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At what point do you join a new console generation?

At what point do you join a new console generation?  

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  1. 1. At what point do you join a new console generation?

    • Day 1, baby
    • The next pay after they release
    • Christmas that same year
    • A year later
    • After the first price drop
    • Once several good games are out
    • When a slim/upgraded version is out
    • Once something Kingdom Hearts-related releases
    • When it's about to end
    • Something else? Share below!

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For me it depends mostly on the games and whether I desperately want to play them but otherwise, I wait around a year or until the first price drop. If there is more than one game I'd like to play, that is. I only buy consoles when there's something interesting for me to play after all and not just a single game either.


Other than that, I like to wait and see if the console is prone to technical problems. I want to spare myself the hassle of exchanges, repairs and lost save data as much as I can. Of course it can always be an exemption at any point of time, but a lot of consoles have shown issues for more than one person in the weeks after their release and while it usually means no monetary loss, it still causes problems I'd rather avoid.

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For me, it comes down to two factors. What I most do is wait until said console I wanna get has a good library of games, and that's when I'll shell out cash for a new console! Though for all the consoles I've gotten before, they've been presents from my family! xD


The second factor I take into consideration is whether or not a KH game will release for said console! Then, I make it a point to get it, and then any other good games that release for said console! :3

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