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Roleplay The Haven (RP)

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- Henry - The Elementalist - Aprameia's demise -

[Wind Style

"There's no need." Henry replied to Galla as she shouted at him to attack again, Aprameia was already defeated after all they had done, the lightning strike didn't even phase him, only made him summon a sword of wind and put it at Aprameia's throat, with an ice cold stare, Henry stared into Aprameia's eyes. It was clear that Henry would have beheaded her had Pang not intervened, shifting his gazed to the tiger man, Henry nodded. "Alright." He spoke, placing a hand on his shoulders, with sympathetic eyes, no words needed to be exchanged as he simply walked away from the scene. 

She saw the situation with the others, especialy Ceres, acting quite badass if he had any say in it, however, as tempted as he was to enter the fray and help them, pherhaps it was best to see how they would handle it. Instead he shifted his attention to Galla, the necromancer who was now completely deprived of magic.

"Hey, Necro-girl, Galla is it?" Henry asked her, considering the only mention of her name was from Pang just now. Henry extended a hand to her and a smile. "Can you stand? As impressive as your magic is, I hope you didn't over exert yourself" Henry spoke in a caring tone. 


- Hektor - Ever the gentleman - 

"I am flattered you think so, Rhiannon" Hektor replied to her comments about their conversation flowing so well. "You are a charming young woman, and an interesting one at that, I quite enjoyed conversing with you as well!" Hektor would then compliment Rhiannon before turning his attentionto Hoggarth's direction as he called to them.

"I agree that it is time to come back." Hektor soon followed Rhiannon to Hogarth's location. "You'l see no argument from me, I too wish to return, pherhaps to indulge in the local delicacies of The Haven, as I had not the time to see them firsthand." Hektor commented in his desire to see the food and beverages of The Haven, if he was staying in one place, the place better damn well have delicate cooking and good tea for one.

"Might I invite you all to a cup of tea once we're back?" He invited them, Rhiannon and Hogarth, even Reksis inclused.


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- Yilwach -

Yilwach smiled at first when the coils of his fire whip wrapped around his opponent, but that smile dropped upon recognising that the flames he tossed her way did not burn her.  She kept nearing him, and he backed away slowly, fear glittering in his eyes.  After she spoke, the barrier snapped his magical weapons and dared to approach him.  In a last-ditch effort, he rallied the remaining breath in his lungs and exhaled a large cone of flame in Ceres' direction, in an attempt to shield himself from view and run past her into the swamp.  It was not worth getting himself killed if his mistress Aprameia was dead.  If he could manage to flee from the battle, he could live a life free from a master, just like before, and take revenge against the living.

- Winona and Pang -

A clearing of the weather occurred upon Aprameia's death, the clouds dispersing and becoming more uniform now that they were free of magic.  Some sunbeams fell down onto the bog, lightening the terrain and making everything more visible.  Not even fifteen seconds later, the clanging of an unfurling gate sounded, and the commander general and a small assortment of troops stepped out from within with an iron step and stomach, witnessing the carnage with passing eyes.

"Well done, strangers, very well done," he boomed, loud enough for all to hear.  "Our town would have suffered tremendous losses had you not stepped in to intervene.  On behalf of all of the Aquafolk, I thank you for putting an end to this . . . desecration on our people.  To think that the heralded Aprameia, a paragon of our kind, would attack us all is unforgivable."

"Shut up," voiced Pang under his breath, fighting back tears as he whirled with anger towards the Aquafolk general.  "She did not betray you, desecrate you, or attack you.  Someone else attacked you through her!" he uttered more loudly this time.  "She was used!"

The general looked irritated, taking a few steps forward and placing a gauntleted hand on his chest.

"And who is this 'someone else,' Zouyu?  Have you a name?"  When Pang did not reply, he continued.  "Scores, if not hundreds, of my people are either dead on the battlefield or unaccounted for.  The people desire justice, and we have dealt it on she who caused it.  The dying breaths of a lich, lying or no, who did untold damage to my citizenry is baseless and unsound.

"Contemplate on this for a moment.  You've done us a service of the highest grade and have earned our respect and favour.  As commander, I would welcome you all to join us for food, drink, and medical aid if anyone needs it, and will lead a toast to everyone's bravery and good health."

Pang nodded gruffly, displeased but understanding of what was said.  It was not at all tasteful to him to have Aprameia's name slandered after hearing what he considered truthful from her own lips, but he would not continue the conversation.  Instead, he directed his voice to the others.

"Everyone, you may act as you wish, to return or to stay for the festivities and medical aid.  To those new, simply think of wanting to return to the Haven hard enough when little is around you and you will return."  He breathed a heavy sigh.  "I am . . . tired from the fight, and will return shortly.  Winona, you will be in charge in my stead.  Take care of them."

Winona blinked.

"Huh?  Wait, hey--" she commented before Pang slipped out of sight, disappearing and returning to the Haven.  She made a sound more of frustration than of annoyance.  "You heard the man, I guess.  Let's enjoy some festivities and replenish our spirits before we return!  You all performed admirably and deserve a token of goodwill for today's actions."

((Everyone is allowed a brief rest of 1-2 posts before moving on to the Haven.  If you want to meet and talk with people in a more private location than at the Haven, do so for a limited time and return to the Haven.

Reward: 1500 coins (originally 1000) + 1 free active power of your choice.  Post your choice in the sign-ups and OOC thread, or add it to your character sheet.))

~~ ~~ ~~

- Hogarth -

The three-eyed man smiled and blinked synchronously.

"Well, that settles that!  Rhiannon, you know this already, but the others may not.  Think of the Haven deeply and imagine you are there, and poof! you will be there in a flash.  I will settle things at the job board for you all.  Meet me at the cafeteria and we'll have a splendid time over tea and a feast!  I don't know about all of you, but I don't want to look at another plant for some time.  See you there!"

With an intense bout of concentration on his fuzzy-haired face, Hogarth slipped off, back to the Haven.

((Reward:  900 coins + 1 free active power of your choice + 1 free upgraded power of your choice.  Post your choice in the sign-ups and OOC thread, or add it to your character sheet.))

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The barrier around her simply faded as it blocked the flames then with one swift movement Ceres did the same to Yilwatch that she did to the dragon born, without a word and using the flames themselves as cover, she slash into him with a barrier full of positive energy. Poisoning his undead form. She simply watched to make sure he fell for good.



“Y-yeah... thats my name... as for my power.... yes....im a bit exerted....” she looked around too awkward to admit to the others that she couldnt really move.

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- Lucia Quinn, the Raging Tempest - Aprameia's Fall -

After what felt like a short battle at best, the Aquafolk Lich could not take another blow and she perished once again, the weather calming and any of her servants that survived fled or died on the spot. Slinging her bladed staff over her shoulder, Lucia shook her head slightly. It was an insufficient test of her skills she felt, though she knew it did her no favours that she hardly participated in the skirmish in question. Either way, she then dismissed her weapon, it returning to her aura that too dispersed, rolling her shoulders as she turned to face the Commander General who began to address them.

The sudden despair-filled anger from Pang caught Lucia off guard, turning her head sharply in his direction, a brief spark of arc energy coursed over her due to said astonishment. After the General said his piece regarding the people wanting justice, Pang relented and soon departed, though before he willed himself back to the Safe Haven, Lucia was only able to utter a concerned "Pang?" before he vanished, furrowing her brow under her helmet.

Lucia then lowered her hood and took her helmet off, holding it under her arm as she began pacing after everyone else, making it clear she was worried about Pang, brushing her hair off her face with her free hand.


- Reksis Sahn, the Voidstalker - Herbs Gathered -

The deed was done. And with this, Hogarth had simply vanished, akin to a Warlock's blink, yet he did not appear a small distance away, rather he had completely apperated from the face of the earth. Neither Reksis nor his Ghost knew what to make of this, but the Fallen did take notice of Hektor's offering, looking to his Ghost.

"Have you any idea what...Tea, is, Ghost?" Reksis quizzed, followed with the Ghost looking thoughtful for a moment, albeit as thoughtful as a floating drone with a singular eye could look, his moving parts however "furrowed" if that helped observers. "Tea is a herbal drink, often drunk by humans as a form of relaxation. Usually they contain a stimulant called Caffeine, which makes you more alert, so it never made sense to me...it goes well with Sugar and Milk, too, if that helps." Ghost explained, eliciting a brief chuckle from Reksis.

"It doesn't, but I will partake in this invitation of yours, Hektor. It would be an honour, in fact." He concluded with a small bow of respect. Inside, Reksis felt that after using the Vortex Grenade, he understood the Void Light that sustained him eternally in place of ether, at least a little bit more. He wondered to himself what more could be done with this power...

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The raven-haired youth let out a breath that he didn't realize he was holding.  He offered Winona a grateful nod, subconsciously holding his bandaged arm close to his body.  He hoped that she did not notice the fresh blood escaping the wrappings.  Thankfully there was distance separating the two, and the woman did not seem to comment upon it if she did take note.  Perhaps she was too exhausted, and it wasn't as though others were not wounded in like.

"You have my thanks," Kolm told her.  "I will be right behind you."

As he started to trudge away he noticed Galla, who seemed to be in rough shape yet again, with Henry standing alongside her.  The cold mage knelt beside the necromancer, one arm over his knee.  "You were brilliant out here," he told her.  "It would seem that I misjudged you previously.  I, erm, am sorry for my previous behavior.  It is a pleasure working alongside you."  He looked her up and down, considering her a moment before adding, "Where are your wounds?  Can I help?"

Kolm did not realize that Galla's magic was expended, and instead thought it was an injury that caused her to lie still.  He did not overhear Henry and Galla's previous discussion.  He began to extend his palms and form a healing aura around her.  "Be very still and I will concentrate my healing around your wound.  Just tell me where it is so that I can find it."

(I'll have Kolm enjoy the festivities after helping Galla :))


With Hektor's attention diverted to Hogarth, Rhiannon smiled sheepishly, slight color rising to her cheeks at Hektor's flattery.  The look vanished immediately once the attention of the two men fell upon her again, her expression growing serious as she straightened.

"Right."  She turned to Hektor and nodded, smiling warmly.  "Tea sounds heavenly.  I shall meet you in the cafeteria once I clean up a bit!"

With that, the blonde young woman outstretched her arms and closed her eyes.  After a few moments she was simply gone, as though blinking out of existence.


The young woman found herself face-to-face with her own image, her vanity mirror directly in front of her.  She arrived in her room in the Haven, where she collapsed on her bed and let out a heavy sign.  The mental and physical strains were beginning to take their toll on her.  How long would she have to keep up this facade, and what would become of the others if she continued on silently?  Soon she would need to speak with her father on this matter, though she knew an audience with him would not be favored by him.

Rhiannon splashed cold water on her face, trying to forget about her duties to The Haven, instead musing over what she wanted to wear and what she would order from Uzumeashy.

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Galla groan and looks away. “N-no serious wound... my magic is depleted. Im exaughsted physically from retaining the Cursed beast..... I...” she closes her eyes so she wouldnt have to look at the people around her. “I just cant move.”

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With Galla's explanation and Kolm's concern for her, Henry brought a hand to his chin, Sylph mimicked his actions by materializing beside him, also with a hand on her chin, so did Salamander. As Galla explained she had no injuries, she was only tired enough to not be able to walk. In sync, Henry, Salamander and Sylph brought their index fingers up, in a very cartoonish Idea pop up scene, all three smirked as Salamander and Sylph soon vanished.

"Well...if you can't walk...then someone's gotta carry you, Im not about to just leave you here alone." Henry spoke casualy as he smirked. Before Galla could really say much to retort or protest, Galla would soon find herself being carried, bridal style by Henry, who effortlessly supported her within his arms. Unaware of the woman's disdain for touch or proximity.

Passing by Ceres as she had finished her battle as well, Henry smiled. "Let's go meet the others Ceres, I think there's bound to be a gathering." He commented as he walked towards the Aquafolk village, still carrying Galla.

He hoped Kolm had followed them as well. 

"Hm." Henry thought as he sat Galla down on a free chair by the exterior of the mass gathering of now festive Aquafolk. "You guys can go back to The Haven if you so wish. I need to ask these Aquafolks a few things." Henry spoke, now sounding somewhat serious. He wasted no time walking amongst the Aquafolks in his way to the chief. Upon reaching the man...or aquaman, Henry respectfully nodded his head.

"Sorry for my friend's reaction, before." Henry spoke, his voice respectful, but commanding a serious tone. "Would you mind if I asked you some questions?" Henry asked him.




Hektor let out a gleeful smile at Rhiannon's acceptance of his offer. "I shall prepare the best tea I can make then!" He exclaimed. Showing the same smile and nodding towards Reksis. As the others began to leave...Hektor was still somewhat puzzled as to how to return to The Haven...did he have to think about it? Imagine? or what?

Hektor soon began to vanish, being transported back to The Haven. "It shall take a while before I get used to this." Hektor exclaimed as he soon found himself in The Haven's entrance, wasting no time, he walked off to find the perfect tea drinking spot. If what Hogarth said was true, then his imagination would be his guiding key!.




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Galla, being unable to control her skull, could do nothing to ward Henry away from her as she froze up from being picked up. Her expressionwas one of terror as she was carried, however there were no words or swift movements coming from her the entire time.


Ceres glanced at Henry, pleased to see him take charge in the aid of his allies and started to follow before stopping and glancing back at the disintegrated body. She then looked over the battlefield, and then was reminded of the pain that Pang went through just moments ago.a realization dawned on her as Ceres remembered meeting Aphremia, only once, While in haven. “One of our own kind.... a resident of the Haven. Just dissapearing one day.... then returning as a lich. With a heart of darkness. One who attacked her own people.” She looked ahead at the others as she had fell behind out of earshot. She couldnt think clearly as she was flooded with emotion. “Say.... Im heading back to haven now... ill see all of you later.” Ceres spoke up before leaving without a word

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- Yilwach -

Yilwach continued along his directed path, unwitting that he was going to be taken down by his own diversion and the clever implementations of Ceres for using it.  He was entirely caught off guard as the barrier-enhanced sword slashed into him with devastating potential, cleaving through the armour aruond his chest and undead body like tissue paper.  Following that, he fell to the ground, both halves of his body being incinerated by the positive magic, his final thoughts being of regret.

"I could have been . . . truly . . ." was all he said before his jaw and later his head turned to ash, never to grace the multiverse again.

- Winona and the Aquafolk General -

The gravity artisan breathed a relieved sigh when she witnessed the death of the last unnatural subordinate fell instead of fleeing, Ceres handling the situation with absolute ease.  It impressed her how she could keep her cool like that, and it was that impression that made her a perfect rival to beat one day.  She grinned wildly at the thought, enjoying the thought of yet another friendly rivalry she was going to end up on top eventually.

A moment of clarity occurred to her, and she glanced back at Galla, who did not seem to be able to move from the same position since last time from either wounds or lethargy.  The girl was under attention of Kolm and Henry, and after some healing magics were cast upon the girl Henry seemed to pick her up, the two men of the three fully capable of helping Galla out.  While this course of action was probably not the best medicinal practise in the world to a collapsed patient, it seemed effective enough, and Winona did not pass over the chance to leave the situation in their capable hands, migrating with the rest of the group.

The Aquafolk general was busy presiding himself over the celebratory actions necessary to praising the heroes of the town, gathering up the cooks of the town in order to craft a grand feast and asking others to help in handing out the required materials for such a festivity.  Shortly thereafter, he was graced by Henry, who offered a polite nod, an apology, and a query.  The commander general was only too happy to take these three actions and nod back, but he kept his face grim and morose.

"You may ask your questions, honoured guest, and I accept the apology and offer mine in return," he answered, performing a quick, stiff bow.  "I am an officer who does not take brashness very well.  Please pass these words on to the Zouyu.  Now, what are your inquiries?"

~~ ~~ ~~

- Pang, Hogarth, and Uzumeashy -

Pang and Hogarth arrived at nearly identical times within the room with the shops and the job boards, both looking surprised at the other's sudden appearance on the other side of the room.  Hogarth blinked rapidly in a consecutive manner, looking very much like an unshaven spider, and Pang gazed at him for a short duration before breaking eye contact and heading toward the inner portion of the room.

"Hey, Hogarth," the Zouyu intoned, heading towards the job board.

"Howdy, Pang.  It's funny how we both arrived at the same time, eh?  Not quite a dime a dozen experience, this."  He paused and looked Pang over, two eyes squinting and the third eye raising an eyebrow.  "What's the matter, Pang?  You look sad, and your cheeks are wet.  Did something happen . . . or worse yet did someone die?"

Pang turned his ears as he glanced up at the robotic service drone who waited patiently from behind the desk, blinking its telescopic eyes in expectation of either a completed or accepted quest.  Pang did not keep it from its occupation for long.

"The quest for saving the Aquafolk village is complete.  The lich . . . was taken care of and the populace safe.  Everyone should get their cut of the reward once payment is accepted."

"Very good, sir," responded the service drone in perfect speech as only a machine can.  "What has become of the others?  Only two are back to the Haven, including yourself."


The automaton glanced down at the digital screen in front of it, inputting data for payment while carrying on the conversation easily.  Multitasking is no hard feat for a machine.

"Correct, two.  Ceres Silverblood returned as well."

Pang nodded and voiced, "They are probably enjoying the festivities after winning the battle.  A victory party is being celebrated in everyone's honour."

"And why aren't you down there with them, if that is the case?" Hogarth butted in, looking suspiciously at the white tiger.

Pang's expression froze into that of a battered man's, and he responded, "Because I could not handle celebrating the death of a friend, Hogarth.  The lich's name was Aprameia."

Hogarth opened his mouth and shut it, silent for a time even after Pang left the room and headed to his quarters.

~~ ~~ ~~

Hogarth migrated to the cafeteria after posting the completion of his group's set of quests, where he hoped Hektor, Rhiannon, and Reksis would be.  Whether or not he saw them -- he would have greeted them with a wild wave of his arm if so -- he stepped up to the counter and beckoned Uzumeashy, who still was hard at work in the cafeteria cooking up delicious meals.  The hour was late in this part of the multiverse, so he decided upon a quick snack instead of a full meal.

"One Plutia Surprise platter, with a side of White Heart desserts, please."

"Coming right up!" shouted Uzumeashy, her arm rising above the array of dirty pots and pans that separated him from her in the deepest recesses of the kitchen.  With that, he went to his respective table, waiting patiently for the beautiful array of food to come.

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Kolm blinked, befuddled, as Henry scooped up the weakened Galla, the girl's expression holding absolute terror at being in Henry's embrace.  It struck him as . . . humorous?  shocking? saddening? perhaps all three? that a necromancy of such caliber could be so afraid of human touch.  It made him pity her just a little, and truly regret his initial judgment of Galla upon their first meeting.

Maybe she wanted to be rid of me because she just didn't want another human soul around, Kolm realized sadly.  He didn't have much time to linger on these thoughts long, instead following Henry, the the necromancer, and the four spirits into the heart of the Aquafolk village that they had just saved.

It was expected that they would be celebrated heroes since they had just saved their lands from a hoard of undead, though he did not know what to expect. This was his first experience with the aquafolk, though he did desire to ask for a sampling of their water berries that they'd passed on their way over here.  Kolm stood at Galla's side, as though he, too, were being dropped off as Henry went to speak with the chief.

"We'll be around," Kolm responded to Henry as the man left, the former being uncertain as to how to return to the Haven anyway.  It didn't occur to him that he could've asked Galla this.

For a long moment Kolm remained silent, taking in the surrounding crowd of festivities being put into place.  Alas, they were indeed celebrated as heroes, and the meal that they were crafting made Kolm realize that their previous serving of stew back in the Haven was all too long ago.  He tore his eyes away from some men hauling a huge hunk of meat on a very large stick to glance over at Galla.

"Would a warm meal help you?" he offered politely.  "I can fetch you something, if you desire it.  Or I can give you some space.  It . . . seems as though my presence does not comfort you."


Rhiannon emerged from her quarters in a violet blouse and navy pleated skirt which fell mid-thigh.  She stretched, relieved to be out of her heavy dragoon armor when she saw Pang heading for his quarters.

"Hey, Pang!" She waved enthusiastically, though she wasn't sure if he heard her as he returned to his quarters.  This didn't bother Rhiannon too much, however, as she quickly brushed it off in search of this little fancy tea party that she was to attend.

She wasn't sure where Hektor had in mind for the fine tea, though she did wander in the direction of the cafeteria and saw Hogarth.

"Hey," she greeted, withdrawing a seat and sitting cross-legged in front of him.  "You're the only one here?  Where are the others?"

She rested a binder on the table, beginning to leaf through it before adding: "Oh, I saw Pang.  Guess they're back from the Aquafolk village.  I wonder how it went.  I hope that the newcomers are alright."

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- Henry - The Feast - 

Henry returned the Aquafolk's general's bow with his own, paying back the respect and accepting his apology, "I will tell Pang that." He commented as he looked over the festivities being prepared, a bit saddened that most of his companions would resort to coming back to the Haven instead of taking part in this. 

"Sylph, Gnome, Undine and Salamander, you're all free to do what you wish in this party." Henry spoke, not to the General, but to his spirits as they appeared behind him, Salamander had a smirk on his face, fist bumping the air, Sylph was ecstatic as well, zooming around Henry. Gnome had the same face and expression as ever, and Undine had the same composed face, with a silent nod she was the first to break off and go do her own thing in the festival, mostly assist in the set up of the festivities and look for something interesting to do.

"Alrighty!" Sylph exclaimed as she zoomed off into the festival and out of everyone's sight.

"If you need me, just call." Salamander commented as she slowly floated off to the festival, mostly to look for a drink. Which there would obviously be plenty.

She approached an Aquafolk, who looked like in charge of the drinks and food. "Hey there...so...what drinks will be served?" she asked him.

Gnome simply nodded as well and walked off, she would help out with the preparations with her earth magic if she could, then look for something else to do as well.


"Excuse them, we don't get to have celebrations often." Henry spoke, smiling as he looked at the General.

"I'd invite you to a drink so we could have a more casual talk, but I see you're busy, so I will cut it straight." Henry exclaimed, sighing as he thought about his question a bit.

"You and your people seem to know The Haven's occupants well, I am quite new you see. Have there ever been an attack of this scale here before?" Henry asked him. Direct and to the point, Henry did not want to jump around the subject. If there has been any prior attack of this magnitude before, maybe he could piece something together to get a bigger picture over whats going on, considering Pang exclaimed she was being controlled by something or someone.

"I ask this because if I can find a connection between these attacks I can relay the information to the others at The Haven, so we can get to the bottom of this, it can't be normal for a prior haven member to come back as an undead, she must have become a lich because she was previously a powerful mage...but who brought her back." Henry finished, sounding somewhat puzzled as he did so. 


- Hektor - Lost in The Haven -


Hektor continued to walk around, checking every bit of the haven as he possibly could, even if he did look mighty lost, and he was indeed mighty lost, a small robot called him and walked beside him.

"Excuse me, sir...Codename: Hektor." The little robot announced, grabbing the gentleman's attention.

"I am very sorry...but my name is Hektor, its not my codename." Hektor explained, the robot did a quick beep. 

"Aknowledged, Codename changed to: Sharp dressed bourgeois." The robot reafirmed. To which Hektor chuckled.

"Cheeky." Hektor spoke with a slight smile, "Since you're here, could you point me towards the cafeteria?" Hektor asked. 

"Oders aknowledged, please head left and continue until the second right, you will find yourself in the cafeteria." It spoke in a monotonous robot voice, that of which was found in most common GPS systems nowadays. Hektor simply nodded and began to follow its directions, the robot turning around and continuing what it was doing.


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Ceres returned to Haven and immediatly made her way to the arena. She hadnt even unpacked or anything. Just went straight there armor and all. As she walked she looked at her hand seeing a small glow, she immediately snuffed the light. Upon entering the stands of the arena she looked down at the fight going on before looking for someone in specific.


Galla heard the word Party and immeditly panicked further, unsure of what she should do. She couldnt move she couldnt cast and she was going to be around waaaayyy too many people. It was a nightmare for her. Then Kolm stepped forward. “I-Im fine for now... just need to regenerate the magic that i burned......Sorry if i come off as....rude im just... not a fan of people, not after what ive been through...”


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- Aquafolk Village Festivities -

The commander general raised an eyebrow at the display of all the Aristotle elements' holders of power showing up from behind Henry.  This man was an elementalist, apparently, and a powerful one to harbour all four spirits.  A smile soon encroached his features upon seeing them split up in order to enjoy the festivities.  Meeting an elementalist or their elementals were both rare circumstances on this world.

The Aquafolk was taciturn as Henry continued on, glancing at the man for a short while before breaking eye contact and looking at the festivities.  Things were going along quite nicely, with some vendors rolling out casks of wine and liquor of sizable volume with the aid of wind magic.  Venison and lamb was being gathered for those who desired meat, and many forms of produce were brought out from people's houses as donations.  A few grand tables, multiple jumbled chairs, and several controlled fires were thrown into the square, allowing for the cooking of various dishes.

"This attack was the third on this village alone," he voiced, taking off his helmet to stroke his angular beard, a habit of his.  "However, two other villages fell before this one.  Many of the undead came from those villages.  I saw among them friends, family, and even some political enemies.  It is not an easy choice, to chop down someone you knew.  Anyways, all of the villages, including this one, were attacked from within our nation, not outside of it.  With our border police scattered on the boundary of our fair country, we had to rely chiefly on militia.  There may be a lead there in the heartlands, but I doubt this is so.  You Haven folk teleport often enough.  I wouldn't doubt it if Aprameia did the same after being with whoever turned her, if not herself."

With an furious expression, he spat on the ground, hating all thought of this.  Nevertheless, he continued.

"I will not say that the Aquafolk Alliance does not have enemies, but this is an odd threat.  I recognised a few of the cries from the enemy.  Fitzjerome was from another nation to the north, that of the dragonkin, and Yilwach from the southeast feudal kingdoms.  Both had tales whispered of these walking corpses and their sepultures.  Whoever is behind this took the time to gather these two undead and attack us one city at a time."

-- -- --

Over by Salamander, the Aquafolk man in charge grinned at the young firebrand of a lady and popped open the seal on a cask with hands thick with muscle.

"A small variety tonight due to the quickness of things, but all of them are good.  We have a sweet and bitter waterberry wine from five years ago, amaretto flavoured by peach stones, and sambuca, a liqueur distilled from anise and my personal favourite.  There's also some non-alcoholic beverages available, but we are limited to waterberry juice and milk at the moment."  He looked at Salamander questionably, then shook his head.  "Normally I'd ask your age, but since you're one of the protectors of the town I'll let age restrictions for serving alcohol slide this time.  What'll it be?"

-- -- --

The revelry exploded a little more and more by the minute, more people joining in and starting up songs around the fires as they cooked up some delicious foods.  Dishes were being provided to the main tables, and the first round of beverages were being poured into goblets.  If people wanted to converse over a meal, now was a very good chance to do so.

One serving girl brushed next to Kolm and Galla to pour each of them a glass.  She gave Kolm a lingering glance before moving on to the next two individuals.

~~ ~~ ~~

- Hogarth -

The bushy-haired individual glanced up from a number of White Heart desserts he desired to plop in his mouth and swallowed a mouthful harshly.  His arm did the talking for him as he waved avidly at Rhiannon until he could get said mouthful all the way down his gullet.

"Howdy, Rhi!" he voiced finally.  "The others will be along shortly and are probably getting ready for our little tea party.  At least, I hope.  I did not give them much direction as to where they are free to teleport, but they'll find their way here eventually.  As for Pang, he may be a while.  Nothing happened to the others, but something weighs on his mind.

"Care to have an hors d'oeuvre or two?  They are quite delectable."

"Why, thank you!" cried out the resplendent and bubbly Uzumeashy from beside him, one hand holding a crutch to support her and the other holding a tray of Plutia Surprise.  Her blue-haired head tilted in elation.  "As an aspiring master chef, it pleases me without measure to see people enjoy my food and gives me motivation to do better!  I hope this next one will be great too!"

With that, she deposited the tray on the table and took off the metallic food cover, allowing a marvelous amount of steam to fly out from beneath it and revealing a bowl of some mixture and slices of toasted bread.  The food smelled delicious to Hogarth's nostrils.

"I am certain of this as well!  Thanks again, Berybrillo--"

"That's Uzumeashy to you, at least in the kitchen," she answered, cutting him off with a warning glare.  "I've reputations to keep, so no using my real name, capisce?"

"Understood," he voiced quietly, "though I don't know why you don't like that name.  It suits you better.  Thanks for the crostini!"

"Then you're welcome!  Enjoy, you two, or three, as I'm seeing," she continued, looking over to find the dapper Hektor coming through the door of the cafeteria.  She trudged off on her crutch back to the kitchen, trying to hide the childish flush of her cheeks.

"Ah!  Hektor!" Hogarth called out.  "Pull up a chair and have at some food.  I hope you found this place all right."

- Pang -

Within the arena in a quiet section of the bleachers, Pang interspersedly watched the fight going on and perused his own thoughts.  He could not find a way to wind down after the events in the Aquafolk village, nor could he shake the thought of breaking the phylactery, Aprameia's last tether to life.  It took great effort, but he prevented himself from crying.  Instead, he focused at the arena match between two marvelous close-ranged combatants, twins both, who locked hand and foot in a seemingly endless dance.

The Jun twins, a young man named Hom and young woman named Bu of about twenty-five years of age, were new additions to the Haven, coming to the location about ten months ago, and they were certainly impressive.  A lifetime of martial arts gave them more skills than even he had learned, though they had no magical prowess whatsoever.  That did not stop them from endlessly honing their own bodies, however, and the mental link between the two gave them the ability to train for countless hours without injury or surprises, bolstering their training further.

None within the arena noticed Ceres come in, but Pang would certainly welcome her company.

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Ceres slowly approached Pang sitting down beside him. “Care to offer your thoughts on how it happened?” She asked without looking at him. She was reffering how someone who was pulled from Haven became a lich without originally being connected to necromancy.

If Pang looked at her he would notice a serious expression he only saw in combat. As if she felt like she was still in the fight.




Galla gripped the glass tightly and fearfully as it was presented to her.

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- Henry - Information gatherer - Aquafolk party - 

"I know it all too well." Henry replied solemnly, with a matching expression as the Aqua folk chief commented about slaying people you knew, something Henry had to do before back in his world, not a good memory, but it is what it is and he is the man he is now because of said memories. 

Henry's face was quiet and serious as the chief explained what has been happening, two villages of the Aquafolk had fallen to the undead menace already, only furthering the undeads advance by bolstering their numbers, family and friends reanimated for devilish deeds was wrong. it was unethical and an insult to anything that is...well...alive or dead. He thought about things, only to listen in more as the Chief explained of the other villages.

"That explains why they weren't Aquafolk or human...they were from different...that just entices my curiosity further, I've had experience with necromancers in the past, they're clever at worst and pure blown war tacticians at best. Whoever or whatever is the cause of this clearly has a gameplan. And that is most likely: Seek out and turn powerful individuals lead attacks into weak cities, and bolster their numbers with new kills." Henry commented, more like speculated to the Aquafolk chieftain.

"Just the fact that today we faced off against a turned Fitzjerome and Yilwach means that this threat has grown exponentialy already." Henry finished before sighing. Still with a serious expression. "But there is nothing I or any of us can do for now...unless I can investigate one of the destroyed villages directly, but I am restricted by The Haven." Henry explained with a apologetic tone. 

"But I will relay this information to the others at The Haven, at least now I know what we're up against...and I just got into The Haven a few hours ago...hell of an introduction...already facing off against a necromantic threat...then again I guess its better than fighting ancient dragons." Henry commented with a slightly joking tone, albeit he did not give the impression that what he was saying was a lie of any sort, far from it. 

"But...lets not trouble ourselves for now, might I invite you to a drink?" Henry asked the Aquafolk Chief. Maybe even to a friendly alcohol drinking competition?


Salamander was expressing mixed feelings as the Aquafolk in charge of the drinks began speaking of them. All of them sounded delicious, but not very strong, regardless a good drink's what she needed, she simply grinned back at the Aquafolk after he asked her her age. letting out a small laugh, "Hah, I am over eight hundred years old, don't you worry!" Salamander exclaimed. Fetch me the strongest one you got!

Meanwhile Sylph waa already with a stolen bottle of liquor in her hand, barely able to lift the thing as she flew ever so lower because of its weight, Gnome grabbed it out of her hand, and proceeded to take a sip as well. And offered it back to Sylph, who turned the entire bottle over her fairy size body.

Undine was just sitting by at a quiet table, enjoying a drink of her own. 


- Hektor - Ever the gentleman - 

"Well met Hogarth!, Rhiannon and...a pleasure Uzumeashy" Hektor introduced himself to the new person he had met with a slight bow, having overheard her name as they spoke, taking off his tophat so it would not fall off before putting it back on and resuming his stance. Doing as Hogarth asked, Hektor looked over the chair selection...most were good enough, and he was not one to be too picky, a gentleman from a humble beginning he was! He was not one to be stingy or annoying with tastes.

"It seems like apologies are in order, Hogarth, Rhiannon. I promised tea but yet I could not have the luck to find some to taste with all of you. Terribly sorry." Hektor spologized, sincerely, his words were of true heartbreak, a day without tea was not a good day in his books. That and coffee was also a good alternative too. 

"But nevertheless I shall find a nice cup of tea for all of us to enjoy given time!" Hektor soon rejoiced again. His thick english accent only making his words ever the more comical



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- Lucia Quinn, The Raging Tempest - Aquafolk Party -

The festivities of the Aquafolk were understandable and potentially enjoyable, but Lucia didn't feel she could partake in them, not so long as the uncertainty regarding Pang's state of mind loomed over her. Considering how long it took Pang to put an end to Aprameia through crushing her Phylactery, the Lich certainly meant something to him, but Lucia found herself wondering if his heartbreak would cause further issues down the line for himself, be it depression or at worst, driven to the breaking point and losing himself to a despair-laden madness and the darkness that would follow.

"Wow...way to be dramatic about it, Lucy." Lucia told herself, shaking her head after thinking such things. In reality, Pang just needed consoling. So, putting her helmet away and taking a few moments to let her mind go blank, Lucia disappeared from the Aquafolk Village.

- The Safe Haven -

Once she arrived, Lucia got to wandering around the Haven, seeking Pang initially fruitlessly, first trying the shops and job boards, then Pang's quarters by knocking on the door, then leaving when she got no response, rather than just bursting in unannounced, then walking the streets to see if he was among the crowds. She the requested the attention of a pedestrian.

"Excuse me, you haven't seen a friend of mine? He passed by here, not too long ago, he's, a bipedal white tiger? With black spots?" She quizzed, internally realizing how ridiculous she sounded, but kept a straight face about it. "Umm...oh! I did, he was going to the arena! To watch the Jun Twins, you can't miss him." The pedestrian replied with a smile, followed by Lucia giving one of her own and patting them on the shoulder. "Thank you so much. Take care!" Lucia uttered, then headed off to the arena.


- Reksis Sahn, the Voidstalker - The Safe Haven: Cafeteria -

Holding to his promise to Hektor, Reksis soon willed himself to the Safe Haven and headed to the cafeteria, following the instructions of a particularly cheeky machine, walking through the doors and swiftly finding the gentleman himself, along with Hogarth and Rhiannon, seated around a table with a spare chair. Ghost in tow, Reksis approached and took his seat in short order next to Hektor.

"Hmm, no Tea? Now I'm thinking it was but a myth you conjured up to rope me along, Hektor. For shame." Reksis spoke initially rather seriously, but the last words were in jest, followed by a deep, throaty chuckle from the Eliksni, who rested his hands upon the table, while his Ghost floated close to the group, looking between them all intermittently.

"How is everyone then?" The Ghost chipped in brightly, looking mostly in Hogarth's direction now. "You got anything more exciting than herb gathering lined up?" He added, to Reksis's amusement. "Now now, little light, it was an important task for the Haven." Reksis affirmed, tilting his head to look at the floating "eye" a little better as he spoke, who then whirled around to face his chosen. "Oh, I know, I know. I was only wondering~" Ghost responded with a slightly cheeky tone.

(Reksis and the Ghost will have coloured texts from now on, to make it a little easier to read. :P)

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Kolm's expression darkened at Galla's words, his gaze averting hers as he instead looked straight ahead.  "Understood," he said flatly.  "In that case, I'll check around, see if there's a room that you can rest in and that way you can have some privacy."   He didn't like to think about what sort of hardships that Galla endured from others.  Perhaps her and him were even more alike than he once thought.  How they chose to handle their pasts, however, seemed vastly different.

Before he left a serving girl poured both himself and Galla drinks in fine goblets.  He accepted his, glancing at the dark liquid within before giving her a nod of gratitude.  She seemed to watch him momentarily, to which he blatantly watched back.  Why did she stare?  There wasn't anything particularly curious about him, or so he thought.  Had she . . . seen him use blood magic?  No, it was impossible.

The raven-haired youth poked around, bothering some girls as they painted one another's faces to ask if there was somewhere Galla could rest up.  Eventually a wisened old woman overheard Kolm's inquiries and ushered him over.

"You want a place to rest, do you?" she asked, adjusting her wide glasses that seemed much too large for her face.  Kolm hesitated.

"Well, yes and no.  I am looking for a place for . . . my colleague to rest."

"An odd inquiry," she said.

"No, not really."

They both locked eyes, until finally the old woman laughed, patting Kolm on the shoulder and making him cringe away.  "Fine, fine.  If you insist that your inquiry isn't strange.  In that pink building over there is a lodge.  Take your friend there and tell them Inge sent you.  They'll see to a place for your friend to stay."

Kolm offered her a slight bow, arms pinned to his sides.  "You have my thanks."

At this Inge shrugged, withdrawing her cane and standing up to full height.  "Maybe you'll owe me a favor one day.  Maybe."

This struck Kolm as curious, though he found himself only watching her, dumbfounded, as she strode away.  He wasted little time in returning to Galla's side, this time proffering better news that would hopefully appeal to her ears.  "I've found somewhere that you can rest alone.  Can you stand or move at all?  If not, well, you can ride on my back and I could take you there."  He shot a glance across the plaza, oddly hoping that Lucia wasn't watching and, if she were, that she would not get the wrong idea from it all.  He did spot the flaming red hair of the woman, though the moment he noticed her she vanished.


Rhiannon nodded toward Hogarth at his explanation of Pang.  She couldn't fathom what ails might've troubled him, but it was not her place to judge.  Whatever the reason, she was certain that it was justifiable.

"I like Berybrillo better, too," Rhiannon voiced softly, folding her hands in her lap and carefully meeting the chef's gaze.  "Uzumeashy seems . . . chaotic."

The conversation with Uzumeashy didn't last long, however, as their favorite chef disappeared into the kitchen again to fetch other servings for paying customers.  A smile brightened the blonde's face as Hektor arrived to join them, to which Rhiannon responded warmly.  "Greetings, Hektor!  There's no need to apologize.  I am sure that I would be delighted by any tea that you may offer."

Propping her chin in her fist, Rhi brought her gaze down to the menu screen below, embedded into the table itself.  "Let's see.  I think they offer tea here, though granted it is probably not as fine as what you had back at home."

She paused, considering her words before proffering the question: "Hektor, what was your home world like?"

Shortly after Hektor arrived, Reksis and Ghost joined them at the table, the latter flittering over to each of them in turn.  "Hello, Reksis," greeted Rhiannon.  "Did you find us okay?"

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“Ill be able to move in an hour or two... its fine if i have to sit here. No point in putting in the extra effort. Just sit be beside me for that hour“ Galla says letting there be a moment of silence before she took a large sip of the drink “Say....what was the last thing you experienced before coming to Haven? Did you fall asleep and just wake up there? Were you just walking and suddenly...poof?” She stared at her own reflection in the liquid. Specifically gazing at her own eyes, as if she was watching something play back in her mind.

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- Aquafolk Village -

The commander general listened carefully as Henry spoke, arms folded over his chest, helmet dangling from one of his hands.  Much of what he said made sense, though some things did not -- and he looked at the man incredulously with a raised eyebrow at the ancient dragon comment -- but he curbed his tongue until the end when drink was proposed. 

"I suppose I have enough time for a short act of imbibing," he voiced with a smirk, "and I know just the person who can dole out the right drinks for the task, though it seems one of your spirits found him first."

He deigned to lead them in the direction of Salamander and the distributor, catching the fact that the man gave her a glassful of some sort of smoky liquid with a smile before moving on and continuing to open up a few extra casks and bottles.

"A few cupfuls of your strongest, Illsley."

"Coming right up, Briggs," came an answer from behind the counter, the distributor not even needing to look up at the man to recognise him.

The man looked at Henry up and down before gathering some glasses from a small table next to the wine casks, pouring them half-full with sambuca.  He offered them to the two, which the commander-general took with thanks and in turn offered to Henry.

"I hope you don't mind if I continue our conversation even while we drink.  Once we reconnect with the border forces, which should be soon, we will storm the villages infested with the undead and clear them out.  No further help is needed from the Haven, though I welcome your desire to assist.  I don't often see that of hired blades.  To you of the Haven."

With a raise of the glass, he drank half the cup with one mouthful, the taste of anise flowing past his tongue with an intoxicating flair.

- Pang -

The Zouyu started as he glanced up from the depths of his thoughts, but finding out that it was Ceres who was nearby calmed him as readily as he was roused.  He sagged back into his seat on the bleachers, one meaty hand folded on top of the other as his eyes focused elsewhere than the fight happening in the background.  The Jun twins continued sparring, their minds locked on combat and not straying.

"Sure," he replied weakly, giving a pause before he looked over to Ceres.  He caught the expression and found that the strong expression she held on her face helped him to continue.  "All I say is just speculation on my part over the entire course of my being here, but I haven't a shred of proof to back it up.  Since I heard of the Twenty-one Day Rule, I wondered where the people who overstayed the limit went.  Perhaps they went back to their homes, or perhaps they went off to a sanctioned place where they can live almost as comfortably as we do.  Perhaps they simply die, discarded in an unfit dimension or a place where death is certain.  What Aprameia said to me, however, leaves me wondering if any of these are even the case at all.

"She mentioned a man with long fingers and thin glasses, nameless but that is not saying much.  The time gap between her removal of Haven and now is considerable enough.  I'd say . . . a year and a half at the most.  Was she picked up and turned sometime between the two, or when she left?  Was she experimented on by a horrible man who controlled her like a puppet as soon as she exited Haven?"

His hands clenched hard, nails subconsciously cutting into skin as he continued to ponder aloud.  His eyes looked away from his friend now, glittering with anger.  His ears teetered behind him, locked by a cocktail of negative emotions.

"These are my thoughts, Ceres.  They are like poison on my mind, and I don't have the answers.  Plus . . . now she is dead.  Dead!  By my hand!  How can I live with myself, knowing that my hands are stained by the lifeblood of someone I cared about?"

- Hogarth and Uzumeashy -

The chef's blush burned hotter upon hearing Rhiannon's comment, though it was entirely lost to Hogarth from the distance and his interest in the toast appetizer.  As Hektor, Reksis, his Ghost, and Rhiannon bantered on, he laughed and leaned back into his seat.

"No need to worry about tea because Rhiannon is quite correct.  I will place an order for a tea sample.  We have a fair selection, though I will be honest in that I only have a taste for one.  This way you can sample at your leisure and nobody can be dubbed a liar."

With a few presses of buttons on the automated screen embedded within the table, the order zipped off and was received by the kitchen staff.

"I would say from how you handled yourselves that I have no problems with your getting bigger quests, though there is safety in numbers, so do not hesitate on gathering Rhiannon or myself for missions, as well as others.  Retrieving these ingredients, however, has provided a lot of help, and I thank you for your assistance.  I only wish that claiming them was easier.  Accursed triffids. My ears and metal reserves will feel the dent of their shrieking and persistence."

With that, he let the conversations drift on, Rhiannon spurring dialogue magnificently with questions of Hektor's past and Reksis' passage, and returned to his crostini.

((I have nothing for Winnie just now and do not want to interject her with others' conversations when it can blossom, so I'll leave her out like other times.  Nice work on your posts, everyone!))

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Ceres sighs. “Where I come from, before the Haven, there was this big war. In this war many died, many went turncoat, and many of my own order suffered and went corrupt. Black magics were in play. I myself had to put down six of my order before i was brought here. Our country was not one for traitors or the corrupt.” She looked down at the field. “I just reminded myself one thing. Its them or me. I held nothing against them. I was just doing my job. I did remorse, there were tears but I still did it. I want you to cry, not for the actions you took against her, but the ones you took to save her, and her people. she wasnt herself, i doubt she wanted to hurt them or herself. You did the right thing.” She stood up.

”Aphremia somehow turned to dark arts and even I dont think she wanted such a fate, at least thats what I beleive.” Ceres smiled at him and placed a hand on his shoulder. “A man with long fingers and glasses was it? I think I could take him and Ill give him a piece of my mind and yours if I ever see him. Hows that sound?” She smiles bringing her hand down in the motion she used to smite her foes. “Now lets get your mind off this topic for a while.  What do you wanna do?”

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Kolm blinked several times, surprised at Galla's invitation to sit with her.  From what he'd seen of the necromancer up till that point, she'd only shunned people away.  The short dark-haired youth complied, taking a seat alongside Galla and leaned forward, propping his forearms along his knees.  He considered her question thoughtfully, as though trying to recall how he'd arrived in Haven in the first place.  It felt like so long ago, but really it had only been earlier that day.

"Well, it was nightfall," he told her.  "I had just booked my current room for the next week and had gone to bed with a headache.  I had the strangest dream of a voice, a calling, and I found myself sprawled on the floor in my room in the Haven, violently ill until Lukkel helped me."  He shook his head and gave a dry laugh.  "I know, it sounds silly, doesn't it?  Well, how about you, Galla?  Do you remember when you first got here?"

A moment's silence lingered between them, before he added carefully, cautiously: "Have you . . . ever met any of the folks in charge of the place?  Have you ever wanted to?"

Call him obsessed, Kolm couldn't stop thinking about the higher-ups since they arrived, and Winona's remarks on them had only driven his curiosity further.

(Will post for Rhi after Scrap and/or Kuni posts)

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- Pang -

The Zouyu's fuzzy head looked up to listen to Ceres' tale of where she came from and the ordeals that she faced long ago, the sheer strife that she had to endure.  She was no stranger to ending the lives of people she once knew, it seemed, and her take on life ruffled his fur a little, even if only mildly.  The path he strode was of respect for the living and destruction of anything unsanctioned by natural law.  Hers was that of survival, a legacy born of hardship.  There was an allure to her words, however, and tears started to well in his eyes.  He nodded his head somberly in his seat and placed one hand on hers as she reached out to his shoulder, thankful for her kindness and for her support.

"That was the description, yes," he voiced, a low rumble in his throat upon thinking of the man mentioned.  His expression softened upon hearing more of her offer, however, and his frown gave way to a smirk.  "That sounds good to me, though if I ever see him too it will be a race to stove his head in.  If only this clue was more to go off of . . . but first things first.  Like you say, I need to get my mind off of this.  Obsessing over this is not good for the mind.  I, ah . . . know it is late, but would you care for some refreshments at the cafeteria?  Some tea would do me good."

He glanced over to Ceres with an amiable smile.  It surprised him that he never really asked about her past.  Perhaps it was because for a while he thought of them both as equals, he and her.  They even showed up around the same time, days separate, if his memory rang true.

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- Henry - Aquafolk village - 

Henry smiled as the chief accepted his drink offer, as they quickly moved to grab the drinks, following the chieftain as they approached the distributor, Salamander grabbing a drink and floating off did catch a glance from him, Salamander was an extreme drinker...and lightweight, she would be drunk in seconds, and that could prove troublesome, but that was something he'd deal with later if it became a problem.

Henry accepted the drink and held it in his hands as the Chieftain began to speak once more. Explaining what the Aquafolk were about to do and that there was no help necessary from the Haven, thanking him for his desire to help them.

"My home was ravaged by war and chaos, despair and death everywhere you could go. Helping others was about the only thing I could do to make things seem less bleak. You don't need a reason to help people, if they are in trouble I will come to their aid." Henry spoke about his desire to help them in a short sentence, clearly and to the point. Quickly toasting to the aquafolk chieftain in turn, before downing the entire drink in one mouthful, carefuly placing the now empty glass onto the table. "Another one please", he called to the side as he looked back at the chieftain, Henry's face was unmoved by the strong alcohol, albeit he enjoyed the taste. It was clear he was a heavy, and strong drinker.

"I'l let you know, I am pretty avid drinker." He commented with a smirk. 


- Hektor - Cafeteria - 

"I fully intended to provide you all with the finest tea possible, Reksis. But I have no excuse. that much is right..." Hektor nonchalantly, and sarcasticaly went along with Reksis's comment as he chuckled, no hard feelings from the comment. 

Hektor's posture would shift a bit as Rhiannon asked him what his world was like...a question none too easy to answer for the gentleman, whose current world was a perpetualy frozen in time void with nothing to do but wander the time warped wastelands until a higher call descended upon him. But he smiled slightly as he reminisced about his actual homeworld, the place he was born and raised.

"My home world...it was a wonderful place!" Hektor spoke with a genuine smile, "My world was quite an...adventurous place. It had its fair share of wars, and other unpleasantries, but it was mostly at peace when I was alive, it had monsters, plenty of them, most deadly and hostile to life. But there also the adventurers who would take care of them, trained by the 'Adventurous School for emerging Heroes'. And I kid you not, that was the name of the academy." Hektor went on a mini ramble about how his world worked, somewhat, clear emotion in his voice as he loved his world and origin.

"I was born in a higher class family, taught the way of the gentlemen and...well...the cane fighting." He spoke, tapping his cane lightly on the ground as he did so, "However unlike my higher class peers I often mingled alongside those of varied classes, becoming friends with a variety of individuals, all of which with their good and bad qualities. It didn't really take long for me to enroll in the academy, with an honest desire to help the world become a better place, being the second of my bloodline to ever consider adventuring and becoming a hero for their career, instead of managing the family wealth." Hektor spoke a bit more about himself, all with a bitersweet tone in his voice. Before his expression turned a bit sad for a second, before reverting to a neutral one.

"Not all peace lasts though, but that is a story for another time. How was your world Rhiannon? I am very much interested in your story." Hektor quickly changed the subject, asking Rhiannon about her origin.



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- Lucia Quinn, the Raging Tempest - The Safe Haven, Arena Audience Stands -

Lucia didn't take notice to fellow allies of the Haven in the streets, for she was too focused on getting to the Arena where Pang was last sighted, quickly entering and head through to the stairs to the audience stands, though just before she reached Pang's sight, she herself caught sight of him with Ceres, engaging in a good heart-to-heart and he seemed calmer, though not completely relieved of his sorrow, it was a better state than the one she was worried about. Feeling a smile subconsciously creep onto her face, Lucia resumed her approach, standing with a hand on her hip next to Pang and Ceres.

"And here I was thinking I'd have to drag you to the cafeteria for a chat myself. You're putting me out of a job, Ceres." Lucia spoke cheekily, but a small laugh that followed would clue Pang into her honesty and happiness that he was better than before, then sighing with relief. "You all right, Pang? Mind if I join the both of you, wherever you're going?" She added, brushing her hair out of her face.


- Reksis Sahn, the Voidstalker - The Safe Haven, Cafeteria -

Reksis simply listened intently to the story Hektor had to tell, about his homeland, past life and briefly touching on a few details he didn't care to expand upon just yet, before turning his attention to Rhiannon. "Your world sounds marvelous, Hektor!" Ghost interjected enthusiastically, though Reksis was not quite as eager. "I have to agree, it was quite marvelous by the sounds of it." He said, noting Hektor's use of the past tense, but electing not to press on further, instead his mind wandered, but he kept talking. "My homeworld...heh, it's not something I've had the pleasure of witnessing. It is only known in Eliksni Legend, or folklore even...lost to us in The Whirlwind, our Great Machine fleeing in its wake. Since then, we've lived amongst the humans, though not on the greatest of terms, having to scavenge and scrounge for what we can get...I'm a lucky one, to have this Ghost of the Great Machine, to put it lightly." Reksis spoke somberly, but caught himself after mentioning his Ghost, at first because he was getting very personal, but then realizing he was being a little rude.

"My apologies, I've interrupted you, Rhiannon. Please, go on." He added sincerely, a light bow of his head followed.

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Ceres nodded “Tea sounds good.” She then turned as Lucia showed at, a small smile across her face. “Sorry, Paladin instict and all. We were about to head to the cafeteria for tea, by all means feel free to join us” she smiles before starting towards the cafeteria, her armor clinking as she hadnt changed out of it yet.





Galla continued to stare at the drink in her glass. “I remember everything... I almost died before I came to Haven.... I only lived because of it...” she replied

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