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HarLea Quinn

KH13 is Currently Searching to Add to Our Staff Teams!

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I could volunteer to be a part of one of your teams.  I have been deeply into the "'Kingdom Hearts'" Series since 2008 when I first played "'Kingdom Hearts 2'".

I am a Disney Loyalist, and I am studying in the field of New Media.  I am a Digital Storyteller with a Dream to work for Disney.

Since I first played KH2, I was drawn in by the Disney aspect.  Yet, having played some of the "'Final Fantasy'" games Tetsuya Nomura worked on, I have come to have an appreciation for both.

I did take a year of Japanese in high school back in 2010-2011.  I have a LOT of time on my hands, so I am willing to volunteer, if you would like to have me as part of a team here.

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Hey there!


I could volunteer to be part of the Social Media team. I've had a passion for Kingdom Hearts ever since I saw the commercial for it on Disney Channel way back when. I grew up with this story and its characters. Having the chance to put out content for this franchise would mean a lot to me. I have experience as a Content Writer and a Freelance Writer and also publishing things on social media, ie Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram etc. This could a good opportunity to learn while doing something that I love. 

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I would love to join the news or social media teams. I have been a die hard KH fan for a long time and keep up with everything that comes out.I would love to work with you guys. I am on YouTube Twitter Instagram, and fb with the kh discussion group, and I write a bit. I'm in the middle of writting my own book so writing comes a little naturally.

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