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Question about Ventus probably not becoming a Guardian

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For this I'm gonna assume that Aqua is a north now and if Xehanort found the chamber where Ven is ''sleeping'' that means Ven would become a Seeker but one question... Couldn't Xehanort just put his heart in him just a small part?


My theory is that Xehanort found Ventus body but he realises he is sleeping because his heart is gone and sends Vanitas to find Ventus which lead him to Sora, this will lead to Xehanort planning to trick Sora into bringing back Ventus but Sora just thinks he is returning Roxas and Xehanort perhaps just let Sora walk around after he returns Ventus his heart to his body because he needs some sweet teenage boys for the 7 VS 13.


But why not just put his heart in Ventus is that not better?

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