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Has Re: Chain of Memories the worst remastered graphics?

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Huh, I’ve never seen stuttering in the three copies of the game that I have. Gameplay-wise, in my opinion, Re:CoM is the best looking game in 1.5. The cutscenes aren’t the best though, since they’re still the pre-rendered scenes from the PS2 version. Some cutscenes look really blurry where there’s a lot of action going on.

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Unlike cutscenes from KH1, KH2, and BbS, the cutscenes from Re:CoM are pre-rendered. Which means they can't go into the files the same way they did with the others and give the same clean-up. This is also the reason for why the characters have Japanese lip-sync rather than English, and why Ansem hasn't been updated with his 1.5 texture.

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