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Yessie Maltese

Axel Directs Aqua (Comic Dub)

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Perfect! Oh the possibilities with this concept.


Hey! Pete ate all the donuts on set again also could finally someone feed the 101 dalmations? Why did couldn't you get a dogsitter roger? And someone tell mickey to get pluto away from perdita we dont need even more pups!..or an angry husband.


Maleficent darling! I know that dragon transformation isnt good for your skin but you are a professional! Bring the costume Designer I found another hole in oggys sack.


Sora i am giving you a big hero six dvd you need to get a understanding of the characters. Someone get dumbos ears clean he dosent hear me! Yes of course peter and hook dont get along thats the idea! Were is the white rabbit for crying out lout he is always to late!

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this should be the actual in-game scene

Or maybe bloopers, kinda like pixar did with Toy Story 2, Bug's Life and Monsters inc or like disney did with the Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's chest and At world's end if i remembered correctly. xD

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