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Nintendo Dream Team! (Roleplay Thread)

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(If you want to learn how this all happened in the first place, take a look at the prologues!)
Prologue: Pit





"AH!" Palutena awoke from her bed with a fright in the middle of the night. Panting with sweat coming down her forehead, she looks around and takes a deep breath.

"That dream...No...That plea. Someone...Multiple people were calling for help." She gasps again. She's senses something. It's not Medusa...Nor is it Hades or Viridi...But it's something bad. She gets up from her bed.

"Pit...Pit...Pit, are you awake?"

Inside a cozy room, The angel known as Pit was sound asleep, laying splayed out on his bed and lightly snoring. The voice of Palutena echoed in his mind however instead of waking up, Pit remained in his bed and snuggled into his pillow.

"Mmm... Five more minutes in.. the hot spring.." He muttered as he gripped onto his pillow. Palutena looms over Pit's bed, appearing in his room. She sighs. "Alright...You leave me no choice..." She closes her eyes and begins using her telepathy...


"GAH, I'M AWAKE!" Pit yelled as he woke up with a start. His head darted from side to side as he swept the room, until he noticed the form of Palutena looming over him.

"Heheheh... Morning, Lady Palutena..." Pit nervously chuckled as he rubbed the back of his head. "Morning." She says with a stern look on her face. "I apologize for waking you up so early and abruptly Pit. But this is urgent. Follow me. I'll explain on the way." She begins walking. Palutena's still in her sleepwear, so this must've been a hasty travel to come to Pit so quickly and early. "Ok!" Pit nodded, jumping out of the bed and trailing after Palutena. A brief glance to the side windows showed that it was still night.

"So, what's the mission? Is it the underworld creatures acting up again?"

Palutena shakes her head no. “Not quite. It’s nothing like we’ve ever dealt with before...” She said as she walked.

“I just had a nightmare. There were voices that sounded weak...They were begging, pleading for help. And then this screeching sound jolted my senses to wake up. I haven’t had a dream like that in years...But I feel it wasn’t just a dream. It was message. A plea for assistance.”

Palutena opens the doors to her temple. “Immediately after, I began sensing something. It wasn’t Medusa nor Hades...But something dark, which is of course, not good.” Pit's head reared down as he put a hand to his chin while walking. "Something's gone wrong and the underworld monsters aren't behind it? Definitely weird."

She stands in the center and raises her right hand. A divine light appears above her, reveally her staff. Palutena grabs it and places it in the center. “I can’t ignore it. It’s something dangerous....And yet I don’t know what it could be.” Pit runs up to Palutena and stands by her side, glancing towards her with curiosity. "Who called you? Do you have an idea of where the voices might have come from?" "That's what I'd like to know. I can't identify their voices, but I can follow where this dark aura I'm sensing is coming from..." Palutena closes her eyes in a focusing manner. The staff glows in light blue radiance. She's searching...Searching...Searching...Searching...


The staff reveals a holographic island.


"It's coming from there. On that island. I'm not sure what exactly it is, but it spells trouble. I believe it's called Pi'illo Island."

"Pi'illo Island, huh?" Pit stared at the holographic island with intrigue, "It's certainly different from any place I've been to."

Pit hopped back an inch and looked at Palutena with determination. "So I go to that island, find whoever's causing this, take them out and free the pleading souls, right?"

Palutena chuckles with a grin. "You've got the drill. But be careful. As far as I know, the feeling's a little faint. The enemy won't pop up as soon as we get there like who we've fought in the past. So be cautious." She walks over to Pit and touches his shoulder. His wings glow with radiant light. "Just a little upgrade to your wings. Without my assistance, you'll be able to activate a temporary Power of Flight by yourself. However, this will only give you a bit of extra height instead of letting you fly fully, so use it wisely. You can only use it up to three times per day. Got it?"

"Wow, thanks!" Pit cheered as he looked over to his wings, before looking back at Palutena. "Err.. I head out now, right? Not sure what else to do.."

"Yeah, yeah, go on! World's in danger again." She says, playfully shooing Pit off.

Pit nodded and ran towards the armory room. He dug through the weapons vault until he pulled out the golden Sacred Bow of Palutena, a weapon he's used countless times before in his previous adventures. Pit strolls out of the armory while whistling a tune. Soon, a sudden idea forming in his head caused Pit to stop in his tracks.

Pit rushed back inside the armory and dug through the various chests and drawers, until eventually he found a group of various weapons that would be helpful in the event that his bow proved inefficient during combat. From the arsenal he acquired, Pit took the Insight Staff, Beam Claws, Guardian Orbitars, Upperdash Arm and a Violet Palm tattoo.

"There we go, perfect against any opponent! Large or small, fast or strong, I'll handle them no problem with these!

... Where am I gonna store them, though?"

Palutena chuckles as she sees Pit in his “Move out!” moods. “Calm down Pit. You don’t have endless pockets like some heroes do. (*cough* Link *cough*) I’ll tell you what. I’ll keep the rest of weapons for you and when you feel like you need them, I’ll switch out the weapons on the spot. Deal?”

“That sounds great! Thank you so much, Lady Palutena!" Pit proceeded to put all of his selected weapons on a nearby spot, then closed the doors of the armory and ran to the main exit. He stood on the very edge of the platform and gazed at the night sky.

"I'm ready to move out, Lady Palutena."

Palutena nods and activates the “Power of Flight” on Pit’s feathered wings.

“I’ve got one more upgrade for you Pit. I’ve been working on the Power of Flight in my spare time and I managed to extend the time limit from five minutes. Wanna guess what it is?”

"Uhhh Ten! Fifteen? Please be something other than six minutes.." Pit jumped off the platform and took flight, soaring into the night with bow in hand.

“....Seven!...I know it’s not much, but it’s a very lucky number.” Through his wings, Palutena guides Pit downwards, but still keeps him moving forward.

“In all seriousness...This will be a mission like no other. We don’t know what will happen or who we’re up against. We’ll be in unknown territory. It may be dangerous and deadly or the opposite. But for the greater good, we must take care of this power so it won’t be used again.”

Pit continued to soar through the sky, eventually departing Skyworld and flying towards new lands..

"On it! Helping those in need is a duty that I can't ignore. I'll make the best use of these upgrades as much as I can, Lady Palutena. Pi'illo Island, here I come!"


Prologue: Lute and Tiki

~Lute: Library~

There is a glowing book. Lute, having known every book in her library finds this... unusual. Further investigation is required. The young mage drew closer and gently poked the books spine. Lute opens the book to see a sight like no other. All other pages would be blank except for the last two pages. The second to last page would have a message saying:

"Thank you"

The other page would feature a picture. But a picture like no other...
In this picture, there's a bizarre group of characters. One wearing red, one wearing green, one wearing pink, and some with mushrooms for heads! But the most interesting piece is who else is there. A green haired girl with wings. A boy with angel wings on his back. An angelic woman with a staff in her hand. A girl wearing a hat with creatures by her side. A blonde man and woman together dressed in blue. And then...There's Lute. Sitting on the ground. Smiling.
Lute seemed utterly confused and flipped through the book again, simply fanning through its pages. This one was unfamiliar to her. Eventually she stopped and readied her inkwell to test something. The book lies still on the ground. Lute started writing in the first of the blank pages to see if anything would happen. She was unsure about the magic strength residing within the book or if it had any at all. The moment the ink touched the book, the page flashed. It grew brighter and brighter until it covered her entire body. Before she knew it she was in the air.

~Tiki: Somewhere~

…A portal opens. Out comes a letter from Pi'illo Island. Tiki, bewildered by the portal runs over to it, picking up the letter and starts opening it.

- To the lucky guest that loves relaxation -

An island of luxury awaits:


Our staff wishes to wait on you! Come! Take a Holiday with us!

-From the Pi'illo Island Proprietor

Tiki had been raised by dragons and thus knew very little about reading. However the excitement the letter seemed to portray made her smile and just making assumptions she stepped through the portal. As Tiki steps through the portal, one thing was very apparent...She was in the air. VERY high up in the air. And in an instant, she starts falling down faster and faster through the clouds! Tiki took a moment to realize her situation before reaching for the pouch that was slung around her rather frantically and grabbing hold of her dragon stone. Changing into a her true form and catching herself into a glide before she hit the ground.

Meanwhile, Lute was falling from the sky and she was falling faster and faster and faster until


She landed on something safely. It wasn't ground, nor was it magic. But it had scales and it was still in the air. Lute groaned and heard a voice

“Heeeeyyyy...” it whined. “I’m nobody's ride leeettt gooo”

This immediately prompted Lute to hold on tighter, not that she had much choice unless she wished to die.

The draconic form dipped down out of the clouds. The ride was exhilarating but Lute felt like she didn’t really have the constitution for this. In the distance, there was visible land. There it was. Pi'illo Island. The supposed island of luxury. And at the same time Tiki and Lute were arriving, a blimp was just coming into landing...With those same peculiar characters in the picture. Tiki landed hard and swiftly forcing Lute off her back. She then changed back. “I didn’t give you permission to ride on my back.” the manakete puffed her cheeks.

“My apologies... are you a manakete?” Lute looked at the girl.

“I am! And a proud one too!”

Lute sighs “And where are we?” As soon as Lute says that, a blimp comes into view before the two girls.

The adventure begins...



It has been 5 days since defeating Giovanni and becoming the Pokémon champion of Kanto. Leaf has been living a peaceful life with her Pokémon that have been by her side. Slowpoke, Kabuto, Pikachu, Bulbasuar, and Dugtrio. Sticking by her side to the very end. Then...On one morning...

~Pallet Town~

In Leaf's house, Leaf is fast asleep in her bed with her Pokémon scattered around the room, sleeping as well. Until...

"Leaf? Are you awake? Leaf?" Said the voice of her mother from the other side of the door.

Leaf was asleep, hugging her pillow. She then then woke up after she heard her mother calling her and knocking her door. "Y-yeah. Give me a second." She yawns and stretches, later she goes to door and opens it for her mother. "Good morning~.." She said as she rubs her eye.

Her mother puts her hands on her hips. "Well, it's about time! It's only been five days and you're still sleeping this late an- Oh! Let me be quiet. Professor Oak just sent you something in the mail!" Leaf's mother kneels down and picks up a letter and a small tablet screen. "Apparently it will only work if it sees you. Who knows? It might even be a gift!" Her mother gasps, with her eyes lighting up. "Maybe even an internship!"

Leaf was surprised and a bit curious as she gets the letter and the tablet screen from her mother. "Huh.. Maybe so. Let's check it out!" She smiles. Leaf then looks directly to the tablet. "Like this right?"

The screen lights up. Professor Oak's face appears on the screen with his lab in the background.

"Ah, Leaf! How wonderful it is to see you! Well, this is a recording, so I'm not actually seeing you, but good seeing you nonetheless! Listen. I have a proposal for you. I recently got invited to a place called Pi'illo Island, an island resort to relax and see the most beautiful sights and attractions! It sounds so exhilarating! Wouldn't you agree? But the main reason why I was invited was to meet Dr. Snoozemore, who studies the science of sleep, dreams, and the ancient Pi'illo Kingdom. However, I have my hands busy at the moment with taking care of other trainer's Pokémon and of course my radio show, "Professor Oak's Pokémon Talk". And seeing that you have done so much for Kanto already and all Pokémon around, I thought it would appropriate to give you the invitation instead. Inside that letter is your plane ticket to fabulous Pi'illo Island Resort! Be sure to take plenty of notes and pictures on your travels! So long!"

Professor Oak waves good-bye and the video shuts off.

"Wait. What was that? I didn't quite catch all of what he said dear." Leaf's mother said. Leaf blinks after watching the video, squeals excitedly as she heard everything. "It looks like I'm going to an Island resort!" She said while jumping excitedly. Her pokemon looks at her, wondering what's up. “Oh well that's ni-...AN ISLAND RESORT!?" Leaf's mother yelled out so loud, it would've been consider as an Uproar move. Leaf got startled a bit when her mother yelled it out very loudly that even made her pokemon flinch except Slowpoke which is still laying in one spot. "Slow~.."

"B-B-But you just got back! But then again, this is an opportunity of a lifetime for Professor Oak to choose you to go in his place." She said. She looks at her daughter. All giddy and happy. It made her smile as well. Leaf opens the letter and saw the plane ticket. "Although, the professor did also said that i have to meet someone named Dr. Snoozemore in Pi'illo Island. What a odd name." She explained.

“Well, if you really want to go then you better start packing your clothes, camera, and especially your Pokeballs to take your Pokemon with you! I’m sure they’d love to come!” The young girl smiles and nods. "Yeah of course! I promise I'll take a lot of photos! And bring souvenirs too~!" She giggles as she turned around and looks at her team. "How about it, guys? Are all of you ready for one more adventure?" The Pokemon nods and cried cheerfully.

Leaf's mother chuckles as she sees her daughter energetic as ever, packing up. She then walks downstairs.

~The Day Of The Trip~

Leaf's mother walks outside opening the door. "Come on Leaf! You don't want to be late for your flight!" She called out.
“I'm coming, I'm coming!" She finished packing her stuff and have her team in their pokeballs. Leaf then puts up her usual hat and wears the same clothing. She goes downstairs and went outside quickly. "Ready to go!" She said with a smile on her face.

The mother gives her a thumbs up. "Then let's ride!"

Leaf and her mother both get on their bikes, put on their helmets, and ride off to the Professor's lab, where the blimp should be awaiting...

~Professor Oak's lab~

Up on top, guided by stairs was the large lab where many trainers started their adventures at last, including Leaf! (A sense of nostalgia rushes through her) The Professor in his white lab coat, red shirt, blue pants, and brown shoes was standing in front of the doors waiting. As Leaf and her mother came close, he smiled and waved at them.
"Hellooo there!" He called out. As they've arrived at the lab, Leaf smiles, remembering the time when her and the boys first got their starters and pokedexes. "Ahh good times~" she said. After seeing the professor, she waves at him. "Hi~!"

"Good to see you again Leaf. This time, for real!" The professor says with a smile. "Ah! And it's a pleasure to meet you too." He says to Leaf's mother. "Oh, the pleasure's all mine. It's not everyday your little girl gets a big chance like this!" Leaf's mother says.
"Speaking of which, the blimp to Pi'illo Island is just arriving in the back! Come! Come!" Oak says. He begins leading the mother and daughter the back of the lab. He helps carries Leaf's luggage.
“Thank you." She said while following him.

Coming down from above is a big yellow-orange blimp with a wide platform tied to it by string. The wind blows as it comes near. On the platform is a big, yellow, block dog with two large ears and a spiky collar. It looks like a Pokémon...But it doesn't at the same time.


"Um...What type of Pokémon is that Professor?" The mother asks.

"You know...I haven't the slightest clue either!"


"Well, I'm aware of that there are other regions with new Pokémon we've never seen before, but this is already quite peculiar!"


Leaf was amazed as she saw the blimp but also was curious when she sees a block yellow dog-like pokemon? Standing there and appeared to be waiting. "Hmm i wonder what's it called?" She took out her pokedex and tried to scan the dog to get some information about it but all the screen said was error. "Huh? That's strange." She said.


The block dog steps of the platform and nudges Leaf forward towards it.
“I think that’s it’s way of saying that it’s time to go.” Oak said.


Leaf nods as she goes to the blimp. "Okay, okay, let's go." She said. She looks at her mother and Professor Oak, waving at them. "Bye, I'll see you soon, mom and Professor~!" Leaf smiles as she was ready to go. The blimp gradually starts hovering towards the air. Professor Oak and Leaf’s mother start waving.
“So long Leaf! Have a good time! And tell Dr. Snoozemore I said hi! Take care of your Pokemon and yourself!”
Professor Oak said.

“Goodbye sweetheart! Have fun! Don’t forget to write! I LOVE YOU!! Good bye! Brush your teeth every day!” Leaf’s mother said. Leaf continues waving at them. "Bye mom! I love you too! Bye professor! I'll see you soon!" She said with a warm smile on her face.


As Leaf flies off into the sky on the blimp, she heads to Pi'illo Island for sun, fun, and to meet Dr. Snoozemore on behalf of Professor Oak. But what awaits her on her adventures? What secrets will she find? Who will she meet there? Find out...

Rustling in the bushes, three figures watch as Leaf begins to leave.

"Pi'illo Island?"

"Island resort?"

"Exotic foods and twerps to rip off?"

"Well, what are we waiting for!?" All three say in unison.

As the journey continues!


Far out over the ocean, Leaf and the block dog were flying to a land out in the distance. The most notable sight was a large castle with a fabulous glass mural on the front. It featured what looked to be a princess. Leaf was amazed by the castle's appearance. She felt like she's in some kind of fairytale storybook. "Is that a real castle?! I thought we're going to the island!" She then thinks about it, maybe it's possible that the professor isn't the only one was invited. "So does that mean that... I'm not going to Pi'illo Island alone? There's more people?" She asked herself quietly.


The blimp stops in front of the castle at the top. The block dog gets a letter in its mouth. He slips the note through the window. Leaf goes over there, trying to see who lives in the castle. "I wonders who is it? Maybe they're the king or the queen of this place?" She gasps and got excited as her eyes sparkles. "Or what if it's a princess or prince?!" The girl squeals excitedly. After a few moments, a bridge emerges from the blimp. The first person to come out of the top is a blonde haired woman wearing a beautiful pink dress, long white gloves, and brings a kind and pleasant feeling to the atmosphere.

"Now Princess, watch your step!" Someone behind her said. He has a deep, "old" English accent in his voice.
"I'm fine Toadsworth. Really I am." She responds. When she steps on the blimp, she looks up and sees Leaf. "Well, hello there!" She gives a smile to the girl. "I suppose you must be going to Pi'illo Island with us. How splendid!" She has a soft and sweet tone to her voice. Leaf gasps as she saw a woman in pink dress, appeared to be a princess. She nods. "Y-yes, I am! I thought i was going alone." Leaf smiles and almost forgot to introduce herself. "Oh I'm Leaf by the way, and I'm from the Kanto Region. So my guesses were right after all. You're the ruler of the kingdom?" She asked.

“Ruler? Me?" She chuckles at the comment. "Well, I wouldn't call myself a ruler but-"
"B-But of course you're the ruler! You are royalty after all!" The old voice said. From behind the princess, came a very short old man with a gray mustache. He has...A beige mushroom for a head with brown spots and he carries a staff. "Royalty as in princess, and therefore you are the ruler of the kingdom." He said.
"Ah right! My apologies. We haven't introduced ourselves yet. My name is Peach." She says doing a curtsy. "And this is my personal attendant, Toadsworth. It's a pleasure to meet you Leaf."
"Well, well, well! Certainly fascinating to meet new people, yes?" Toadsworth says. Leaf nods and giggles as she looks at them. "It's very nice to you two-" she then stopped. Leaf took another look at Toadsworth, realizing that he isn't human but a mushroom-like humanoid man. She was shocked as she started shaking. "F-f-forgive me for ask-asking b-but... Is he a pok-pokemon?! But pokemon can't talk! How is that possible?!" She asked. The Princess gives Leaf this perplexed look. "A...Pokémon?" She repeats with a tilted head.
"Wha-wha-wha!? What is this sort of blasphemy? I am a bonafide Toad thank you very much!" Toadsworth says in his distinct English accent. He straightens himself up. Ahem. He walks around Leaf carrying his staff for support. As he does, two more Toads come out from the castle. These toads were very much different, as they had a white mushroom head with red spots and wear blue vests, and have the same stubby brown shows Toadsworth has.
"You mentioned that you were from a place called the Kanto region, yes? Is that where these...Pokémon are from?" Princess Peach asks. Leaf took several deep breaths slowly and tried to calm herself down. She saw two more Toads as she was surprised that there's another creatures that are not pokemon. "A toad you say? I never knew much about Toads." She then looks at Princess Peach and nods. "Yes ma'am." She then takes out two pokeballs and let's out Bulbasaur and Pikachu. "Come on. Out, you two!" The two pokemon appeared, two of them were excited as they cried happily but when they look around, they got confused. "Pika?" "Bulba?"

"Oh my!" Peach exclaims when she sees the two Pokémon appear. Toadsworth instinctively jumps back seeing these unknown animals as the other Toads do the same. Peach kneels down to look at them. "So these are Pokémon. What adorable little creatures!" She giggles at the sight of them.
"N-N-Now-Now Princess, don't get too close to them!" Toadsworth says in a cautious tone.
"Relax Toadsworth. They seem utterly harmless." Princess Peach looks fascinated by them. She can't stop looking at them. There were so foreign to her, so interesting...


“Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait!" She said as she raised her hands. Leaf chuckles nervously. "Don't worry, they won't hurt anyone. You see, They're pokemon, and in Kanto, there's different kind of pokemon." She explained. Pikachu and Bulbasaur looks at them curiously, wondering who they are. Toadsworth strokes his chin in interest. "Hmm....Still concerning...But as long as they are harmless...I suppose I have less of a reason to hold ill will towards them."

"WAHOO!!" A high pitched energetic sound came from the castle. Peach turns around taking he attention off the Pokémon before her.
"Leaf. I would like to introduce to you two very close friends of mine."
Jumping out of the castle was a man dressed in red with blue overalls. He had a red cap with the letter "M" on it. White gloves covered his hands and he had a distinct mustache on his face. He jumps on the blimp.
"Master Mario! Good to see that you've made it chum." Toadsworth says.
"Mario. I'd like to introduce to you our newest companion Leaf and her adorable Pokémon!" Peach says with excited kindness.

"Hm?" He looks over Peach and sees the monsters before him. "Woah! Mama mia!" He exclaims.

"Aren't they just the cutest things?" Peach adds.

Leaf smiles and giggles. "Nice to meet you, Mario." She said. She then pointed at her pokemon as she continues. "The yellow one is the electric mouse pokemon, Pikachu. And the green one is the grass pokemon, Bulbasaur."

Pikachu! Pika!" The yellow Pokémon shouted with pride. She jumped up and landed on its tail while waving its arms. Little sparks of lighting emitted from its cheeks. It's trying to entertain.
"Wow!" Peach and Mario exclaimed.
"Buuuulba!" Bulbasuar slowly raised its vines to Mario. Mario shook Bulbasuar's vine as a handshake.
"Hee hee! Nice to meet ya too!" Mario said. "Bulba!"
Leaf then realized something. "Say, where's the second friend you were talking about?" She asked.

"Oh! Yes, of course.” Peach turns around again. "Luigi!!"
"Master Luigi! Hurry, hurry! Tally-ho!" Toadsworth said.

"Yah!" Out coming from the opening as well was a green clothed man dressed similar to Mario, except he had his own distinct mustache and was visually taller than him. But as soon as he lands, trips and falls flat on his face.

"...Mama mia…" He says weakly. Pikachu jumps of its tail and walks over to Luigi. "Pika?" The Pokémon pokes Luigi's head. As Luigi raises his head and first sees Pikachu...


"Pika! PIKACHU!"

"WAH!" Luigi jumps up with a fright and hides behind Mario. Pikachu tilts her head. "Pika?"

"Ooooh... That's gotta hurt." She said. After that, she laughs a bit when Luigi got scared of Pikachu. "It's ok! Pikachu is not gonna hurt you. Beside those two, i do have 3 more pokemon but i think I'll wait. I Don't wanna scare more people."

Luigi lets out a breath of relief. Mario pats his back to comfort him and explains to him what has happened so far. Peach giggles a little. "As you've heard, that's Mario's brother, Luigi. He may be taller, but he's actually the youngest of the two. Hee hee! Together, their the Super Mario Brothers! They've helped us multiple times throughout our adventures! Like the time the Sprixie Kingdom was in danger and..."

As Peach told her story, the blimp retracted its bridge and began to fly into the sky making it's way for Pi'illo Island.

~A While Later~

"Hmm...Pi'illo Island...Can’t say I've heard of it. Er, Princess I belie-" Toadsworth stopped his sentence by seeing Peach playing with Pikachu. She's on her shoulder dancing around.
Leaf giggles at the sight of it. "P-PRINCESS!" He exclaimed. Peach and Pikachu stopped. Leaf was startled as well. "I, ahem I have a rather uneasy feeling about this trip. There's still time turn back. So I sugge-"

"BROOOF!!" The block dog's bark surprised Toadsworth so much that he jumped back against the rails. The dog steps back and turns around. On his rear side (where there's also a band-aid) it goes up like a screen opening. Like a TV, the screen turns on. There is a man with a big nose. His hair looked like wool you would find on a sheep and he had yellow circular horns on his head. He has a white mustache similar to Luigi.

"Oh! Who's this?" Peach asked.
"Mm-yes, hello. Nice meeting you." The man said. "I am the proprietor of Pi'illo Island. I am Dr. Snoozemore anzz…"

The man fell asleep.
"Is he...Asleep?" Peach questioned.

After the block dog turned around and had the screen turning on, Leaf was surprised. "Never knew you can do that." As the man, Dr. Snoozemore introduce himself and before he could said anything, leaf scratches her head when he fell asleep. "I think he is." She said. "Um hello? Dr. Snoozemore?"

Dr. Snoozemore wakes back up again.
"Oops! Please excuse me. As you might have guessed, I research the science of sleep. Mm-yes, and on Pi'illo Island, there's a special power that makes you sleep soundzzz…" He falls asleep again. Toadsworth can be seen growing rather irritated by Dr. Snoozemore's random snoozing.
"A special sleep power?! What poppycock! Scoundrel! Wake up and explain yourself!" He demanded.
"Dr. Snoozemore becomes awake again.
"Mm yes. Well, this is no time for a lecture. I shall meet youzzz...I-In due time! As our next stop..."
The view of the island resort can be seen from above.
"Is on Pi'illo Island!"


Prologue:Link and Zelda

~Hyrulian Fields~

The breeze...The calming breeze flows through the air. The sun shines bright on the calming, glistening grass. The ambience of Mother Nature's sounds fill the atmosphere. The rustling of trees scare off the little animals of the forest. Under the shade of the tree is Princess Zelda. She's sitting down listening to what she believes to be peace.

"It's nice...To see and hear nature in it's full glory. It's quite fascinating." She states aloud.

Standing a little apart from Zelda, Link looked around politely at the nature she had indicated. He supposed it was fascinating. To him, it was just what the world was. Perhaps as a scholar, the princess got more out of mundane things than he did.

His gaze returned to Zelda, a quizzical look on his face.

"...I want to keep this part. This peaceful place that needs to be untouched. For all people to witness and be emerged in this beauty and future generations as well." She looks at Link and smiles. A few moments pass as the beautiful air continues to sooth the princess's worries. But then...Her and Link's slate start blinking. Zelda looks a little concerned. "What in Hylia…?" She gets her slate and looks at it. It's glowing...White.

"Is the same happening to you?" She asks Link.

Untouched? That seemed easy enough. Though that might mean more animals would come here like wolves, or even goats. Evil, evil goats. Why in the name of the goddesses did they always try to head butt him when he got clo-

Link's internal question was cut off when his and Zelda's slates started blinking. He pulled his up and tried to figure out what it meant, but this was something he hadn't encountered before with the slate. To answer the Princess's question, Link held up his slate for her to see. Zelda places her hand on her chin and looks at her slate. “What could this mean?...” She taps the slate and then it flips to the map screen. The same happens for Link. It scrolls far. Farther. Farther. VERY far out of Hyrule. Zelda’s face switches from confusion to perplexed to surprised trying to make sense of this. It then stops. There is an island figure on the map. A blinking dot is there. Zelda taps on it and the screen shows a peculiar stone. “What a facinating relic...” It displays a countless amount of information for it.

“Link...This stone...Th-This is unbelievable! This stone has some sort of energy or force that has reached the Slate on its own! How extrodinary...” She gets up and walks a little bit before coming to a stop. “It says here that this ‘Dream Stone’ can grant wishes if it has enough power. My...A wish granting stone...Amazing...”

Link moved over to see what was going on on Zelda’s slate. So, a stone was contacting their slates. Must also be Sheikah technology, as far as he knew. From his understanding of Sheikah devices, this stone must have been activated. But what was the intent of activating it?

But it being a wish fulfilling stone wasn’t something that could be ignored. Hyrule still bore scars from Calamity Ganon. Perhaps this stone could fix them. Maybe even bring back the Champions.


“How far?” Link asked, eyeing the image of the stone.

"Why...It's far out across the ocean on an island. Meters, no...400 kilometers away from the Hyrule country itself! Unbelievable..." Zelda looks closely at her slate, focusing on the stone presented to her. She slowly looks up at Link. "Link...This could be our chance...The powers of this stone could be unimaginable if the Slate could sense it outside of Hyrule! The damaged caused by Ganon...The people...The Champions..." Zelda's eyes are filled with wonder and curiosity. "If we could find this stone, it would do wonders for us. It could do miracles...Multiple miracles...Link, this is amazing! Unimaginable! Hah hah hah! This is as legendary as the Triforce!" Zelda jumped up due to this discovery. Seeing something new, possibly ever so useful has heightened her enthusiasm and motivation. "The limits of the stone seem nonexistent...We must seek it." She said as if the decision was already made. "The Dream Stone looks more and more like a key component to rebuilding Hyrule the more I look at it. On here, it only lists what it can do. But it doesn't list on how to use or how long it's been there or why it was created...And that's exactly why it intrigues me so much." The scholar smiles so brightly at this brand new discovery. She looks like she's very excited to go and see the stone.

"But...One flaw stands in our way..." Zelda looks at the Slate once again. "And that is a reliable source of transportation..." She views the map, seeing how far it was. "It would be foolish for us to swim there...The Zoras may get tired on the journey, especially on the swim back...Perhaps a boat, but...How long would it last?..." Zelda keeps murmuring to herself on how to get to the island in question.

Link considered a moment, then an idea struck him. He pulled out his slate and got to his pictures. He scrolled through for a few moments till he found what he wanted.
"Any of these left?" He asked, showing Zelda a picture of a Guardian Skywatcher. "Hm?" Zelda looks at the picture. "A Guardian Skywatcher...It travels by air and scan the area for potential threats. Hmm..." An idea strikes Zelda as well. "Are you suggesting that we travel by air to the island?" Link nodded. It certainly a better way than by boat. He wasn’t sure how to control it, but he was use to winging it when it came to dealing with Guardians. Even the Divine Beasts. Zelda thought about the possibly of using a way to travel by air. She gasps. As if she had stricken gold. “...Th-That’s it! Of course! Thank Hylia! Link, I’ve done it! I doubt we will be able to use the Guardians directly, but other methods of traveling there has given me the richest idea yet!” She gets close to Link, with her bright smile and eyes filled with hope. “The Great Fairies! They’re one the most powerful beings in Hyrule. If we are able to get their aid, we’ll be able to travel 400 kilometers in less than 28 seconds...YES! Hah hah! That’s our ticket Link! The Great Fairies! I presume doing your travels, you’re well aquainted with them. Right?” Link considered this for a moment. The Great Fairies were rather..."unique" and odd beings, but powerful nonetheless. They could be of greater help. Link nodded in confirmation and Zelda nodded back. "Brilliant, brilliant! Then I'm more than 100% sure that they'll grant us their power. Please Link. Could you lead me to the closest one?" Zelda asked. Link nods. He does what was asked of him, but not before collecting multiple supplies along the way such as bows, extra weapons, food, and whatnot of the sort. This would be brand new territory. Who knows what could be there? Eventually, they come across the eldest of the Great Fairy sisters. Tera. After Link throws in a large amount of Rupees into the water, she splashes out...But coughs claiming she inhaled water...
"Oh, Great Fairy...I, Zelda, princess of Hyrule, ask of your power to send me and Link to an unknown island outside of Hyrule for we cannot do it without fail ourselves..." Zelda says in a polite tone. "Hmmm..." Tera ponders. "...Hee hee...Considering the generous amount of Rupees your friend has presented through the days and nights...I would be more than welcome to lend you my powers of transportation."
On Zelda's face...Tears begin to flow down her cheeks. Link kneels down to see why. "...Thank you...Thank you so much..."
Tera holds out her hands and encases Link and Zelda in a pink bubble. They rise up in the air. "Following the directions this island is, this should be the perfect angle."
"Wait...Perfect angle?" Zelda repeats, puzzled. The Great Fairy raises her hand behind the bubble...
"Safe travels!"
She flicks the bubble and the two Hylians are blasted into the skies.
"Woah, WOOOOAH!! O-OH MY! H-How thrilling!!" Zelda comments. In just a few seconds, the island comes into view. Zelda gasps in wonder. "There it is Link...There's the island!"

~Pi'illo Island: Blimport (With Leaf, Lute, and Tiki)~
The orange-yellow blimp lands on the port gently and safely near a girl with purple hair(Lute) and a little girl with green hair(Tiki). Stairs come out from the blimp. The princess, Peach, dressed in pink, steps down first with Toadsworth assisting her. "Wow...Here we are!" The two Toads come down the stairs as well. Mario instead jumps down from the platform. "Leaf! Luigi! Come on down!" She says, with excitement in her voice. "Now, now Princess. Calm down. We just got here." Luigi however...Is fast asleep. On the platform. Here there would be blimps all around. There are beings that look like yellow blocks with eyes and a mouth. They had black skinny arms with white gloves on their hands. They seemed to be employees commanding the blimps to come and go. Surrounding the blimport would be all water.
~Pi'illo Skies (Pit)~
"There it is Pit. Pi'illo Island." Palutena announced in Pit's mind. "I'll try to get you somewhere to land. Any suggestions from your view?" As Pit is in the sky, he would see a flash of pink light go right past him. It was a complete blur!
~Bridge to Mushrise Park (Link and Zelda)~
The bubble encasing the Princess and the Hero made a sudden stop. It gently placed the Hylian duo down on the ground. Zelda looks up.
"...Wow...Amazing..." She was already amazed. Being outside of Hyrule to be in someplace new and different...It was a whole new experience. There would be a stone bird statue where they are. Behind them would be a bridge, but it seems very poorly made. Up ahead of them would be a large stone castle with a stone symbol that looked to be a pillow with a smiling face on it.
(For those that need visuals)

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The panoramic view of Pi'ilo island was breathtaking, to say the least. Pit gazed in awe at the various parts and sections of it, his wings still carrying him in the air and allowing him to circle around the island. There was so much to see, and yet.. there was no sign of his objective.


"Man, the picture doesn't do this place justice!" Pit exclaimed as he continued to circle the island, "Though, nothing here looks suspicious. Guess hiding your lair of operations well is a trait that all self-respecting evil-doers can't afford to mess up."


Pit squinted and put a hand over his eyes in an effort to get a better look at the island. He spotted a blue port stationed on the edge of the island comprised of dozens of small buildings and bridges, and what appeared to be yellow cube-shaped beings inhabiting it. They seemed to be gathered around a large blimp. "I see a lot of cube people gathered on a small town, especially around this big balloon-like thing. I hear a few cheers as well.. Could they be celebrating something?"

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Leaf smiles as she comes down with the others. "Wow! So this is Pi'illo Island? It looks so amazing!" The young trainer then started taking pictures around the Blimport. "Ooooh can't wait to show this to mom and Professor Oak!" She said. Leaf then noticed that Luigi haven't came down yet, wondering why and tried to called him. "Luigi, you're ok?! Get over here! The others are waiting!"

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Luigi starts tossing and turning in his sleep. His face shows worry. "Ohh...Ohh…" He suddenly wakes up with a jolt of fear! "OWAWAWA!" He once again trips, and falls on the ground exactly how he did last time. "....Mama mia…"

Mario goes over to his fallen brother and helps him up. "You okay?" Mario asks. Luigi shakes it off. "Oh yeah!" He answers.

"Phew! Luigi sure is a hard sleeper." One Toad comments on. "Yeah, he'll sleep through anything! Even if Bowser was attacking the castle!" Another Toad comments on. Luigi dusts himself off and jumps. "Splendid!" Peach says.


~Pi'illo Skies~


"Hmm...Wait...That port over there...Could that be...It is!" Palutena exclaims. "At that port where all of those blimps are at. That's Peach Toadstool, princess of the Mushroom Kingdom! And with her are her assistants Toadsworth, Mario, Luigi, a couple of toads, and...Hang on. Who is that girl with them? The one with the hat."

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Lute took several steps back away from thr recently docked blimp. The purple haired mage seemed somewhat imtimidated by the structure. She began to pat herself down, checking for any tomes or gold. Anything that would help her. All the while she kept her eyes lon the people who left the blimp. Analyzing and studying them from a distance. Somewhat like a less than well trained stalker, seeing as it wasnt hard to just notice her staring.


Tiki on the other hand ran towards the blimp, eyes wide with excitement. “Wow! I didnt know there were others who could fly!” She said with a smile. Tiki pocketed her dragonstone and began looking around the port. Everything was new to her and she was a child running around without supervision as usual.

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Lute took several steps back away from thr recently docked blimp. The purple haired mage seemed somewhat imtimidated by the structure. She began to pat herself down, checking for any tomes or gold. Anything that would help her. All the while she kept her eyes lon the people who left the blimp. Analyzing and studying them from a distance. Somewhat like a less than well trained stalker, seeing as it wasnt hard to just notice her staring.


Tiki on the other hand ran towards the blimp, eyes wide with excitement. “Wow! I didnt know there were others who could fly!” She said with a smile. Tiki pocketed her dragonstone and began looking around the port. Everything was new to her and she was a child running around without supervision as usual.


A couple of Block People started to come to the Blimport, mostly male. They would see the little girl running around the Blimport.

"Who's that girl?" One would ask.

"I'm not sure." One would respond.

"Wait...Bobert...Is that your daughter?"

"Wha- No Bill! I'm not married yet!"

"Aww, Bobert took his daughter to work. How sweet!"

"Quiet Ben!"

"Is Bethany the mother?"

"Quit it! She's not my kid!" Bobert said in frustration. The two other block people looked at each other. They both say: "....Are you sure?"


"Well, she can't be hanging around here all day. She's got to go somewhere." Bill mentioned.

"Alright, alright. Uuuuh….Ah! I've got an idea!" Bobert runs off towards Tiki. "Hey! Little girl! Wait! Slow down!"

"....That's his daughter alright." Bill said. "Eeyup." Ben commented.



While that's happening, the Mushroom Kingdom Crew (and Leaf) are greeted by three block people. Two males and one female. The female speaks. "Welcome to...Pi'illo Island! We've been waiting for you to arrive!" She says.  "Allow us to show you around. Let's go to Pi'illo Castle!"


"Ah, wait a moment!" Toadsworth calls out. "I understand the proprietor here is Dr. Snoozemore, yes? I find it a tad rude he isn't here to greet us." He says. "Given that the princess has traveled far to get here."

"Please Toadsworth, it's no trouble at all." Peach reassures him.


"Ah! Yes, that reminds me! Dr. Snoozemore is regrettably off on a busy errand currently. He's traveling far and wide to spread the word of the island. To boost the tourism of course! In fact, he mentioned that it will be a short while before you meet him in person." She looks at Leaf. "Ah!" She walks over to her. "And you must the fill-in for Professor Oak! I could recognize that Trainer attire anywhere! Kanto region, yes?"


"Ooooh." Mario, Luigi, and Peach say in unison, amazed by this Block's knowledge. "The name's Bridget! Pleasure to meet you!"


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Despite the amount of people that arrived, one name struck a chord with Pit. "Wait, wait! The Mario?! the guy who's stomped on a dozen Goombas, travelled inside paintings and across the world, went to another galaxy and back and made a go-karting and sporting club all by himself?! He's here?!"


Pit dived down and flew closer to ground level, sweeping across the small town. Sure enough, he spotted the red mustachioed Plumber along with his companions. "It really is him!" The angel exclaimed with joy in his voice.

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Owie... Hopefully he's Ok from those falls." She said. "Aww oh well. I'm ok with that." After that, Leaf nodded to one of the block people. "Yes i am." She smiles and got excited as she started jumping a little. "Oh! Also, is there a gift shop around here? I wanna get some souvenirs for my mom and friends back home." She asked.

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~Pi'illo Skies~


"Hmmm...." Palutena ponders. "Why don't you go down there and blend in with the tourists? We don't want to alarm anyone and bring attention to ourselves in case this culprit is us...Plus, you get to hang out with Marioooo~. ~Doot doot doot doot doot doot!....Doot."




"Why, of course there is sugarplum! There's one right up in Pi'illo Castle! Come on, let me show ya'll the way." Bridget begins walking, leading the group ahead.

"Come on! Let's go!" Peach exclaims. The Bros. nod to her request. They all begin following Bridget.

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"Wha-! U-uh, no thanks!" Pit stammers with a rapid shake of his head, "I'll just blend in, go behind that garden wall.. Hope he doesn't spot me..." Pit dives towards a nearby building and lands gracefully next to a back stone wall of it, hiding in a field of flowers.  "I guess it'd be nice to meet him myself, but... Eh, I'll worry about that later!"


The angel  got out of the flower field and began walking around the Blimport, glancing at the nearby shops and buildings every once in a while in search of anything that might be useful. He also made sure to blend in with the crowd as much as he could.

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"Woo! Thank you!" She giggles and following Bridget along with the others. As she follows, Leaf takes out a small notebook and started writing it about everything she have seen so far today, the Toads and The Block people. She then put it up in her bag and enjoying the scenery.

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Tiki, not knowing who was calling out to her, continued on, now exploring the blimp that Mario and the others had arrived on. “What is this thing?! How does it fly? Can it do tricks? Is it alive?” She puts her ear to the floor of thr blimp, she seemed to be listening for a heartbeat. “what kind of dragon are you?” She whispers


Lute on the otherhand skirted around the landing pad. Her curiosities were not on the blimp but the unusual figures who got off of it. Specifically the brunette girl And the mushroom figures. (The toads). Lute had confirmed she had a single fire tome on her. Which made her feel a bit more comfortable. As they began to leave, Lute followed, not exactly knowing where she was so following seemed like the bests idea.

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Link fell out of the bubble a little unceremoniously. He had flown on air currents on his paraglider, but this flight had made him feel very uneasy. He picked himself up and dusted himself off. Zelda seemed excited by this place. It looked odd to Link, but it stood to reason a far off place would be. He just hoped that certain concepts were universal, like castles holding important people.

Clearing his throat, he offered Zelda to go ahead of him into the castle. He wasn't sure whether this place held friend or foe, but it might be better to try diplomacy first. If that proved to be the wrong course of action, the weight of the Master Sword on his back was of great reassurance.

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~Bridge to Mushrise Park~


“O-Oh! Are you sure?” Zelda asks, understanding Link’s suggestion. She thinks about it for a moment. “Well...Alright. I’ll be in the castle if you want to meet up. If something goes wrong, I’ll contact you using the Slate.” She says. Zelda takes a few steps back and then walks towards the castle, out of Link’s sight.




Bobert manages to catch up to Tiki. “K-Kid, get off of there! We need to get some more tourists with that blimp.” He picks up Tiki and carries her off. “Phew….Listen kid. You seem to reeeeeally like blimps. A lot. And guess what? I like blimps too. So, I’ll make you a deal.” Bobert points to the group with Princess Peach, Mario, Lute, and the others. “If you go and hang out with them for a while, check some cool sights and find treasure and stuff like that, I’ll teach you AAAAAALL the secrets about...Blimps. We got a deal?”


Meanwhile with the Mushroom Kingdom crew, as Bridget led them through the Blimport, there were crowds of people on opposite sides like if there was a parade coming down. There were Block people there and then there were these “Birds” that were cheering on and greeting them. The birds came in multiple colors and seemed rather enchanting, but one close look at them would see the brown shoes underneath…


“Happy days!”


“Glad you made it!”

“Greetings Princess!”





“My, everyone is so friendly and lively.” Peach says with a smile, waving at everyone as she walks. Mario and Luigi wave as well, liking the warm welcome.

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At the back of the crowd, Pit cheered along with the Block people as the Mushroom Kingdom crew walked through the stone road, making sure to not move as much to attract unwarranted attention. He spotted the famous pair of plumbers among the crowds, his gaze fixated on the renowned Mario currently greeting a resident of the Blimp port. "Wow.." was the only thing that came out of Pit's mouth.


For a brief moment, Pit imagined himself in the resident's place, however he quickly shut that image out of his head and glanced somewhere else. "Focus, Pit. Investigating first, maybe celebrity greeting later. Hmm?"


From the corner of his eye, Pit spotted a block person walking away from the large blimp and carrying a.. human girl?

"That's weird.. and very suspicious.." Pit shuffled along the crowd, staying out of sight of anyone important and heading towards the two figures stealthily.

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Leaf giggles when everyone was cheering and greeting for the Mushroom Kingdom crew. She then was confused when someone shouted "the Green Guy" instead of Luigi's name. "The Green Guy? Well, that just plain rude. The name isn't really that forgettable. I remembered his name just fine." She said quietly. Leaf wonders why everyone forgot about the Green plumber's name as she really doesn't understand of this.

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TIki whined as she was carried away. She went on and on about how the “dragon” must answer her. Only to stop when told about the secrets she would receive. “Blimps..... and you would be a sage of these so called blimps?” The dragon seemed curious, having little knowledge of machinery. This world was new and she intended to tell Marth as much as she could about it when she returned. “Ok fine!” She says, pulling herself out of his grip and running off towards the group containing somebody named Green Guy.


Lute was already following behind the group. She was trying to not draw in so much attention. She was closely drawing in on the group eventually watching over Leafs Shoulder

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Toadsworth was the first to notice the extra passengers in their group. "Humph! Seems we have extra company joining us. Rather peculiar." He comments. Peach notices as well and smiles cheerfully. "The more, the merrier I always say. Please, tag along with us! It will surely be a fun time."


At one spot, the group would see two giant panels. One is red with an X on it while the other is green with a checkmark symbol. Standing on top of a small upside-down "U" platform with horns on it is a Block man. He has a mustache on his face and wears a red bowtie. He seems very excited.






"YOU WISH TO SEE THE ZEE PI'ILLO CASTLE HONH!?" He yells loudly in a French accent.




"You desire...ZEE COINS!?"




"You feel...ZEE PASSIONS?"




"Get on with it already!" One guy says in the back.


"Zen off we go!" The Block man says, pointing his finger at the crowd. "Zee 612th..."




The Block man jumps down from the platform. "Allez! Let us not delay, honh? I am, how you say, zee MC...I am also zee tour guide..." He points his finger up in "style" "Zat squarish fellow with zee golden hue! Oui! Zat is moi, Broque Monsieur! Welcome, tres jolie Princess Peach!"

The princess does a curtsy in habit.

"Welcome, tres jolie Leaf in zee spot of monsieur Oak! And...other tres jolie people and less jolie peoples."

Broque then notices the Mario Bros. and walks to them. "Honh? Ah! You over zere! In the red and greens with zee mustaches...Oui, I feel we have met before, vous and moi…"


"Hmm..." Both the brothers think about this as well. Where have they seen this block person before? Perhaps...IT WA-


"But zis does not matter...For now is ISLAND-GAME TIME!" Broque says with an outburst of excitement.

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Lute backed away from the very...excited and loud area. It was a bit much for her so she found a small corner and hid her face in the fire tome. Being mindful not to make the spell gesture.


Tiki was on the opposite end of the spectrum and loving the liveliness of the area. And she nearly jumped at the mention of games. Something new! Maybe she wouldnt have to play alone anymore. It was all very exciting.

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Link sped up to keep up with Zelda. Keeping her safe was still a duty he felt deep within him. Part of him wished he went here alone, not risking the Princess. But this stone they were after would probably need a more knowledgeable person to use it than him. He fell into step behind and to the side of the Princess.

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Pit was surprised to see the little green-haired girl manage to escape the block person’s grasp and run off, right into the vicinity of.. the Mushroom Kingdom residents...


The angel shook his head and ran after the child, calling out to her a few times to get her attention. “Hey, little girl! Wait up!”

Eventually he caught up to her and knelt down to her level. “What are you doing here? You shouldn’t run around on your own like this.”

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(Link and Zelda)
As Zelda walked on, she looked to her side to see Link walking by her. It surprised her as her body jolted, but quickly calmed. "O-Oh...Yo-You meant to go ahead to walk together. My apologies." She says. Dear...I misunderstood him again...I have to pay more attention to his movements if I'm going to be communicating with someone who talks so little. She thought.


~Pi'illo Castle~


Link and Zelda made their way into the castle and needless to say...It was a breathtaking sight for Zelda. "Oh my goodness..." The interior of the castle was gigantic and beautiful. The pink carpet with a unique and intriguing diamond pattern across the floor, the gray and black stones that held the walls and floors together, and the fascinating bird statues upon entering. There are two booths on both the left and right. The one on the left is blue while the other is pink on the right and it is managed by humanoid beings with seashell-like "clothing". Zelda did not expect to be this blown away. "This is...Incredible...It almost rivals the Hyrule Castle in it's glory!" She states. She quickly takes out her Slate and starts taking pictures. "How unique! The décor in this place seems so foreign and different." She puts her Slate away and walks forward, looking around at the new castle. While looking, she spots a interest: A yellow, floating ball with brown shoes and a star floating above its head. It has eyes and a mouth and seems to be looking around as well. "Hmm...So much to do here. I don't even know where to start!" It says in a feminine voice. Zelda walks back to Link with sparkling eyes of discovery. "Link...This. Is. So fantastic! No Hylian has ever laid eyes in this place and it is glorious! Speaking of Hylian…" Zelda looks around again. "The citizens of this castle are...Diverse. More so than what Hyrule has. Some green, some brown, some even have fungi on their heads. Hmm...Could this be the evolution of mortals after 100 years? I wonder..." She says pondering.


~Blimport (Leaf, Pit, Tiki, and Lute)~


"Oh-honh! You zere! With zee wings and dressed in white..." Broque Monsieur points to Pit who had come out of the crowd and into the participating group. "Looks like we have anozer challenger before we begin, no? Come! So you too can be rich!" He takes out a shiny, circular coin. "You crave zis, no? Oui. Zen answer zee questions correctly and you shall get it! Ah, but do not fear zee failure! Zere is no penalty for wrongness! At worst, you will learn zee fun island facts and win a coin or deux! Zis sounds like zee very pinnacle of fun welcome activity, oui?"

"How delightful! Sounds like fun!" Peach comments. The Bros. jump in agreement.

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Toadsworth was the first to notice the extra passengers in their group. "Humph! Seems we have extra company joining us. Rather peculiar." He comments. Peach notices as well and smiles cheerfully. "The more, the merrier I always say. Please, tag along with us! It will surely be a fun time."


At one spot, the group would see two giant panels. One is red with an X on it while the other is green with a checkmark symbol. Standing on top of a small upside-down "U" platform with horns on it is a Block man. He has a mustache on his face and wears a red bowtie. He seems very excited.






"YOU WISH TO SEE THE ZEE PI'ILLO CASTLE HONH!?" He yells loudly in a French accent.




"You desire...ZEE COINS!?"




"You feel...ZEE PASSIONS?"




"Get on with it already!" One guy says in the back.


"Zen off we go!" The Block man says, pointing his finger at the crowd. "Zee 612th..."




The Block man jumps down from the platform. "Allez! Let us not delay, honh? I am, how you say, zee MC...I am also zee tour guide..." He points his finger up in "style" "Zat squarish fellow with zee golden hue! Oui! Zat is moi, Broque Monsieur! Welcome, tres jolie Princess Peach!"

The princess does a curtsy in habit.

"Welcome, tres jolie Leaf in zee spot of monsieur Oak! And...other tres jolie people and less jolie peoples."

Broque then notices the Mario Bros. and walks to them. "Honh? Ah! You over zere! In the red and greens with zee mustaches...Oui, I feel we have met before, vous and moi…"


"Hmm..." Both the brothers think about this as well. Where have they seen this block person before? Perhaps...IT WA-


"But zis does not matter...For now is ISLAND-GAME TIME!" Broque says with an outburst of excitement.

She got surprised as the block man who is very excited when he announced a Pi'llo Island Welcome Quiz game. "A welcome quiz if i understand that correctly?" Leaf nods and chuckles as The Block Man mentioned her. "I have no idea what you're saying, but I'm just gonna shut up and listen." She said herself quietly. Leaf tried her best to understand The Block man due of his French accent. Leaf then looks at a newcomer who came out of nowhere, amazed by his outfit. "Wow. That's a really nice costume. And he did a really good job with those wings! It looks so real!" She said with a smile on her face. Edited by Yessie Maltese

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Tiki looked at Pit. “Why not?” She asks with genuine confusion.


Lute watched carefully from thr sidelines. Trying to stay away from the source of attention. Then the newcomer arrived. One dressed in white angelic garb and wearing what seemed to be wings... wait not wearing... he actually had wings...they didnt seem draconic in nature. Far more avian. “Thats an interesting one”

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"Because you could get in danger!" Pit replied, "Someone could easily kidnap you or worse, your parents might be-huh?" The angel was cut off when he heard a strange french-accented voice call out to him, and when he looked up he saw a mustached block person looking at him with interest, and next to him was Mario. Mario was actually staring at him.


"Uh.. me?" The angel's eyes darted from side to side nervously, until he dramatically straightened up and put his knuckles on his waist in a superhero-like pose. "I mean, yeah! I'd be down for getting more rich! This doesn't seem all that bad!"


After he ordered the girl to stay where she was, Pit strolled over to where the mustache guy and the Mushroom Kingdom crew stood, a faux-confident smile plastered on his face, "I bet I could answer these no problem!"


Inside however, Pit was filled with a mix of nervousness and panic and felt his stomach tighten up. He mentally tried to communicate with Palutena.

"Psst, Lady Palutena? You have some info about this place I could use for a bit, right? I.. kinda need it right now.."

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