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Just commenting on a few things


The wall running still looked a little bit annoying to me. I'm also wondering how much of the city will be blocked by invisible walls. And I'm with you on gimmicky fights but it seems they're unavoidable now.


I agree that the animation on the Davy Jones cutscene is a little rough, maybe this is something that will be smoother once the game is released. His tentacles are a bit different compared to the original film (not as curly) but it's hardly important. It still looks very cool. I'm guessing the scene is a reference to this one: 


I was also curious as to the Black Pearl's red patches on the sails. And yeah, the pearl jumping has to be part of another ship battle, not the Kraken fight. 


The fishy heartless was pretty cool. Most of the enemy designs I've seen so far have looked nice, kinda like a return to KH1 style heartless.

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