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The Transcendent Key

Kingdom Hearts: Life As A Heartless!

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To KHLegendIII, yep, he is! He's a very poetic creature!

Good evening everyone, I hope that all of you are having a pleasant evening! So then, here’s the semifinal entry in this story! And I’m just about to end it right in time for the new year! I actually had intended to end this story much sooner, but since adult responsibilities are fully taking hold of me now, I’m not able to do many things like I’d usually do, since I have to keep my responsibilities in check, ya know? But at the very least, I hope to finish this story before the year is out! Enjoy the entry! :D

Journal Entry 49

Day 250: These Days

                So, I went to a bunch of worlds today. I think I was feeling nostalgic, so I just decided that I’d go through world to world, seeing what there was to see and feast on any hearts that were nearby. Which I did do. I filled up before midday! And then I was thinking about a lot of things.

                For instance, why is it that I find treasure chests almost everywhere I go? Like, it’s not even funny! Like someone deliberately just set up random chests around the worlds, and since only Keyblade Wielders can open them, it just makes me all the more curious as to what the heck the chests contain! But I’m better than that, so I don’t have to wonder what’s in those chests, ya know?

                And speaking on Keyblade Wielders, how the heck is it that they get to materialize their Keyblades? I mean, with one flick of the wrist, the Keyblades appear magically in their hands! I mean, there’s no logic behind it! Is there someone making these things in a secluded place out there and sending them telepathically to the wielders? I honestly don’t know! Nobody seems to be interested in asking these questions, let alone seek answers to them!

                I also notice that there are a lot of residents in the worlds that don’t age. There are some that age naturally, and then there are others that just stay looking young! Is it because of the radiance in their hearts or the different times in the worlds? Or maybe they just cheated their way out of death simply because they didn’t want to leave.

                And then I also noticed that there’s a bunch of Moogle shops scattered around the worlds, but when I’d go to take a close look, I’d notice that they were holograms! One of the hologram shops even belong to Stiltzkin, if you’d believe it! That little Moogle is everywhere, I swear! If I had munny on me, I’d get myself some souvenirs, but that’s not an option!

                What a tangled web we weave!


And so, the final entry is upon us! The ride is almost over, so I hope you are all ready for the final entry! Thank you all for accompanying me on this journey, it’s been an honor writing this story for all of you! Let me know what you thought about tonight’s entry, and until next time, stay tuned for the next one! Thank you all for your love and support! :D

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To KHLegendIII, you know, I unconsciously did reference that, then! At the time of writing the entry, I didn't take into account that Lea had said the whole flick of the wrist schtick in Dream Drop Distance! Good eye, man! :D

Good evening everyone, I hope that all of you are doing okay! Well, this is it! The final entry, and just in time for Christmas, too! Wow, I can’t believe that I have another story done! It’s crazy to think of all the stories I’ve written over the years, and I’m really happy having posted them here! And now, with today’s entry marking the end of this story, I am proud to say that Life As A Heartless was a success! Thank you all for following me on this journey! Now, let’s take the final steps together! Enjoy!


Journal Entry 50

Day 255: I Know Who I Am!

(Start Song Here)

                It came back to me…out of nowhere, without any sort of logical explanation…a sudden flood of memories started to flow into me! First it was bits and pieces, but then I saw more concrete images, and in them, I saw a woman and a child. My wife and daughter, I thought to myself, and then I saw myself! I had indeed been a human, dark skinned and with black hair. I had normal clothing, indicating that I was probably a honest, hardworking man. And then all this flood of memories continued to downpour into me, every memory, note for note…

                I even remembered how I died! And I remember the world I came from!

                I was from Radiant Garden…one of the worlds that I had seen in my travels! A terrible darkness had spread during that time, as big things were about to go down! When monsters invaded my home, I remember them being Heartless. Very few in number, practically nonexistent, since I learned after I had become a Heartless that Unversed had been the dominant species roaming around during that time…

                But anyways, the Heartless had come into my home, and I died protecting my family…they saw as my heart left my body, but I don’t know if they managed to run away or if they had become Heartless too…and perhaps I’ll never know.

                Knowing the truth of who I was now, it really hit hard. And then to think that I had been consuming the hearts of so many people and creatures…but was it out of my primal Heartless instinct, was I mindless? Or did I know I was doing this? That’s a thought that scares the living heck out of me…I don’t know what to think!

                Now that I know who I am…this just makes me think upon things, of the life I’ve lived…both as a human and as a Heartless! So much has happened, and now, I realize…I have nothing to lose. My family is probably dead, and right now, the worlds are about to steep into dark despair beyond reckoning. I heard from the higher ups that the final plans from this Xehanort fellow were being set into motion. Even we Heartless knew that things were going to change forever. And as I write this, I really don’t know what words to use to properly express how I feel…but I’ve laid bare everything I’ve thought over the past two hundred and fifty five days I’ve been a Heartless. Writing here has been therapeutic, I didn’t even realize how necessary writing my thoughts down here was.

                And now, I guess, is time for me to say goodbye. For what am I but a mere Shadow in the end? But to whoever reads this, well, I hope this serves as some kind of entertainment or learning tool or whatever. As for what lies ahead for me…I don’t think that I’ll make it.

                Hence, consider this my final entry.

(End Song Here)


And so, ladies and gentlemen, here we have ended our tale! I hope that it was to your enjoyment! Granted, the chapters were very short from beginning to end, but I had stated from the very get go that this was designed more to be a short story, with chapters that barely took up a page. The main inspiration for this was 358/2 Days, as you can tell by the whole journal format, which I took inspiration from Roxas! And well, I had always thought: “What would go through a Heartless’s mind if they were more intelligent beings?” And well, this project ended up being the result, but rather than making it just a serious story, I wanted to make it a parody of sorts, while also fitting into the Kingdom Hearts Universe. I tried my best to convey Bob’s life over the course of the entire KH series, and since we all know that time flows differently in the Realm Of Darkness, it’s why I was able to reference things from all the games, ya know?

But yes, I’m very happy with how this work of mine came out, and well, just in time for the new year! And so, for all of you wondering what my next project will be, it’ll be a non-KH story, so it’ll be an original concept, and I already started writing it, actually! But I am not going to post it just yet, but the story will come soon! It’s called The Sacred Blade, and it’s a fantasy story about a weapon called the Sacred Blade that must be forged once every forty years in order to stop a dark calamity from consuming the world. It’s a story idea I’ve had floating around my head since well before halfway through this story. So yeah, this story I’m going to write next has heavy inspiration from all my influences, such as novels, films, anime and video games! As fantasy is one of my favorite genres, there’s a lot of inspiration to draw from! And when I write my stories, I always think of them as anime, which is why I guess my writing style kind of reflects that! But anyways, haha, that’s all for now, folks, I’m going to take a nice little break before posting The Sacred Blade! I also want to see if I can get it published once I’m done with it! :3

But anyways, thank you all for following me to the end on yet another story, and thank you all for the love and support you’ve shown me over the years! God bless you all, and may your hearts be your guiding key! :D

Edited by The Transcendent Key

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To KHLegendIII, thanks, I'm glad you think so! :D

Good afternoon everyone, I hope that all of you are doing okay! So then, here is the epilogue of this story to round things out! I hope you all enjoy, and just in case I’m not online tomorrow, Merry Christmas to each and every one of you, and may God bless each and every one of you and your families, and may your hearts be your guiding key! Anyways, let’s give this a go!


Dear Reader

                To whoever is reading this, yes, these accounts were written by a Heartless. By myself, Bob. I hope that with these accounts of my life, you were able to gain a glimpse into how the life of a Heartless works. Or, at least, how it can work, since I’m just one of infinite Heartless species that keep multiplying and whatnot. But anyways, if you are reading this, it probably means that my days came to an end and that I was slain on the battlefield by Sora or whoever other of the Keyblade Wielders I happened to stumble upon.

                So if that be the case, then I just want to say that I regret nothing, and that even though my existence as Heartless was fleeting, I was able to walk into the shoes of another, so to speak. I was able to live through the eyes of a whole other being. And well, even though I consumed hearts, I still think that it was better to have lived a life, no matter how good or bad, than none at all, am I right?

                And well, since I finally remembered about my life when I was a human…if my wife and daughter are still alive…please, pass on these notes to them. I want them to know that I at least lived a bit after I died as a human…I want them to know that even for an instant, I was okay. But yes, this is it. This is the end of the journey, the end of the long path that I decided to walk. In retrospect,  I never expected things to turn out the way they did, but hey, this is how things work. Destiny is never left to chance, I once heard one of the Heartless say. They said they had heard it from some guy named…Xelnart…Zeenort? Xenahort? No, wait, Xehanort.

                Yeah, Xehanort was his name.


And so, ladies and gentlemen, with the epilogue now posted, now I officially give you the end of my story! I hope you all enjoyed it, because I know I certainly enjoyed writing it! Like I said, this was a blast, and I can’t wait for you all to see the next story I’m going to post! It’s going to be epic! Thank you all for your amazing support and the love you show for my works! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all, and I’ll give you all a story in 2019! When, I don’t know, but it’ll definitely be during the year! Anyways, see ya! May your hearts be your guiding key! :D

Edited by The Transcendent Key

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