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Which Original World(s) will appear in playable form in KH3?

Which Original World(s) will appear in playable form in KH3?  

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  1. 1. Which Original World(s) will appear in playable form in KH3?

    • Keyblade Graveyard
    • Radiant Garden
    • Destiny Islands
    • Land of Departure
    • Castle Oblivion
    • Daybreak Town
    • TWTNW
    • Traverse Town
    • Cable Town?
    • Only Twilight Town and new places.
    • Another one? Share below!

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I'm very unsure about Traverse Town.

About TWTNW, I feel like there's a high chance given it's the old Organization's stronghold.

Something tells me that Daybreak Town may not appear on this game. I mean, there's a chance, but with so many worlds I'm really uncertain.

For the others I'm very confident they'll be playable.



But of course, my wish is to have all of them return playable on KH3  :3

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I want Destiny Islands and Radiant Garden to be playable. We know for sure that Destiny Islands is in the game just need to know if it's playable and I hope so because I want to be able to just walk around Destiny Islands and such, but I bet it won't be which sucks.  That's the same with Land of Departure it will show up just need to know if it's playable.  I can really give or the the rest of them, I won't be upset if they are or aren't the only one I would be most disappointed with is that we won't be able to play in Destiny Islands which would suck!

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It would be awesome if they put Destiny Island as a little bonus world.


I would also love to see Traverse Town return.


Now for the world which I feel they gonna return : Keyblade Graveyard and I really want Castle Oblivion to be playable.


(btw if Radiant Garden is playable, I want to be able to go to the Hollow Bastion)

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This poll makes me depressed lol with each day that passes, I get more doubtful about the world count. WHICH IS FINE! I'm confident that world lengths will be more than sufficient to tell a grand story, it's just depressing from a countdown perspective. I'm guessing only 1 more Disney world. MAYBE 2. For original worlds:

Keyblade Graveyard: Yes. They made this place so important for an epic confrontation, it would be weird if it wasn't playable.
Radiant Garden: With how important I would want Radiant Garden to be made, it's concerning that we haven't seen it yet. Plus Nomura's comments on FF cameos is concerning to say the least.
Destiny Islands: Unless it's a dream sequence or the world gets warped (like KH1), I doubt it will be playable.
LoD/Castle Oblivion: Really only Aqua needs to go, which can be done in cutscenes, so why bother with making it playable? Castle Oblivion would probably require at least 1 floor to be converted from a memory, which sounds like more work than it's worth.
Daybreak Town: Don't really see why it would be playable. It sounds like Chi isn't THAT important to KH3, so it seems pointless.
TWTNW: Despite it being a VERY important location for the series, again I see no reason to return. Why would the Organization return there, and thus why would the Guardians go there?
Traverse Town: lol why?

Even the locations I don't think will be playable, will appear as a cutscene at least. I'm just really thinking the team focused more on quality, rather than quantity, which is great, but I'm just bracing myself is all.

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