRIT GUN!!!!"


Yusuke fires with all his might his Spirit Gun right at Toguro, his most powerful yet, as Toguro is finally stopped but still slowly pushes forward against the oncoming Spirit Gun attack with his hands, determined to make his way forward to Yusuke, as Yusuke sees this, he puts in all of his maximum 100%+ power, both spiritual and physical against Toguro, trying to stand his ground, as Yusuke fires with everything he's got, determined to beat Toguro no matter what, Toguro was now moving even more slowly but was still approaching Yusuke, finally, at the very end, Yusuke uses up all of his energy and the Spirit Gun ends, showing a very severely burned Toguro of whom makes his way at last towards Yusuke, grabbing his head after the young man kneels on both legs towards the ground just like Toguro prior when he was attacked by Dio, as Toguro planned on crushing Yusuke's head like an egg, Yusuke hears Ichigo and Asta call out his name, until suddenly-




Yusuke-!?!? ...GAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! KEI-KO!!!!"


Yusuke going beyond his limits resumes firing his super charged Spirit Gun right at Toguro, causing him to let go of Yusuke's head, as Toguro is enveloped entirely by the unleashed Spirit Gun, finally, in the battle's end, nothing is left of the Dark Tournament stage, all of it having been completely obliterated, greatly shocking Ichigo, Asta and Yuno of whom all had different expressions towards what Yusuke just did, in the end, Yusuke is seen completely tired with his classic hairdo having become all messy before he falls towards the ground with a proud smile of victory upon his face, after coming back to reality, both Ichigo and Asta go to help up Yusuke, as Yuno leaves the premises but not before picking up and cleaning Toguro's smashed up shades, he says that Yusuke had earned his victory and that he should be proud of it, Yuno disappears before Asta noticing this tries to stop him but unfortunately to no avail, Asta helps Ichigo carry Yusuke up and out of the tournament grounds so that they can await Yusuke to awake.


After a good long while, Yusuke finally awakes with both Ichigo and Asta by his side.




Asta-"Yo dude! you alright!?"


Yusuke-"...OWWWW...huh? Ichigo? ...huh? the midget?"


Asta-"HEY! don't call me a midget!"


Yusuke-"...Whatever...ow! geez! what-what the hell happened?"


Ichigo-"...This-this is what happened."


suddenly, Ichigo handed Yusuke his relic that had appeared during the time Yusuke was unconscious.


Yusuke-"...!? This is-!?"


Ichigo-"Yeah...your conviction."


Yusuke grabs the relic after Ichigo hands it to Yusuke, as Yusuke looks directly into the relic, he sees an image of all his friends from his world, Izuku, Allen, Ichigo and finally, the one who Yusuke holds most dear to his heart, Keiko...


Yusuke-"...Keiko...heh, telling me to get out of bed were you? ...fine, i got, your memo."




Yusuke proceeds to stand up and fix his hair back to its original classic hairstyle.


Yusuke-"...Sorry to keep you waiting, you two, i...i finally got my conviction back, so...anyone up for some relic hunting? !? YEOW!!!!"


Asta pokes Yusuke in the side, causing him to fall back on his butt onto the ground.


Ichigo-"...Sigh...if you've got your conviction back, that means you've also got your overconfidence back, as well, don't rush things man, we'll get our jobs done soon, for now, just rest up, we'll wait until you're fully healed."


Asta-"Yeah! what Ichigo said!"


Yusuke-"...Tch, you guys..."


Yusuke relents and agrees to Ichigo and Asta's terms before looking up towards the sky, to see that the ominous clouds he spoke about earlier had finally disappeared, showing a clear blue sky and within that sky, silhouettes of his friends, Kuwabara, Hiei, Kurama, Botan and Keiko, Yusuke smiles before raising a fist into the air, signifying that his victory against Toguro was not just for him and the friends he has made here in Hephaestus but also for his friends back home on his world.




Dio was seen being choked by Ares...


Ares-"I assume you know the consequences for going behind my back and interfering where you need not, do you? ..."


Dio-"Cough! cough!"


Dio was gasping for air until Ares lets him go before banishing him from Ares' sight.


Ares-"Go, get out of my sight, you worthless pawn..."


Dio-"Cough...cough...someday...someday...SOMEDAY! it will be ME sitting upon that throne of yours! ARES!!!!"


Ares-"Highly doubtful, unless you can prove yourself that you can beat your sworn enemy, that Kujo boy, there is no such throne worthy for a peasant like you to sit upon."




Frieza-"Enough, Dio Brando."


Dio-"HUH!? ...! !?!? YOU!?!? BUT YOU'RE!?!?"


Frieza-"Fuu fuu fuu fuu...being in the service of a deity has its advantages, i must say, OH HOH HOH HOH HOH!!!!"


said Frieza, shockingly revealed to have been revived by Ares after previously being killed by Goku, as Ares smirks at Dio's reaction to Frieza's return before saying to both them and himself the words:


Ares-"The time is almost upon us...soon...the Cleansing shall appear but we, we shall carve out our own histories, once and for all time!!!! ..."


Ending Theme Song-https://youtu.be/JiQIo_Mx4AQ.

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Chapter XI: Yoh Asakura-A King of Noble Intention and a King of Darkness:


Opening Theme Song-https://youtu.be/a91Yrhu2qEo.


After Train shortly departed Yoh, Toriko and Jotaro's group to warn Gon of Hisoka's threat, Yoh and the others decided to continue onward with Yoh wondering whether or not Train will be okay.


Yoh-"Hmm...think Train is going to be alright you guys?"


Toriko-"What's this? for the most relaxed guy in our group, you sure seem worried."


Yoh-"Its not that, i know Train can fend for himself, its just that-"


Jotaro-"Yare Yare Daze, enough, worrying about things won't get anyone anywhere, for now, you and Toriko focus on obtaining your relics, once we do that, then we'll rejoin with Train, okay?"


Toriko-"Sheesh, harsh much?"


Yoh-"No, Jojo's right Toriko, we should be focusing ahead, we don't know what kind of dangers we'll face next..."


Toriko-"!? Well, if you say so, i guess."


As the three journeyed onward, watching them not too far away was the Millennium Earl, flying up in the air using his umbrella, he pondered on what to do about the travelling three friends...




Hisoka-"Fuu fuu, soon, Gon and i will face each other in battle, just like old times, oh i can't wait."


Hao-"Enough, your making me sick to my stomach, Hisoka."


Hisoka-"Oh! if it isn't Asakura, how fares thee?"


Hao-"Not bad, i've managed to gain an ally."


Hisoka-"Oh? and who would that be?"


Frieza-"Me of course!"


Hisoka-"Why, if it isn't lord Frieza, how "nice" to be graced with your presence again."


Frieza-"Hmph, enough of the "pleasantries" you s******* m********, tell me, what does he have to offer to the table that will ensure this plan of yours will work? Hao Asakura?"


Hao-"Please, my "close friends" call me Zeke and you'll see, Frieza, lord emperor of evil, you'll see...this is going to be fun, tormenting my little brother and his friends..."


Yoh and the others continued on until suddenly, they were stopped dead in their tracks by the Earl, having finally decided what to do with them.


Earl-"Hello! come one! come all! to the fantastical show of-wait for it-the Millennium Earl!"


Jotaro-"...Star Platinum, The World!"


Jotaro froze time, as he intended to destroy the Earl in one fell swoop, however, shockingly, the Earl was revealed to be able to move about in time and he attacks Jotaro, catching him off guard, causing time to revert back to normal.




Yoh and Toriko-"JOJO!?!?"


Earl-"Oh my, did that hurt? it should have, anyways, old tricks like that won't work on big old me, since i am immune to time itself, i have faced an Exorcist that has the ability to wield time itself and well, this world having watched a detailed recording of that Exorcist's time manipulation powers, even if i didn't confront her face to face, the world still gifted me with the ability to move through time, quite unique isn't it? so in other-words...you and Dio Brando's Stands, as you call them won't have any effect on me!"




Toriko-"WHAT ABOUT US!?"




the Earl dodges Toriko's attack, as Yoh says to Jotaro.


Yoh-"Jojo, hang back, we'll take care of this guy!"


Jotaro-"...You two!"


Yoh-"Don't worry, we're stronger then we look, remember?"


Toriko-"Heh! you hear that!? CLOWN!?!?"


Toriko pushes back the Earl, as the Earl uses his umbrella to glide through the air and safely land before deciding to summon a lookalike of Jotaro to fight alongside him against the combined might of both Yoh and Toriko.


Earl-"Very well, you leave me no choice, you two shall be the first runner up winners of the Millennium Earl's house of horrors!"


Toriko-"Good thing we ain't scared, right Yoh!?"


Yoh-"Yeah! ...you hear that, Amidamaru?"


Appearing behind Yoh was his own Stand like spiritual figure that served, as his partner in battle, the spirit of the deceased Samurai named Amidamaru, only Yoh could both see and hear Amidamaru.


Amidamaru-"...I am with you Yoh, let's show this monster what we're both made of!"


Yoh-"Exactly! Amidamaru! into the Katana!"




Amidamaru proceeds to assimilate himself with Yoh's sword, giving it more power, as Yoh prepares to fight the Millennium Earl but not before saying to Toriko the words:


Yoh-"Hey Toriko, you think i can take on the clown? i've got to redeem myself for earlier..."


Toriko-"...Okay, just don't get killed on me kid, okay!?"


Yoh-"Trust me, i don't plan to, someone else i know would kill me if did!"


said Yoh, referring to a certain someone from his world, as he proceeds to fight the Earl, during the battle, the Earl displays tricky moves against Yoh which he finds hard to see through, however, due to Amidamaru serving, as Yoh's second pair of eyes, the deceased Samurai spirit can see the machinations of the Earl's abilities and allow Yoh to cut right through them, Yoh fights the Earl just, as Toriko finishes destroying the Jotaro lookalike until suddenly, very shockingly, appearing right past both the Earl and Yoh was a bullet, a bullet at high speed, it was shot by Zagine, accompanied by both Hisoka and Frieza.


Yoh-"!?!? Toriko look! its that clown again! and he's accompanied by...another clown? what's going on here with all these clowns!? i'm starting to really HATE clowns!!!!"


Toriko-"Tch, damn, we're at a disadvantage, Jotaro's still hurt and we've got wave after wave of enemies coming right at us!"


Amidamaru-"Toriko is right Yoh, it would be in our best interests to retreat for now."


Earl-"...What are you fellows doing here?"


Hisoka-"My, we could ask the same of you, the Millennium Earl was it?"




Frieza-"Tch! another riffraff if i ever saw one, "sigh", out of my way, your going to lose the targets, let me finish them off!"


Zagine-"...No, our orders were to simply corner them, go beyond the plan and there will be dire consequences..."


Frieza-"...You dare touch me? the almighty powerful lord Frieza!?!?"


Earl-"Wow, i can see this getting ugly real fast, might, as well skedaddle whilst the going's good."


the Earl disappears.


Hisoka-"Oh well, his lost, now then, how shall we go about this?"


Toriko-"This is bad...Yoh, when i give the word, we grab Jotaro and run like hell, got it!?"




Toriko-"On my mark...1...2...3!!!!"


Toriko proceeds to grab Jotaro and both he and Yoh run, as fast, as they can away from the enemy group.


Hisoka-"Oh? seems whilst we were bickering, the fools were hatching a quick escape plan..."


Frieza-"GET BACK HERE!!!!"


Frieza shoots multiple death beams alongside Zagine shooting more bullets, trying to keep Yoh, Toriko and Jotaro from escaping.


Toriko-"Jotaro! think you can use your Star Platinum ability on them again!? we really need it right about now!"


Jotaro-"GAH! I can't! once i use Star Platinum, that would mean you two would get frozen in time, as well!"




Yoh-"...Toriko, take Jojo and go!"


Jotaro and Toriko-"!?!?"




Yoh-"Relax! i'll catch up in a few seconds, this will take real quick, okay!?"


Toriko and Jotaro-"!?!?"






Hisoka-"Friction among friends isn't healthy you know-OH!?!?"


Frieza-"Huh? W-W-WHAT!?!?"


Yoh creates a giant version of Amidamaru, using his Katana, as a medium and uses the giant Amidamaru to swing his sword towards Frieza, Zagine and Hisoka chasing them.




Yoh-"Heh heh, that's my pal, Amidamaru, he's the source of my power."


Toriko-"...The source?"


Jotaro-"LOOK OUT! HEADS UP!!!!"


Yoh and Toriko-"Huh?"


just then, the giant Amidamaru nearly stepped on Yoh and the others, causing Toriko to comically react angirly.




Yoh-"OOPS! heh, sorry..."


Toriko-"Don't OOPS! me!"




Yoh-"Okay Amidamaru! time for the big one!"


Amidamaru-"...Got it Yoh!"




Hisoka-"...This is bad, shall we run?"




Frieza-"Hey! hold up now you two! geh!?!?"


suddenly, Amidamaru attacks Frieza by sending his sword straight down upon him, causing a massive amount of wind-lash to send everyone flying, the heroes in one end and the villains in the other, in the aftermath, the giant Amidamaru disappears and Frieza is shown flying, having survived the attack.


Frieza-"...That, THAT WAS TOO CLOSE! IDIOTS! Hao never told me i'd be facing THAT kind of power! tch! i should have never teamed up with him in the first place! hmph!"


Frieza disappears, breaking off ties to Hao, Hisoka and Zagine, leaving them to their own devices...




Byakuran-"So, you know what to do? lord of the underworld?"




Byakuran-"Hehe, this is going to be so much fun, just you watch, soon, the war of the siblings will take to a turn unlike the witch no one has ever seen before."






Hades-"Just, answer me one last thing..."


Byakuran-"What is it?"


Hades-"...What will, happen to you at the end, of all this?"




Everyone was sent flying off in different and distant directions, as a result of the immense power Amidamaru used when he tried to force the villains away, Yoh has now ended up separated from both Toriko and Jotaro...


Yoh-"...Sheesh! use too much power maybe Amidamaru!?"


Amidamaru-"Excuse me!? i am just a spirit, your the one who has full control over my powers, therefore its YOUR fault that we got separated from everyone Yoh!"


Yoh-"! That's-!? ...not entirely untrue, yeah, okay, i'll admit it, i goofed, still, i know for a fact that the others are okay."


Amidamaru-"Really and how is that?"


Yoh-"Cause...our spirits are connected, if i couldn't sense a person's spirit, that would mean something else...wouldn't it?"




Hao-"Such a deduction for one not so smart."


Yoh and Amidamaru-"!?!?"


Hao appears.


Hao-"Long time no see...Yoh."




Hao-"Your, not surprised to see me? that's odd..."


Yoh-"Yeah right, as if i were to be shocked by seeing you of all people here, your my opponent for this tournament, aren't you?"


Hao-"But of course, you know me so well, brother..."


Yoh-"Don't call me brother! i don't consider you my brother in the slightest, nor my relative for that matter!"


Hao-"But we both bear the same face, we share the same body structure and also especially to top it all off, we both have the very same Asakura bloodline flowing through our very veins, do we not Yoh?"


Yoh-"So what? a person like you who's done so many horrible deeds and even revels in them doesn't have the right to be called a relative of mine or my family, tell me! what is it that you want!? Hao!?"


Hao-"My, is the blood within your veins reacting in anger upon sensing my own blood? such a unique occurrence and yet, not all that unique at the same time..."


Yoh-"Answer me!"




Yoh-"Ah! Toriko!"


Hao-"Hmm, i didn't count for you to be reunited with one of your friends so soon, oh well, i suppose i'll just leave him to you...right Toguro?"


Toguro appears.


Yoh and Toriko-"!?!?"




Yoh-"GEH! not you again!"


Toriko-"Finally, payback time! you won't get off for what happened earlier, this time i'm ready!"


Yoh-"Yeah! me too!"


Hao-"...Heh, Shikigami!"


Red and Blue Shikigami Ogres-"Yes lord Hao!"


Hao-"Bring my brother to me."


Red and Blue-"At once lord Hao!"


Yoh-"HUH!? what the!? GAH!"


Toriko-"Yoh! !?"


Toguro-"Focus, your opponent is me, let the brothers sort things out between themselves."








Toriko tries to save Yoh before he is captured by both the Shikigami red and blue ogres Hao commands and is teleported elsewhere, leaving Toguro with Toriko alone but not before Hao says to Toguro, as he takes his leave.


Hao-"You know, for one who prefers to keep to himself, you sure do love the stench of battle, don't you? you demon."


Hao disappears, as Toguro is left with Toriko, remaining silent towards Hao's comment before leaving.


(To be continued.).

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