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The Guardian

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Disclaimer: I don't own any these characters besides the original ones. Storylines and characters all belong to their respective properties.


The Guardian

-Chapter 1-


James opened his eyes. He laid in the bed. He sat up. He was in a hotel room. It’s only been 2 weeks since he had left Metrophilis. He turned on the television and saw the news.


‘’ No word on Clark yet. Where did you go?’’ James asked as the last time he saw him, was when he rushed to fight Zor, but after the fighting ended, he and Victor only found Zor’s decreased body. James then decided to leave Metrophilis in order to start a new life. He stood up and walked towards his window as he pulled back the curtains.’’ So this is Bludhaven. Why did you send me here Laura?’’ James decided to get dressed and walked outside.


Meanwhile, a man stood in a conference room on the top floor of a building. This man had a bald head, blue eyes, black business suit, a red tie, and on the phone. He pondered the room as he heard the door open. That’s when he saw him. James Harper.


‘’ Let me call you back.’’ The man said as he hung up. He quickly pressed a button as the windows became tinted, so no one can see. James wore just casual clothes. Blue jeans and a white shirt.’’ You got some balls to show up here. You’re supposed to be in prison.’’


‘’ I know. I’m currently working on getting my name cleared. How’s it been Richard?’’ James asked as he extended his hand out. Richard glare and punched James in the face.


‘’ You abandoned this company and not only that, you broke the law Harper! I wonder what Leo would’ve thought of this!’’ Richard yelled out as James wiped the blood off his face.’’ You decided to go on a little vengeance quest. You disgraced yourself.’’


‘’ I know Richard. That’s why I’m here. I’m looking for redemption. I know I messed up. I let my guilt of losing my family cloud my judgment, but I was able to put myself back on the right path. Laura showed me who I was really and left me a message that told me to come here. I need your help Richard.’’


‘’ You want my help? When you left, no one was willing to step up to CEO of the company. Leo had high hopes of you continuing his legacy but you were gone. So I stepped up. Something you weren’t really willing to do.’’ Richard said as he turned around to not to look at James.’’ Besides, why does the mighty Guardian need my help?’’


‘’ Because I’m looking for something called the Syndicate.’’ James said as Richard’s eyes went wide.


‘’ I’m sorry, but I can’t help you. I’m going to ask you to leave now James. Please. Just go.’’ Richard said with a little fear in his voice. James turned to leave.


‘’ Oh. One more thing Richard. Even though you guys never spoke after Leo’s death, Laura still missed you. You should visit her grave. She would love it if her brother visited.’’ James said as he silently left. Richard turned as he got his phone out.


‘’ We got a problem.’’


Meanwhile, James walked in the crowded streets. He remembered what Laura had left for him.


‘’ James. I know you’re The Guardian and I couldn’t be more proud. I know one day, you’re going to lose your way. Wander down the wrong path. I hope you find this one day. I won’t be here forever. That is why no matter what, I want you to keep doing what you’re doing. I’ll be fine. Besides, I know you’ll just get mad for me sneaking in here so let me tell you before I leave. I love you James. Continue your work. Besides, whenever you get a chance, go to Bludhaven. I believe you might find that Syndicate you have written down.’’

James stood in the middle of the sidewalk. He breathed and looked around. He turned and walked down an ally. He found what he was looking for. He looked around until he found it. The Guardian symbol. It was small but he found it. He pressed onto it as a door opened. He walked in and saw a flight of stairs. He slowly walked down and saw it. It was a small lair.


‘’ So the map was right. Master came here too. He must’ve came here first. No wonder he had Bludhaven as a spot for them.’’ James said as he looked around.’’ This hasn’t been used in years. It’ll take time, but I can make this work.’’ James sat down and began working with the equipment to get it working.


‘’ The Syndicate? What’s that?’’ James asked as he was sparring with his master.


‘’ In my clan, we had only one enemy. They have been called The Syndicate. Or at least that’s what they’ve been calling themselves for the time being. The Guardian is responsible for protecting civilization. It has ever since the days of Rome. But at last, a group always tried to stop us. I’ve tried searching for them. I only had clues but never could actually get to them. They have more than likely become part of the elites of society, making it harder for The Guardian to take them down.’’ James’s master said as he knocked James over. James regained his balance.


‘’ Then I shall stop them Master. Whatever their planning, I’ll make sure to put an end to it. I promise you.’’ James said as he shook his master’s hand.


James opened his eyes. He had fallen asleep doing the computer. He stood up and checked the time. It was night out already. He looked around and saw it. It was his old Guardian outfit. He quickly got into it. He knew it was time for him to hunt them down. James soon placed his helmet on. He grabbed his shield and quickly left the lair.


Meanwhile, a truck was being driven. It stopped at a warehouse. Out came 4 men holding machine guns as another man walked out. He wore a white suit, white skin tone, black eyes, long black hair, a scar on his left eye, had a sword on his back. The 4 men stood around standing guard. The swordsman walked up to the locked garage door as it opened.


‘’ Ah! My favorite man in the world!’’ out claimed a man. This man was strange. He wore a black suit, red tie, and something was strange. His head was a black skull.’’ Glad you arrived!’’


‘’ Black Mask. It’s an honor to meet you. I am very pleased you came all the way from Gotham to meet me. My employer will also be happy.’’ The man said as Mask chuckled.


‘’ Please. Call me Roman Sionis. You’ve earned it!”’ Sionis said as he shook hands with the man.


‘’ Do you have the product?’’ the man asked as Sionis nodded as he whistled and a group of men pushed a crate. Sionis then grabbed a crowbar and opened it slightly so the man could see.’’ I see. My employer will be extremely pleased now. Thank you.’’ The man then motioned his men to grab the box but to no response.’’ Hm?’’ Suddenly, Sionis turned and saw his men down.


‘’ Ah shit!’’ he said as he grabbed his gun and pointed it at the man.’’ I knew I would be double crossed!’’ the man drew his sword as he stared at him.


‘’ Mask. My men are down too. Whoever is here-‘’


‘’ Is looking for information on an organization. The first one to tell me will be spared. Oh and don’t worry about your men. Their taking a nap.’’ James said as he stood on top of van as he looked down at the two.


‘’ Asshole!”’ Sionis yelled out as he started shooting at James who quickly blocked with his shield. He then quickly jumped and kicked Sionis away as he dodged a swung from the man.


‘’ So you’re The Guardian. Nice to meet you.’’ The man said as he spun his blade.


‘’ And you are?’’ James asked as the man swung again but James quickly blocked with his shield.


‘’ You’re death.’’ The man said as the two men quickly began engaging in hand to hand combat. James dodged and his a shield strike to push the man back.’’ Not back. You’re pretty skilled. Shame. I don’t have time to play.’’ The man said as he tossed a smoke pellet on the ground as James’s vision was blurred. He coughed as the smoke cleared. He noticed Sionis and the man were gone. He quickly opened the crate but whatever was in there, was gone.


Suddenly, James felt a string. He checked the back of his neck and saw a dart. Before he could mutter a word, James passed out.


He soon woke up chained to a pipe on a roof. He looked around. His helmet was gone.


‘’ Man. You ruined my steak out. I’ve been tracking Black Mask for weeks and out of nowhere, you come into my city.’’ A voice said as James looked up. That’s when he saw him.


‘’ You’re’’ James said as the man jumped down from the upper roof and landed right in front of James.


‘’ Yeah. I’m actually real.’’ The man said as he wore a black armor suit. Bullet proof, two short batons on his back, long black hair, a black mask that covered his eyes, and lastly, a blue bird on his chest.


‘’ Nightwing.’’ James said as the two heroes were about to have a talk.

( Author's Note: And here it is. The first chapter for The Guardian. It's a little short because I wanted to see how it'll do. I do have a solid storyline for this first season. Also, with the crossover officially wrapped up, Steel season 3 will be arriving shortly so expect that soon as well.)

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