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Does Anyone Out There Still Make KH AMVs?

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So, I have been looking around for a new KH AMV to watch.
Yet, as far as I can tell, everyone seems to have stopped making them.


Does ANYONE out there still make "'Kingdom Hearts'" Anime Music Videos?
Or has this genre of video classification come to an end?




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I never saw a kh amv in my life, I serously made a playlist of amvs that I like and none are kh: 

most of these are linkin park songs so if you don't like linkin park then sorry

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I used to, but not anymore. I would love to get back into making them again, but--Youtube and all... It's mostly been reaction videos and gameplay videos with me. 


I was setting this one and another one on private, because of a bully that was cyberbulling me. Mind the old YouTube name. It's not MoonDivaX anymore. As for the other one, it's a MEP part that someone asked me to join their MEP project. For the sake of keeping the video, it's set to Private. The full video isn't on YouTube anymore due to Copyright.  

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