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List of returning Disney voice actors/actresses in Kingdom Hearts III

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So I wanted to make a list of voice actors that are confirmed to reprise their roles as classic Disney characters in Kingdom Hearts 3.


Feel free to comment below if any more official voice actors/actresses get confirmed.



1. Josh Gad (Frozen - Olaf) - Based on this tweet


2. Wallace Shawn (Toy Story - Rex) - Confirmed by official sources


3. John Ratzenberger (Toy Story - Hamm) - Confirmed by official sources


4. James Woods (Hercules - Hades) - Based on this tweet



Speculated (not confirmed):


1. Johnny Depp (PotC - Jack Sparrow)


2. Kristen Bell (Frozen - Anna)



Returning veterans:


1. Bill Farmer (Goofy)


2. Tony Anselmo (Donald Duck)


3. Jim Cummings (Pete)

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Haley Joel Osment as Sora of course. :)

They said he's continuing his journey as Sora.


I was kinda refering to original Disney movie actors. Not original Kingdom Hearts actors. But yes of course, we already know he's returning.

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