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Xion heard that there was something good in the freezer...




And she was right! It's sea salt ice cream!




Those pops seem a little too big for her though...


Luckily I also made smaller ones!




Better eat up before it melts any more!





Sorry about the phone camera lol. But the ice cream tasted really good! It feels accomplishing to finally have an idea of what sea salt ice cream tastes like!  :biggrin: Hopefully Roxas & Axel will be able to join her next time!


I followed this recipe if anyone is curious to make them too!

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Sweet! I had myself some Sea Salt Ice Cream before moving to Chicago! You see, one of my best friends/soul brothers, Jonathan, made me some because he wanted me to have some of that ice cream before I left! It had always been something he wanted to do for me, since we both love Kingdom Hearts, and good lord, Sea Salt Ice Cream is some seriously yummy stuff! So I'm happy you also ended up making some for yourself!


Omg, and that Xion Keyring is adorable! X_X

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