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You traverse a futuristic land called Istila gathering hearts from murderers and criminals, you are part of a group of investigators called the UCCA (Unprecedented Criminal Correction Agency) that deal with unprecedented criminals. There are eye witnesses that say the criminals do things out of fantasy books and movies, thankfully with the help of the government you are able to do such things to catch these evildoers and to insure no criminal escapes is to encasing their hearts in captivity. But you feel an uneasiness in the air as criminals start coming out of the wood work, your job is to find out how this is happening and stop it on top of doing your other duties. (This is something I came up on the fly and in a hurry if you want more info I will put some in after work tomorrow.)



1.Follow the rules of KH13 forums


2.Anything else goes (minus op characters of course)


Character sheet



Appearance (if you could decribe it that would be better):

Backstory (the more the marrier):

Rank (minus captain):

Ability (describe in as much detail):


Partner (with another player would be best):


I will not be par-taking in said RP I am more of a DM (DND) so I will be describing what you see and with what will be going on around you. (If need be I will make a character with minal engagement.)

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