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Chapter 1: Green Hill Race!


It was over thirteen months since the events of Sonic Forces, the world had been rebuilt and Eggman was nowhere to be found in sight, everything was nice and quiet...almost TOO quiet for Sonic's liking. Wanting to feel the rush of the wind on his face like before, Sonic decides to sprint through his favorite spot, Green Hill Zone, where there awaiting him at the very end of the track was none other then his arch-rival: Shadow the Hedgehog! shockingly, Shadow reveals that he too is bored with the way things currently are and thus had decided to approach Sonic and demand a race from him. Whoever wins the race has to admit that the other Hedgehog is the fastest in the whole world, taking this challenge to heart, Sonic hotheadedly agrees to Shadow's want of a race, falling hook, line and sinker for his bait...watching the race in the distance was Amy, soon joined by both Tails and Knuckles, of whom were eager to see how would the race turn out. As the three watched Sonic and Shadow race at their maximum speed, barely being able to keep their eyes on them, Knuckles thinks on about the other Hedgehog that was with everyone not too long ago, Silver the Hedgehog, of whom after the Eggman crisis involving the Phantom Ruby had been averted had returned back to his future to make sure that everything was a-okay. Amy wonders on how is Silver currently doing these days?




Silver in the future 200 years from now is seen laying on the ground, all beaten, bruised and battered, having been single handed defeated by a both strange and mysterious silhouette standing above him without any help whatsoever, as Silver tries to catch a glimpse at this unknown figure, this certain individual reveals himself to be...Sonic!?


To be Continued.


Chapter 2: Silver, To the Future!


Going back thirteen months ago before the world was restored after the Eggman Empire had finally been defeated, Silver is greeted by all of his friends who give him their best wishes and regards on a safe trip home towards the future. Upon returning to the future, Silver had seen that the world was now restored back to normal thanks to Sonic having defeated Infinite and destroying the Phantom Ruby, thus averting the crisis altogether...however, a year and a month later, another terrible crisis was beginning to unfold...


Criminals calling themselves the "Seven Deadly Sonics" had appeared and had started terrorizing everyone, all the while besmirching the world's greatest hero's name that they used for their group's name. Silver, not standing by and letting these evildoers get away with their carnage faces them head onward with the help of Blaze of whom was just conveniently visiting Silver's future from her parallel dimension of Sonic's world. Working together, Silver and Blaze fought off the Seven Sonics until eventually, their leader had appeared...masking himself with a cloak, as black, as night itself to cover his face, he fights Blaze after taunting her and Blaze herself falling for it despite Silver's warnings, only to end up severely hurt by this masked person upon noticing Blaze's heightened emotions...Silver, enraged at the sight of seeing his friend hurt right before his very eyes unleashes his full Psychokinetic abilities, launching debris one after another at this very strange silhouette person. Ultimately in the end however, this person unleashes the full might of his powers, destroying everything within a near mile radius of him, leaving only his Seven Sonics, the unconscious Blaze and a injured Silver intact.


As Silver tries to figure out the identity of this person by tearing away his cloak, he finds out that he bares the face of none other then the world's greatest hero...Sonic the Hedgehog! but how could this be? Sonic was already dead by the time Silver had returned to the future, which leads to the question: just who is this mystery Hedgehog and why does he bare Sonic's visage!?


To be Continued.


Chapter 3: His Name is "Emerald"...


As Silver desperately tries to figure out who this mystery Sonic is, the mystery Sonic in question starts to speak and answer Silver's questions for him. First off, he had told Silver that whilst he indeed looked like the legendary Knight of the Wind, he was not the Blue Blur himself. One way of telling was to obviously look at the Hedgehog's fur of which was Emerald colored, this Hedgehog crudely called himself "Emerald Sonic" because of such a resemblance to the fastest thing alive whilst also having skin, as deeply colored, as one of the 7 Chaos Emeralds and the Master Emerald...Silver still could not believe that there was another Sonic standing in front of him and that Emerald Sonic retorted that he didn't have to...suddenly, this so called Emerald Sonic pulled a gun out of a holster strapped to his right leg and had shot Silver with it! immediately arrogantly presuming Silver to be dead when in fact he was only knocked unconscious by the bullet, thankfully having missed his vital organs...Emerald Sonic or, as he was called by the Seven Sonics "Lord Emerald" had begun discussing his plans with his servants and had intended to travel back in time to when the original Sonic was still alive, in order to obtain the 7 Chaos Emeralds for what this Emerald declared to be called the "E.M.E.R.A.L.D Project", his ultimate endgame to bring about total conquest and destruction of the past, present and future all alike! the world was in grave danger to say the least...


Back in the present time, Sonic and Shadow's race ends with a tie, making it the 3rd one in a row now, the two not happy with the results demanded that Amy referee the race yet again, however, she refuses. Not wanting to take part in a bickering rivalry between Hedgehogs, just when everything seems to be going well, suddenly, Doctor Eggman appears with Orbot and Cubot, declaring that he has come for revenge against Sonic after his plan involving the Phantom Ruby was foiled...Sonic, not up to fighting Eggman at the moment decided to have a rock, paper, scissors match with Shadow to see who gets to take on Eggman in his Egg Mobile. Shadow wins after a round of 3, declaring that he will still make Sonic race him once the fight with Eggman was over and done with, leaving Eggman infuriated and Sonic just shrugging off Shadow.


Upon Shadow defeating Eggman with a one hit KO, he proceeds to make good on his promise, however, just then, an ominous wind could be felt by everyone, as suddenly, Shadow could feel a rift in time and space approaching, he could feel that something...evil was about to induce Chaos Control! it was then, standing, hovering above in the skies above Green Hill was Emerald Sonic! of whom sees Sonic and gang down below before evilly smirking to himself.


To be Continued.


Chapter 4: Sonic Vs. Emerald! Just Who is the Real Sonic!?


As everyone could feel the ground shaking and the wind stirring, not to mention thunderbolts and storm clouds suddenly approaching the area around Green Hill in which Sonic and the others were, Knuckles in his usual temperament had questioned Eggman on just what was going on!? Eggman didn't know himself either! Tails and Amy questioned what did he mean by that!? Eggman reveals that he can only guess that someone...


Is using Chaos Control, Shadow finishing Eggman's sentence but beyond that, the person in particular question using Chaos Control felt rather...ominous and pure evil, so much...that Shadow felt like he was going to be sick. Same went for Sonic, however, in Sonic's case, he also felt like this sensation was rather...familiar somehow, he couldn't quite figure out why...


"Perhaps I could tell you the reason, Sonic the Hedgehog!"


Suddenly, a very familiar voice could be heard above everyone floating downwards to him, very shockingly and surprisingly, to their eyes, it was none other...then Sonic himself! Sonic especially shocked and surprised! it was Emerald Sonic from the future, evilly smirking, liking the expressions everyone was putting up in front of him at that moment. Sonic and Shadow put up their guards whilst Knuckles protects both Tails and Amy, leaving Eggman to cower away in fear, hiding behind a nearby rock with both Orbot and Cubot by his sides...


"At last, we finally meet, Sonic the Hedgehog."


Said Emerald Sonic to everyone once more, as Sonic then took a good look at Emerald and saw that he looked just exactly like him! albeit the Emerald colored skin, Knuckles commented on Sonic just noticing that whilst Sonic himself merely just got angry that there was ANOTHER Sonic look a like! Metal Sonic, Shadow, Silver, all of the Hedgehogs he met up to now he thought were the only ones of their kind but now it seems there is another "Sonic", something that really annoys the real Sonic.


Emerald corrects Sonic, saying to him that he is half correct and that whilst he is indeed a Hedgehog, he is NOT Sonic per say...Sonic doesn't understand the question. Shadow immediately goes in to attack Emerald, sensing the evil intent emitting from him. Emerald easily blocks him and shrugs him away into a nearby wall, saying that he doesn't business with Shadow, as Shadow proceeds to get back up, just then, Emerald's Seven Deadly Sonic followers appear, stopping Shadow from making, as so much, as a single move whilst Emerald had approached Sonic.


Emerald had got right down to business and had asked Sonic did he have all of the 7 Chaos Emeralds on him? Sonic didn't feel like answering and instead had started strutting. Emerald had asked again albeit more forcefully this time, however, mid-sentence, Sonic cut him off, asking a question of his own...did Emerald like Chilly Dogs? this had greatly shocked everyone besides Shadow who was just annoyed at Sonic asking such a stupid question like that and Eggman knowing Sonic's personality better then anyone else, knowing him how to exactly annoy someone just right...Emerald started popping veins in his head before cooling himself down with a single breath, saying to Sonic that if he won't answer then Emerald will make him answer, Sonic replied with a "good luck with that" taunt, as Emerald then taunted Sonic himself, saying to him about having a one on one match, whoever wins gets all the Chaos Emeralds...and the loser's life.


This greatly horrified everyone, Amy especially, begging Sonic not to take up the challenge, however, Sonic accepted nevertheless either way, assuring everyone that he wasn't going to lose a Emerald skinned version of himself, Shadow mentally replied to himself inside his head that Sonic was a fool and that this wasn't the kind of opponent that Sonic could beat so easily. Emerald evilly smiled at Sonic's answer to his question and thus started floating in the air, saying to Sonic the following:


"Don't worry, this will be quick, i'll make sure your death will be both quick and painless, just the way you like it..."


"Yeah, yeah! enough of the small talk already! bring it! you Emerald impostor!"


Sonic replied to Emerald Sonic, as the battle was now underway! the two of them lunging towards one another with Sonic throwing a right hook and Emerald a left.


To be Continued.


Chapter 5: The Battle is On! Sonic Vs. Emerald Sonic!


Sonic and Emerald swung their fists towards one another, ending up in each other smashing their fists against the other's face before smiling, however, only Sonic was sent flying backwards, Emerald flew to where he sent Sonic, as Sonic, curling himself up inside of a ball then regained his balance just, as Emerald went in for the kill. Sonic had blocked Emerald's fist with both hands before spinning very rapidly, shooting at Emerald with a curled Spinning Dash. Emerald's followers were worried for their master's safety, using this chance to escape, Shadow had knocked four of the Seven Deadly Sonics, as Knuckles proceeded to go in and help Shadow, helping in knocking the other three back, as Tails and Amy hid alongside Eggman, Orbot and Cubot where they were. Amy had asked Tails just what the heck was going on!? Tails however couldn't figure out for the live of himself...Eggman reveals that he was doing a background analysis on Emerald since upon first seeing him and had revealed to both Amy and Tails that from what Eggman could gather...this Sonic look a like...this "Emerald Sonic", as Eggman dubbed him...was all in all, Sonic himself! Tails questioned what did Eggman mean by that!? Eggman then corrected himself, as he said to both Tails and Amy whilst Shadow and Knuckles had teamed up against the Seven Deadly Sonics that if he wasn't Sonic himself then what he meant to say was that he was a perfect duplicate of Sonic that somehow exists in this timeline, not even Eggman himself knows how Emerald came to be, only that one thing for sure was certain: he is dangerous.


Sonic and Emerald had continued to battle with the two of them being a rivaled equaled match for one another respectively, Sonic thought to himself that Emerald was just about, as strong, as both Shadow and Knuckles went it came to throwing physical punches, however, like Metal Sonic, he was just, as fast, as the real Sonic himself and his ability to levitate and such was similar to Silver, all in all, this guy was a jack of all trades, made up of a single trait belonging to all of the tough opponents Sonic has fought up to now...


Emerald had used this chance with Sonic thinking to hit him in his blind spot, saying to him "you let your guard down", afterwards, Emerald proceeded to attack Sonic both continually and mercilessly, Shadow and Knuckles take note of this before they themselves become distracted and are easily given attacks by the Seven Deadly Sonics, forcing the two back, as Sonic calls out to Shadow and Knuckles, Emerald started to choke Sonic, saying to him the words:


"Hmph! and they call YOU the fastest thing alive? yeah right! GET REAL! your just a cocky, good for nothing showboat! you haven't got anything REALLY to offer, just that impertinent mouth of yours, of which, i will gladly now shut up for you...PERMANENTLY!"


Shouted out Emerald Sonic, trying to make good on his threat, just then, however, suddenly and shockingly...Amy hug tackled Emerald from behind! trying to give Sonic a chance to escape whilst Sonic says to Amy to get out of here and run away, Emerald, unfazed by Amy's attempt to stop him merely slapped her in the face, forcing her away, upon seeing this just, as Tails comes to Amy's aid, Sonic grows angry, seeing Amy unconscious and thus had finally decided to use the Chaos Emeralds to transform into Super Sonic!


Emerald backs away, evilly smiling, as Sonic lastly says to Emerald whilst making a fist:


"...You...you hurt my friends...you hurt Amy! now, i'm really mad! get ready you fake me! this time, i'm going SUPER!"




Shouted out Emerald Sonic in reply, as meanwhile, not too far away, looking over at the battles taking place at Green Hill Zone were Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel, accompanying a strange hooded and masked Hedgehog of whom seemed particularly interested in the battle between both Sonic and Emerald going on right now...


To be Continued.


Chapter 6: Super Sonic Loses!? The Appearance of Another Hedgehog!?


Tails upon Sonic nodding his head took Amy elsewhere to keep her safe, as Sonic now in his super state proceeded to battle Emerald, who remained cocky, as ever. Emerald taunts Sonic over his inability to protect his friends fighting nearby and especially Amy who came to Sonic's rescue, before Emerald could continue speaking, he was interrupted mid sentence by Super Sonic infuriated, no longer pulling his punches, as he hits Emerald back and forth, making him pay for what he has done. One of Emerald's Seven Deadly Sonics comes to his aid, only with little to no effort at all whatsoever being beaten by Sonic, using this chance, Eggman decides to capture the follower of Emerald in order to study and examine him, to find out what there is to know about him, his fellow followers and especially their master, Emerald Sonic himself...


Emerald doesn't seemed fazed at all by all of Sonic's attacks, even in Super state and instead, reveals his own ace up his sleeve...Sonic wonders what Emerald means by this? only for Emerald to reveal it right in front of him! it turns out: Emerald Sonic can Super transform, as well! using 7 black colored Chaos Emeralds which both shock and surprise Sonic greatly, Emerald Sonic transforms into his Super form, instead of turning gold and yellow like Sonic, he turns simply purple but with a both black and red colored evil aura surrounding him, Emerald says to Sonic that although this can be interpreted, as "Super Emerald Sonic" or just plain "Super Emerald", Emerald decides that he wants to be imaginative and call this Super transformation of his "Viola Sonic" due to this being the very 1st time that he has ever transformed into it and that Sonic should feel "honored" by it, since he is going to die at this form's hands...


Sonic bluffs and tries to shrug off this new "Viola Sonic", however, he can sense the immense power coming from Emerald now having entered his new transformation, without a second thought, his speed and battle power were raised up to at least 10 points being the maximum and he had kicked Sonic in the chest, sending him flying upwards, Emerald had now become even more faster then Sonic, goading on about how HE was now the fastest thing alive, trying to hurt Sonic and damage his reputation, Sonic, upon recalling Amy being hurt grabs Emerald's incoming fist, saying that he doesn't care about being the fastest at the moment, what matters...is that Sonic defeats Emerald Sonic here and now!


However, Emerald Sonic proves simply to be too much for Sonic to handle and quickly easily defeats Super Sonic, forcing him down to the ground and picking him up by one of his hair quills, Emerald becomes dissatisfied that he had just transformed into Viola and already the battle had ended, nevertheless, Emerald intended to make good on his own agreement of winning the fight and that was...to take the loser's life! just then however, interrupting Emerald by scathing him, throwing a Katana past his right arm and damaging the skin was a both strange and mysterious cloaked Hedgehog, of whom came to Sonic's rescue, Emerald questioned who this new Hedgehog was!?


"...To you, a PROBLEM!"


shouted out the cloaked Hedgehog, his voice muffled, as just then, Mighty and Ray appear in-between both this Hedgehog and Emerald with Ray going off to help both Tails and Amy whilst Mighty stood guard alongside this Hedgehog, protecting Sonic. Sonic before falling unconscious decided to do one last act of surprise that would shock everyone greatly and infuriate Emerald Sonic to his boiling point and that was to separate the 7 Chaos Emeralds from one another and using Chaos Control, fling each one of the 7 Emeralds to a different point in time in the past, the current present and the future! Emerald transforms back into Viola Sonic after previously deactivating the transformation upon "winning" his fight against Sonic but is stopped by his minions, of whom tell him to retreat for now, as they need to find the Chaos Emeralds before it is too late, just then, Emerald Sonic starts coughing abruptly, as Mighty could see one of his hands slowly fading out of existence before returning back to normal, what could this all mean!?


To be Continued.


Chapter 7: His Name is "Seth"...


Emerald after regaining his breath had sighed before making his minions back off, he then swore to the unconscious Sonic that he would find the Chaos Emeralds and when he WILL collect all 7 of them, he'll be back to take Sonic's life! for now, he will just claim Sonic's title of being the fastest thing that there ever is, ever was and/or ever will be and with that, using Chaos Control, he and his six remaining minions flee, leaving the battle scars on Green Hill Zone and almost everyone entirely wounded...


Six hours later at Tails' workshop, everyone was seen being patched up with only Shadow nowhere to be found, Tails says to Knuckles that Shadow went off on his own to ponder on the current situation, after Amy wakes up, she asks what Sonic is and Mighty tells her that he wants to be alone for now, not wanting Amy to see him the way he is now, considering how everything turned out...


Amy to brighten the mood then asks who Mighty is and Mighty angrily comically replies that he is Mighty! Mighty the Armadillo! a friend of Sonic's! hasn't anyone ever heard of Mighty before!? Tails and Amy say no whilst Knuckles says that Mighty seems vaguely familiar, this causes Mighty to comically react, as though his pride has been shattered, cheering him up is Ray who introduces himself, saying that he too is a friend of Sonic's back from when Sonic was younger, Knuckles then interrogates the cloaked Hedgehog, of whom hasn't said a word thus far, Tails tries to calm him down before the cloaked Hedgehog reveals himself by taking off both his hood and mask, as "Seth, Seth the Hedgehog", Seth reveals that he is not around from these here parts and that he only came because he could sense the evil distortion that Emerald Sonic's Chaos Control upon arrival to this timeline had invoked.


Knuckles further questions Seth, wanting to know just how much does he know about what's currently going on!? Seth refuses to speak further, Knuckles breaks free of Tails' grip and grabs Seth by his collar, demanding his question be answered, however, Mighty stands up for Seth, telling Knuckles to back down, as Knuckles himself replies "OR WHAT!?", it was then that Mighty was prepared to fight Knuckles, as Knuckles decided to accept this challenge with both Tails and Ray trying to stop Knuckles and Mighty respectively, just then, appearing in Tails' workshop was Silver! telling the two to knock it off, as they have much bigger things to worry about! catching everyone except Seth off-guard who remained silent yet vigilant...




Back in time was seen Classic Sonic! running through Green Hill Zone, as he then happened chanced upon the White Chaos Emerald, wondering where it came from and who it belonged to?


To be Continued.


Chapter 8: Generation Mania!


Classic Sonic was seen taking a stroll throughout all of Classic Green Hill Zone, destroying all of the Classic Badniks he came across until finally he found the White Chaos Emerald laying on the ground in front of him, he picked it up, wondering where it had come from, deciding to consult Classic Tails on the matter, he heads towards his workshop, following not too far behind was Classic Metal Sonic, sent by Classic Eggman to monitor Classic Sonic's actions. Eventually, Classic Sonic reached Classic Tails' workshop and had told him all about the White Chaos Emerald, Classic Tails, deciding to research on the matter had asked Classic Sonic to leave the Emerald with him for the time being and would inform him of what was currently going on concerning the Emerald once the analysis on it had been complete, in the meantime, Classic Sonic would have no choice but to wait. Classic Sonic was seen resting in the green fields right next to Tails' workshop, smelling flowers and eating a Chilly Dog, as he waited, he was then interrupted by both Classic Eggman and Classic Metal Sonic appearing on the scene, the former demanding the Emerald be handed over to him. Classic Sonic proceeded to finish eating his Chilly Dog before taunting Classic Eggman, of whom angered by Classic Sonic's actions sends Classic Metal Sonic to deal with him, only for Classic Sonic to quickly dispose of his Classic metal counterpart, having learned a few new tricks since the last encounter with Classic Eggman, just when it seems that Classic Eggman was out of options, suddenly, Chaos Control was induced!


Appearing from out of a warp within a rift between time and space was one of the Seven Deadly Sonics! a muscular fellow by the name of "Wroth, Wroth the Wrathful Badger", he demanded where the Chaos Emerald was, however, Classic Sonic and Classic Eggman were just so perplexed by his sudden appearance that they didn't have time to answer, something that Wroth takes advantage of by sending Classic Eggman in his Classic Egg Mobile flying. Wroth then realized the mistake he had made in sending Classic Eggman flying, as now he didn't have anyone to interrogate besides Classic Sonic, as Wroth tries to communicate with Classic Sonic, he cannot help but only communicate with expressions, something that angers Wroth, as he proceeds to attack Classic Sonic, leaving him no choice but to go on the defensive, considering his opponent's humongous size. 


On Angel Island, guarding the Master Emerald could be seen a sleeping Classic Knuckles, of whom is suddenly woken up by the loud noises down below the floating island, as he could see Classic Sonic fighting Wroth, deciding that trouble was brewing, Classic Knuckles in an instance left the Master Emerald unguarded, promising it that he would back, as soon, as quickly, as possible upon dealing with the situation Classic Sonic has gotten himself into now, upon leaving, seen lurking behind in the shadows of the Master Emerald was seen a shadowy figure, smirking to himself...


To be Continued.


Chapter 9: Generation Mania and Knuckles!


(What does everyone think so far :]?).

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