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Square Enix confirms time and date of Kingdom Hearts III presentation at TGS 2018 with special guests Miyu Irino and Megumi Toyoguchi

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Square Enix has confirmed that the stage presentation for Kingdom Hearts III at the Tokyo Game Show 2018 will be held on September 22 between 12:50-13:40 JST.


The presentation is said to deliver the latest information for Kingdom Hearts III and will also have special guest appearances of Miyu Irino and Megumi Toyoguchi which are the Japanese voice actors for Sora and Aqua. Accompanying them will be Japanese comedian Akira Kawashima who will host the presentation. You can watch the stream live from both

and Niconico (nicovideo.jp).


What are you looking forward to seeing at the show? Let us know in the comments!


Don’t forget to stay up to date with KH13 for updates on Square Enix Presents at the Tokyo Game Show 2018!


UPDATE [Friday 14th Sep.] :


A Twitter campaign has been set up by Disney TSUM TSUM in celebration of Miyu Irino's guest appearance at TGS.


Retweeting enters you into the draw, with the prize being a signature from Miyu Irino himself. The campaign is being held until Sunday, September 23rd.


UPDATE [Wednesday 19th Sep.] :


The Sora and Riku Tsum with voice will be available from September 19 at 11:00 through September 22 at 10:59. The interview with Sora's voice actor Miyu Irino is view able until September 30.

There is a special wallpaper available at the TGS2018 Kingdom Hearts booth! To receive it, turn on your Bluetooth near the booth!


Click here to view the article

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Rob called it. :)


Featuring KH3's prologue playable character and main story playable character.


The signs that started 8 years old and have continued to now are coming to light. :)

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