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WARNING: Mature Strong Language involved.


Introduction Theme Song: https://youtu.be/cAhyt2D9B3A.


Tagline I: "...A Fantasy...Set...in Space..."


Tagline II: "...Destination: The Milky Way, Location: Planet Earth, Mission: Relocation."




"...It is the year 3020...over 1000 years ago, Humanity was forced to leave both Planet Earth and the Space Colonies orbiting around it, due to the sudden appearance of a very both strange and mysterious virus plague that the Humans dubbed, as the "Scream", for whoever was infected by the Scream would slowly turn mad and eventually, scream out in unbearable pain until finally, at last, they would simply...die out, one, by one...


In order to save the future that are the next generations of Humanity, the Humans fled from their home-planet and their Space Colonies, boarding giant spacecrafts that they had made and they had called the "Titans", named in honour of old gods of their Planet's very ancient mythologies and you see, by using those said giant spaceships, Humanity had left behind their home system of The Milky Way and had traveled across all the way to various other systems, such, as The Horsehead Nebula and/or The Andromeda Galaxy for examples and had set up both new settlements and new Space Colonies there, knowing that Humanity was now free to begin Space exploration across other Planets and seek out new life, new civilizations, new cultures, basically new everything that they could add to their own history, however...Humanity still longs dreams of returning back to its own system, its own, home...


Before Humanity had settled cozily into their new homes, there were those that did not take well to their sudden arrival and thus began the ancient "Settlement War", between the Humans themselves and all other "Alien" races, such, as the Human like beings, the "Space Elves", the Humanoid Lion like beings, the "Li" and finally, the Aquatic like beings, the "Aquarians", nicknamed the "Aquari" for short...the battles between the four intergalactic races was long and everlasting, until eventually, one battle where the Space Elves, the Li and the Aquari all banded together, as one despite past differences with one another, trying to drive Humanity back out of their home systems resulted in lots of tons upon tons of casualties, that battle was proclaimed, as the "Endgame", as it had served to finally end the war between the four races living in space and finally create among them a united colony of people that could potentially join hands with each other and help make their shared entire universe a better place...


However...there were those among the Li who still did not agree with Humanity's presence among their kind and so they broke off into a rebellious warmongering faction, naming themselves the "True Believers", as they unlike everyone else do not "fall for the lies of Humanity", thus beginning a civil war between the peoples of the Li and an intended conquest over Humanity, this had led to one final war that is still currently ongoing to this day, it is known, as the "Bloodbath", the war has last for oh so very many years until eventually, it seemed like everything was about to come to a close at the Planet of "To", where here, a young Human upstart rising through the ranks rookie soldier by the name of "Ewan" without realizing has just started taking his very 1st step, into a larger world, a larger galaxy, some might even say...a larger "Fantasy"...


Here start the Chronicles, of Humanity's Voyage home, back to their beloved Milky Way system and most especially, their Planet Earth...it has begun, the prophesied time of awakening, what we, of the secretive Moogle race believe to be...the "Final Fantasy", Kupo!"


Main Theme Song: https://youtu.be/xSXr99WhxDo.


Prologue: Planet To-Where War Ends and War Starts Again:


"...Soldier...Soldier...SOLDIER EWAN! DO YOU COPY ME!?"




"...Good! that is very good! your quick on the uptake, Soldier! now listen up you maggots! i ain't going to be responsible for what happens to you out there, right now we're facing our last stand against those Lion bastards, the Li and i will tell you now men, they will show no quarter, they will show no mercy, guys like you fledglings, they'll gobble you up and eat you for breakfast! now listen up, cause i won't be repeating myself again after this! ahem: 


The High Council of the Four Interplanetary Races-"Dumont" have assigned us dogs of the Human militaristic force-the mercenary task force squad "Zantetsuken" to clean up the messes of those Lion wimps, the Li by wiping out their renegade rebel faction, the "True Believers", as they call themselves...APPARENTLY, those ass wipes can't find it within their goddamn minds to accept us "Puny" and "Feeble" Humans without fangs, claws or manes just like they have so now, we're going to show those "Believers" just how "Puny" and "Feeble" we Humans really are! WE'RE going to show EVERYONE that we ain't just dogs to be used in battle both whenever and wherever the higher ups feel like sending us out towards at, no, we ain't just dogs...WE'RE WOLVES! AND WE BITE! YOU GOT THAT YOU LITTLE SHITS!?"








"Right, now get your asses out there before i have to kick them, remember, we ain't doing all this for honour, guts or glory, none of that shit...what we're doing here, why we're doing this, is so we can get PAID! paid in cold-hard-cash, you feel me? DO YOU HEAR ME!?"




"Alright! that's what i want to hear now go out there and make papa bear Cid proud! don't come slouching back if you're dead or you haven't earned your pay, MOVE OUT! HOORAH!"




"Zantetsuken...FORWARD MARCH! MOVE OUT!"






"Finally, a real mission i can get to prove myself on, don't you agree Ewan? ...uh, Ewan? hello? Earth to Ewan!"


"...Earth...huh? W-WHA!?"


"Come on Ewan! the fun's already started, everyone has already marched out ahead in front of us! come on! we can still catch up to them! let's show those Lion bastards what we're made of, huh, CHARGE!"


"AH HEY! WAIT! ...tch! dammit...dammit all to hell! CHARGE!"


"...It was the Planet To, it was rumoured that here would be located the True Believers' primary headquarters, in an effort to finally take them out both once and for all, the High Council of Dumont have sent in a group of mercenaries to sneak into their main base whilst the regular army that acts under the direct orders of the High Council will distract the Believers, giving the mercenary squad Zantetsuken enough time to plant bombs within the base, thereby blowing it sky high, it is intended...as a Kamikaze suicide mission where should any of the mercenaries survive, they will be bestowed with the highest of honours by the leaders of the High Council in person and will especially be rewarded handsomely, however, for Ewan, it was not about making money for himself, rather, making...a difference, he believes that by acting, as a Soldier can he help innocent lives avoid more bloodshed then they have already suffered and he can help himself make one step further to fulfilling his dream, what that dream is...i really don't know, Kupo!"


(To be continued.).

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