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If "'Let It Go'" DOES Show Up....

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So, it seems Square-Enix and Disney (alongside Tetsuya Nomura) might be planning to include the song "'Let It Go'" as part of a cutscene in "'Kingdom Hearts 3'".


If the song ends up playing in that cutscene, would you skip it?

Or would you let the whole scene play out?





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Given that it may be important to the storyline (of that world) I'll surely not skip it I guess. Even if it ends up being an "Introduction" for that world. 


If it's inserted in a completely not important scene, I would rather skip it (even though I won't do it on the first time I play the game since I won't be sure of it)

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Sorry but i'm definitely skipping the Cutscenes if Let it Go shows up besides i'm not interested in Disney Songs in the Series.


but what if our beloved evil mastermind nomura puts some very important Plot points in that music video?

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