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Kingdom Hearts Anthology Part VII: 0.2: Birth by Sleep-A Fragmentary Passage: Wind and Earth.

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Tagline: "Water...Lost, in Darkness...so too...is both Wind and Earth...hear the stories, of both Wind and Earth respectively, the stories...of Ventus and Terra."


???-"...Hmm...they should be located, right, around...HERE! AH HA! FOUND ONE OF THEM!"


Looking over a very both shocking and surprising unconscious sleeping Ven, laying on the ground was a both strange and mysterious Rabbit like creature, of whom resembled a certain friend of Ventus' back within the Realm of Light.


Theme Song: https://youtu.be/cYow0rJXhj4.


Opening Description:


The Opening Intro Video starts off with a Recap of Terra, Aqua and Ventus falling down their shared Dive to the Heart towards Ven's Station of Awakening, afterwards we see Ven, as a shooting star within the sky that soon abruptly lands within the Realm of Darkness, awaking from his long slumber, as Ventus is immediately attacked by Unversed that proceed to knock him back, even when after summoning his Keyblade, the Wayward Wind, seen gloating over Ventus is his Dark counterpart Vanitas unmasked, summoning his own Keyblade the Void Gear to prepare to destroy just exactly like when he tried during their very 1st encounter crossing Keyblades with one another, it is then saving Ventus from his demise was a silhouette of King Mickey revealed to actually be Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, wielding a Keyblade of Darkness called the "Shadow Chaser" ("Phantom Chaser" in Japanese), using his Dark Keyblade, Oswald heals Ven and together they both take on Vanitas, only for the scenery to suddenly change with Ven all by himself, seen looking at straight right in front of him the Lingering Will, in other-words, the mind of his very best friend and older brother like figure Terra, preparing to lift its Keyblade, the Ends of the Earth from the ground and suddenly engage Ventus in combat, as Ven tries to dissuade the animated armour but sadly to no avail whatsoever, he is knocked back by the Will and shatters into behind him what feels like a wall made of glass, afterwards, Ven enters another Dive to the Heart once more, as he falls, he sees down below his other very best friend and older sister like figure Aqua smiling weakly towards him, as she tries to reach out her towards him, only for Ven, upon coming into contact with Aqua's hand, causes her to fade away into particles of Light, leaving behind only a floating Heart in its place, Ven lands safely on the Station and holds the Heart within his hands, he accepts the Heart, as part of his own, as it enters his Body and he then lastly recalls a vision of himself floating around in Heart form being accepted into the Body of a young 4 year old Sora, finally, Ventus back in Human Body form awakes to find himself being cradled in the hands of Oswald...


0.2: Birth by Sleep-A Fragmentary Passage: Wind and Earth.




???-"Keep still, your still dazed from entering this Realm."




suddenly, Ven recalls his final confrontation with Vanitas.


Ven-"!? TERRA! AQUA! GAH!"


???-"See? i TOLD you! the more you fidget like that without having properly adjusted to the miasma of the "Wasteland" will cause you both severe and utter pain, i should know, i am this Realm's very 1st resident..."


Ven-"...Huh? ...? ! !? M-MICKEY!?"


???-"Mickey? NO YOU BIG DOPE!"


The rabbit like being smacks Ventus on the head.








???-"My NAME is Oswald! Oswald..."sigh", the "lucky" rabbit, at your service."


Ven-"...Os...wald? what a strange name."


Oswald-"PFFF! not, as strange, as Ventus of all names!"


Ven-"Hey wait, i don't recall ever telling you my name, how did you-"


Oswald-"You didn't need to, the Realm of Memories told me your name."


Ven-"...Huh? Realm of...Memories?"


Oswald-"..."Sigh"...a bit slow on the uptake, aren't ya kid? welp, come on, get out of bed, there's much to be a showing you around these here parts..."


Ventus-"Ah! hey! wait up!"


Ventus chased after Oswald outside of his house to find that he was located in a completely utterly barren location of a Wasteland, hence the Realm's name.


Ventus-"What!? where-where is this place!? just-WHAT IS THIS PLACE!?"


Oswald smacks Ven on the head once more.


Ven-"OW! hey! quit doing that! its getting REALLY annoying!"


Oswald-"Ah shut up, no good complaining down here, why, its practically empty."


Ventus-"!? Wait-what did you, just say!?"


Oswald-"LIKE-I-SAID, THIS-PLACE-IS-PRACTICALLY-EMPTY, only lost beings and forgotten Memories end up here in the Wasteland..."


Ven-"...The Wasteland?"


Oswald-"Yeah, its where people who have been lost to Darkness yet for some both strange and mysterious reason haven't produced a Heartless and thus find themselves here, basically all the way out in the boonies and i quote on that: "not just in name only...", ahem, you see, its basically a place where the "special cases" of Human beings and/or any other types of beings end up in when they have met with a "Dark" fate or have become involved in any again and/or all ways relating to the Darkness whatsoever, so in other-words, YOU my friend, A-K-A Ventus, formally of the World known, as the Land of Departure are now officially a new resident of the Wasteland!"


Oswald sarcastically claps his hands at a very fast speed.


Oswald-"...Congratulations, no no, no need to thank me, i'm just doing my job is all-"




Oswald-"...Ow, that nearly burst my eardrums, there there, my poor rabbit ears..."


said Oswald, softly stroking his giant rabbit ears, as Ven replies:




Oswald-"...Uh, "buddy"? i hate to break it to ya but the main, primary fact is: you can't, many have tried...and have all failed, believe me, i know, i have been keeping track score of all of the records."


Ventus-"Fine! then i'll just have to find a way on my own! i gotta get back! back to...Terra and Aqua! hup!"


Ventus left Oswald behind in a hurry, as the latter was left behind, sighing to himself before deciding to chase after Ven for some reason, Ventus ran, as fast, as he could whilst thinking to himself the words:


Ventus-"...Terra...Aqua...guys! please! be safe! i'm coming! i'm coming right now! i won't let them, i won't let them lay a single finger on either of you!"


Ventus recalled facial images of both Master Xehanort and Vanitas inside of within his mind before doubling his running speed, running towards the edges of the far corners of the Wasteland, it was here, Ventus' journey into Darkness...had begun.




Seen at the Dark Meridian was a young man in a Black Coat, starring out to sea, saying to himself:




said the young man before deciding to take off his hood to very both shockingly and surprisingly reveal that he is none other then...Terra!


Back to where both Ventus and Oswald were, Ventus ran to the outskirts of the Wasteland, trying to find a way out of its Realm, only to no avail.


Ven-"...Huff...huff...huff...where-where is the exit around here? doesn't this place have an exit at all!?"




Ven-"Ah! you again!"


Oswald-"...Its Oswald kid, at any rate, you won't be able to find a way out of the Realm of the Wasteland, given currently the status your actual physical Body is in."


Ven-"...Huh? what-what do you mean?"


Oswald-"Have you forgotten? you gave up your Heart in order to save your friends, don't you remember? what happened?"


Ventus-"! ...Ah! ...yeah, your right, now...now i remember...it was, Vanitas...he was or, STILL IS: my Dark side, i...i had to stop him, before he threatened to hurt both Terra and Aqua..."


Oswald-"Hmm...so you do recall your Memories, interesting, at the very least, your able to make sense of what happened to you and how you got here, tell me, do you know...what happened, to your Heart? the part that left you i mean..."


Ven-"...The part that...left me?"


Oswald-"Ahh, i see, so you can't remember beyond what happened after defeating your Dark side, i guess that's understandable, your Heart basically went into a coma and in order to recuperate itself, it went into hiding, trying to find the nearest Light possible in order to survive, without that, you probably...wouldn't even be standing here."


Ventus-"...Wait, i don't understand what your saying, what do you mean?"


Oswald-"..."Sigh", to put it simply, beforehand, back in the Realm of Light, your Heart was already divided into two, your Light half stayed inside your original Body which is who is standing in front of me right now, the one called "Ventus" whilst your Dark half created an entirely new Body in order to sustain itself, the one you called "Vanitas", you see, upon the birth of Vanitas, his Heart's creation triggered a mutation that was able to create beings that feed off the negativity within peoples' Hearts, especially including Vanitas' own Heart, they were the Unversed, all of this which you already know, however, upon the destruction of both Vanitas and the Unversed when you had destroyed the Chi-Blade, born from the combined union of both your Hearts, reintegrated with one another but not fully whole, as one anymore, seeing, as how Vanitas became his very own existence, your fused Heart was damaged and a small fragment of its Light was lost to the Darkness of which had tried to take over the Light when the Chi-Blade was still in the process of being forged, that Light was divided into two halves, the half standing in front of me here, now whilst the other went somewhere else, unfortunately i do not where, all i know is that that half of your Heart's Light, namely in other-words, you yourself Ventus are now safe somewhere and it is because of that that the half that is standing in front of me now has ended up in the Realm of the Wasteland within the even bigger Realm of Memories, here where all kinds of Memories end up in, either locked safely away within the Light of people's Hearts or lost to the Darkness when people's Hearts become consumed by the Heartless and those people when they become Heartless are forgotten about, if so, in the latter case then they end up here in the Wasteland, where Memories have either been tied to Darkness or lost to its shadows...all very complex and confusing i know but still, in a way, it does make sense...sort of."


Ventus-"...Heartless...what are, Heartless?"


Oswald-"! Seriously? that's what you took from all that? oy vey, looks like we have a lot of work to do, anyways, what i want to explain to you now is absolutely vitally crucial towards the destiny of your Heart, if the two halves of its Light are to reunite and rejoin with one another, thus completing the fully reassembled formation of the Light being known, as Ventus..."




Oswald-"Yeah, you buddy, fully whole again once more-! uh oh! looks we've got trouble!"


Heartless Shadows appear surrounding both Ventus and Oswald, preparing to bombard them with their massive amount of numbers, Oswald quickly summons his Keyblade, of which shocks Ventus:


Ventus-"! A Keyblade!?"


Oswald-"Yeah, sorry, no time for questions right about now, first, we've got to take care of these guys here first!"




said Ventus, as he summoned his Keyblade, the Wayward Wind, together both Ventus and Oswald joined forces and had teamed up with one another against the Heartless Shadows, destroying them one by one until eventually, one Heartless Neoshadow appears, trying to surprise attack Ventus, because Ventus remembered having encountered Neoshadows before, he was taken aback by its sudden appearance and was frozen stiff, Oswald tries to help Ven but is too distracted by the Shadows in front of him, as it seemed like just about Ven was going to be struck down by the Neoshadow, suddenly, very shockingly and surprisingly coming to his rescue was the black coated Terra, wielding his Earthshaker Keyblade, destroying the Neoshadow.




Ventus-"!?!? T-T-T..."








Ventus-"Terra! its me! Ventus! i'm so glad your safe! your okay! nothing bad happened to you!"




Ventus-"I can't believe it, i'm not dreaming, am i? if so, either way, i'm so glad to see your safe Terra! but...what are you doing here? what's with the black coat? more importantly, where's Aqua!? do you know where she is!?"




Ventus-"? ...Terra? what's wrong?"


just then, Terra raises his Earthshaker Keyblade, pointing it dead straight towards Ventus.


Ven-"!? T-Terra?"


Terra-"...That's not...that's not my name, i'm not, Terra...i'm...!? GAH!"


Terra suddenly drops the Earthshaker, holding his head in both hands, writhing in agony.




Ven tries to help Terra, only to get suddenly knocked back by him, as he quickly makes a sudden retreat through a Corridor of Darkness, leaving Ven behind with Oswald, as Ventus ponders his friend's sudden behaviour just then:






Deciding that this was too much for Ven to bare at the moment, Oswald had decided to take Ventus back to his home, where there, they could figure out what to do next...


(To be continued.).

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