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What are you excited for next in Union Cross?

What are you excited for next in Union Cross?  

45 members have voted

  1. 1. What are you excited for next in Union Cross?

    • New Characters
    • Classic Kingdom
    • General story development
    • New World(s)
    • Bonus Jewels
    • KH3 teases
    • New Medal(s)
    • Nothing.
    • Something else? Share below!

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I'm pretty excited for pretty much everything on this list, ya know? New characters are a plus, and we might get new revelations and some plot twists that tie into the mythos of the Xehanort Saga! New Worlds are definitely an exciting prospect, and I really wonder what new worlds we'll see, ya know? Bonus Jewels are always more than welcome, so bring them on anytime! I'm also hoping we get a decent slew of good new medals, both Upright and Reversed! The Classic Kingdom should also be pretty fun!


The story is obviously something that I'm looking forward to seeing move forward, because I want to know more about how Lauriam and Ventus fit into this whole insanity, and I really want to see what Nomura has in store for us! And, of course, the KHIII teases, cuz that will definitely be exciting! :3


Ooh, and the obtainable Starlight Keyblade for KHIII is also a hugely exciting prospect! :D

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