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Helloooo everyone. I go by way too many names. Chasm, Chasm Key, CK, Guardian Roxas,  Guardian...whatever. Finally introducing myself. I've only made a few topics and i've replied to many already, but i just wanted to say hey and throw out a little..."want" that i have. But first, i love talking anything Kingdom Hearts. Speculation, Theories, WHATEVER. (Minus Shipping. lul). I love me some Smash Bros, Sonic, Ninja Gaiden, Phoenix Wright, Nonary Games, Danganronpa, and many many other franchises. I love everything across the board in terms of genres. Also, Roxas is life. Never forget it. East Coast in the USA is where i call home. 24 Years old and only going upwards!



I'm hoping i'll be a welcomed addition in the near future. Trying to build a YT channel for the next generation of Kingdom Hearts fans and make the community even bigger.


I made a Status the other day basically saying: "I really want to get together with some freshly new KH Youtubers and create a new group for the next generation of Kingdom Hearts players. The Next Saga is going to be upon us sooner or later and i want to be ready!". I'm 100% serious about this. I want people that are starting out fresh that are either new to the series or just starting fresh on Youtube to have a new kind of community going into the next KH saga.


It was partially inspired by the KH streaming community The Keyblade Army. While this isn't a direct response to them, but i did notice some people were disappointed that they couldn't join this group of streamers and it just made me want this more. The Keybladers of the Next Generation. I'd love to see fresh new Youtubers doing what they enjoy the most with other new fans or youtubers. The Key Keepers and other veteran youtubers are all the old heads in the community, but fresh faces would be awesome. We can be the next big generation of Youtubers/Streamers/Theorists for KH4 and onwards! Well that's my inspiration for starting with Youtube and hopefully i can help find people here that wouldn't mind creating/joining this potentially big movement.


That's all i really have to say guys. Thanks for accepting me into the community and i hope to be here for a reaally long time.

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