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Favorite Kh character

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My favorite character is Aqua for sure, I was so excited she got her own small gameplay chapter (besides BBS of course). I can only hope you can play as her in someways in KH3. For top 5:


1. Aqua

2. Xehanort

3. Sora

4. Riku

5. Terra/Axel

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1. Axel/Lea

2. Roxas

3. Riku

4. Xemnas

5. Sora

6. Xion/Luxord

7. Terra/Ventus

8. Xigbar/Braig

9. Zexion/Ienzo

10. Saïx/ Isa


Kinda a rough idea of my top favorites xD I like all of them, I can't say anyone isn't a favorite

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For me, my top five characters would have to be:

  • Sora: Cuz he reminds me a lot of myself!
  • Riku: He also reminds me of myself, and I can relate with the struggles he had to go through.
  • Xehanort: For being the insanely badass villain he is!
  • Aqua: Because she is someone who's gone through so much, not to mention she's a powerful Keyblade Wielder, and she's so bae! <3
  • Terra: I feel for the dude because he got possessed by Xehanort, and he had to go through hell as well, and to this day, he hasn't been able to return to his friends! I'm rooting for him to make an epic comeback!

I could mention the reasons why I love so many other characters, but I'll restrain myself with five...but wait, I'll add one more!

  • Vanitas: I love how he's the dark part of Ventus's heart, the darkness inside him! I love how he's raw, unbridled negative emotion made incarnate! And he spawns Unversed, which are awesome! That, and I'm really hoping that there's more character development for him!

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1. Sora. No matter what issues I have with the series, Sora always brings me a smile.

2. Axel. He has a solid character arc, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't think he was just plain cool.

3. Maleficent. There is no other villain in the series that commands the same presence she does when she enters a scene.

4. Ansem SoD. I have a soft spot for villains who get impaled on their own hubris.

5. Hercules. I would argue that, over the course of the series, Herc has had more development than most of the original characters.

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It's hard for me to include heroes and villains on the same list because I don't know where to place the villains on the list, so I'll make a top 5 heroes list and a top 5 villains list.


Top 5 Heroes


1. Sora

2. Riku

3. Axel/Lea

4. Roxas

5. Terra


Sora is not just my favorite Kingdom Hearts character but also my favorite video game character of all time.


Top 5 Villains


1. Ansem, Seeker of Darkness

2. Xemnas

3. Master Xehanort

4. Vanitas

5. Marluxia


It's hard for me to really nail down why Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, is my favorite villain.  After all, he's basically just a darkness obsessed man (who is actually a Heartless) who does nothing but make long speeches about how awesome the darkness is.  However, that may be the reason why he's my favorite villain.  He's just a simple villain who, in my opinion, has the best design of all of the villains in the series and has some of the best boss fights in the entire series.

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It would have to be


1. Riku

-I simply relate to him a lot, and hold him as an inspiration as well. The whole thing about drawing strenght from darkness and light equally, and not trying to run away from the darkness (because it's not going anywhere) really speaks to me. And probably to many others, too. It's pretty hard to explain why I like Riku so much, because I just slowly started relating to him more and getting more attached to him, until one day I stopped to think about it and realized he was probably my favorite character. :DD


2. Axel/Lea

-Axel was probably my first proper fave before I got so attached to Riku. He's just so intriquing, and morally complex too... Axel definitely did a lot of morally questionable stuff, but I still can't really see him as a bad person. It's more like a case of doing all the wrong things for all the right reasons. He did have good intentions (with Roxas and Xion) but just got so lost in it all that he started bad decisions.

I kinda hope we'll see Lea contemplating on the things he's done in KH3, as well as see him learning from his mistakes.


3. Namine

-I actually lowkey hated Namine when I first played KH2... :DD But she really grew on me when I played CoM. I don't know, I just started feeling really bad for her. And she's such a precious girl too...


After top3 it gets a bit more difficult... next would be Aqua, Terra and Roxas, but I have no idea in what order.

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I would have to go with the following:


1. Axel/Lea

From the first second he appeared on screen in Chain of Memories, Axel was my absolute favourite character of the series. I love his design, I love his personality, and I love his development. He is (in my opinion) one of the best original characters the series has to offer. You feel a lot of sympathy for him as well, especially after experiencing Days.


2. Riku

I've always found Riku to be a very sympathetic character. I remember in Kingdom Hearts when he betrays you, I felt so sad, but not because Sora's friend had betrayed him. It was mainly because Riku was so determined that he was making his own choices and doing what was right, but he was being controlled the whole time. I knew he wouldn't end up being a villain. As the series has progressed, Riku has grown into one of the most complex characters by far.


3. Ventus

I love Ventus because he's so positive all the time, and yet once you learn his backstory he becomes very sympathetic. This poor kid has been through so much and yet he manages to maintain his upbeat personality. I know that's partly because his heart is pure light, but it's still so heartwarming. I thought about including Sora here, but I find Ventus pulls of the happy-go-lucky character trope better than Sora. I'm hoping he'll get a good deal of attention in KH3.


4. Roxas

Yet another sympathetic character (I love characters I can empathize and sympathize with). Roxas got a pretty crummy deal for a while. In Days it was clear that the higher members of the organization saw him as a tool. ONce Xion came along they turned this opinion more to her, but it was still clear that they didn't care at all about Roxas, just the keyblade. But Roxas is also just so likeable, so innocent and sweet.


5. Aqua

Aqua is a great character in that she is very honourable. She always fights for what's right and she will fight to the end to protect her friends. In many ways, Aqua is someone that players can look up to and want to be like. Her refusal to give up is also what makes me think that her supposed possession by Xehanort in KH3 isn't what we think it is. I just don't think Aqua would give in like that.


Anyway, those are my top 5. I love most of the characters, but those are my faves.

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1. Marluxia/Lauriam (obviously :v)

2. Xemnas

3. Saïx/Isa

4. Axel/Lea

5. Vanitas 


As you see, I love villains.

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