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Dearly Beloved Question for those who've played KHIII Demo

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This is a question for all of those on here who stumble upon this topic, and have also had the pleasure of playing the KH3 Demo, be it at one of the recent conventions or the Premiere Event,


How did Dearly Beloved sound like?


The reason I ask is because I watched HMK's demo impressions on Youtube, and he made a comment on how good the Dearly Beloved sounded.


So I ask you all, for those who have maybe listened to it and bothered to take it in: how did it sound like?


Was it an old version, or the brand new one meant for KHIII?


What was the feeling that you got for it. An example would be the 358/2 Days version emitting a hint of tragedy, whilst KH1's depicted the starting of a new journey, KH2's being the halfway point of that journey, and BBS's theme seeming to allude to awakening. Those are my impressions from listening to those versions of Dearly Beloved.


So what are the impressions you get from the KHIII demo version of Dearly Beloved?

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I would take it this is trying to draw in Spoilers?




No. I just really want to know what it sounds like, because I really want to listen to it. Doesn't really spoil the story.


I've just always imagined to be the Dearly Beloved to blow away all Dearly Beloveds, and I want a taste of what to expect.


Closest thing I've got is Sam Yung's version, but we all know that's not Yoko Shimomura's


I just want some context to what I'll feel listening to it. That's all.

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