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So about IGN...

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I mean honestly I agree with them. Yes I’m happy we got more stuff sure, retro is awesome I actually want one of those games. Mini games are definitely something that should be addressed at some point and I’m glad it’s now but yeah it wasn’t what I WANTED to see. Honestly when you compare khIIIs promotions to other games it isn’t all that.... good. Gameplay and story trailers and release dates are expected and that’s the norm. Kh fans are definitely used to this wait and it seems normal to them so this probably does look like blasphemy to them. I can see both sides here. I don’t think this is a reason to bash ign thou. 7.8 /10 too much water is a reason to hate ign. Them wanting more story and gameplay trailers and release dates isn’t a reason. Especially when we all feel the same in that regard.

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Oh good lord, this video made me laugh! I was cracking up! This is a very accurate portrayal of IGN and how we as the fanbase react to their stumbles when it comes to Kingdom Hearts!


But at least with a few of their most recent videos I've seen, at least they aren't that critical towards Kingdom Hearts anymore as they used to. Still, this video made me laugh! It made my day! Especially with that Harry Potter and Shakira clip at the end! Great work on this video, man!

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